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Courtland Beach had a Figure 8 Roller Coaster that by a record seemed to close in 1912...

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The walks in other directions, notably towards the north and the west, were not less interesting. In Father Dowling's days vehicles could be used, and at times the whole faculty joined Mr. Creighton and his friends on private picnics at Courtland Beach and at Priess Lake. The writer well remembers the northern part of Twenty-fourth street, which now boasts of being the prettiest mile in town, as an almost impassable mud road in the bottoms.----Credits:Creighton University Memoirs----

Council opened in form with a majority of officers absent. Minutes of previous meeting read and approved. Bills were referred to Board of Trustees as follows: Burkley Prtg CO. $48.25, Henderson Florist $10.00, C.J. Smyth $3.00. Committee on cemetery reported a satisfactory interview with Rt. Rev. Bishop and his promis of cooperation in the work of improving and beautifying the cemetery. On motion the report was received, placed on file and the committee continued.

The report of the entertainment committee with reference to an outing for this council recommended that Courtland Beach be selected as the place to hold the outing. On motion the report of the committee was received. On motion Wednesday August 5th was decided upon contingent however upon the fatal termination in the meantime of the illness of Pope Leo XIII, in which event the social gathering to be indefinitely postponed.

The transfer card of Bro. Jno. Daly from Boston Council No, 68 to this council was read and under the rules, laid over until next regular meeting for action.

On motion the degree officers were declared a special committee, with power to act in any ceremonial deemed advisable or proper in the event of the death of the Pope.

The Board of Trustees made their semiannual report of the finances of the council as follows....----Credits:Logbook-Knights of Columbus Omaha-1903----