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Kackley, Jennie Kackley    1890

Kadri, James F. Kadri Jr.    2005

Kadri, Marsha R. Kadri, nee DeVault    2007

Kahrig, Alfred W. Kahrig     1993

Kahrig, Angella Sue Kahrig   2013

Kahrig, Benjamin Franklin Kahrig     1998

Kahrig, Carrie Kahrig nee Kirsch   LKP#7   1939

Kahrig, Catherine Kahrig, (nee Gertler)     1914

Kahrig, Dennis Bryan Kahrig  LKP#7  1963

Kahrig, Elizabeth Eileen Kahrig nee Devore   2013

Kahrig, Ella Viola Kahrig nee Christman     2003

Kahrig, George W. Kahrig     1990

Kahrig, Gotlieb Kahrig     1868

Kahrig, Henry Kahrig   LKP#7   1934

Kahrig, Laura A. Kahrig     1998

Kahrig, Lawrence Ludwig Kahrig     1998

Kahrig, Louise Kahrig    1919

Kahrig, Mary Margaret Kahrig nee Truax   LKP#7   1979

Kahrig, Melvin Philip Kahrig  LKP#7   1940

Kahrig, Nellie F. Kahrig nee Tillett   2013

Kahrig, Phillip W. Kahrig     1967

Kahrig, Raymond Albert Kahrig    LKP#1   1939

Kahrig, Raymond Albert Kahrig  2nd obit  LKP#7   1939

Kahrig, Roger H. Kahrig     1975

Kahrig, Valerie Ann Kahrig  LKP#7  1963

Kaiser, Dolores Jean Kaiser    2017

Kaiser, Edward P. Kaiser     2002

Kaiser, James     1898

Kaiser, John Kaiser     1905

Kaiser, John Kaiser, jr.     1905

Kaiser, John W. Kaiser    1931

Kalakaua, King Kalalaua    1891

Kalbfleisch, Adam Kalbfleisch    1952

Kalbfleisch, George     1895

Kaldor, Lillian R. Kaldor nee Wigfield   2013

Kalish, Claudia Jane Kalish, nee Green    2013

Kallenbach, Flora E. Kallenbach, nee Greiwe    1982

Kallenbach, Joyce Kallenbach    2009

Kallenbach, Terry Allen Kallenbach    1979

Kallenbach, Virgil Dean Kallenbach    2009

Kallenbach, Wilbur (Web) Kallenbach    1994

Kalnai, Olive Kalnai nee Fankhauser     2006

Kaltenbach, Celestine Kaltenbach    1891

Kammerer, Fred Kammerer    1891

Kamms, Anna G. Kamms, nee Staley    1975

Kampter, Mary Kampter     1888

Kane, Elizabeth Kane    1891

Kane, Ernest Kane    1891

Kane, James Kane    1891

Kane, Jas. Kane    1891

Kane, Mr. Kane     1855

Kane, William Kane    1891

Kane, Wilson Kane    1873

Kanner, John W. Kanner Jr. “Wade”

Kanzig, Hazel C. Kanzig nee Butler     2012

Kanzig, Jacob Johnson     1913

Kanzig, Mrs. Christian Kanzig    1906

Kanzig, Samuel Kanzig     1889

Karcher, Amelia Karcher nee Kettererv     1924

Karcher, Gary Edward Karcher     2005

Karick, Louis Karick   LKP#7  1911

Karig, Charles Karig    1897

Karig, Gotlieb Karig    1868

Karl, Russell Alan Karl     2006

Karnes, Homer Karnes    1922

Karr, Augustus Karr    1919

Kaslik, Henry Kaslik    1907

Kasserman, Alfred Wesley Kasserman    1891

Kasserman, Charles Kasserman    1952

Kasserman, Clarence Kasserman    1918

Kasserman, David H. Kasserman 1947     1947

Kasserman, Earl O. Kasserman    2009

Kasserman, Frederick Kasserman    1917

Kasserman, J. W. Kasserman    1933

Kasserman, Ray S. Kasserman     2006

Kassinger, Henry Kassinger    1882

Kaster, Ella Mae Kaster, nee Thompson    2014

Kaster, John W. Kaster    1996

Kaster, Lou Ann Kaster, nee Monroe    1980

Kaster, Susan Genelle Kaster, nee Grier    2007

Kaster, William E. Kaster       1974

Kastrevec, Doris E. Kastrevec nee Liniger    2009

Kastrevec, Edward Kastrevec    2017

Katchum, Mr. Katchum    1878

Kauder, Ova V. Kauder, nee Keylor    1993

Kauffman, David D. Kauffman    2000

Kauffman, Isaac Kauffman    1890

Kauffman, Kenneth W. Kauffman    1967

Kauffman, Mary Edith Kauffman, nee Brown    2000

Kauffman, Sandra L. Kauffman, nee Highman    1984

Kaufman, Emma Alice Kaufman    1974

Kavanaugh, William Kavanaugh     1901

Kavanna, Mary Kavanna      1853

Keadle, George Keadle    1906

Kean, Harriett Campsadell Kean     1913

Kean, Nicholas Jackson Kean      2007     2007

Keaner, Laura Keener    1891

Kear, Richard Kear     1864

Kearney, James Kearney     1901

Kearney, James Kearney     1907

Kearney, Stephen W. Kearney    1848

Kearns, Albert Kearns    1862

Keast, John Keast    1876

Keating, Elizabeth Keating nee Dolan    1866

Keck, Rose Eva Shupe Keck, nee Keith     2006

Keefe, Mrs. Helen Keefe     1885

Keefer, Henry Keefer    1908

Keefer, Mamie Keefer    1878

Keener, Clarence J. Keener     2006

Keener, Dennis R. Keener    1998

Keener, Lester Samuel Keener

Keener, Matilda (Tillie) Jane Keener, nee Brown     1978

Keepers, Charles Keepers     1885

Keepers, George Jacob     1884

Keepers, Joseph Keepers    1917

Keepers, Melissa Keepers    1881

Keeser, Ella M. Keeser (nee Conner)     (1900)

