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These family photos courtesy of Forrest Manning

of the: Aldrich, Manning, Morse and Pratt  families from Grafton

Ann Aldrich

Cromwell Aldrich

Cromwell Aldrich

Rosina Morse Aldrich

Sue Aldrich

Frank Pratt (standing)
Thomas Manning

Frank Pratt (left)
Thomas Manning

Viola A. Morse

Viola, Ora and Edgar Manning
Children of Thomas and Viola (Morse) Manning

Ora M. Manning

Frank Pratt

Minnie Pratt 1884

Minnie Pratt

 The census of 1870 shows that Emory Judson Morse and his wife Mary Morse Aldrich Morse were living in Grafton with their daughter Viola Alfarata Morse presumably in the house at what is now #11 Millbury Street. In the household at that time were Cromwell Aldrich, the father of Mary Morse,  and Thomas James Manning of Douglas who was boarding with the family while working at a local shoe manufacturer.

             Thomas Manning and Viola Morse soon married and lived with her parents until well into the 1890s. Their 4 children were born in this house:  Ora, Viola, Edgar, and Emma. Ora and Viola graduated from Grafton High School. The house remained in the Morse family until probably after the death of Mrs. Morse in the late 1890s.

             Grafton was the hometown to many in this family. The Morse's were there from the time Emory Judson Morse came down from Vermont to seek work..  The Aldrich's were in Grafton for nearly the entire 18th century.  Thomas Manning moved over to Grafton from Douglas sometime before 1870.

             Of the Manning's, Ora Manning remained in Grafton until her nursing studies took her to school at the hospital in Waltham and then jobs kept her in Worcester.  Viola married Thad Smith of Grafton and lived in the town until they removed elsewhere. Edgar and Emma Manning moved, along with their mother, over to Douglas and then to Vermont after the deaths of several family members.

             Soon after his marriage with Viola Morse, Thomas Manning left Grafton and went west to Winnemucca, Nevada to join his uncle James Manning who was by then a prospering businessman.  Thomas remained in Winnemucca several years working at various jobs and then returned to Grafton in 1876.

- Forrest Manning   2005


The family homestead on Millbury Street

This may come through quite faint as it is a copy of a copy of the actual photo. This house was the family home on Millbury Street. My gram made notations on the back saying it was on the left next to the only brick house in the area. It was owned by her grandparents Emory Judson and Mary Aldrich Morse.  Their daughter Viola Morse married Thomas James Manning. The Manning children were all born here: Ora, Viola, Edgar, and Emma-my grandmother.
If the picture is clear enough to see- on the right standing in the front yard is Mary A. Morse. Beside her is her father Cromwell Aldrich and the little girl is Ora Myrtle Manning. Viola Morse Manning is with the carriage and the child in the carriage is Viola I. Manning.                        -Forrest Manning


Above is same view of the house taken in 2005.
Note the same stone wall detail behind the mailbox


These two pages are from the
"Survey and Inventory of Historic, Architectural and Cultural Resources"
Town of Grafton  -1991