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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

Model Barges 97 & 58



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This photo from the collection of William Fels shows numerous craft gathered together for an unknown purpose.  Included in the photo are the Model Barges 97 and 58.  Also identifiable is the Steamer RIVAL, Steamer SAMUEL CLARKE, and possibility the Digger CYCLONE.   A close up view showing Model Barges 97 & 58 surrounded by the other boats in this work force    Close up view of Model Barges 97  Close up view of Model Barges 58

Model Barges 97 and 58 are recorded as being at the Elizabeth Marine Ways several times between 1909 and 1913.  JW notes the barges dates at EMW on two separate pages titled " Boats  Barges" and " Freight Barges."

The Steamer RIVAL is directly to the left of Model Barge 58 with the Steamer SAMUEL CLARKE to the left of the RIVAL. The small boat with a clam shell bucket, behind Model Barge 58, appears to have the name CYCLONE DIGGER on its side.

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