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King's Park, Norfolk, Nebraska. I am not sure it was called King's Park but next to the King's Ballroom on 1000 Riverside Blvd a Roller Coaster was installed in the early 1920's. It was one of largest in the world at the time. It was terminated in the early 1930's.

Yes...according to the 'Historical Society' Kings Park at one time had a Roller Coaster and is seeking more information.

There was a famous 'Ball Room' in Norfolk called Kings Park. This is probably the 'Kings Park' we are looking for. It is unknown what features they offered over the years.

King's Ballroom was a fixture in Norfolk for many years. Many famous musicians performed there including Lawrence Welk and Guy Lombardo - it burned in 1986.

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Below are some excerpts from Madison County 'Elkhorn Valley Historical Society' with just trivia on 'older times'. Note mention of Kings Park.

----Elkhorn Valley Historical Society

We then stop at 1st Street TASTY TREET to see the Brogans. Ground beef burgers always have been and still are a favorite. Who would have thought that little drive-in would survive the test of time, even though the cute car hops have long disappeared? The blue and white ICEBERG has banana splits by Todd, and the ZESTO SHOP has tall spiral cones from the Wrights. Visiting GILLETTE˜S DAIRY MART, we take home Harry's hand packed quart of ice cream. We enjoy fresh flowers at DARLING'S and at VICTORIA˜S FLOWER SHOP. We pick up our cleaning at DUDLEY'S, NU WAY and RASLEY'S. We new-car-shop at PETRING MOTOR, THEN OPT FOR FIXING UP OUR OLD 47 CHEVE at MANSKES OIL, WENKES MOTOR, LOOKER BROTHERS or SCHMODES. The little people are still back at Petring Motors collecting Captain Midnight rings. We make a visit at the downtown SACRED HEART CHURCH and then visit friends a the MOHAWK APTS. Downtown Norfolk has it all. AT the HAMBURG HATCHERY we stand in awe. God˜s most creative beautiful little masterpieces just has to be these new shipments of tiny yellow baby chicks. They are all chirping in unison while waiting for Aunt Mary to pick them up. We get more feed and seed and fresh eggs at KLAWITTERS PRODUCE. We pick up a pink SHOPPERS GUIDE at HALLS PRINTING CO. and a LOOK magazine at STEFANS CIGAR STORE. At the NORFOLK DAILY NEWS we buy a keepsake edition. The banner headlines read that it is V.J.DAY, August 15, 1945 and Japan has unconditionally surrendered. The boys will be coming home and now there is dancing on Norfolk Avenue. We do pause though in celebrating as Norfolk has lost several young men in several parts of the world. Time for a late supper, which can be found at the DAY AND NIGHT CAFE, BLUE BELL CAFE, MERCHANTS, HOTEL NORFOLK COFFEE SHOP or VIRGINIAS. 1944 flood-soaked clothing, stockings and bric-a-brac is still being displayed at sidewalk sales. The POLICE STATION offers a bit of diversion as we stop and watch the monkeys swinging from tree to tree in their one of a kind small zoo. GETTMANS ELECTRIC have Sunbeam stainless coffee pots and LEU ELECTRIC has Philco radios. We have our shoes soled and heeled at BREEZYS SHOE SHOP, and hair set at LEDERS BEAUTY SHOP. We are tired of curling irons, burnt smelling hair, rag curls and spit curls. THE GRANADA and RIALTO THEATERS are competing with the tent roller rink on 6th and Madison. "Anchors Aweigh" and "Christmas in Connecticut are now showing but Chicago shoe skates in the summertime is the way to go. We meander down to JOYCE LUMBER or was it FULLERTON LUMBER? But we cross our fingers and hope they are still giving away yard sticks and ink blotters. GAMBLES and COAST TO COAST have great specials on push lawn mowers since that is the only kind of mower on the market. Purchasing anything was simply simple! Dance flyers are advertising for KINGS PARK.....

CREDITS:Excerpts:Elkhorn Valley Historical Society