Keesor, Frank Keesor    1892

Keesor, Freda A. Keesor nee Wengart    1952

Keesor, Levi Keesor     1913

Keevert, Dean R. Keevert     2002

Keevert, George Keevert    1934

Keevert, Jacob Keevert     1905

Keevert, Jacob Keevert  2nd obit     1905

Keevert, Janet Keevert nee Keylor     2007

Keevert, Jesse Keevert     1908

Keevert, Jesse Keevert    1908

Keevert, Maggie Keevert     1922

Keevert, Mrs. Frank Keevert    1918

Keevert, Mrs. Jacob Keevert    1906

Keevert, Ralph E. Keevert     2004

Keevert, William O.     1884

Kehl, Deane William Kehl    2007

Kehl, Gerald W. Kehl    2000

Kehl, Mary Pauline Kehl nee Zwick    2007

Kehl, Susan Kehl, nee Morris    1996

Kehoe, Barbara Kehoe, nee Britton    2010

Kehoe, Jack Kehoe    1878

Kehoe, James Kehoe    1908

Kehoe, Ronald William Kehoe, Sr.    2013

Kehoe, William Kehoe    1966

Kehrt, Gordon W. Kehrt    1993

Kehrt, Grace E. Kehrt, nee Tuley    1995

Keifer, William Keifer    1906

Keiffer, Helen Keiffer, nee Tuley    1992

Keiter, A. C. Keiter    1891

Keith, Dale R. Keith    2015

Keith, L. W. Keith  3rd obit    1907

Keith, L.W. Keith     1907

Keith, Loren Worthington Keith   2nd obit     1907

Keith, Loren Worthington Keith  4th obit    1907

Keithlburn, Henry Keithlburn     1875

Keithlburn, Henry Keithlburn- 2nd Obit     1875

Keitz, Zelda Jean Keitz, nee Cook    2016

Kellar, Minnie Kellar     1897

Kellar, Willis L. Kellar    1891

Keller, Adelaide Keller nee Hine    1931

Keller, Anita L. Keller, nee Vandette    1977

Keller, Carrie Keller     1913

Keller, Corporal Samuel C. Keller     1862

Keller, Elisabeth Keller     1892

Keller, Henry Keller    1891

Keller, J. W. Keller    1918

Keller, John W. Keller    1985

Keller, Mrs. Jacob Keller    1879

Keller, Roy Keller         1897

Kelley, (son) Kelley     1901

Kelley, Bessie Kelley    1974

Kelley, Conductor I. C. Kelley     1901

Kelley, Dan Kelley    2008

Kelley, Dorcas L. Kelley 2007     2007

Kelley, Edward Kelley    1906

Kelley, Emma Kelley     1899

Kelley, Genevieve Florence Kelley nee Morris     2007

Kelley, Jerry D. Kelley    2006

Kelley, Jim Kelley    1908

Kelley, Loyd V. Kelley    2007

Kelley, Margaret Kelley    1886

Kelley, Miss Kelley    1878

Kelley, Robert D. Kelley     2003

Kelley, Roger Kelley    2017

Kelley, Ross Kelley     1886

Kelley, Ruth A. Kelley, nee Starcher    1989

Kelley, S. C.     1884

Kelley, Thomas Kelley    1878

Kelley, William B. Kelley    1994

Kelly, Charla “Kay” Kelly, nee Bennett    2006

Kelly, Fanny Kelley     1871

Kelly, John Kelly    1886

Kelly, Mr. Kelly    1866

Kelly, Mrs. S. C. Kelly     1888

Kelly, Mrs. Stephen Kelly    1866

Kelp, Doris Marie Kelp, nee Mathis    2001

Kelp, Evelyn E. Kelp, nee Leach    1940

Kelp, Harold Wayne Kelp    1978

Kelp, Marjorie Ellen Kelp    1959

Kelp, William E. Kelp    2000

Kelsey, Jason Ray Kelsey    2000

Kemp, Dennis Kemp     1875

Kemp, Dorothy Eloise Kemp nee White    1974

Kemp, Iris G. Kemp nee Ballard   2013

Kemp, Richard Merle Kemp

Kemp, Wright Kemp 1938     1938

Kemple, Young child Kemple    1886

Kendall, Shirley Ann Kendall nee Brown    2011

Kendall, Tom Kendall    1891

Kendall, William Kendall    1845

Kennan, Louis Kennan    1880

Kennard, Lu Ann Kennard      1956

Kennard, William "Bill" Kennard    1968

Kennedy, James Kennedy    1848

Kennedy, James R. Kennedy Sr.   2013

Kennedy, Jane Kennedy    1891

Kennedy, Justin Kennedy    1881

Kennedy, Lucile J. Kennedy    2011

Kennedy, Madeline Kennedy nee Destifanes     2012

Kennedy, Obarita P. Kennedy, nee Chipps    2013

Kennedy, Philip Kennedy      1901

KENNEDY, William Kennedy   1879

Kenney, Arthur L. “Dick” Kenney    2007

Kenney, Edith D. Kenney     2003

Kenney, Elizabeth "Jane" Kenney, nee Weddle    2014

Kenney, George Washington Kenney     1914

Kenney, Infant Kenney     1899

Kenney, Leland "Harold" Kenney    1908

Kenney, Lester Francis Kenney     2001

Kenney, Mary Marcella  Kenney nee Smithberger     1991

Kenney, Mildred E. Kenney nee Hooper     2009

Kenney, Rolland Eugene Kenney     2001

Kenney, Ronald E. Kenney    2007

Kenney, Warren Franklin Kenney    2015

Kennochal, Miss Rosa Kennochal     1875

Kennochal, Miss Rosa Kennochal  1875

Kennon, E. E. Kennon    1878

Kennon, Elizabeth Kennon    1882

Kennon, James N. Kennon    1878

