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World War II Servicemen Listing
Grafton, Massachusetts

This listing is not 100% complete. Names obtained from Grafton Veterans Services.
We have room for comments or division info., so please write.


Abbott, George - PFC U.S. Army (according to Abbott family)

Those who lost their lives

Bousquet, Alfred J.

Boynes, Herbert C.

Desorcy, Raymond V.

Donahue, Francis J.

Gooch, Charles

Goulet, Joseph E.

Jordan, George H. Jr.

Korona, Boleslaw

Ludy, Emmet L.

Lundgren, Donald E.

Melanson, Ernest S.

O'Bara, Joseph L.

Ouelette, Armand R.

Parmenter, Ralph L.

Schofield, William J.

Scobie, Gordon A.

Tomkins, Robert W.

Wenc, Mitchell K.


Ainsworth, Henry D. Jr.

Aldrich, John W.

Aldrich, Joseph A.

Alger, Roger W.

Allard, Henry L.

Allen, Donald H.

Allen, Frank W.

Allen, James H.

Allen, Raymond H.

Allen, Roger W.

Allen, Stanley W.

Allison, Donald E.

Ambrose, John W.

Amour, Alfred J.

Anderson, Forbush

Angell, John B.

Angell, Richard G.

Arenburg, Arthur A.

Armenia, George F.

Arnold, Gwendolyn E.

Atchue, Garfield R.

Atchue, Henry W.

Atchue, Herbert E.

Atchue, Isrel

Atchue, Joseph A.

Atchue, Paul E.

Atchue, Robert Vincent

Atchue, Roy H.

Bailey, Warren M.

Baker, James A.

Baker, Raymond L. Jr.

Banks, Albert J.

Baran, Walter W.

Bardur, Joseph P. Jr.

Barnes, Arthur W.

Barry, Richard F.

Bates, Ernest

Bazinet, Arthur J.

Bazinet, George J.

Bazinet, Paul G.

Bean, Benjamin S.

Bean, Stephan S.

Beique, Ernest A.

Belanger, Laurent

Belaska, John

Bell, Horace S.

Bellefeuille, Frederick L.

Bellefeuille, Robert E.

Belsito, George J.

Belsito, Kenneth J.

Belsito, Peter F.

Belsito, Robert J.

Bennett, Lewis W.

Benoit, Arthur E.

Benoit, Chester W.

Benoit, Lawrence E.

Benoit, Noe W.

Benoit, Philip C. Jr.

Benson, Albert

Berry, Bennett M.

Bertone, Francis G.

Bertone, James R.

Bertrand, Leo J.

Bertrand, Philip A.

Bertrand, Raymond A.

Bertrand, Stanley J.

Bickford, George H.

Bielik, Adam

Bien, Stanley

Bilodeau, Ernest E.

Blette, Clement J.

Bodge, Muriel Edna

Boivin, Philip W.

Bonin, Donald L.

Bonin, Roland W.

Boudreau, James R.

Bouiver, Arthur O. Jr.

Bouiver, Richard J.

Boulais, Robert P.

Boulasis, Lawrence W.

Bourcier, Charles O.

Bourget, Lawrence E.

Bousquet, Alfred J.

Bousquet, Joseph A.

Bouthillette, Clifton R.

Bouthillette, Ernest L

Boutiette, Alfred C.

Boutiette, Bernard F.

Boutiette, Donald P.

Boutiette, Francis E.

Boutiette, Harold K.

Boutiette, Lawrence N.

Boyd, Albert L.

Boyd, Frank

Boyns, Edmund D.

Boyns, Hebert C.

Boyns, Robert E.

Bradford, William W. Enlisted U.S.ARMY c.1936 w/ pre-war duty in the Panama Canal Zone.
WW2 in 77th Infantry Division, Signal Co.. In Cebu Island, Philippines @ wars end & Occupation Duty in Sapporo, Japan till discharge. Attained rank of Tech. Sergeant. Past Commander of American Legion Post in No. Grafton in 1950's. Deceased 9/21/99 @ age 87 in Westborough,.

Brady, Perley F.

Branowicki, Harold J.

Branowicki, Roger C.

