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LaBarbera, Gertrude M. LaBarbera, nee Banta    2006

LaBarbera, Victor F. LaBarbera    1996

Lacava, Martha E. Lacava nee Geokler    2009

Lacey, Garwood P. Lacey    1876

Lacey, Mathew     1898

Lachapelle, J. B. Lachapelle    1891

LaCourse, Jayden Matthew Bevon LaCourse     2003

LaCroix, Sylvia LaCroix nee McMannis    1935

Lacy, Annie Lacy    1891

Ladeberger, Maria Ladeberger     1901 

Ladson, Eugene Ladson    1963

Ladson, Mary Lou Ladson, nee Gunn    2005

Ladson, Robert D. Ladson    1990

Ladson, Wendell Eugene Ladson    1970

LaFaber, Valerie Louise LaFaber   2013

Laffarce, Frederick Laffarce     1888

Lafferre, Donald E. Lafferre    2007

Lafferre, Esther E. Lafferre    1966

Lafferre, Fred H. Lafferre     1952

Lafferre, James A. Lafferre    1974

Lafferre, John W. Lafferre    1953

Lafferre, Narcissus Jane Lafferre, nee Brown    1948

Lafferre, Olive E. Lafferre    1993

Lafflen, John Lafflen    1890

Lahesky, Frank Lahesky    1891

Lain, Dennis G. Lain     2002

Lain, Edith May Lain, nee Voland    1997

Laing, Randolph Laing   1879

Laipply, Stacey M. Laipply, nee Bailey    2015

Laird, Bettye Juanita Laird, nee Oldham    1997

Laird, Sue Laird     1893

Lakes, Henry Lakes    1891

Lallathin, Alice Marie Lallathin    2000

Lallathin, Caroline Frederica Lallathin nee Netting     1903

Lallathin, David L. Lallathin    2013

Lallathin, Florence Lallathin nee Lude     2007

Lallathin, Frederick Lallathin     1901

Lallathin, Hazel Beatrice Lallathin     2002

Lallathin, Josephus Lallathin (Obit 1)     1900

Lallathin, Josephus Lallathin (Obit 2)     1900

Lallathin, Kenneth D. Lallathin    2007

Lallathin, Mrs. Chris Lallathin    1923

Lallathin, Paul Eddie Lallathin    1993

Lallathin, Paul J. Lallathin    1998

Lallathin, Ralph D. Lallathin    2007

Lallathin, Sara R. Lallathin, nee Morris    2013

Lallathin, Selma Lallathin nee Bachman    1974

Lallathin, Sherry L. Lallathin nee Schupbach   2013

Lallathin, Thomas H. Lallathin     1913

Lallathin, Wanda G. Lallathin     2008

Lallathin, Wilson W. “Jim” Lallathin    2007

Lallie, Johnnie Paul Lallie    2002

Lalony, John Lalony    1891

Lamar, J. R. Lamar    1891

Lamb, Clarence E. Lamb    1998

Lamb, Joseph Lamb     1900

Lamb, Mary V. Lamb, nee Lattea    2011

Lamb, Ricky A. Lamb    2013

Lambert, (two) Lambert      1886

Lambert, Aaron Michael Lambert    2015

Lambert, Deloris Louise Lambert, nee Heddleson    2015

Lambert, John Lambert     1886

Lambert, Samuel Lambert     1929

Lambert, Thomas Edward Lambert   2013

Lamp, Catherine M. Lamp, nee Viale    2000

Lamp, Edith Louisa Lamp, nee Cronin    1974

Lamp, Janice Kay (nee-St. John)     2006

Lamp, Lewis Glenn Lamp Sr.    1999

Lamp, Marlene Joyce Lamp, nee Postlethwaite    2011

Lamp, Patricia E. Lamp, nee Binegar    1997

Lampe, Betty Jean Lampe, nee Mercer    2012

Lampe, Fred L. Lampe    2010

Lampe, Judy Lampe, nee Bray    2013

Lamping, Cassandria Lamping     1901

Lamping, Clemie Lamping     1862 

Lamping, F. A.     1898

Lamping, Fred Lamping     1889

Lamping, Minna Lamsping     1858

Lamping, William Lamping    1882

Lanahan, John Lanahan    1882

Lanam, H. I. Lanam     1864

Lanam, W. L. Lanam     1888

Lancaster, Carl “June” Lancaster    2010

Lancaster, David James Lancaster     2003

Lancaster, James Lancaster    1847

Lancaster, Wanda Virginia Lancaster nee Staley     2000

Lance, Zachary David Lance    2008

Lancione, Paul A. Lancione    1906

Landback, Samuel Landback     1851

Landefeld, Beatrice Landefeld, nee Mathess     1984

Landefeld, Blanche A. Landefeld nee Vance    2008

Landefeld, Carherine Landefeld     1896  (sic – probably Catherine Landefeld)

Landefeld, Clyde E. Landefeld     1992

Landefeld, Darrell J. Landefeld     2003

Landefeld, Elmer F. Landefeld    1952

Landefeld, Harold John Landefeld     2006

Landefeld, Juanita Landefeld nee Clift    2008

Landefeld, Lester W. Landefeld     2000

Landefeld, Letha Elizabeth Landefeld (nee--Garrett)     2004

Landefeld, Marie Landefeld, nee Shuman     2001

Landefeld, Wilbert Ralph Landefeld    1906

Landefeld, William Otto Landefeld    1974

Landerbaugh, Guard Landerbaugh     1901

Landers, Agnes Landers     1908

Landers, Agnes Landers    1908

Landers, Samuel Landers     1857

Landin, Thomas Landin     1858

Landis, Corporal Jacob Landis (obit 2)     1900

Landis, Fred Landis    1974

Landis, Jacob Landis (obit 1)     1900

Landis, John T. Landis 1940     1940

Landis, Martha Ellen Landis    1880

Landis, Martha Landis nee McClintock    1919

Landis, Mary Maggie     1884

Landis, Sarah Landis    1886

Landman, Arthur     1898

Landsberg, Katie Landsberg    1891

Lane, (Express Messenger) Lane (obit 5)     (1900)

Lane, (messenger) Lane     1901

Lane, (messenger) Lane (obit 4)     (1900)

Lane, Banks G. Lane    1998

Lane, Charles Lane     1901

Lane, Charles Lane (obit 3)     (1900)

Lane, Donald Guerin Lane    1993

Lane, Express Messenger Lane (obit 2)     (1900)

Lane, Finley Lane     1875

Lane, Finley Lane    1876

Lane, Frances "Fern" Lane, nee Foster    2000

Lane, Jim Lane    1866

Lane, Judge Lane    1866

Lane, Lorean Lane, nee Hawks    2010

Lane, Mary Eileen Lane, nee Cunningham    2008

Lane, Messenger Charles Lane (obit 1)     (1900)

