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The Morgan Post No. 015
Grand Army of the Republic, Petersburg, IN


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GAR Post # 015 Records
Source: Indiana State Archives Commission on Public Records

Members in good standing, January 3, 1934:

Commander: Thomas Tislow
Chaplain: William Jackson
Adjutant: Ella D. Chew


Members in good standing, June 30, 1935:

Commander: Thomas R. Tislow
Chaplain: William Jackson
Adjutant: Joseph R. Chew
Quartermaster: L. L. Dearing

Note: Joseph R. Chew and L. L. Dearing were not members of the GAR but were acting


Members in good standing, December 31, 1936:

Commander: Thomas R. Tislow
Chaplain: William W. Jackson

Fred V. Chew, Adjutant
for my mother Ella D. Chew, deceased


Letter Dated December 31, 1937:

Department of Indiana GAR
of Morgan Post No. 15, Petersburg, Indiana
December 31, 1937

Dear Sir and Comrade:
    The following comrades were elected officers of this post for the ensuing year.

"No meetings are held here and no officers elected"

Names of past Commanders now members of the Post in good standing:

William Jackson
Thomas Tislow

"Both advancing in age"

 I am working this info. out in memory of my grandfather, Fred Smith; my mother, Ella D. Chew; and my father, Joseph R. Chew, all of whom served as Adjutants of Morgan Post # 15 and are now deceased.  Will be glad to continue so long as "Uncle Bill" and "Uncle Tom" (as they are affectionately known in Petersburg) are with us.

Fred V. Chew, Adjutant

Present Address:
1730 Burham Bldg.
160 N. LaSalle St.


Mortuary Report, Year Ending December 31, 1938:

William Jackson, Age 93, Pvt., Co. G, 42nd Indiana
Date of Death: August 14, 1938



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