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Nothing known of this park nor history yet EXCEPT the land in now used for a 'Drag Racing Park'.

Skyline Park (Tioga Center NY): Currently the home of Skyview Drags and Shangri-La II Motor Speedway. The park was located at the top of Skyline Road, and had a fairly large assortment of kiddie rides, including a merry mixer (scrambler), Tilt-A-Whirl, boats, rocketships, helicopters, Lusse Auto-Skooter bumper cars, a whip (later replaced by a Miler-style kiddie coaster), a Spillman carousel, 12 car Ferris wheel, a kiddie train ride that went along the edge of the park, a mini-golf, a dark ride, a kiddie whip, a drive-your-own kiddie car ride, an arcade, and later on an Octopus and some other rides. It was in its heyday during the 1960s and 1970s, with attendance declining in the early 1980s. Its name was at one point changed to Carousel Mountain IIRC. I believe it closed in the mid 1980s, and remained dormant for almost two decades before being purchased and redeveloped. Very few remnants - the booth for the minigolf and a couple of the buildings - remain.

Submitted by Brian Baker August 2011

I will include a few little comments mailed to me.

...left Owego (Tioga Center) 25 years ago, then it was an amusement park. It still is, only with better rides!! Great to see it.--George E. Parkes

-- I was at Dunkin Doughnuts in Owego Saturday morning when a lady came in a bought the place out. She said she had some hungry workers putting asphalt down at the old Skyline Amusement park for a drag strip. So I think it's at least started..

-- We started on the front stretch of Tioga also but only a few years ago (1998). Now Owego will soon have a 1/8 mile up at the old Skyline Park. We did a T&T a few weeks ago. It will be nice when finished.

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Steam Locomotive Leaves Tioga County for the Last time

On November 4, this 1918 Vulcan 0-4-0T Saddle Tanker #12 was loaded onto a trailer at the Flemingville Station and taken to the Rochester and Genesee Valley Rail Road Museum in Industry, NY.

Engine No. 12 started its service in 1918 at the Dexter and Northern Rail Road in Dexter, New York. The D&N RR was a small industrial railroad that was operated by the Dexter Pulp and Paper Company from 1918 till the mid 1960's.

The No. 12 was then purchased by the Smith family in Tioga Center who used it as an attraction at their Skyline Amusement Park in Tioga Center during the 1970's. After the park closed, No.12 was purchased by James Mead of Owego and was used on the Tioga Central Rail Road. It made runs between Owego and Newark Valley until 1991 when Tioga County pulled the tracks away from the Tioga Central Rail Road.

No. 12 sat idle on the siding at Flemingville Station until it was purchased by the Rochester and Genesee Valley Rail Road Museum recently. The museum will be running No. 12 on a short line track some time next year. This old Vulcan 0-4-0T has many years of service left to give to railfans.

Locomotive #12 was originally built by the Vulcan Locomotive Works in Wilkes-Barre, PA for the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  They gave it a new boiler in 1931.  Near the end of the steam era in 1947, it was acquired by the Dexter & Northern, a long since abandoned shortline in the Adirondacks. While there it was given a new set of flues in 1955 by contract with the nearby New York Central. In the 1970's, it passed to Owego, NY where it was operated at a local amusement park operation. In the early 1970's, it was acquired for the Tioga Transportation Museum and moved to Flemingville, NY, just a few miles north of Owego. At Flemingville, #12 was operated in occasional Sunday service on a private siding from about 1971 to 1991. Following the loss of a boiler tube, the locomotive was stored on the siding before being donated and moved to the R&GV RR Museum.

CREDIT: Community Press-Apalachian, NY