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The Col. William Jones Post No. 100
Grand Army of the Republic, Gentryville, IN


Click here for roster of charter members - September 27, 1882

Click here for roster of members - August 5, 1896

The Col. William Jones GAR Post # 100 was disbanded in 1894 and reorganized in 1896.

Source: Indiana State Archives, Commission on Public Records

The History of GAR Post # 100

Source: History of Warrick, Spencer, Perry Counties, Indiana.  Goodspeed Bros. & Co. Publishers, 1885.  pp  367

In the autumn of 1882 Col. William Jones Post No. 100 G.A.R., was instituted with the following members: G. R. Kellams, C.; Solomon Boyer, S.V.C.; Henry Cross, J.V.C.; Henry Bender, Q.M.; G. W. Harris, Adjutant; F .W. Wibking, O.of D.; William Chinn, O. of G.; F. J. McKasson, N. Horton, J. Coon, John Roberts, Henry King, A. G. Simons, A. Botler, A.H. McCoy, C. Padgett, S.W. Lamping, J. H. Suter, R. G. Smith, William Hudspeth, James Grigsby, Bartley Inco, Joshua Huser, John W. Oskins, and John Chinn.  The present membership is eighty-nine, and the present officers are McKasson, C.; Cross, S.V.C.; G. W. Harris Q.M.; Bartley Inco, Adjutant.

The Col. William Jones GAR Post No. 100 is believed to have been named in honor of Lieutenant Colonel William Jones who was a member of the 53rd Indiana.  Colonel Jones enlisted in the Union Army while in his sixties and was killed during the battle of Atlanta, Georgia in 1864.  Colonel Jones lived in the Gentryville area and owned a general store in which a young Abraham Lincoln had been a clerk. Click Here for More Information on Col. William Jones



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