Kennon, Melvin L. Kennon    1997

Kennon, Mrs. Alexander Kennon    1878

Kennon, William Kennon    1881

Kent, Bessie Elizabeth Kent, nee Williams    1963

Kent, Carl W. Kent    2003

Kent, Charley Kent     1870

Kent, Clarence E. Kent    1974

Kent, Clark S. Kent    1963

Kent, Dory Eden Kent    1950

Kent, Frances E. Kent, nee  Furnival    1993

Kent, Howard Kent    2005

Kent, Howard Stanley Kent    1951

Kent, Howard W. Kent    1976

Kent, Irene Moore Kent, nee Archer    1978

Kent, Iva Emma Kent, nee Brewer    1969

Kent, Jesse Kent    1961

Kent, John Kent     1888

Kent, Mae Kent, nee Davis    1988

Kent, Mr. Kent     1871

Kent, Mrs. John Kent    1890

Kent, P. Mae Kent, nee Davis    1988

Kent, Raymond Kent    1957

Kent, Walter Lee Kent    2001

Keown, Leonard Keown    1984

Kepburn , John K Kepburn    1862

Keppel, Cooney Keppel     1874

Ker, James Michael Ker    2017

Kerko, Elizabeth "Betty" Kerko, nee Roper    2003

Kerlin, Elsie Kerlin    1907

Kern, John W. Kern    1917

Kernan, Anna C, Kernan nee Straub     2012

Kernan, Clara R. Kernan     1899

Kernan, JoAnn Kernan     2003

Kernan, John A. Kernan     2008

Kernan, Samuel Kernan     1929

Kernan, Sarah Kernan    1891

Kerns, Samuel Kerns    1891

Kerps, Herman J. "George" Kerps     1975

Kerps, Joe B. Kerps     1986

Kerps, Mary Roxana Kerps, nee Wise     1969

Kerps, Roy Kerps     2008

Kerr, Annie Kerr    1881

Kerr, Harriet Kerr    1876

Kerr, Jenette Kerr nee Davidson     1885

Kerr, John Kerr     1889

Kerr, Mary Kerr     1889

Kerr, Mrs. Kerr     1885

Kerr, Ruth Kerr, nee Tubaugh    1981

Kerr, Watson Kerr    1881

Kerry,  Carroll Elaine Kerry, nee  Dixon    1987

Kerry, Arthur W. "Bill" Kerry    1997

Kertner, Infant child Kertner     1893

Kessel, Mrs. Frank Kessel    1931

Kesser, John Kesser     1883

Kessler, Captain Kessler    1848

Kessler, Clayton Thomas Kessler    1994

Kessler, Florence Virginia Kessler, nee Beller    2002

Kesterson, Linda Kesterson     2006

Kestner, Catherine Kestner    1890

Kestner, Edward H. Kestner    1974

Kestner, Elizabeth Kestner    1922

Kestner, Ernest Kestner 1946     1946

Kestner, Gottlieb Kestner      1855

Kestner, Jacob Kestner     1861

Kestner, Johannes Kestner     1855

Kestner, Katharina Kestner     1855

Kestner, Leonhard Kestner    1865

Kestner, Otto H. Kestner    1974

Kestner, Rose Kestner nee Feiber     1929

Kette, Fred Kette (obit 1)     1901

Kette, Fred Kette (obit 2)     1901

Kette, Mrs. Julia Kette (nee Tisher)     (1900)

Ketterer, Elizabeth Ketterer  2nd obit    1906

Ketterer, Elizabeth Ketterer nee Cawley    1906

Ketterer, Fernie Ketterer    1879

Ketterer, Friedrich Ketterer     1861

Ketterer, Margaretha Ketterer     1854

Ketterer, Mary E. Ketterer nee Hashman    1952

Ketterer, Mrs. Frederick Ketterer    1886

Kettle, Christopher Kettle     1857

Kettle, Mrs. Kettle     1885

Ketzel, Anna Ketzel     (1900)

Ketzel, Godfrey     1909

Ketzel, Roletta May Ketzel    2008

Keyes, Captain Edwin Keyes     1864

Keyes, Edwin Keyes     1864

Keyes, Sherman Keys    1908

Keylor, Blanche Bea Keylor nee Rinehart     2007

Keylor, Cheryl K. Keylor nee Drake    2008

Keylor, Delbert Rollie Keylor    1917

Keylor, Doris M. Keylor nee Truax    2008

Keylor, Emma     1884

Keylor, Florence L. Keylor nee Miller     2012

Keylor, Frederick L. Keylor    2016

Keylor, Harold B. Keylor     2006

Keylor, Helen M. Keylor     2000

Keylor, Henry Keylor    1917

Keylor, Hildreth Keylor    2008

Keylor, Jack D. Keylor    2010

Keylor, Jacob C. Keylor     1917

Keylor, James William Keylor    2017

Keylor, Joseph Keylor       2005

Keylor, Louisa Young Keylor     1913

Keylor, Mary A. Keylor     1908

Keylor, Mary A. Keylor    1908

Keylor, Nellie Blanche Keylor nee Hayes     2006

Keylor, Richard Keylor, Sr.     2006

Keylor, Richard L. Keylor     2001

Keylor, Samuel Keylor     1899

Keys, Edwin L. “Junior” Keys    2016

Keyser (Young Child) Keyser    1881

Keyser, Charlotte Luella Keyser nee Gates     1907

Keyser, Emma Keyser nee Tschappat 1936     1936

Keyser, J. S. Keyser 1936     1936

Keyser, John A. Keyser     1890

Keyser, John M. Keyser 1938     1938

Keyser, Julia Keyser    1917

Keyser, Margaret M     1888

Keyser, Massie Isabelle Keyser nee Riley     1907

Keyser, Miss Penelope Keyser     (1900)

