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Portland Archives Guide

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City of Portland, Oregon



Austin Moller


John Bussey  

Michael Carlson  

Christine de Landro  

David Evans  

John Ferrell  

Verjorie Glenn  

Marcellis Johnson  

 Elinor Levin  

Victoria Massa

Sandra McFerrin  

 Stanley Parr  

Verl Ann Sly

Randolph Stilson  

 Susan Wade  

 Dwight Wallis

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0200   Office of the Mayor
0400   Commissioners
0800   Annexed Cities and Districts
1400   Metropolitan Arts Commission
1600   City Attorney
2000   City Auditor
2200   Buildings Bureau
3200   Boards and Commissions
3400   Special Committees
3800   Electronic Services
4000   Emergency Communications
4200   Civil Defense Program
4400   Exposition–Recreation Commission
4600   Facilities Management Bureau
4800   Fiscal Administration Office
5000   Fire Bureau
5600   Metropolitan Human Relations Commission
5900   Hydroelectric Power Bureau
6600   Management Services Office
6700   Model Cities
7200   Parks and Recreation Bureau
7400   Personnel Bureau
7600   Planning Bureau
7800   Planning and Development Office
8000   Police Bureau
8200   Portland Development Commission
8300   Property Control Bureau
8400   Office of Public Works Administrator
8700   Risk Management Bureau
8800   Sanitary Engineering Bureau
9000   Street and Structural Engineering Bureau
9200   Traffic Engineering Bureau
9500   Water Committee
9600   Water Works Bureau
9900   Volunteer Agencies

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