Branowicki, Stanley M.

Briand, Arthur J.

Briand, Joseph A.

Bridges, Ernest

Brimicombe, Herbert J.

Britton, Charles

Brodeur, Edward O.

Brooks, George C.

Brooks, George R.

Brown, Harry C.

Brown, Warren W.

Brown, Willard B. Jr.

Buck, Warren G.

Budge, Paul L.

Bull, Aubrey M.

Bullock, Augustus George

Burgess, Philip P.

Burgess, William R.

Burke, Ernest M.

Butkewitch, Peter A.

Buzzell, Lyle W.

Cadarette, Amos L. Jr.

Cadarette, Donald J.

Cadarette, Harold V.

Cadrin, John B.

Cadrin, Paul L.

Cardin, Alfred J.

Cardin, Paul I,

Cardin, Walter J.

Carlson, Edgar A.

Carlucci, Bernard J.

Castonguay, Leo R.

Chamberlayne, Owen S.

Chapdelaine, Lucien J.

Charbonneau, George R.

Chase, Eva

Chase, Harry D.

Chickinski, Walter J.

Chickinski, Henry

Choquette, Leo H.

Chosta, Bernard

Christman, John E.

Clapp, William B.

Clark, Gordon L. -Alive and living in Grafton Center area. Battle of the Bulge as air coordinator.

Clark, Theodore H. -Alive and living on Cape Cod

Cluett, Albert L.

Collins, Harold T.

Comtois, Alfred E.

Connaughton, Dorothy A.

Connaughton, Eugene J.

Connaughton, Lillian M.

Connor, James J.

Conolly, Edgerton Luke

Conolly, Frank

Constant, Leonard A.

Contois, Henry J.

Contois, Joseph P.

Corey, Wendell J.

Cormier, Philip V.

Cote, Adelard A.

Cote, Arthur D. Jr.

Cote, Edgar A.

Cote, Edgar Allyn

Cote, Edward A.

Cote, Joseph E.

Cote, Ovila C.

Cote, Robert E.

Coyne, William J.

Cressey, Warren A.

Cressey, William E.

Crete, Adrian J.

Crete, Henry Jr.

Crete, Romeo J.

Croteau, Louis N.

Czebetar, John B. Jr.

Czebotar, John S. Jr.

Czerwonka, Joseph A.

Daviau, Henry J.

Davis, Donald

Davis, William S.

Day, John W.

Dean, Frank J.

Deorsey, Alfred J.

Derie, Raymond H.

Desmarais, Arsena A.

Desmarais, Paul V.

Desorcy, Raymond V.

Desrosiers, Joseph A.

Desrosiers, Joseph LG

Desrosiers, Paul L.

Deveau, Raymond E.

Deveau, Russell

Deveau, William

Deyette, Richard W.

Diggle, Fred Jr.

Dilts, Henry S.

Dilts, Peter K.

Dion, Aime E.

Doherty, Mary R.

Dohlus, Leonard R.

Donahue, Francis J.

Donahue, Peter W.

Dooley, Francis C.

Dooley, Richard A.

Downer, Westley E. Jr.

Drolet, Joseph P.

Drolet, Paul G.

Drolet, Velma A.

Dube, Joseph W.

Ducharme, Joseph

Duckworth, Arthur

Duckworth, Walter A.

Duffy, John J.

Duffy, Robert B.

Dumas, Delima M.

Dumas, Russell C.

Dupre, Harold W.

Durant, Leo Omer

Edmond, Anna

Edwards, Valmore F.

Ekblaw, Neil W.

Ekblaw, Walter E. Jr.

Ekstrom, David A.

Ekstrom, George F.

Ekstrom, Lincoln S.

Elmond, Harold F.

Erenius, Joseph D.

Falvey, John J

Farrell, Francis B.

Farrell, John C.

Felix, Joseph W.

Fellows, Richard F.

Fields, George Jr.

Fields, William R.

Filor, Raymond W.

Fink, James S.

Fisher, Mildred

Fitzpatrick, Alfred L.

Fitzpatrick, William B.

Fleming, Arthur A.

Fleming, Bernard P.

Fleming, David R.