Lane, Mr. Harrison Lane     1875

Lane, Shannon L. Lane    2004

Lane, Thomas Lane    1891

Laner, Mr. Laner     1899

Lang, Alice     1884

Lang, Augustus Lang  2nd obit    1881

Lang, Augustus Michael Lang    1881

Lang, John Andrew Lang     2009

Lang, Margaret Lang    1919

Lang, Phillip Eugene Lang    2008

Lang, Virgil Henry Lang     2001

Lang, William Lang    1890

Lang, William Lang  2nd obit    1890

Langacher, Mr.     1898

Langdon, Joseph Langdon     1905

Langdon, Mrs. Langdon    1891

Langeman, John Henry Langeman    1890

Langsdorf, Clara Langsdorf     1901

Langsdorf, Mrs. Kate Langsdorf (obit 1)     1901

Langsdorf, Mrs. Katie Langsdorf (obit 2)     1901

Laning, James G. Laning    1878

Laning, Wm. Laning    1878

Lantz, Alexander Lantz    1876

Lantz, Elizabeth Lantz     1862 

Lantz, Lawrence R. Lantz    1982

Lantz, Troy Michael Lantz    2003

Lantz, Virginia Lantz, nee Briggs    2006

Lapp, child of Geo. Lapp     1889

Lapp, George Lapp    1881

Lapp, Mary Lapp    1890

Lapp, Michael Lapp      1889

Lapp, Mrs. George Lapp     1897

Lapp, Mrs. Wesley Lapp     1899

Lapp, Sarah L. Lapp    1925

Lapp, Son Lapp     1899

Lapp, Willie Lapp     1901

Laps, Eugene "Gene" L. Laps     2009

Lara, David K. Lara   2013

Larason, Martha F. “Larry” Larason 1997

Large, Charley Large    1891

Large, Willie Large    1881

Largent, Benjamin R. Largent    2010

Largent, Eleanor F. Largent nee McGlothin     2008

Largent, James C. Largent   2013

Larimar    1873

Larke, Harry Larke     1901

Larkins, Roger Allen Larkins    2015

Larkins, Walter Larkins     2006

Larrick, Lula Belle Larrick nee Breeden    1974

Larrick, Mary Belle Larrick nee Dailey

Lash, Ann Lash    1876

Lashley, Edna Lashley     1907

Lashley, Frank Irvin Lashley        1952

Lashley, Gary E. Lashley    2008

Lashley, Ryan Earl Lashley

Lasure, Ada Lasure    1876

Lasure, Ellen Lasure    1876

Lasure, James Lasure    1876

Latch, John Latch     1875

Latch, John Latch    1876

Latch, John Latch – 2nd Obit     1875

Latch, John Latch – 3nd Obit     1875

Latchaw, John Latchaw     1864

Latchshaw, I. M. Latchshow     1901

Latham, James Latham     1899

Latham, Mr. Latham     1899

Lathrope, James Lathrope    1847

Latimer, Asbury C. Latimer    1908

Latimer, Mary E. Latimer nee Hilliard    1935

Latsch, August     1898

Latshaw, Anna Latshaw    1918

Latshaw, John Latshaw     1864

Latshaw, Private John Latshaw     1864

Latta, A. P. Latta    1906

Latta, Allen Forest Latta     1934

Latta, Cora Ethel Latta  nee McHugh     1949

Latta, David W. Latta    1930

Latta, David Wilson Latta     1956

Latta, Donald G. Latta     1993

Latta, Edith Latta, nee Smith     1965

Latta, Effie Jane Latta, nee Schaub     1972

Latta, Elizabeth Hanna Latta nee Okey     1911

Latta, Elizabeth Latta    1866

Latta, Elizabeth Thomasy Latta, nee Folger    2013

Latta, Elton L. Latta     1966

Latta, Emily Jane Latta     1858

Latta, Esther E. Latta nee Kampfer     1993

Latta, Jan Edith Latta     2006

Latta, Jerry Richard Latta     1946

Latta, John C. Latta     1915

Latta, John C. Latta (2)     1915

Latta, John David “Jack” Latta 1962

Latta, John L.B. (Elba) Latta     1935

Latta, John Latta    1866

Latta, John Tilden Latta      1950

Latta, Mary Bell Latta     1950

Latta, Mary Elisabeth Latta, nee Miller     1998

Latta, Mary Elizabeth Latta nee Udell     1949

Latta, Mary J. Latta     1927

Latta, Mary Latta, nee Burris     1950

Latta, Mary Neuhart Latta, nee Neuhart     1944

Latta, Miriam Lois Latta    2000

Latta, Rachel A. Latta  nee Snodgrass       1959

Latta, Reginald Heber Latta     1957

Latta, Ruth G. Latta nee Walker     1985

Latta, Samuel Latta     1912

Latta, Thelma A. Latta nee Sonnhalter     2000

Latta, Thomas Latta    1925

Latta, Vernon John    2011

Latta, Zelvon D. Latta     1961

Lattea, Artie Lattea    1991

Lattea, Bessie Bell Lattea, nee Snyder    1991

Lattea, Beth Ellen Lattea, nee Weissert    2000

Lattea, Boyd Franklin Lattea    2011

Lattea, Burlin Earl Lattea    2000

Lattea, Carmen Lattea, nee Morales    2014

Lattea, Charlotte Lattea, nee Lightner    1974

Lattea, Clarence Phil Lattea    2006

Lattea, Clifford L. Lattea    2009

Lattea, Columbia Lattea, nee Shackleford    1936

Lattea, David A. Lattea    2012

Lattea, Donald D. Lattea    2005

Lattea, Dorothy Leota Lattea, nee Chipps    2005

Lattea, Edward Lattea    2001

Lattea, Elizabeth Bell “Lizzie” Lattea, nee Lough    2011

Lattea, Freddie D. Lattea    2010

Lattea, Gene D. Lattea    2011

Lattea, George W. Lattea    2008

Lattea, Gloria Lattea, nee Hackworth    1996

Lattea, Hannah Columbia Lattea    1998

Lattea, Helen A. Lattea, nee Davis    2013

Lattea, Isabell Lattea, nee Focker    2007

Lattea, James C. Lattea    2003

Lattea, Jeanous Lattea    1995

Lattea, John R. Lattea    2013

Lattea, Junior Lewis Lattea    2003

Lattea, Lena Pearl Lattea, nee Nicholson    2010

Lattea, Leo Carl Lattea    1984

Lattea, Leo T. Lattea    2011

Lattea, Lewis A. Lattea    2014

Lattea, Lois Ruth Lattea, nee Bailey    2013

Lattea, Lucy N. Lattea, nee Thomas    2000

Lattea, Marie Grace Lattea, nee Miller    2005

Lattea, Marjorie Leo Hall, nee Lattea    2011

Lattea, Mary Grace Lattea, nee Haas    1968

Lattea, Mildred Lattea, nee Dailey    1990

Lattea, Naomi Jean Lattea, nee Davisson    2009