Keyser, Mrs. Dixon Keyser    1933

Keyser, Mrs. Jesse A. Keyser  2nd obit    1907

Keyser, Mrs. John Keyser     1897

Keyser, Oliver Keyser    1882

Keyser, Thomas Keyser    1882

Keyson, George Keyson     1853

Keysor     1889

Keysor, Carrie Josephine Keysor    1880

Keysor, George Keysor     1853

Keysor, James Keysor 2nd obit    1906

Keysor, Mrs. Nancy Keysor     1875

Khune, Carol E. Khune, nee Willey    2016

Khune, Madison E. Khune    2007

Kidd, John Kidd    1891

Kidd, Richard Kidd    1878  

Kidder, Alonzo Kidder    1907

Kidder, Paul Kidder    1984

Kidder, Richard P. Kidder    2013

Kiddy, Sallie Kiddy    1882

Kiedaisch, Eva R. Kiedaisch     1901

Kiefer, Samuel Kiefer    1879

Kieger, Frank Kieger    1892

Kieser, Mrs. Kieser     1900

Kiger, Mrs. Thomas Kiger     1893

Kilbourne, James Kilbourne    1919

Kilbourne, Myron Kilbourne     1901

Kilburn, Anna M. Kilburn nee Bintz  LKP#7   1962

Kilburn, Catherine Kilburn (nee Kahrig)     1943

Kilburn, Charles J. Kilburn   LKP#7  1964

Kilburn, Clyde W. Kilburn     2003

Kilburn, Emma Melinda Kilburn nee Bintz   LKP#7   1973

Kilburn, Fannie E. Kilburn nee Fogle    2011

Kilburn, Freeman G. Kilburn     1995

Kilburn, Gustav Frederick Kilburn   LKP#7   1955

Kilburn, Harold R. Kilburn     2001

Kilburn, Henry Kilburn  LKP#7   1961

Kilburn, Mary Ann Kilburn  LKP#7   1962

Kilburn, Mary Kilburn nee Kahrig   LKP#7   1955

Kilburn, Randal Kilburn   LKP#7   1977

Kilburn, William J. Kilburn     1994

Kilby, Nelson J. Kilby    1957

Kilby, Nelson James Kilby 1975

Killbride, Terrence Killbride    1891

Killem, Mrs. J. W. Killem 1941     1941

Killgalen, Adolph Killgalen    1908

Kimball, Francis D. Kimball    1856

Kimball, Lewis Kimball    1891

Kimball, Polly Kimball nee Huffman    1878

Kimberly, Sergeant B. F. Kimberly    1862

Kimble, Betty Jean Kimble, nee DeNoon    2016

Kimble, Richard E. Kimble    2007

Kimpel, Charles W. Kimpel    2010

Kimpel, Christina Kimpel     1901

Kimpel, Fred Kimpel    1906

Kimpel, Fred Kimpel    1917

Kimpel, Mary Katherine Kimpel nee Lemley   2013

Kimple, Young Son Kimple    1908

Kimpton, John Lewis Kimpton     1929

Kinback, Sally Kinback nee Haslam    2007

Kincade, Amanda Kincade, nee Peek    1946

Kincade, Charles Ashton Kincade    1942

Kincade, Mariah Kincade, nee Allcock or Alcock    1907

Kincade, Ruth Belle Kincade    1907

Kincade, Thomas Kincade    1936

Kincaid, Miss Kincaid     1858

Kincaid, Thomas Kincaid    1936

Kindall, Betty Jane Kindall nee Joy    2010

Kindall, Harold “Doc” Kindall    2016

Kindall, Sereptia J. Kindall    1882

Kindelberger, Dale L. Kindelberger     2005

Kindelberger, Frederick Kindelberger     1862

Kindelberger, G. Paul Kindelberger     2006

Kindelberger, Janalene Powell Kindelberger, nee Morris    2015

Kindelberger, Phillip Coates Kindelberger     1999

Kindle, Carolyn Sue Kindle nee Jackson    2010

Kindle, Donna J. Kindle     2001

Kindle, Donna J. Kindle, nee Daugherty    2001

Kindle, George Homer Kindle     2012

Kindle, NorcisKindle nee Joy    1906

Kindleberger, Frederick Kindleberger     1924

Kindleberger, Magdalena Kindleberger    1878

Kindling, Martha Kindling    1891

King, (Child) King     (1900)

King, (unknown) King     1901

King, Ada L. King, nee Hoops    2013

King, Albert King    1890

King, Belle King nee Williams    1917

King, Bennett King    1891

King, Catharine King     (1900)

King, Catherine Mary Ann King nee Spangler    2010

King, Christina King    1878

King, Clyde Levone King    2016

King, Corp. William King     1864

King, Delia King     1899

King, Edgar R. King    1906

King, Edmond B. King 1953

King, Eliza Jane King nee Carpenter  2nd obit    1892

King, Elizabeth King    1876

King, Elizabeth King    1878

King, Estell King nee-Harper     1974

King, Fannie King     1899

King, Francis King     1907

King, George Drura “Dru” King    2010

King, George King    1878

King, George King    1977

King, George Ramie King 1996

King, George Washington King     1907

King, Henry King     1907

King, Henry L. King     2006

King, Isaac King     1893

King, James M. King    1908

King, Jane King    1892

King, John J. King    2005

King, John King     1905

King, Kathleen King, nee Padgett    2007

King, Little Son King     1924

King, Lois Marie King, nee Ballard 2007

King, Louis D. King    1918

King, Lucile M. King, nee Kincade    1976

King, Marion Lafayette King     1913

King, Mary King     1929

King, Mervin Lester King     1907

King, Mervin Lester King  2nd obit    1907

King, Minerva King    1881

King, Miss Grace King     (1900)