Fleming, Patrick J.

Fleming, Richard F.

Fleming, Stanley H.

Fleming, Walter F.

Ford, Alvin R.

Ford, Ellsworth S.

Ford, Nicholas K.

Ford, Wesley C.

Forss, Alvan S.

Foster, Harrison D.

Fowler, Clayton C.

Francoeur, Arthur

French, William B.

Frender, Dixon J.

Frey, John A.

Friars, Gordon E.

Fridman, Rolf John

Fudali, Joseph S.

Fudali, Walter J.

Gabrie, Albert E.

Galvin, James F. P.

Galvin, Joseph M.

Gannon, Jack E.

Gannon, Robert D.

Garvey, Frank M.

Gendron, Alfred Jr.

Giancola, Alfred L.

Gibrie, Walter W.

Gibson, Stuart C.

Gilbertson, Norman

Girardin, Leo J.

Girardin, Roland J.

Girardin, Russell A.

Girouard, Alderic

Girouard, Armand R.

Girouard, Joseph A.

Girouard, Joseph C.

Glassett, James

Glispin, Richard F.

Glover, George L.

Gordon, John H.

Gorman, James F.

Gosselin, Amedie J.

Gosselin, Arthur J.

Gosselin, Gerard M. He was a life member of Post 1497, Veterans of Foreigns Wars, in South Grafton. He was an Army veteran of World War II. He received a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. He passed away December 1991. It is also said that he was in the "Ah Wilderness" movie as the boy who ran up and lit some firecrackers. (Info courtesy of his nephew Steve Durand)

Gosselin, Ovila G. Navy veteran of World War II, serving in Asia, the Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. He made the Murmansk run several times and earned a Bronze Star while in Europe. He passed away on May 13, 1999. (Info courtesy of his nephew Steve Durand)

Gouin, Albert J.

Goulet, Donald F.

Goulet, Everett F.

Goulet, Joseph E.

Goulet, Norman W.

Graves, Edmund J.

Gray, Ralph E.

Grenier, Edmund A.

Grenier, William E.

Guertin, Armund V.

Guilmette, Charles P.

Guilmette, Joseph R.

Halco, John

Hall, Henry E.

Hamilton, Alvin S.

Harnois, Richard I.

Harvie, E. Andrew

Harvie, Ernest A.

Hayes, Frank G.

Hebert, Joseph E.

Hebert, Joseph Eric

Hebert, Joseph G. He served for 22 years in the Navy, retiring in 1966 as a chief ship's serviceman. He was a veteran of World War II, serving in the Asian-Pacific theater. He earned 13 Battle Stars and a Silver Star. He was a veteran of the Korean War, serving in Korea, and Vietnam War, serving in Vietnam. He passed away July 14, 1995. (Info courtesy of Steve Durand)

Heffernan, Charles T.

Henault, Armand J.

Henault, Theodore V.

Henley, Theodore

Henn, Joseph G.

Herbst, Joseph R.

Hetu, Joseph R.

Hickory, Gordon C.

Hill, Elwin J.

Holland, Albert

Holland, Clayton E.

Hospod, William

Houde, Joseph A.

Houde, Robert K.

Howard, Henry R.

Howe, Clifford F.

Huckins, Lyman E.

Hudson, Kenneth W.

Hudson, Richard W.

Ingalls, Donald C.

Jacobs, Nathan

Jalbert, George J.

Jalbert, Robert W.

Jennings, Harry A. Jr.

Jette, Leon M.

Johnson, Harold G.

Johnson, Howard F.

Johnson, Ralph D.

Johnston, Frederick M.

Johnston, Walter E.

Johnstone, George W.

Jones, Charles R.

Jones, Daniel

Jordan, George H. Jr.

Jordan, John W.

Kane, Francis J.

Kazarian, Kazar D.

Kearnan, James P.

Kearnan, Margaret

Keith, Irving C.

Kennedy, John T.

Keyes, Harold L.

Kilik, Alice

Kilik, Howard

Kincaid, Robert

King, Charles H.

King, Norman

King, Raleigh A.

King, Raymond

King, Wilfred E.

Knapik, Felix J.