Lattea, Nellie Gertrude Lattea, nee Hamrick    2013

Lattea, Robert Calvin "Rob" Lattea    2012

Lattea, Robert Lee Lattea (born 1925)    2011

Lattea, Robert Lee Lattea (born 1948)   2010

Lattea, Roy Leon Lattea    1987

Lattea, Stephen J. Lattea    2002

Lattea, Theresa Virginia Lattea, nee Smith    2012

Lattea, Virgil J. "VJ" Lattea     2011

Lattea, Wilma L. Lattea, nee Rinehart    2011

Latzelter, Charles Latzelter     1888

Latzelter, Michael Latzelter     1897

Latzsch, Mary Latzsch    1880

Laubie, Peter A. Laubie    1919

Lauenstein, Charles F. Lauenstein     1897

Lauenstein, Mrs. Wilhelmena Lauenstein (obit 1)     1901

Lauenstein, Wilhelmena Lauenstein (obit 2)     1901

Lauer, Anna M. Lauer nee Wenzel    1974

Lauer, John E. Lauer    1906

Lauer, Louis Lauer    1891

Lauer, Marolyn V. Lauer, nee Mikes    2015

Lauer, Patty Augusta Lauer nee Schultheis    2011

Lauer, TheobaldLauer    1906

Lauffer, Priscilla Lauffer nee Bossart     1929

Lauffer, Wilma P. Lauffer    2007     2007

Laughlin, Col. Alexander Laughlin     1885

Laughlin, Frank Laughlin    1892

Laughlin, Jane Laughlin, nee Pratt 2004

Laughlin, John W. Laughlin    1917

Laughlin, Lizette Laughlin nee Lamping    1881

Laughlin, Viola Laughlin    1907

Launder, Joanna Launder    1873

Lavelle, Frankie Lavelle    1891

Lavender, Mary R. Lavender, (nee-Cottello)     2006

Law, Jennie Law     1908

Law, Mrs. Jennie Law     1908

Law, S. N.     1898

Law, Violet E. Law (nee--Davis)     2004

Law, William Law     1853

Lawman, Alpha J. Lawman “Al”   2013

Lawrence, Frederick Lawrence     1984

Lawrence, G. W. Lawrence    1852

Lawrence, G. W. Lawrence  2nd obit    1852

Lawrence, Hon. Abbott Lawrence     1855

Lawrence, Jacob Lawrence    1891

Lawrence, Jacob Lawrence   1897

Lawrence, John Lawrence     1875

Lawrence, John Lawrence    1876

Lawrence, Lawrence P. Lawrence, Jr.    1990

Lawrence, Mary Jane Lawrence, nee Shaffer    2009

Lawrence, Mrs. Lizzie Lawrence     1900

Lawrence, Mrs. Rebecca Lawrence     1901

Lawrence, Mrs. Wm. Lawrence     1885

Lawrence, Oleta Louise Lawrence    1960

Lawrence, Paul A. Lawrence     2008

Lawrence, Rudolph Joseph Lawrence 1946     1946

Lawrence, Sarah Ann Lawrence    1852

Lawrence, William Lawrence     1883

Lawrey, Daniel Lawrey    1862

Lawson, Agnes M. Lawson, nee Christman     1993

Lawson, Ben Lawson    1891

Lawson, Perle E. Lawson    1987

Lawson, Robert Lawson     1901

Lawson, Tonya Renae Lawson, nee Sutton    2003

Lay, Thomas Lay     1875

Layman, Amos Layman     1897

Layton, Chas. Layton     1901

Lea, Will Lea     (1900)

Leach, Acel (Ace) Leach     1977

Leach, Angelica Leach nee Carpenter     1935

Leach, Ann H. Leach, nee Kelp    2015

Leach, Arch Leach     1985

Leach, Barney Leach     1967

Leach, Birdie Leach nee Ramsey     1966

Leach, Brian G. Leach    1999

Leach, Carmen Leach nee Carr     1995

Leach, Celestia J. Leach, nee Carpenter     1951

Leach, Charles Leach     1954

Leach, Charlotte Rose Leach nee Lucas    2011

Leach, Clinton M. Leach     1992

Leach, Cole Leach    1941

Leach, Cora Maude Leach, nee McKee    1918

Leach, Daren Paul Leach    1965

Leach, Dorothy J. Leach, nee Wilson     2003

Leach, Earl F, Leach     2012

Leach, Edward C. Leach    1985

Leach, Ella Mae Leach, nee Starr

Leach, Ellis D. (Pete) Leach     1977

Leach, Everett L. “Mutt” Leach     1986

Leach, Franklin R. Leach    2016

Leach, Fred Leach     1966

Leach, Gailard W. Leach    1977

Leach, Gary Lee Leach    2015

Leach, George Leach    1947

Leach, Gervis R. Leach     2000

Leach, Grace L. Leach nee Spence     1988

Leach, Gregory Aaron Leach    1964

Leach, Harry Leach     1955

Leach, Hazel J. Leach nee Powell     1937

Leach, Herbert M. Leach     1994

Leach, Homer (Tom) Leach     1969

Leach, Homer Rex Leach     2001

Leach, Jack R. Leach

Leach, James Everett Leach    2010

Leach, John Leach     1953

Leach, Julia A. Leach, nee Carpenter     1949

Leach, Larry Gene Leach    2011

Leach, Leona M. Leach nee Kilburn    2011

Leach, Lloyd E. Leach

Leach, Lora B. Leach, nee Myers    1953

Leach, Magdeline “Laney  Leach nee Wise     1955

Leach, Margaret J. Leach, nee Wingerter     2002

Leach, Martha E. Leach nee Johnson     1984

Leach, Mary Waneta Senter Leach, nee VanDyne    1982

Leach, Maude Leach    1918

Leach, Maude Leach nee Carpenter     1973

Leach, Mildred Lucy Leach nee Slembosky     2005

Leach, Paul C. Leach     1994

Leach, Reba Eileen Leach, nee Gallagher    2016

Leach, Rebecca J. Leach nee Carpenter     1978

Leach, Robert Bryan Leach     2001

Leach, Robert P. Leach     2000

Leach, Rodney L. Leach     2013

Leach, Roger E. Leach    2006

Leach, Rosanna J. “Josie” Leach - nee Betts

Leach, Roy Earl Leach     1995

Leach, Rufus H. Leach    1985

Leach, Samuel Danford Leach     1964

Leach, Samuel W. Leach     1979

Leach, Sara Leach, nee Murabito    2003

Leach, Shirley A. Leach nee Wise     1989

Leach, Sylvia Leona Leach nee Carpenter     2001

Leach, Versa L. Leach nee Brown     1993

Leach, Walter W. Leach     1954

Leach, Wanda A. Leach nee Dailey     2002

Leach, William Andrew Leach     1984

Leach, William Leach     1943

Leach, William Leach    1933

League, Earl     1884

Leake, Madelyn Leake, nee Sutton    2012

Leap, Adeline Leap    1907

Lear, Cyrus Lear     (1900)

