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The California Reader
Eyewitnesses to History

California's Chaparral
One twelfth of the state is given over to this unique wilderness
of dwarf oaks, prickly shrubs, wildfires, coyotes,
mountain lions, quail, and rattlesnakes.
Come see why one author described
this former Grizzly habitat as "an exaltation"
The Arrowhead
A collection of words, maps, and images
about a notable Southern California natural landmark
and the nearby hot springs and resort.
Before the Bridge: The Golden Gate
Vintage postcards showing the San Francisco Bay
and the Golden Gate before the spanning of the waters.
Burros Alive!
Memoirs and humorous postcards on a thoroughly asinine subject
The Chinese in California
Documentary evidence about the racism practiced against "Celestials"
and vintage views of the San Francisco and Los Angeles Chinatowns.
City of Kooks?
An encyclopedia about San Francisco's most interesting eccentrics.
Emperor Norton
Thousands followed the funeral cortege of this San Francisco pauper
Find out who he was and why people loved him
Eyewitness to Disaster: Earthquakes
Read about what it feels like to have the earth move beneath your feet
through accounts written by those who did.
The chapter also includes authentic pictures of the 1906 earthquake,
a guide to earthquake country sights,
and the stories of readers who have been through recent quakes and survived!
The Gold Rush
A look at the madness that brought the world to California in 1848
which is as irreverent as the times and informative.
Learn about the coming of the Forty-Niners
in the words of James Marshall, William Tecumseh Sherman,
Prentice Mulford, Mark Twain, and many others.
Joaquin Miller:
California's Poetaster Laureate

Miller was the intimate of Oscar Wilde and Lily Langtry.
He excited the European imagination
with his "Poems of the Sierras" and other works.
He was a fraud, an abusive husband, a bad poet,
a respectable prosodist, and a ghost who haunted himself.
Here is a collection of some of his work
and pictures of his home near Oakland, California.
Lighthouses of California
Twenty-eight light stations once lined the California coast.
Here are views and videos of some of them,
from the remote St. George's Reef to the famous Point Loma Light
on the headlands overlooking the entrance to San Diego Bay.
The Lost Citrus Groves
We no longer smell the fragrance of the blossoms or the oil of the smudge pots
A collection of texts and images showing how citrus was grown
and celebrated by the people of Southern California
Names of Fame
These articles tell about prominent Californians.

David Broderick * George Moscone * Robert Waterman
Three Cliff Houses

Experience the changes wrought by Time
at San Francisco's most persistant manmade landmark,
the survivor of two fires, many earthquakes, and the battering of the sea.
Eyewitness accounts, vintage postcards, photos, and videos
show the life of this special place near Land's End.
Ursus Horribilus

True and tall tales about California's colossal, now-extinct Grizzly,
emblem of the state and tragic evidence of the brutal taming of the West.
Also features a large selection of vintage images and advertisements
showing California grizzlies and black bears.