Knapik, Frederick J.

Knapik, Ligmont J.

Knapik, Walter J.

Knapik, Zigmont J.

Kneeland, James F. Jr.

Kneeland, John T.

Koliss, Joseph P.

Koprusak, Stephen

Korona, Boleslaw

Kosta, Stanley J.

Koziol, Stanley J.

Kratschman, Joseph J.

Kratschman, Karl J.

Kroll, Anthony

Kroll, Ernest W.

Krula, Antonia V.

Krula, Joseph J.

Krula, Stanley W.

Krula, Thadeus F.

Kulbabinski, Emily S.

Kuras, Dominic F.

Kuras, Joseph A.

Kurowski, Bernard

Labrie, Lawrence

LaCour, Girard C.

LaDuke, Vernon J.

Laffey, Joseph J.

Laflamme, Francis

Laflamme, Henry E.

Laflamme, James

Laflamme, Kenneth A.

Laflamme, Norman W.

LaFlash, Francis R.

LaForce, William K.

LaFrancois, Raymond R.

Lane, Clarence E.

Lapan, Arthur O.

LaPearl, Clarence S.

LaPearl, Russell F.

Lapointe, Roland H.

LaRose, Arsene J.

Larrivee, Kenneth A.

Larrivee, Norman W.

Larue, Gaston E.

Laurie, Adelarde E.

Laurie, Gaston E.

Laurie, William E.

Lavallee, Emanuel

Lavallee, Joseph G.

Lebeau, Lionel G.

Lebel, Roland L.

Lebel, Wallace W.

LeBlanc, Albert J.

LeBlanc, Albert T.

LeBlanc, Eugene W.

LeBlanc, Joseph M.

Leboeuf, Treffle J.

LeClair, Ernest J.A.

Lecourvre, John H.

Lee, Robert E.

Legassey, Adelard J.

Legassey, Francis W.

Legassey, George F.

Legassey, Raymond E.

Legassey, Roger J.

Legg, John E.

Lemaire, Raymond L.

Lemoine, Ernest J.

Lemoine, Harold E.

Lemoine, Raymond J.

Lenaghan, Thomas

Leonard, Robert W.

L'Heureux, Robert J.

Linek, Frank V.

Linek, Joseph

Linek, Stanley

Loader, Frank

Lombard, Gardner C.

Lowe, John K.

Lucier, Philip Leo

Ludy, Emmet L.

Lundgren, Donald E.

Lundgren, John A.

Lupien, Everett R.

Lupien, Francis E.

Lynch, Richard B.

MacArthur, Harold W.

MacArthur, Robert C.

MacAuslan, Alexander

MacAuslan, Louise

MacAuslan, Robert C.

MacDougall, James R.

MacDougall, John

MacDougall, Thomas

MacDuffie, Crompton

MacDuffie, Marbury

Mack, William

Maintanas, Angelos

Maintanas, Vaselios J.

Mallalieu, Frank L.

Malone, Loran M. Jr.

Manning, Harvey

Markis, Anthony

Markis, John

Marsden, John P.

Mathieu, Euclide P.

Mathieu, Joseph A.

Matthews, Ivory B.

Matthews, Richard L.

Matuszek, Helena M.

Matuszek, Olga J.

Matuzek, Stanley

Matuzek, Stephen

May, Peter

Mayer, Charles T.

Mayer, Harold

Maynard, Joseph J.

Maynard, Kermit

Maynard, Olive L.

Mayo, Arthur E.

McDonald, William T.

McGaw, Wilbert L.

McGee, Lesile

McGee, William C.

McHugh, Nicholas

McInnis, Ethel A.

McMahon, Samuel C.

McMahon, Thomas J.

McMann, William F.

McQuilkin, James C.

Melanson, Arthur E.

Melanson, Ernest S.

Melanson, Francis A.

Melanson, Henry

Melican, Edmond F.

Mercer, Harriet M.

Merchant, Arthur

Mercik, Chester J.

Messier, Clifford G.

Messier, Victor E.

Michniewicz, Ralph A.

Millen, John P.

Millen, William B.

Millette, Roland J.

Mogul, John

Moison, Arthur A.