Lear, Young Daughter Lear    1866

Leary, Nellie Doris Leary, nee Voland     1990

Leary, Ora John Leary     1985

Leasure, Anna Marie Leasure, nee Brown     1978

Leasure, Bernice E. Leasure nee Stewart     2004

Leasure, Bert O. Leasure     1968

Leasure, Blanche Marie Leasure, nee Brown     1971

Leasure, Carl Melvin Leasure     1993

Leasure, Cassie Kay Withrow Leasure    2016

Leasure, Charles Leasure    2008

Leasure, Clarence E. Leasure    2011

Leasure, David Carl Leasure    2015

Leasure, Earl Leasure    1933

Leasure, Edna M. Kahrig Leasure nee Steele   2013

Leasure, Edward Dale Leasure, Sr.    2010

Leasure, Eugene M. Leasure     2005

Leasure, G. Wayne Leasure     2003

Leasure, Geneva Leasure    1955

Leasure, Geneva M. Leasure nee Hayes     1982

Leasure, Gregory Alvin Leasure    1999

Leasure, Harold Peter Leasure    1947

Leasure, Hester M. Leasure nee McGilton     2000

Leasure, Isaac Leasure    1919

Leasure, Jack M. Leasure     2000

Leasure, Jase Michael Leasure   2013

Leasure, Jimmie Kenneth Leasure     1993

Leasure, Jordan Allen Leasure   2013

Leasure, Junior E. Leasure     2004

Leasure, Kenneth Berl Leasure   1938

Leasure, Kenneth E. Leasure   2013

Leasure, Kim Franklin Leasure    1981

Leasure, Leonard C. Leasure     2001

Leasure, Lloyd Leasure     2004

Leasure, Marjorene Leasure    1923

Leasure, Michael William Leasure    2010

Leasure, Opal Juanita Leasure nee Clark    2008

Leasure, Roger F. Leasure     2001

Leasure, Sharon K. Leasure, nee Barrett    2005

Leasure, Tom Leasure    1989

Leasure, Vivian Rose Leasure nee Moore    2007

Leasure, William H. Leasure    1972

Leasure, William Ray Leasure "Billy"     2012

Leatherman, Lamar Richard Leatherman    2008

Lebes, Oliver Lebes    1856

LeBoeuf, Marie LeBoeuf    1891

Leck, John Marvin Leck    2011

LeClennan, Samuel LeClennan    1891

LeCrone, Margaret LeCrone, nee Flauhaus    2016

LeCrone, Robert R. LeCrone    2011

Lee, Audrey J. Lee, nee Speidel    1990

Lee, Daniel M. Lee    1916

Lee, E. Emerson Lee    2000

Lee, Floyd Martin Lee, Jr.    2010

Lee, General Robert E. Lee     1870

Lee, Housten Lee    2007

Lee, Jesse Floyd Lee    1918

Lee, John C. Lee    1891

Lee, John Lee     1875

Lee, Mary Elizabeth Lee nee Kirkbride    2007

Lee, Ora Lee    1908

Lee, Pauline Jean Lee, nee Barlett    1987

Lee, Sue Lee nee McDonald     2012

Lee, Virginia E. Lee nee Lohr     2009

Lee, W. H. F. Lee    1891

Leech, Annette Leech    1891

Leech, Robert Daniel Leech, Jr.      2005

Leek, Ethel Marie Mae Leek, nee Mercer    1995

Leek, Harry E. Leek    1967

Leek, James J. Leek    1991

Leeke, Julia Leeke     1897

Leep, S. W Leep     1913

Leeper, Robert Clark Leeper    2009

Leeper, Vera June Leeper, nee Smith    1986

Leete, Julia Leete     1897

Legare, J. Davidson Legare      1853

Leget, Sarah Leget     1888

Legg, James C. Legg    1982

Legg, Jane A. Legg, nee Snyder    1998

Lehman, Charles Lehman     1900

Lehman, Elizabeth Lehman nee Moser     1929

Lehman, Elizabeth Lehman nee Moser 2nd obit     1929

Lehman, Fred Lehman    1878

Lehman, G. Lehman    1878

Lehman, Louann Lehman, nee Spangler    2012

Lehman, Mrs. Lehman     (1900)

Lehman, Richard Eugene Lehman    2017

Lehnen, Jessie "Dorothy" Lehnen, nee Lee    1950

Lehner, Baby Lehner     (1900)

Lehner, William Lehner     (1900)

Leibfarth, Hubert A. and Hubert T. Leibfarth     1950

Leibfarth, Rhea E. Leibfarth nee Turner     1983

Leightner, Marcella Leightner nee Yontz    1935

Leighty, Delmar Leighty    2011

Leinberger, John Leinberger    1881

Leinhauser, Frederick A. Leinhauser    2016

Leist, Clyde Leist     1901

Leister, Irving A. Leister    1907

Leisure, Elizabeth Leisure     1913

Leisure, Ella Leisure     1883

Leisure, Harold Peter Leisure     1947

Leisure, Kenneth Berl Leisure    1938

Leisure, Marjorene Leisure    1923

Leisure, Mellie Ruth Leisure nee Leasure     1929

Leisure, William H. Leisure    1972

Leisure, William Leisure     1905

Leitrim, Earl of Leitrim    1878

Leland, Judge C. A. Leland     1901

LeMasters, Amos James “Jim” LeMasters    2008

LeMasters, Connie L. LeMasters nee Richards     2012

LeMasters, Delbert L. LeMasters   2013

LeMasters, Everett C. LeMasters    2011

LeMasters, Geneva LeMasters   2013

Lemley, (Child) Lemley     (1900)

Lemley, George Lemley     1907

Lemley, George Lemley  2nd obit    1907

Lemley, Lucinda Lemley     1864

Lemley, Peter Lemley    1908

Lemley, Peter Lemley  2nd obit    1908

Lemley, Rebecca Elizabeth Lemley nee Bonar  1918

Lemmersahl, Margaret Lemmersahl    1906

Lemmon, Salathiel M Lemmon     1929

Lemmon, William     1891

Lemmon, Wm. G. Lemmon    1891

Lemon, Fleet Lemon Jr.    2015

Lemon, Harry Lemon     1905

Lemon, Rev. J. S. Lemon    1874

Lempke, Herman Lempke    1891

Lendon, Carl R. Lendon     2002

Lendon, Earl R. Lendon     2006

Lendon, Elsie Lendon nee Humphrey     1975

Lendon, Larry L. Lendon     2005

Lendon, Leona B. Lendon, nee Martin    2016

Lendon, Leonard Lendon     1951

Lendon, Mary Elizabeth Lendon nee Urwin     1995

Lendon, Ray Lendon      1975

Lendon, Thomas Prall Lendon     1940

Lendon, Wilbur Fisk Lendon     1973

Lendon, Wilbur Hudson Lendon     1976

Lengacher, Henrietta Lengacher, nee Bruny    1993

Lengacher, Rosena Lengacher, nee Siegenthaler    1953

Lenhart, Barbara E. Lenhart, nee Casteel    2010

Lenkard, May Lenkard     1924

Lenkard, Sarah Lenkard    1908

Lennon, Edward Lennon    1891

Lent, Young Son Lent    1892

Lentz, Clem J. Lentz 1946     1946

Lentz, Elizabeth Lentz     1907

Lentz, Elizabeth Lentz  2nd obit    1907

Lentz, Isreal Lentz     1875

Lentz, Isreal Lentz- 2nd Obit     1875

Lentz, Jonathan Lentz    1868

Lentz, Mrs. David Lentz     1899

Lentz, Sophia M. Lentz, nee Lengacher     1983

Leo, Dorothy Ann Leo, nee Goodheart     1995

Leo, James S. Leo     1981

Leonard, James Abraham Leonard    1918

Lepley, Louisa Lepley    1891

Lepovich, Jeanette Lepovich, nee Dziorney    2016

Lepps, Edward Lepps    1891

Lester, John Lester     1855

Lethers, Walter Lethers    1891

Lett, Charles A. Lett     (1900)

