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Abandoned Amusement Parks of Arkansas-Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi ~and other trivia~

Park Name City
The Fair-Alabama State Fair--?-2001? Birmingham,AL
Lane Park-Birmingham Zoo--1955-present Birmingham,AL
Orange Beach--?-present Orange Beach,AL
Idle Hour Park--?--? Phenix City,AL
Adventure Island--?-present Orange Beach,AL
Wales West--?-present Silver Hills,AL
The Track--?-present Gulf Shores,AL
Waterville--?-present Gulf Shores,AL
Pirates Island Golf--?-present Gulf Shores,AL
Southern Adventures--?-present Huntsville,AL
Visionland-Steel Waterpark--?-presentBessemer,AL
Riverchase Galleria--?-present Hoover,AL
Municipal Park--?--present Opelika,AL
Gulf Shores Amusement Park--?-2004 Gulf Shores,AL
Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum--?--? Calera,AL
Madison Square Mall--?-present Huntsville,AL
Monroe Park--?--1940's Mobile,AL
Dixie Park--?--? Mobile,AL
Spring Hill Park ?--1888--? Mobile,AL
Frascati Park--?--1893 Mobile,AL
Grand View Park--?--? Mobile,AL
Dauphin Island--1919?--? Mobile,AL
Desoto Caverns--?--present Childsburg,AL
Dogpatch Park--1968-1993 Dogpatch-Marble Falls,AR
Lake Labelladine-The Park-The Dam--?--? Sulfur Springs,AR
Queen Wilhelmina Park--1894-? Mena,AR
Dinosaur World--?-present Eureka Springs,AR
War Memorial Park--?-present Little Rock,AR
Burns Park-Funland--1946-present North Little Rock,AR
Mountain Village 1890--?-present Bull Shoals,AR
Magic Springs and Crystal Falls--?-presentHot Springs,AR
Old Hickory Railroad--?--present Jackson,LA
Athletic Park-White City--1904--1912 New Orleans,LA
Pontchartrain Beach--1928--1983 New Orleans,LA
The Old Beach-Spanish Fort Lake Resort--1877--1926 New Orleans,LA
West End Garden Amusement Park--1901?--1926New Orleans,LA
Milneburg--?--1930 New Orleans,LA
Bucktown--?--? New Orleans,LA
Jazzland Park-Six Flags--2000--presentNew Orleans,LA
Lincoln Beach--1955--1965 New Orleans,LA
City Park--1800's--present New Orleans,LA
Audubon Park--1800's--present New Orleans,LA
Hamel's Amusement Park--?--1999 Shreveport,LA
Watertown USA--?--present Shreveport,LA
Blue Bayou Amusement Park-Dixie Landin--?--presentBaton Rouge,LA
Celebration Station--?--present Baton Rouge,LA
Fun Fair Park--?--1999 Baton Rouge,LA
Highland Park--1909?--? Meridian,MS
8 Flags--?--? Biloxi,MS
Exchange Club Park--?--present Brookhaven,MS
Fairyland Park--?--? Greenville,MS
Fritz Park--?--? Lakeview,MS
Elkdale Park--?--? Selma,AL

It must be noted some of the above parks are still open as of 2013. They are being included simply becuse so FEW are still open.


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