King, Mr. D. King    1874

King, Mr. King    1882

King, Mrs. Albert King     1929

King, Mrs. Albert King 2nd obit     1929

King, Mrs. E. E. King nee Beazel    1908

King, Mrs. Josephine T. King     1901

King, Mrs. King    1873

King, Mrs. Peter King    1890

King, Mrs. Wm. King     1889

King, Nancy King     1913

King, Nettie King 1945     1945

King, Nina E. King nee Fankhauser    2009

King, Olive M. King 2nd obit     1924

King, Olive Marie King     1924

King, Oliver M. King 1913

King, P. T. King     1913

King, Peter     1898

King, Phillip     1898

King, Rufus King    1891

King, Sarah King  2nd obit    1890

King, Seymore King    1847

King, Sharlyn B. King nee Lively    2010

King, Stone King    1881

King, Susannah R. King     1913

King, Thomas King     1901

King, Thomas King     1908

King, Thomas King    1908

King, Truman B. King    2004

King, Willard “Good Will” King    2010

King, William King     1864

King, William King     1885

King, William R. King     1853

King, William R. King obit # 2     1853

Kinkade, Ada Kinkade, nee Nalley    1914

Kinkade, Albert Kinkade 1962

Kinkade, Alice Anita Kinkade, nee Buchman       2004

Kinkade, Alonzo Vinton Kinkade    1939

Kinkade, Alva F. Kinkade    2010

Kinkade, Anna E. Kinkade, nee Sorenson    1891

Kinkade, Anna Kinkade, nee Elliott    1927

Kinkade, Anna Mildred Kinkade, nee Yager 2011

Kinkade, Arlie Kinkade    1962

Kinkade, Arona Silas Kinkade    1941

Kinkade, Barbara Kinkade, nee Mitchell 2010

Kinkade, Belle (Mary Belle) Kinkade     1960

Kinkade, Birdie Rozelle Kinkade, nee Sorenson    1894

Kinkade, C. Scott Kinkade    1989

Kinkade, Charles A. Kinkade    1894

Kinkade, Charles Joseph Kinkade     1992

Kinkade, Charles Scott Kinkade    1989

Kinkade, Christy Paul Kinkade 2007

Kinkade, Claudia Kinkade 1946

Kinkade, Clifford Kinkade    1951

Kinkade, David Edgar Kinkade    1962

Kinkade, David O. Kinkade 2000

Kinkade, Dennis Angus Kinkade 1994

Kinkade, Douglas J. Kinkade    1932

Kinkade, Douglas P. Kinkade 1970

Kinkade, Douglas Putnam Kinkade    1933

Kinkade, Earl F. Kinkade    2002

Kinkade, Ebenezer Stansberry Kinkade     1905

Kinkade, Edgar L. Kinkade     1930

Kinkade, Edna Mae Kinkade, nee Allen    1995

Kinkade, Edward L. Kinkade    1928

Kinkade, Elizabeth Kinkade, nee Spillman    1924

Kinkade, Elmer T. Kinkade 1968

Kinkade, Elmer Theodore Kinkade, Jr. 2000

Kinkade, Erving H. Kinkade    1955

Kinkade, Essie B. Kinkade, nee McGill    1983

Kinkade, Essie May Kinkade     1958

Kinkade, Esther Kinkade, nee Stroud 1978

Kinkade, Ethel N. Kinkade, nee Knost    1972

Kinkade, Eugene M. Kinkade    2002

Kinkade, Florence Kinkade, nee Grindle    1974

Kinkade, Frank P. Kinkade     1963

Kinkade, Freda Belle Kinkade    1929

Kinkade, Gary Dean Kinkade    2009

Kinkade, Gertrude Kinkade, nee Carlisle     1951

Kinkade, Goldie “Pearl” Kinkade, nee Smith 1965

Kinkade, Harley Lee Kinkade     1984

Kinkade, Harry H. Kinkade     1988

Kinkade, Harvey D. Kinkade    1961

Kinkade, Hattie Kinkade    1921

Kinkade, Henry Kinkade    1886

Kinkade, Henry Kinkade    1918

Kinkade, Henry William Kinkade    1998

Kinkade, Hildreth Kinkade 1942

Kinkade, Isabella (Isobel) Orange Kinkade, nee Logan 1892

Kinkade, Iva W. Kinkade, nee Winland 1978

Kinkade, James Kinkade    1959

Kinkade, Jane Kinkade    1911

Kinkade, Jasper Newton Kinkade    1936

Kinkade, Jayne Inez Kinkade, nee Silbaugh     abt. 1974

Kinkade, Jenny L. Kinkade, nee Shannan    2006

Kinkade, John David Kinkade 1949

Kinkade, Joseph Kinkade     1915

Kinkade, Joseph Kinkade 1934

Kinkade, Juanita R. Kinkade    1971

Kinkade, Laurie Ann Kinkade, nee Nelson 1985

Kinkade, Leander “Lee” Marion Kinkade     1930

Kinkade, Lettie Kinkade, nee Hicklin    1964

Kinkade, Lily R. Kinkade 2007

Kinkade, Lois Marie Kinkade, nee Garoutte    1998

Kinkade, Louisa Helen Kinkade, nee Landers    1917

Kinkade, Madge B. Kinkade, nee Garrett    1987

Kinkade, Margaret Kinkade, nee McVay    1940

Kinkade, Martha Elizabeth Kinkade, nee Taylor    1985

Kinkade, Martha Kinkade, nee Sellers    2012

Kinkade, Martha Oral Kinkade, nee Musick    1956

Kinkade, Mary Kinkade nee Green    1958

Kinkade, Maud Kinkade, nee Calton 1939

Kinkade, Michael B. Kinkade    1999

Kinkade, Mrs. Benton Kinkade    1892

Kinkade, Nancy Elizabeth Kinkade, nee Hawkins    1951

Kinkade, Neta Jean Kinkade, nee Rhoten 2013

Kinkade, Nora Kinkade, nee Handwerk     1970

Kinkade, Olive Blanche Kinkade, nee Maxwell    1934

Kinkade, Orville A. Kinkade 1998

Kinkade, Orville Kinkade     1977

Kinkade, Oscar Charles Kinkade    1941

Kinkade, Otha Kinkade    1945

Kinkade, Otto Arona Kinkade    1990

Kinkade, Paul Kinkade     1924

Kinkade, Pearl Adelia Kinkade, nee Truex    1971

Kinkade, Pearl Kinkade 2004

Kinkade, Richard D. Kinkade    2012

Kinkade, Robbye Kinkade, nee Woods 1995

Kinkade, Robert "Dale" Kinkade, Sr.    2013

Kinkade, Robert D. Kinkade    2010

Kinkade, Robert E. Kinkade    2001

Kinkade, Rosa Kinkade, nee Stewart    1969

Kinkade, Roy H. Kinkade     1070

Kinkade, Ruth M. Kinkade, nee Riehl 1978

Kinkade, Sarah Elizabeth  Kinkade, nee Hughes    1962

Kinkade, Sarah J. Kinkade nee Maring     1918

Kinkade, Secrest/Secrist Kinkade     1914

Kinkade, Silas Arona Kinkade    1941

Kinkade, Sybil "Kathalene" Kinkade    1936

Kinkade, Terry Randall Kinkade    2004

Kinkade, Tony Roger Kinkade    2013

Kinkade, Vernice Jackson Kinkade, nee Barnes    1994

Kinkade, Vernice Kinkade    1984

Kinkade, Vernon O. Kinkade    1987

Kinkade, Victoria Kinkade, nee Laurence     1990

Kinkade, Violet Annie Roach Kinkade, nee Hunt 1989

Kinkade, Virginia Marie Kinkade, nee Bennett    2004

Kinkade, William F. Kinkade, Jr.    1999

Kinkade, William Kinkade     1947

Kinkade, William Kinkade    1973

Kinkade, William L. Kinkade 2012

Kinkade, William S. Kinkade    1933

Kinkead, Jane Kinkead    1911

Kinneer, J. W. Kinneer    1891

Kinney Leland E. “Lee” Kinney       2005

Kinney, Alexander Kinney    1974

Kinney, Cecil Mervin Kinney     1995

Kinney, David “Bud” Kinney    2007

Kinney, Dorothy E. Kinney     2003

Kinney, Dorothy E. Kinney nee Kiser     2006

Kinney, Dorothy L. Kinney, nee Hudson    2011

Kinney, Ella Dee Kinney nee Harper    2007

Kinney, Frank Kinney     1901

Kinney, Harold B. Kinney, Jr.    2009

Kinney, Harold Kinney    1908

Kinney, Henry Kinney    1878

Kinney, Joshua  "Josh" S. Kinney     2005

Kinney, Lillian Kinney     1907

Kinney, Marshall Lloyd Kinney    1969

Kinney, Mary E. Kinney     2012

Kinney, Miriam Kinney, nee Giffin    2015

Kinney, Ralph Kinney    2010

Kinney, Robert Kinney     1868

Kinney, Rosetta V. Jones Kinney nee Jones     1999

Kinney, Velma E. Kinney nee Heddleson    2010

Kinney, Walter Kinney     (1900)

Kinney, William H. Kinney     2005

Kinnison, Gerald D. "Dave" Kinnison    2014

Kinsey, Benjamin Kinsey    1918

Kinsey, Ernest H. Kinsey     2004

Kinsey, Evelyn M. Kinsey nee Busche     2003

Kinsey, John Kinsey    1873

Kinsey, Stanley Kinsey     2012

Kinsley, John Kinsley    1892

Kinsley, Young son Kinsley    1880

Kinsy, Hazel Alviry     1894

Kinzly, Frederick Kinzly    1891

Kinzy, Carl V. Kinzy    2008

Kinzy, Donald Dean Kinzy    2016

Kinzy, John Raymond Kinzy     2012

Kinzy, Wilma Eunice Kinzy nee Pittman    2011

Kirby, Dr. H. M. Kirby      1901

Kirchner, Charles Kirchner    1880

Kirk, Mr. Kirk    1892

Kirk, Walter F. Kirk 1941     1941

Kirkbride,  Judge David Kirkbride     1871

Kirkbride, Andrew     1898

Kirkbride, Burnice Kirkbride     1997

Kirkbride, Carrie Kirkbride nee McElroy 1946     1946

Kirkbride, Cornelius Kirkbride     1883

Kirkbride, David Kirkbride     1924

Kirkbride, Edna R. Kirkbride nee Truax     2005

Kirkbride, Eli T. Kirkbride    1892

Kirkbride, Isaac Kirkbride     1978

Kirkbride, Juliet Kirkbride    1873

Kirkbride, L. Grace Kirkbride nee Warner     1997

Kirkbride, Leona M. Kirkbride, nee Mendenhall    1991

Kirkbride, Louis O. Kirkbride     1905

Kirkbride, Margaret Kirkbride     (1900)