Lett, Gary Lett    2008

Lettee,Samuel Lettee     1888

Letzelter, Louise     1898

Letzelter, Mary Letzelter 1937     1937

Letzelter, Mollie Letzelter    1916

Letzelter, Mrs. Charles Letzelter    1890

Leudolph, Rinard Leudolph     1885

Leuthy, Albert Leuthy    1878

Levan, Harry E. Levan Sr.   2013

Levick, Carl Levick    1891

Levy, Louis M. Levy    1907

Lewich, Fred Lewich    1891

Lewis, Ann L. Lewis, nee Mark    1998

Lewis, Caroline "Callie" Lewis, nee Mercer    1953

Lewis, Catherine Irene Lewis, nee Deibel    2014

Lewis, Cecil A. Lewis Jr.    1997

Lewis, Cecil A. Lewis    2001

Lewis, Elaine Lewis nee Stout    2007

Lewis, Ella Lewis, nee Botkin    1926

Lewis, George N. Lewis    2016

Lewis, Harvey Lewis    1891

Lewis, J. M. Lewis    1917

Lewis, James R. Lewis     2006

Lewis, Jesse Lewis     1872

Lewis, John D. Lewis    1891

Lewis, Kathryn Lewis, nee Sutton     1992

Lewis, Larry Neal Lewis    2009

Lewis, Laverne Lewis, nee Benson    2012

Lewis, Leslie Nicole Lewis    2014

Lewis, Lula Lewis     1907

Lewis, Lula Lewis  2nd obit

Lewis, Marianna K. Lewis nee Kelch    2008

Lewis, Miss Flora Lewis     1875

Lewis, Miss Flora Lewis         1875

Lewis, Mrs. Jonathan Lewis     1875

Lewis, Mrs. Lewis    1866

Lewis, Myrta Edith Bell Lewis     1942

Lewis, Richard Lewis    1856

Lewis, Robert L. Lewis Jr.    2007

Lewis, Sarah Jane Lewis, nee Talbott    2013

Lewis, Tami Lewis nee Johnson    2008

Lewis, Young son Lewis    1856

Lewman, Ethel Lewman     1907

Lidecker, Emily Lidecker, nee Cronin    2000

Lidecker, Harold A. Lidecker    1988

Liedle, Edmund E. Liedle    1906

Liehr, Iva Oleafy Liehr, nee Greiwe    1987

Lieuellen, Robt. Lieuellen    1918

Lieuellen, Stephen Arnold Lieuellen     1893

Light, Emma Ruth Light nee Kiggans    2007

Lightener, Melvin “Pete” Lightener     2006

Lightfoot, Laverne Kay Lightfoot nee Calvert   2013

Lile, John Lile    1848

Lillard, Ace L. Lillard     2012

Lillard, Paula D. Lillard, nee Trosper    2000

Lilley, Marjorie Ann White Shaffer Lilley, nee Jerauld 2012

Limberger, Ann Elizabeth Limberger    1882

Limpus, Elston Limpus    1948

Linche, Clements Linche    1907

Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln    1890

Lincoln, Edmund Lincoln    1862

Lincoln, Mary Lincoln    1882

Lind, Charles Lind    1882

Lindamood, Hannah Mariah Lindamood     1860

Lindamood, Lonnie R. Lindamood    1974

Lindamood, N. C. Lindamood    1924

Lindell, Connie F. Lindell nee Brooks          2012

Lindeman, Julius Lindeman    1892

Lindemood, Brady Lindemood     1901

Lindemood, Hermon Lindemood    1892

Lindemood, Manasse Lindemood (obit 1)     (1900)

Lindemood, Mannasse Lindemood (obit 2)     (1900)

Lindemood, Nancy Lindemood     1905

Lindenmeyer, Glenn H. Lindenmeyer     1973

Lindenmeyer, Steve W. Lindenmeyer    2010

Linder, Margaret Linder, nee Buckner     1975

Lindlay, William M. Lindlay    1908

Lindsay, Bette “BiBi’ Lindsay nee Soles     2006

Lindsay, Maude Lindsay    1891

Lindsey, A.M. Lindsey     1897

Lindsey, Betsey Lindsey    1891

Lindsey, Ronald A. Lindsey, Sr.    2015

Linegar, Charles Linegar     1905

Linegar, Charles Linegar  2nd obit     1905

Linegar, Emma Linegar    1882

Linegar, Margaret Ellen Linegar    1852

Lingo, Henry H. Lingo     1875

Lingo, Henry H. Lingo 1875

Lingo, Infant Son Lingo     (1900)

