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Steamboat Building in Elizabeth, PA

A Journal of daily activities at the Elizabeth Marine Ways 1898 to 1925 

January 1924



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January 16, 1924 to February 11, 1924


Steamer Voyager   January 16, 1924    repairs to Wheel - tiller bars - pipe work - Boiler Cleaning - steering cylinder hangers and other repairs

Steamer Creighton of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company Docked January 21, 1924    coldest day of the year  strong wind and around zero all day   Tom Hudson Captain   Lightbody Engineer

Steamer Voyager January 28, 1924    repairs to boilers - furnace - pipe work - S.E. Room bulkhead    finished 4 PM

Saturday February 2, 1924    sent 12 men and the Cyclone Digger over to the Old Tom Dodsworth    she had broke out and almost lost    water went on the deck at E Room    piece of drift Log had went through her bottom

February 24, 1924   Steamer Cruiser    repairs to Boilers - wheel - furnace - bridge wall - braceing - Docked   lifted up 2 ft. and Chains tightened

April 24, 1924 ( possible February 24)   Steamer Ranger    repairs to furnace - Wheel - guard - nosing - guard braces and Port fantail

February 7, 1924    sent 4 men over to the Bone Yard    takeing lines off 4 sunk coal flats

February 11, 1924    Steamer Cruiser washing out at the Ways afternoon

January 16, 1924 to February 24, 1924

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