Kirkbride, Marion Kirkbride     1908

Kirkbride, Marion Kirkbride “Merle” “ Kirkie   2013

Kirkbride, Merle Kirkbride     1979

Kirkbride, Mrs. Kirkbride     1899

Kirkbride, Mrs. Louis     1892

Kirkbride, Mrs. Marion Kirkbride     1900

Kirkbride, Ollie B. "Kitty" Kirkbride, nee Bennett    1993

Kirkbride, Vernon M. Kirkbride     1997

Kirkbride, Wayne E. Kirkbride    2009

Kirkbride, Wayne Edward Kirkbride    2010

Kirkbride, Wayne Kirkbride    1952

Kirkbride, Willis Gaylord Kirkbride     1844

Kirkbridge, Marion Kirkbridge     1908

Kirkbridge, Marion Kirkbridge    1908

Kirkhart, Mary N. Kirkhart nee Bolen    2011

Kirkland, John M. Kirkland    2007

Kirkland, Lucy Kirkland     1899

Kirkland, Mrs. David E. Kirkland     1883

Kirkley, Gertrude Kirkley, nee Miller    1962

Kirkley, William A. Kirkley    1958

Kirkman, Beatrice R. Kirkman, nee Miller    1983

Kirkman, Edith L. Kirkman nee Feiock     2003

Kirkman, Glen Elwood Kirkman    1995

Kirkman, Hazel Lorene Kirkman, nee Hilliard    1998

Kirkman, Paul V. Kirkman    1969

Kirkpatrick, James Kirkpatrick    1847

Kirkpatrick, John Kirkpatrick    1886

Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Margaret Kirkpatrick     1901

Kirkwood, Samuel J. Kirkwood     1901

Kirkwood, William C. Kirkwood    1881

Kirkwood, William C. Kirkwood  2nd obit    1881

Kirner, John Kirner     1901

Kirsch, Katharina Kirsch     1895

Kiser, James Kiser     1899

Kiser, Mrs. James Kiser     1899

Kiser, Mrs. James Kiser     1900

Kiser, Mrs. John Kiser    1882

Kisner, John O. Kisner    2015

Kisner, Thelma D. Kisner, nee Bolin    2009

Kitchen, H. W. Kitchen    1907

Kitson, Samuel J. Kitson    1906

Kittle, Christian Kittle    1891

Kittle, Harlan “Butch” Kittle    2016

Kittle, Margaret Kittle nee Nalley    1917

Kittle, William Emerson Kittle    2005

Kittrell, Mr. Kittrell    1891

Kitts, Mrs. Jane Kitts     1875

Klag, Charles Klag     1897

Klay, Lester H. Klay    2001

Klay, Mary Maxine Klay (nee-Romick)     2006

Klebe, Mrs.     1898

Klee, (Young child) Klee    1881

Klee, Clara Klee    1881

Klee, Harry Klee    1881

Klee, Margaret Jane Klee    1881

Klee, Martha Ann Klee    1881

Kleeman, Dennis Andrew Kleeman    1937

Kleeman, Marland P. Kleeman    2004

Kleeman, Olive Kleeman, nee Willgus    2013

Kleeman, Ray Kleeman    1983

Klein, Phillip Emerson Klein   LKP#3   1957

Kleyman, Clara Mae Kleyman, nee Workman    1996

Kleyman, Esther Julia Kleyman, nee Workman    2005

Kleyman, Gilbert L. Kleyman    1992

Kline, Moses Kline      1871

Kloes, Robert H. Kloes     2007

Kloes, Wanda May Kloes nee Hill     2006

Kloos, Alfred Kloos    2013

Kloos, Donna J. Kloos, nee Baxter    2011

Kloos, Sandra Kay Kloos, nee Lewis    2014

Kloss, Mr. Kloss    1873

Klund, Rev. Jacob Klund     1862

Klunt, Mary M.     1884

Klunt, Mrs. Klunt    1890

Knapp, Margaret Knapp      1897

Knapp, Mr. Knapp     1883

Knecht, Lily Knecht    1891

Knidke, Ignatz Knidke    1891

Knight, Bernard Knight    2017

Knight, Brady Knight 1964

Knight, Clifford B. Knight 1995

Knight, Donald Lee Knight, Sr    2006

Knight, Elva M. Knight, nee Mitzel 2009

Knight, Glen W. Knight 1988

Knight, James Knight     (1900)