Mombourquette, Arthur L

Mombourquette, Richard

Mombourquette, Wilfred

Mongeau, Albert A.

Mongeau, Samuel Jr.

Mooskian, Harry

Mooskian, John

Moriarty, Edward C.

Moriarty, Walter

Morin, Armand L.

Morin, Donald E.

Morin, Gerald J.

Morin, Henry A.

Morin, Lucien S.

Morin, Walter

Morris, Whitty C.

Mullane, James A.

Mullen, Donald T.

Murin, Henry J.

Murphy, Godfrey T.

Murphy, Ivan R.

Murphy, Margaret R.

Nadeau, Thoma N.

Nadolink, Walter

Naiman, Edward I.

Nally, William J.

Nashatker, Robert E.

Nason, Clyde S.

Nason, Forrest C.

Nelson, Reuben

Newton, John A.

Newton, William A.

Nicholson, Pardon C.

Nodolink, Mitchell

Noel, Albert L.

Noel, Bertrand J.

Noel, Frank M.

Noel, Joseph V.S.

Noel, Treffle J.

Noel, Wilford J.

Normandin, Joseph O.

Normandin, Norman K.

Norris, Forrest H. Jr.

Nuttall, Donald W.

Obara, John L.

Obara, Joseph L

Obara, Stanley F.

Obara, Vincent W.

O'Connor, John J.

Oelschlegel, Raymond E.

O'Hara, Francis R.

Ohman, Walter D.

Okanisk, John E.

Okanisk, Nicholas

O'Leary, Bernard T.

O'Leary, Francis L.

O'Neill, Raymond C.

O'Neill, Robert F.

Opatka, Daniel J.

Opatka, Frederick J.

Opatka, Stanley

O'Reilly, Charles T.

O'Reilly, Paul J.

Ostergaard, Stanley C.

Ouelette, Armond R.

Ouelette, Maurice E.

Paine, Harlan L. Jr.

Paine, Louis H.

Paquin, Ernest H.

Paquin, Richard R.

Parker, George W.

Parker, Ralph B. Jr.

Parmenter, Ralph L.

Paster, Francis

Paul, Ernest C.

Paulin, Joseph N.

Pawelczyk, Alexander W.

Pease, Benjamin F. Jr.

Pelletier, Alderic J.

Pelletier, Joseph A.

Peloquin, Ovila E. Jr.

Pence, Daniel

Penny, Kenneth B.

Perras, Joseph W.

Perreault, Norman J.

Perron, Arthur E.

Perron, Lucien F.

Perron, Richard E.

Perry, Kenneth B.

Peters, Charles E.

Peters, Forrest D.

Peterson, Arthur J.

Peterson, Henry A.

Peterson, Robert D.

Peterson, William G.

Petit, Conrad A.

Phelps, William A.

Pieklik, Henry W.

Pieklik, Joseph E.

Pierce, Waldo N.

Pierce, Waldo N. Jr.

Pietruskiewicz, Adam

Pilch, Raymond

Pion, Leo Francis

Pion, Victor

Plaint, Lyle D.

Plaint, Raymond

Plaint, Raymond A.

Plainte, Frederick J.

Plainte, Henry

Plante, Henry A.

Plante, Paul J.

Podsiadlo, Frank

Podsiadlo, Henry C.

Podsiadlo, Walter J.

Poirier, Joseph F.

Polenski, Edward

Pong, William P.

Porter, Marjorie L.

Porter, Roger K.

Pratt, Bradford I.

Price, Clovis S.

Priestly, Elizabeth G.

Priestly, Kenneth H.

Prout, Norman W. Jr.

Prue, Albert A.

Prue, Richard E.

Prue, Wilfred E.

Radzik, Edmund T.

Radzik, Stephen M.

Radzik, William C.

Ragaini, Bruno

Ragaini, Frank

Ramsey, William J.

Rand, Redford M.

Rand, William C.

Ratkiewicz, Albert W.

Rattie, Joseph P.

Raymond, George F.

Reardon, Charles

Rebakas, George A.

Remillard, Armand E.

Remillard, Francis P.

Renaud, Adelard J.

