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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 





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Steamer GIPSY photo from collection of Monongahela River Buffs

JW worked for the Walton Boat Yard during the Early 1880s, he notes that one of the boats owned by the Walton's during this time period was the GIPSY and that this boat becomes the I. N. BUNTON.


This is information about the identification of the above photo:

  • Way's Steam Towboat Directory does not list a boat by the name of GIPSY.  His Packet Directory list three boats of this name, all built prior to the Civil War.

  • Way's Steam Towboat Directory does list a boat named GYPSY and Way's writes that this boat was owned by the Walton's and the machinery from this boat was put onto the I. N. BUNTON.  Based upon Way's information on the GYPSY I originally thought that JW simply misspelled the name of the boat.

  • JW worked at the Walton's Boat Yard during the early 1880s, as a teenager into his early 20s.

  • The above photo appeared in the March 1975 issue of the S&D Reflector.  The editor of this magazine, Fred Way JR., writes that he believes this boat GIPSY had been mistakenly identified as the GIPSEY in previous published records of towboats.  He also asks the readers to help identify the location where the photo was taken.

  •  In the June 1975 issue of S&D Reflector the location of the photo is identified as the Walton Mine Tipple located at Floreffe, PA, a short distance upriver from Elizabeth, PA.  This identification is by Steve Mackinack, a life long resident of Elizabeth, PA, who wrote that he personally remembers seeing this mine tipple and he also gives additional information concerning this location in his letter.

  • JW wrote about a Walton boat named G-I-P-S-Y.  A photo taken at the Walton Mine shows a boat named G-I-P-S-Y.  

  • G-I-P-S-Y     OR      G-I-P-S-E-Y    OR      G-Y-P-S-Y       
    The photo clearly shows the correct spelling is GIPSY. 

  • I am concluding that the GIPSY docked at the Walton Mine Tipple is the same GIPSY that JW writes about in his journal and that this GIPSY is the boat that had its machinery put onto the I. N. BUNTON, not the GYPSY.

  • Any additional information concerning this boat is appreciated.

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