Knight, James Thomas Knight    2005

Knight, Jeremiah J. Knight     1845

Knight, Joe Knight    1908

Knight, John L. Knight     1893

Knight, John L. Knight     1894    

Knight, Jonathan Knight     1858

Knight, Mary Knight, nee Gozur 2011

Knight, Maud Knight, nee Coen 1960

Knight, Miss Knight     1855

Knight, Oral L. "Whitey" Knight    1993

Knight, Robert P. Knight 2007

Knight, Russell Eugene Knight     2006

Knight, Tracey D. Knight nee Colvin    2009

Knight, Vera M. Knight, nee Zumer    1998

Knight, Virginia Knight    1908

Knittle, William Knittle     1885

Knoch, Nicholas Knoch     1900

Knoch, Robert Leo Knoch     1907

Knoch, Teresa Knoch     1905

Knock, Andrew Knock     1897

Knode, Crystal D. Knode, nee Asper    2005

Knoebel, Charles L. Knoebel    1992

Knoefler, Clara O. Knoefler, nee Howenstine    1972

Knolle, Emil Knolle    1907

Knoop, Leonette Knoop, nee Burkhart    2016

Knopf, John A. Knopf    1881

Knori, Carl William Knori    1995

Knori, Mary L. Knori, nee Davies    1996

Knott, Edward C. Knott    2008

Knotts, James Knotts     1907

Knotts, Simon A. Knotts II    2011

Knouff, Henry Knouff     1875

Knowles, Edna Mae Knowles, nee Moreland    1989

Knowles, Ida Knowles     1888

Knowlton, Alvin Knowlton    1952

Knowlton, Clarence E. Knowlton     1924

Knowlton, Cornelius B. Knowlton (obit 1)     1901

Knowlton, Cornelius B. Knowlton (obit 2)     1901

Knowlton, Edgar Willard Knowlton    2011

Knowlton, Edna Penny Knowlton nee Helms    1974

Knowlton, Elizabeth Knowlton, nee Pope    1943

Knowlton, Ethel Mae Knowlton nee Lohr     2006

Knowlton, Fred O. Knowlton    1907

Knowlton, Fredrick Knowlton     1875

Knowlton, Harry E. Knowlton    2009

Knowlton, John G. Knowlton    2011

Knowlton, John H. Knowlton    1952

Knowlton, Lawrence Edward Knowlton, Jr.    2009

Knowlton, Mary Ann Knowlton nee White    2011

Knowlton, Maxine Knowlton nee Cline    2009

Knowlton, Mildred Knowlton nee Smigill     2012

Knowlton, Mrs. Knowlton    1919

Knowlton, Mrs. William Knowlton    1919

Knowlton, Robert G. Knowlton    2016

Knowlton, Ronald E. Knowlton     2011

Knowlton, Ronald Wayne Knowlton    2017

Knowlton, Susan B. Knowlton nee Blake   2013

Knowlton, William     1898

Knowlton, William Joseph Knowlton   2013

Knox, Elizabeth Knox  1897

Knox, Ella Knox     1888

Knox, James Ernest Knox, Jr.    2012

Knox, Sarah Knox - nee Carpenter     1953

Knuchel, LaVerne Knuchel    2005

Knuchel, Raydon Knuchel    2009

Knuth, Dorothy L. Knuth, nee Spiering 1990

Knuth, Herbert G. Knuth 1999

Kobe, Mary E. Kobe, nee Stevens    2002

Koch, Adolph Koch    1891

Koch, Jacob Koch    1866

Kochan, Margaret L. Kochan nee Sanitra     2012

Kocher, Alex Kocher     1907

Kocher, Alexander Kocher    1917

Kocher, Bessie Kocher, nee Butler    1918

Kocher, Charles William Kocher     2003

Kocher, Earle A. “Bud” Kocher, Jr.     2006

Kocher, Elmer L. Kocher    1964

Kocher, Frederick E. “Fred” Kocher, Sr.    2007

Kocher, Hulda Kocher nee Blair    1919

Kocher, Ida Mae Kocher nee Bennett    2005

Kocher, Infant Child Kocher    1908

Kocher, Kenneth L. Kocher     2006

Kocher, Wayne Kocher    2016

Kochert, Clarence Kochert     1905

Kochert, Elizabeth Kochert     1908

Kochert, Elizabeth Kochert  2nd obit    1908

Kochert, Jacob Kochert     1900

Kochert, Mrs. Kochert     1908

Kochert, Mrs. Kochert    1908

Koehl, Thomas L. Koehl    2003

Koehler, Charles Koehler    1923

Koehler, Ellen Koehler nee Beardmore     1924

Koehler, Fredrick Koehler     1890

Koehler, Louisa Koehler (nee Pfalzgraf)     1932

Koehler, Louisa Pfalzgraf Koehler     1932

Koehler, Lucy Koehler nee Strickling    1890

Koehler, Martha     1869

Koehler, Mary J. Koehler, (nee Patterson)     1903

Koehler, Nicholas Koehler    1906

Koehler, Peter Koehler     1895

Koehler, Peter Koehler2     1895

Koerber, Essie Koerber, nee Snider    1965

Koerber, Ethel Marie Koerber, nee Long    2011

Koerber, Harry Koerber Jr    1998

Koher, Adam Koher    1891

Koher, Charles “Pepsi  Koher    2011

Koher, Jacob Koher    1891

Koher, James Koher     1907

Koher, Jas. Koher  2nd obit    1907

Koher, Wilbur C. Koher     1993

Kohler, Neil Kohler    2009

Kohn, Agnes Kohn, nee McClure    1971

Kohn, Ernest E. Kohn    1981

Kohn, John D. Kohn    1986

Kohn, John H. Kohn    2012

Kohn, Wanda W. Kohn, nee Pennoyer    2003

Kolodziejski, Dorothy Kolodziejski, nee Thompson    2011

Kondrach, John P. Kondrach    1997

Kondrach, Patricia Ann Kondrach, nee Mackall    2009

Kong, Polly Kong     1901

Koon’z, Adam Koon’z     1885

Koonce, Donald J. Koonce    2016

Koonce, Mrs. David Koonce     1924

Koontz, Elizabeth Koontz     1908

Koontz, Elizabeth Koontz    1908

Koontz, Isabel Koontz     1913

Koontz, Jacob Koontz    1890

Koontz, John Davenport Koontz      1862

Koontz, Katie Koontz     1889

Koontz, Louis Koontz    1906

Koontz, Mattie Koontz    1876

Kopp, Henry Kopp    1892

Korell, Christina Korell    1891

Korner, A. H. Korner    1920

Korner, Christian Korner     1907

Korner, Christian Korner  2nd obit    1907

Korner, Hannah Korner    1891

Korner, Lydia Korner     1899

Korner, Waldo Korner, Jr.    1974

Korngiver, Barbara J. Korngiver, nee Shumaker    2016

Korngiver, George W. Korngiver, Sr.    2009

Kostecka, Edward J. Kostecka     2006

Kostelia, Mary Louise Kostelia, nee Saffell    2002

Kothler, Mrs. Elizabeth Kothler- 2nd Obit     1875

Kothler, Mrs. Nicholas Kothler     1875

Kotur, Larry Lazarus Kotur     2006

Kotzebue, Charles Kotzebue     1893

Kotzebue, G. W. Kotzebue     1913

Kotzebue, Laura Kotzebue nee Benninghaus     1907

Kotzebue, Mrs. R. C. Kotzebue  2nd obit    1907

Koudy's, Nancy A. Koudy's     1924

Kountz, Capt. Fred J. Kountz     1901

Kovach, John Kovach Jr.     2007

Kovach, Margaret Kovach, nee Harper    2002

Kovach, Roger Wayne Kovach     2012

Kovach, Roger Wayne Kovach Sr.      2012

Kovak, John Kovak, Jr.    2007

Koval, Andrew P. Koval    2008

Koval, Michael Eugene Koval     2011

Kovalchuk, Martha Kovalchuk, nee Bradshaw     1984

Kowalczuk, Angela R. Kowalczuk nee Haraczy     2006