Liniger, Esther Louise Liniger nee Christman    2010

Linker, Andrew Fredrick Linker    2003

Linker, Leonard L. Linker    2004

Linker, Patricia Ann Linker, nee Statley    2015

Linkhorn, L. S. Linkhorn    1935

Linman, Abigail Linman     1913

Linn, Mary Linn     1857

Linscott, Jesse Linscott     1897

Linville, Doris “Jean” Linville    1990

Linville, Jesse W. Linville    1934

Linville, Lorenzo D. Linville    1929

Linville, Lorenzo W. Linville    1989

Linville, Samuel J. Linville    1946

Linville, William H. Linville    2013

Lippencott, John Lippencott    1890

Lippencott, Nancy Lippencott    1890

Lippitt, Thomas Warren Lippitt     2005

Lipscomb, John Lipscomb    1908

Liptac, John Liptac     1901

Lisk, (father) Lisk (obit 1)     1901

Lisk, Abram Lisk     1852

Lisk, Freda Susanna Lisk nee Stauch     2000

Lisk, Gilbert Earl Lisk     2012

Lisk, Ida Lisk nee Connor    2007

Lisk, John C. Lisk     2002

Lisk, Lawrence G. Lisk     1988

Lisk, Mervyn Junior Lisk   2013

Lisk, Nickolis Lisk (obit 2)     1901

Lisk, Nickolis Lisk (obit 3)     1901

Lisk, Roy Lisk    1922

Lisk, Samuel Lisk    1892

Lisle, Mrs. John Lisle     1875

Lisle, Mrs. John Lisle   1875

Listenberger, Frank Listenberger    2013

Listenberger, Lawrence E. Listenberger    1979

Liston, Darlene Regina Liston, nee Blackstone     1993

Liston, Elmo C. Liston     1973

Liston, James W. Liston     1984

Liston, Zora Liston, nee Voland     1958

Litchfield, Amon Litchfield     1901

Litke, Mrs. Josephine Mary Litke    2002

Litman, Alice Mae Litman nee Chambers    2010

Litman, Clifford Litman    1919

Litman, Ernest J. Litman     1893

Litman, John W. Litman Sr.     1886

Litman, John W. Litman Sr.    1886

Litman, Kenneth G. Litman    2010

Litman, Mrs. George     1898

Litman, Mrs. George (obit 2)     1898

Litman, Paul R. Litman    1919

Litman, Ronald E. Litman    2009

Litman, Thomas W. Litman     2012

Litten, Ernest W. Litten    1931

Litten, George Wellington Litten    1891

Litten, Mary A. Litten nee Summers.     1907

Littick, W. O. Littick 1941     1941

Little Bee    1866

Little, Florence Little, nee Drake    1996

Little, Frank C. Little     1893

Little, Jeanette Little nee Bowman 1936     1936

Little, Mrs. Little    1882

Little, Oscar F. Little    1906

Little, Paul D. Little    2010

Little, Raymond Little    1999

Little, Rebecca Little nee Jeffers     1885

Little, Thomas O. Little     1905

Little, Thos. Little     1889

Little, Young Grandson Little    1882

Littleton, Ann Littleton    1916

Littleton, Elizabeth Littleton     1905

Littleton, John O. Littleton     1901

Littman, Job Littman    1907

Litton, S. W. Litton    1932

Litton, Wandalee Litton nee Hofsteter     2005

Lively, Connie M. Lively nee Duffy   2013

Lively, David Lively Sr.     1885

Lively, Gale Denver Lively, Sr.     2006

Lively, Harold P. Lively    2008

Lively, Jessie Marilyn Lively nee Smittle    2009

Lively, Mary Lively    1890

Lively, Mose Lively     1989

Lively, Mrs. Jane Lively     1875

Lively, Phil Lively         1897

Livingston, Golda I. Livingston nee Craig     2006

Lloyd, Allen Lloyd     1897

Lloyd, Augustus Lloyd    1876

Lloyd, Sidney Lloyd    1919

Lloyd, Thomas Lloyd    1891

Loar, Mrs. Loar    1919

Lobenstein, Charles Lobenstein    1892

Loch, David B. Loch    2015

Locher, Cyrus Locher     1929

Lochman, D. Lochman     1898

Lockwood, Albert L. Lockwood     1853

Lockwood, J. H. Lockwood    1892

Lockwood, Samuel Lockwood, Jr.    1882

Lockyer, Edna Lockyer, nee Brown    1973

Lockyer, Fred H. Lockyer    1980

Lockyer, Leonard Edward Lockyer    1966

Lodge, Deborah J. Lodge nee Cox     2012

Lodi, Frank P. Lodi, Sr. 2004

Lodi, Wilma Ivern Lodi, nee Gallaher    1994

Lodwick, Charles Lodwick    1906

Loew, Carolyn June Loew nee Glass    2009

Loew, Christian Loew     1888

Loewenstein, Mrs. Loewenstein    1891

Loffer, Clara Hoffer nee Lubbe  2nd obit     1929

Loffland, Infant Loffland     1905

Logan, Jeremiah Logan    1866

Logan, Judge Logan     1885

Logan, Rae Jean Logan nee Warfield    2009

Logengreen, Charles Logengreen    1891

Logsdon, Alta Logsdon, nee House    2001

Logsdon, Curtis M. Logsdon    1980

Logsdon, Ernest Lenwood Logsdon    2001

Logsdon, Rowena R. Logsdon, nee Rhodes    2002

Logston, Harry Keith Logston   2013

Logston, Vera Viola Logston nee Fankhauser    2008

Lohmire, Philip Melangthan Lohmire    1856

Lohr, John M. Lohr     2004

Lohr, Lena Lohr     1929

Lohrey, Bryn Stephen Lohrey   2013

Lohri, August Lohri     1905

Lohri, August Lohri  2nd obit     1905

Lohri, E. Alberta Winter Lohri nee Jones    2011

Lohri, Glenda Lohri     2005

Lohri, Harold Wilfred Lohri    2011

Lohry, Jacob Lohry     1888

Lohry, John Lohry     1889

Lohry, Mrs. Gertrude Lohry     1901

Lollathan, Caroline Lollathan – 2nd obit      1889

Lollathin, (see Lallathin)

Lollathin, Caroline Lollathin     1889

Lollathin, Charles E. Lollathin    2010

Lollathin, George F. Lollathin    2011

Lollathin, John Lollathin     1907

Lollathin, John Lollathin     1907

Lollathin, John Lollathin  Sr. 2nd obit    1907

Lollathin, Jophius Lollathin     1900

Lollathin, Martha J. Lollathin nee Bell     2007

Lollathin, Rada Carol Lollathin, nee Chaplin    2016

Loman, Shirley Mae Loman, nee Hall    2016

Lomax, R. A. Lomax    1892

Long, Abner Long     1852

Long, Abraham Long     1899

Long, Cecil Francis Long    1962

Long, Charles Long     (1900)

Long, Charles R. Long   2013

Long, Dora Cronin Long, nee Randolph    1975

Long, Eleanor Long nee Smith    2008

Long, Ethel Long (obit 1)     (1900)

Long, Ethel Long (obit 2)     (1900)

Long, Ethel Long (obit 3)     (1900)

Long, George Long     1901

Long, Hannah Long    1870

Long, Henry Long     1871

Long, John Hartsell Long, Jr.   2013

Long, John Long     1894    

Long, Leslie L. Long  LKP#2   1962

Long, Mary Ruth Long nee Kirby     2003

Long, Monica Marie Long, nee Brooks    2016

Long, Mrs. Abraham Long     1897

Long, Mrs. Hannah Long     1875

Long, Mrs. Jas. F. Long    1891

Long, Mrs. John A. Long    1891

Long, Mrs. Nancy Long     1908

Long, Nancy Long nee Egger    1908

Long, Patricia A. Long, nee Cronin 2004

Long, Scotty G. Long    1967

Long, Wayne M. Long    1983

Long, Young Child Long     1905

Long. Mrs. Ora Long    1906

Longden, Bertha L. Longden nee Morris     2007

Longdon, A. A. Longdon     1905

Longenecker, Daniel Longenecker    1891

Longfellow, Blanche Longfellow     1913

Longfellow, Blanche Longfellow (obit 2)     1913

Longfellow, Child Longfellow     1913

Longfellow, Gray Longfellow    1907

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow    1882

Longfellow, Joseph Longfellow    1866

Longfellow, Wallace William Longfellow      1949

Longnecker, Daniel Longnecker  2nd obit    1891

Longstreet, Judge A. R. Longstreet     1870

Longwell, Absolem Longwell    1890

Longwell, Absolem Longwell  2nd obit    1890

Longwell, Bernard Franklin Longwell   2013

Longwell, Charles C. Longwell     2012

Longwell, Charles C. Longwell   2013

Longwell, Eleanor M. Longwell, nee Dandrea    2016

Longwell, Gale Longwell    2007

Longwell, John W. Longwell     1897

Longwell, Louise Caroline Longwell nee Rufener   2013

Longwell, Priscilla Longwell nee Farmer    1892

Longwell, Ralph Longwell     (1900)