Renaud, Edward J.

Renaud, Ernest E.

Richard, Alfred J.

Richard, Joseph H.

Richard, Roland J.

Richardson, H. Edward

Richardson, Russell E.

Ricker, Howard

Riggs, Alfred D. Jr.

Robert, Armand J.

Rodominick, Stanley

Ross, Bernice E.

Ross, James P.

Rozzi, Joseph

Russell, Robert E.

Rybicki, Julian Jr.

Rybicki, Walter

Rybicki, William J.

Ryerson, Charleton S.

Sabourin, Roland J.

Sareault, Henry J.

Saucier, Normand J.

Schofield, James R.

Schofield, William J.

Schreiner, Gwendolyn E.

Scobie, Gordon A.

Scott, Donald G. Jr.

Scowcroft, George

Scowcroft, James

Senecal, Isidore O.

Sessions, Waldo E. III

Sfakianos, John

Shaw, Raymond M.

Sheldon, Charles I.

Sherman, Grace D.

Shipman, Patricia F.

Shipman, Patrick

Silva, Leonard W.

Simoneau, Edgar E.

Simpson, Chloris

Simpson, Lola C.

Small, Donald E.

Smith, Earl H.

Smith, Frederick J.

Smith, Jeremy W.

Smith, Matthew E.

Smith, Richard K.

Smith, Robert

Smith, Stephen A.

Smyth, Joseph F.

Snow, Joseph W.

Snow, William G.

Springer, Allen M.

St Andre, Edward G.

St Andre, Roland W.

St Pierre. Henry

Stanick, Joseph J.

Stockwell, Kenneth F.

Storey, Charles E.

Stover, Charles E.

Stover, George E.

Such, Edward J.

Sullivan, Donald E.

Sullivan, Milton F.

Sullivan, Warren H.

Szarek, Walter R.

Taft, Nellie S.

Talevi, Alfred J.

Tebo, Joseph R.

Temple, Robert K.

Tenney, James

Thierrien, Arthur A.

Thierrien, Francis

Thompkins, Edmund M.

Tidman, John F.

Tidman, Walter F.

Tilton, Thomas B.

Tomkins, Robert W.

Torrey, John J.

Tournas, Peter A.

Trilligan, James L.

Troy, Gordon D.

Troy, Kenneth E.

Troy, Russell E.

Usher, Donald L.

Usher, Edward P. III

Usher, Gordon

Vaillancourt, Norman

Varner, Eldon P.J.

Veiveris, John

Vigeant, Napoleon A.

Vincent, Clarence

Vincent, Eugene E.

Vincent, Napoleon A.

Walden, William G. Jr.

Wallace, Charles A. Jr.

Walsh, Patrick J. F.

Warburton, Warren H.

Warburton, William

Wellman, Ernest A.

Wenc, Chester C.

Wenc, Mitchell K.

Wenc, William F.

Weston, Thomas A.

Weymouth, Robert E.

Weymouth, Russell F.

Wharton, Leon W.

Wheeler, Elson E.

Wheeler, Elson W. Jr.

Wheeler, Walter C.

White, William G.

Whiterell, Ludgar

Whitney, Charles E.

Whitney, Charles J.

Whitney, David W.

Whitney, Francis K.

Whitney, Paul H.

Whitney, Ralph Jr.

Willette,George J. Jr.

Williams, Albert E.

Williams, George A.

Williams, Ralph H.

Wilson, Edward H.

Wilson, Edward H. Jr.

Wilson, Paul H. Jr.

Wilson, Robert E.

Wilson, William H.

Withofsky, Victor A.

Wojtalik, Anna Emond

Wood, Abraham

Wood, Alvin C.

Wood, Earl C.

Wood, Harry E.

Wood, Henry T.

Wood, Norman F.

Wood, Pearl F.

Woodburn, William A.

Woodcome, Arthur E.

Woodcome, William J.

Wunsch, Earl A.

Yarrington, Eugene N.

Yarrington, Eugene N. Jr.

Yeulenski, Anthony F.

Young, William E.

Zaleski, Chester P.

Zaleski, Frank

Zaleski, Walter

Zastawny, Walter E.