Kowalczuk, Joan Andrea Kowalczuk     2006

Kowalczuk, John Kowalczuk    2008

Krachmier, Frank Krachmier     1901

Kraemer, Wolfgang Gerhard Kraemer    2006

Kraft, Clara Josephine Kraft  2nd obit    1907

Kraft, Emma     1898

Kraft, Emma (obit 2)     1898

Kraft, Henry Kraft    1906

Kraft, Josephine Kraft    1907

Kraft, Louisa Kraft    1935

Kraft, Minnie Ola Kraft     1929

Kraft, Wesley Kraft     1929

Krafts, Carrie Krafts     1901

Krainer, Fred Krainer     1901

Kramer, Captain Jacob Kramer    1879

Kramer, Helen Marie Kramer nee Kenney   2013

Kramer, Mr. Kramer     1888

Kramer, William Kramer    1891

Krebbs, Janet Elaine Krebbs, nee McKinley    1994

Kreig, Lawrence Bernard Krieg   2013

Kreiger, Jacob Kreiger    1891

Kreiger, Miss Tillie Kreiger     1900

Kreiger, Tillie Kreiger     1899

Kreitzman, Bernice Kreitzman   2013

Kremer, George A. Kremer, Sr.    2011

Kremer, Margaret Kremer    1906

Kremer, T. J. Kremer     1951

Krempasky, Michael F. Krempasky     2006

Krener, Geo Krener    1882

Kress, Clarence E. Kress    1974

Kress, George Kress, Jr.     2006

Kress, John Russell Kress     2000

Kress, Karl F. Kress   1995

Kress, Mercedes Kress nee Zwick    1974

Kress, Vera Kress, nee Paulus    1968

Krets, Charles Krets    1908

Kreutz, Shirley Ann Kreutz nee Ladyga   2013

Krider, Freda S. Krider nee Beardmore   2013

Kriechbaum, Dale E. Kriechbaum    2008

Kriechbaum, Pamela Louise Kriechbaum, nee Caldwell    2016

Kriechbaum, Russell L. Kriechbaum   2013

Krieg, Lawrence Bernard Krieg     2012

Kriegshauser, Roger Kriegshauser 2013

Kriepke, Will Kriepke    1891

Kroh, Henry rev. Kroh     1870

Krollevich, Aloise Krollevich    1908

Kronhart, Friedrich Kronhart     1863

Kroning, Chester E. Kroning    1978

Kroning, Donald L. Kroning    2007

Kroning, Emma Kroning    1999

Kroning, John August Kroning    1959

Kroning, Mabel Ruth Kroning, nee Payne    1948

Kroning, Margaret A. Kroning, nee McIntire    1988

Kroning, Roger C. Kroning, Sr.   1988

Kroning, Ruth Drogemueller Kroning, nee Behnken    2003

Krouse, M. Krouse     1864

Krouse, Mathias Krouse     1864

Krownapple, Mary Hazel Krownapple, nee Craig    2016

Kruger, James Earl Kruger    1989

Kruger, Jerry Allen Kruger    1982

Kruger, Margaret Kruger    1908

Kruger, Robert Lee Kruger 2010

Krugman, Norma Jean Krugman, nee Harbone    1994

Kruse, Carrie Kruse, nee Brown    1903

Kruse, Louis Kruse    1955

Kudeisch, Albert Kudeisch     1883 

Kudlak, James Kudlak, Jr. “Jim”   2013

Kueamaul, Mrs. John Kueamaul    1866

Kuehn, Mr. Kuehn    1892

Kufahl, Guy Lynn Kufahl    2016

Kugler, Florence H. Kugler    1986

Kuhens, Albert Kuhens    2015

Kuhl, Ed Kuhl    1891

Kuhlborn, Henry Heinrich Kuhlborn    LKP#7  1902

Kuhlborn, Maria S. Kuhlborn, (nee Linge)     1922

Kuhman, Charles Kuhman    1891

Kuhn, Ada Kuhn, nee Day    1935

Kuhn, Alfred W. Kuhn    2009

Kuhn, Anna M. Kuhn     1977

Kuhn, Annie C. Kuhn     1907

Kuhn, Bridget Dawn Kuhn    2014

Kuhn, Clarence A. Kuhn   LKP#6   1980

Kuhn, Clarence Kuhn     1973

Kuhn, Connie Jean Kuhn nee Spence     2012

Kuhn, Cornelius George Kuhn     1983

Kuhn, Earl S. "Hank" Kuhn    2014

Kuhn, Fannie Kuhn nee Carpenter     1963

Kuhn, Genevieve E. Kuhn     2005

Kuhn, Helen Grace Kuhn    1931

Kuhn, Henry, Kuhn    1879

Kuhn, Iola Devora "Debbie" Kuhn, nee Johnson     1992

Kuhn, Joseph D. Kuhn   LKP#6   1968

Kuhn, Lester Phillip Kuhn     1995

Kuhn, Lonnie Howard DeWayne "Pud" Kuhn     1996

Kuhn, Lorna J. Kuhn, nee Kinney    2016

Kuhn, Martha J. Kuhn nee Cornelius     2008

Kuhn, Mr. Kuhn     1894    

Kuhn, Nicholas Kuhn    1908

Kuhn, Peter Kuhn     1899

Kuhn, Ralph Kuhn  2nd obit     1907

Kuhn, Ralph Verdell Kuhn     1907

Kuhn, Raymond K. Kuhn     2002

Kuhn, Robert M. Kuhn    1958

Kuhn, Ruth Rose Kuhn nee Crock   2013

Kuhn, Shirley Kuhn     2004

Kuhn, Travis Lynn Kuhn    2013

Kuhns, Marvin Kuhns    1907

Kuhns, Mrs. George Kuhns    1908

Kuhns, Young child Kuhns    1908

Kullman, Grover C. Kullman    1886

Kulp, John Kulp     1900

Kunkel, Balsen Kunkel  2nd obit    1891

Kunkel, Boston Kunkel    1891

Kunning, Margaretha Kunning    1891

Kuntz, George Kuntz      1905

Kuntz, George Kuntz     1913

Kuntz, Joseph Kuntz    1918

Kuntz, Margaret Kuntz nee Kittle     1924

Kuntz, Velda I. Kuntz, nee Kinkade    1993

Kuntz, William Peter Kuntz Sr.    1996

Kunz, Eileen Naoma Kunz, nee Coughlan    1994

Kunz, Harry Sidney Kunz, Sr.   2003

Kurch, John Kurch    1878

Kurtz, Linda K. Kurtz, nee Briggs    2017

Kurtz, Margaret O. Kurtz nee Morris     2003

Kurtz, Shirley Ellen Kurtz nee Morris     1999

Kurtzman, Ada L. Kurtzman, nee Wentworth    1977

Kurtzman, Alfred Kurtzman     1952

Kurtzman, Allie Kurtzman, nee McClintock    1957

Kurtzman, Cora Lucile Kurtzman, nee Johnson    2011

Kurtzman, Dale R. Kurtzman    1982

Kurtzman, Della M. Kurtzman, nee Ross    1945

Kurtzman, Ella Kurtzman, nee Eggensperger    1976

Kurtzman, Elroy Kurtzman    1975

Kurtzman, Forest Kurtzman    1958

Kurtzman, Fred Kurtzman    1922

Kurtzman, Grace Kurtzman, nee Olds or Braman    1916

Kurtzman, Helena F. Kurtzman    1983

Kurtzman, Hugh E. Kurtzman    1987

Kurtzman, Juanita Kurtzman, nee Stackhouse    1999

Kurtzman, Laura L. Miller, nee Kurtzman    1967

Kurtzman, Laurence Harold Kurtzman    1997

Kurtzman, Lloyd Dean Kurtzman     2013

Kurtzman, Lucille Kurtzman, nee Johnson    2011

Kurtzman, Mrs. Kurtzman    1906

Kurtzman, Myron E. Kurtzman    2008

Kurtzman, Myron Elroy [aka Elroy Myron] Kurtzman    2008

Kurtzman, Paul R. Kurtzman    1997

Kurtzman, Phillip R. Kurtzman    2011

Kurtzman, Scott Kurtzman Ickes    2010

Kurtzman, Warren D. Kurtzman    1971

Kus___, Paul S. Kus___     1901

Kutz, Harlow Kutz     1971

Kutz, Lela M. Kutz, nee Baker     1999

Kyger, Mrs. Kyger     1858

Kyler, Rosie Kyler    1891

Kysar, David Larry Kysar    2014

Kysor, Albert Kysor    1972

Kysor, George Clemence Kysor    1960

Kysor, Ida M. Kysor, nee Brown    1961

Kysor, James Kysor    1906

Kysor, Pauline M. Kysor    1972


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