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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

June 1920



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June 1920      J.W. Becomes Superintendent


A.J. Schaaf leaves Ways June 1, 1920 as Superintendent and accepts a similar position with Pittsburgh Steel Company

I am on as Superintendent of all wood work June 1, 1920    Harry McKinley as Superintendent of Machine shop and Boiler work

Old Steamer Duquesne Hull & Cabin bought by Goz. Biddle June 27, 1922  they tore her up on the shore across from the Ways

The Big Steamer James Moren went down past the Way June 24, 1922 she is a Beautiful boat  this was her last trip on the Monongahela River  she was built for the Morens in 1895 by Wiegel Brothers and Company  built on the Barge Yard above the Ways Office and Launched side ways   there was a big crowd at this Launching

At this time Graine had left the Ways as Clerk  gone to Hillmans to work for Howder as Clerk winter of 1917 and in spring 1918 (June 1919) William Boone was clerk at the Ways   New system being installed by M. Laudervulk of the Oliver Building force. Miss Hutton had been in the Office for several years  she was a fine Lady in every respect. The office force consisted of Mr. Boone - Miss Hutton - Robert Miller - William Kelly - Miss Thompson and Miss Hall. Miss Hall was after Miller from the start and she landed him.

What follows will (be) a record of Steam Boat work mostly  as we docked a great many coal boats flats and Barges

June 1920

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