Longwell, Sopha Longwell    1906

Lonon, Child Lonon     1899

Lonon, Daughter Lonon     1899

Loofbourrow, Charles A. Loofbourrow   2013

Lookadoo, Oda E. Lookadoo     2012

Loomis, Judge Loomis     1898

Lopeman, William Lopeman     1900

Loper, B. M. Loper    1918

Loperman, William Loperman     1900

LoPresti, Jenifer LoPresti, nee Roberts    2007

Lord, “Little Boy” Lord     1888

Lord, Eldon "Buster" Lord    1951

Lorentz, Joseph Lorentz     1901

Lorentz, Michael Lorentz     1889

Lorenz, M. Kathleen “Kate” Lorenz nee Smith    2007

Lorenzo, Emanuel Lorenzo    1892

Lori, Robert H. Lori    2009

Loring, Mrs. Hezia Loring     1889

Loring, Thomas F. Loring    1878

Lossing, Benson J. Lossing    1891

Loughmiller, Mary G. Loughmiller, nee Sardou    1983

Loughmiller, Rodney E. Loughmiller     2009

Louis VI    1906

Louis, Big Louis     1908

Lounsbury, Perry Lounsbury    1891

Louther, Henry M. Louther     1883

Louther, Mrs. Geo. Louther    1878

Lovall, Ella Grace     1895

Love, Bessie M. Love nee Farley    1974

Love, Carolyn Mae Love, nee Highman    2016

Love, Jimmy Clyde Love    2007

Love, Joseph Love     1913

Loveday, Amos J. Loveday    2016

Lovell, Miss Lovell    1891

Lovett, Ada Lovett nee Mobberly     2005

Lovett, Anna Lovett    1844

Lovett, Ella P. Lovett    1891

Lovett, Mrs. Charles Lovett     1928

Lovett, Robert Lovett     1899

Lovett, Ruth Anna Lovett     1928

Lovett, Susan     1898

Lovett, Susan (obit 2)     1898

Loving, Allen Loving    1907

Lovitt, Kimberly Sue Lovitt    1967

Low, Nimrod Low    1849

Lowden, Darryl Russell Lowden    2010

Lowe, (infant) Lowe     1901

Lowe, C. W.     1898

Lowe, Ervin Lowe    1907

Lowe, George Lowe    1852

Lowe, Isaac Lowe     1905

Lowe, Lizzie Lowe    1891

Lowe, Mr. Lowe    1907

Lowe, Phillip E. Lowe    2016

Lowe, Robert L. Lowe     1913

Lowe, Theodore Lowe     1877

Lowe, Willis Lowe    1891

Lowe, Young child Lowe    1890

Lowell, James Russell Lowell    1891

Lowell, James Russell Lowell  2nd obit    1891

Lowell, Mr. Lowell  3rd obit    1891

Lower, Charles A. Lower    1974

Lower, Steven "Randy" Lower    1991

Lower, Susan L. Lower, nee Nickolas    2008

Lowery, Carolyn M. Lowery     2004

Lowry, Corporal Daniel Lowry    1862

Lowry, Gail Lowry nee Stalling     1995

Lowry, Wm. Lowry    1891

Lowther,  Verna Lowther, nee Higgins    1947

Lowther,  Worthy Lowther    1947

Lowther, Athia Lowther nee Custer    1931

Lowther, Dennis Lee Lowther    2004

Lowther, Dora Lowther nee Covey     1924

Lowther, Dr. F. P. Lowther     1901

Lowther, Elias Lowther     1905

Lowther, Ellen Lowther     1913

Lowther, Everett Nelson Lowther     2003

Lowther, Opal I.  Lowther,* nee Gray    1967

Loy, Brenda Loy nee Christman    2007

Loy, Robert S. Loy    1991

Loy, Roger Phillip Loy Sr.    2008

Loy, Samuel W. Loy     1859

Lozier, James Michael Lozier    2007

Lozier, Katherine L. Lozier, nee Price/Taggart    2009

Lozier, Kimberly Margaret Ann Lozier    1987

Lubbe, Catherine Lubbe     1929

Luberg, Mrs. Carlos Luberg    1919

Luberg, Young son (age 2)    1919

Luberg, Young son (age 3)    1919

Luburg, Guy Luburg    1892

Luburg, Mrs. Luburg     1899

Luburg, Mrs. Wesley Luburg nee Lindemood    1891

Luburgh, Minnie Columbia Luburgh, nee Needs     2002

Lucas, Alice Martha Lucas, nee Hill    1939

Lucas, Alonzo Lucas  2nd obit    1907

Lucas, Barbara Rose Lucas nee Rush     2008

Lucas, Bert A. Lucas    2008

Lucas, Betty June Lucas, nee Bowman    2006

Lucas, Bradley Scott Lucas    1997

Lucas, Brenda J. Lucas, nee Bishop    2003

Lucas, Charles E. Lucas    1979

Lucas, Charles T. Lucas    2015

Lucas, Charlotte Irene Lucas nee Warren   2013

Lucas, Clara J. Lucas, nee Smith    1993

Lucas, Clarence A. Lucas         1986

Lucas, Dale L. Lucas    1984

Lucas, Debra JoAnn Lucas    1950

Lucas, Doris May Lucas, nee Brannan    2013

Lucas, Earl A. Lucas    1918

Lucas, Earl Lucas    1921

Lucas, Eleanor Lucas, nee Sakely    1978

Lucas, Elisha Lucas    1919

Lucas, Elmer L. "Luke" Lucas    1991

Lucas, Elna Odessa Lucas     1906

Lucas, Eva Lucas, nee Baker    1960

Lucas, Evelene Lucas, nee Summers    1941

Lucas, Ezra O. Lucas     1965

Lucas, Frank Lucas    1891

Lucas, Freeda M. Lucas    2009

Lucas, Geneva Lou Lucas, nee Padgett    1993

Lucas, George Alfred Lucas    1936

Lucas, George Harvey Lucas    1984

Lucas, Grace Elizabeth Lucas         2005

Lucas, Helen Caldwell Lucas nee Boetticher    2008

Lucas, Henry Franklin "Frank" Lucas    1958

Lucas, Hon. Robert Lucas     1853

Lucas, Irma L. Lucas nee Alford    2011

Lucas, Jack L. Lucas    2005

Lucas, James D. “Jimmy” Lucas    2011

Lucas, James E. Lucas     1901

Lucas, Janet C. Lucas, nee Stewart    2009

Lucas, Jeanette M. Lucas, nee Hedger    1994

Lucas, John C. Lucas    1966

Lucas, John F. Lucas    1997

Lucas, John Harvey Lucas     1924

Lucas, John Lucas     1883

Lucas, John M. Lucas    1981

Lucas, John W. Lucas    1946

Lucas, Joseph Lucas    1994

Lucas, Josephine O. Lucas nee Brownfield    2011

Lucas, L.A. Lucas     1907

Lucas, Leroy Lucas    2003

Lucas, Linda L. Lucas, nee Gatten    2016

Lucas, Madeline E. Lucas, nee McKim    2003

Lucas, Mary Ethel Lucas nee Carpenter    1974

Lucas, Mary Lou Lucas, nee Haynes    2000

Lucas, Melvin Dee Lucas    1980

Lucas, Minnie Lucas, nee Fearnot    1936

Lucas, Mrs. Harvey Lucas nee Roach 1946     1946

Lucas, Nancy Lou Lucas nee Foltz    2009

Lucas, Noah Lucas    1950

Lucas, Norman L. Lucas "Luke"     2012

Lucas, Norman L. Lucas    1993

Lucas, Peggy Alice Lucas nee Hickman    2010

Lucas, Rebecca Lucas    1891

Lucas, Roscoe “Joe” Lucas    1942

Lucas, Ruth Ann Lucas nee Brown     2006

Lucas, Ruth Lucas, nee Street    2004

Lucas, Sherman C. Lucas    1981

Lucas, Sherman Lucas, Jr.    2016

Lucas, Thelma Lucas, nee McCort    2006

Lucas, Virgil “Leroy” Lucas    2003

Lucas, William V. Lucas    1952

Lucas, William W. Merwin “Bill” Lucas    2010

Lucas, Willis "Bill" Lucas    2007

Lucas, Willis D. “Butch” Lucas, Jr.    1976

Lucas, Young child Lucas    1880

Lucas, Young child Lucas    1906

Luce, G.G. Luce     (1900)

Luchs, Frederick Luchs     1888

Lucus, Alice Martha Lucus, nee Hill    1939

Lucus, Alma C. Lucus    1989

Lucus, Clara J. Lucus, nee Smith    1993

Lucus, Ester Lucus    2003

Lucus, Eva Lucus, nee Baker    1960

Lucus, Evelene Lucus, nee Summers    1941

Lucus, John C. Lucus    1966

Lucus, Roscoe “Joe” Lucus    1942

Lude, Ada M. Lude     1982

Lude, Arthur Alan Lude    2015

Lude, Catherine Lude    1891

Lude, Clara Elizabeth Lude (nee Hoff)     1986

Lude, Earl J. Lude     1992

Lude, Fairy Mabel Lude (nee-Hobbs)     1928

Lude, Florence Lude    1931

Lude, Frances Lude, nee Schindler    1975

Lude, George Lude      1897

Lude, Gladys L. Lude nee Jackson     2006

Lude, Gladys L. Lude nee Jackson 2nd obit     2006

Lude, Jacob Lude    1923

Lude, John George Lude       1897

Lude, Wilber Henry Lude     2002

Ludey, Emma A. Ludey nee Headley 2nd obit    1920

Ludey, Mrs. Chris Ludey    1920

Ludolph, Carl E. Ludolph Sr.    2016

Ludolph, Gary Ludolph     2006

Ludolph, Gina Kaye Ludolph    2016

Ludolph, Matthew L. Ludolph    2016

Ludolph, Norma J. Ludolph, nee Hutchison    2016

Ludolph, Paul Edward Ludolph "Scrappy Pappy"     2012

Ludolph, Ralph V. Ludolph     2006

Ludolph, Wilma Mae Ludolph nee Henthorn    2008

Ludwig, Anna K. Ludwig (nee Hehr)     1943

Ludwig, Anna Ludwig nee Hehr   LKP#7   1943

Ludwig, August Ludwig    1891

Ludwig, Bruce E. Ludwig    2016

Ludwig, Charlotte C. Ludwig nee Webber    1906

Ludwig, Dalton Ray Ludwig    2010

Ludwig, Daniel J. Ludwig    2010

Ludwig, George Ludwig     1883

Ludwig, Gilbert J. Ludwig   LKP#7   1975

Ludwig, Irvin Ray Ludwig “Bill”   2013

Ludwig, Jacob Ludwig Sr.     (1900)

Ludwig, John H. Ludwig   LKP#7   1941

Ludwig, Mary Ludwig    1908

Ludwig, MathildaClara Ludwig 2nd obit    1906

Ludwig, Mrs. Jacob Ludwig     1899

Ludwig, Oneda Ludwig, nee Christman     1993

Ludwig, Shirley I. Ludwig nee Crawford     2011

Ludwig, Tillie Ludwig    1906

Ludy, John Ludy     1889

Ludy, Rosa Ludy    1882

Luebkert, Emilie S. Luebkert nee Schell     1917

Luedy, Frederick Leudy     1893

Luedy, Josephine Luedy    1907

Luedy, Lydia Luedy     1929

Luikart, Julius S. Luikart    1974

Luikart, Katherine Luikart    1891

Luikart, Kenneth Edward Luikart     1924

Luikart, Margaret Fayette Luikart "Faye"     2012

Luikart, Robert M. Luikart    2008

Luis, Prince Luis    1908

Lukacena, Lois "Aileen" Lukacena, nee Wetzel    2009

Luke, Margaret G.     1898

Luke, Margaret Luke    1882

Luke, Martha Luke     1888

Luke, William     1869

Lukens, Hiram Lukens     1897

Lukerd, Godfrey Lukerd    1866

Lula A. Dierkes nee Lude     1979

Lule, Mr. Lule    1878

Lumas, Mrs. Libbie Lumas (nee Wilson)     (1900)

Lumbatis, Alpha Elizabeth Lumbatis, nee Bowden    2007

Lumbatis, Beulah L. Lumbatis     2003

Lumbatis, David L. Lumbatis     2002

Lumbatis, George W. Lumbatis     1924

Lumbatis, Helen D. Lumbatis    2007

Lumbatis, Jacob Ward (Bode) Lumbatis     1991

Lumbatis, John W. Lumbatis    2011

Lumbatis, Lloyd Dale Lumbatis     2000

Lumbatis, Minnie Pearl Lumbatis nee Weber     1991

Lumbatis, Mrs. Lumbatis    1908

Lumbatis, Mrs. Stephen S. Lumbatis    1935

Lumbatis, Robert D. Lumbatis

Lumbatis, Roland H. Lumbatis     1984

Lumbatis, Stephen S. Lumbatis   2013

Lumbattus, Nettie Lumbattus     1889

Lunau, George B. Lunau     1929

Lund, Ralph Lund    2008

Lunsford, Larry John Lunsford    2009

Lupton, Levi Lupton     1864

Lupton, Lewis Lupton     1860

Lupton, Maggie Lupton    1878

Lupton, William O. Lupton     1901

Luse, Unknown Luse     1883

Lusk, Opal I. Lusk, nee Pope    1987

Lusk, Oren P. Lusk    1970

Luther, Catherine Luther    1866

Luthy, Christian Luthy     1908

Luthy, Ila Gertrude Luthy nee Fuhrer    2007

Luthy, John Luthy    1881

Luthy, John O. Luthy    1881

Luthy, Lele May Luthy         1897

Luthy, Mary A. Luthy     1908

Luthy, Phebe Luthy    1886

Lutz, Kim Lutz     2007

Lutz, Sue Lutz, nee Paulus    2013

Lux, Paul Jay Lux    2016

Luyster, Alvaretta Adeline Luyster, nee Lendon     2010

Luyster, Dempsey "Bud" A. Luyster     1997

Luyster, Homer Daniel Luyster     2000

Luyster, John C. Luyster "Jack"     2012

Luyster, Martha Lee Luyster nee Cramlet   2013

Luyster, Maxine J. Luyster nee Brinkman     2002

Lwartz, Francis Lwartz     1864

Lwartz, Francis Lwartz [sic]     1864

Lyden, Alice “Skeeter Lynn” Lyden, nee ____?    2016

Lyles, Ada B. Lyles     1899

Lyme, Lawrence Lyme    1907

Lympus, Elston Lympus    1948

Lynch, Annie Lynch    1872

Lynch, Charles J. Lynch 1936     1936

Lynch, Charles J. Lynch 2nd obit 1936     1936

Lynch, Elisha L. Lynch    1934

Lynch, Elizabeth Lynch     1924

Lynch, Elizabeth Lynch nee Read    1924

Lynch, G. B. Lynch     1885

Lynch, Harold D. Lynch    2010

Lynch, James C. Lynch 1995

Lynch, John Lynch    1891

Lynch, Louisa Lynch    1882

Lynch, Margaret Lynch nee Leak  2nd obit    1892

Lynch, Mathias Lynch     (1900)

Lynch, Mr. George B. Lynch    1868

Lynch, Mrs. Lynch    1892

Lynch, William S. Lynch    1873

Lynch, Windy Lee Lynch    1993

Lynn, Eleanor “Elly Mae” Lynn nee Workman    2008

Lynsky, June Elizabeth Lynsky   2013

Lyon, Alfred Lyon    1891

Lyons, Benjamin Lyons    1906

Lyons, Clifford Lyons    1916

Lyons, Dorothy F. Lyons nee Hughes    2007

Lyons, Eva Hannah Lyons, nee Schell    1975

Lyons, Henry Lyons    1892

Lyons, Henry Lyons  2nd obit    1892

Lyons, Nelson O. Lyons    2010

Lyons, Raymond L. Lyons    1967

Lyons, Robert Lyons     1875

Lyons, Robert Lyons    1876

Lytton, Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton    1891

Lytton, Gladys Eileen Lytton nee Jones     1994


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