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Cabrales, Jorge “George” Chaidez Cabrales    2013

Cade, Ruth E. Cade, nee Parsons    2016

Cagey, David "Shawn" Cagey    2009

Cahal, Parker Cahal      1885

Cahan, Irwin Cahan    1892

Cain, Cynthia Marie Cain, nee Riggenbach    2017

Cain, James W. Cain     1943

Cain, Julius Cain     1900

Cain, Laura M. Cain    1880

Cain, Lena Cain     1889

Cain, Matthew Cain    1891

Cain, Richard Ray Cain     2005

Cain, Riley Cain    1848

Cain, S. E. Cain    1931

Cain, Wanda Lee Cain nee Christman   LKP#4 and LKP#5   1973

Cajka, Ronald Cajka     2006

Cake, Harriet Cake    1848

Calder, Hazel I. Calder     2006

Calder, William J. Calder     2006

Caldwell, Agnes J. Caldwell     1910

Caldwell, Amos Hobart Caldwell   2013

Caldwell, Charles J. Caldwell    2010

Caldwell, Edward Caldwell    1891

Caldwell, Freddie Caldwell    1880

Caldwell, Fulton Caldwell    1918

Caldwell, George Caldwell    1891

Caldwell, George Caldwell Sr.    1891

Caldwell, Hiram Caldwell    1876

Caldwell, John W. Caldwell    1878

Caldwell, Minnie L. Caldwell    1890

Caldwell, Mrs. A. H. Caldwell    1880

Caldwell, Mrs. John W. Caldwell nee Mitchell    1878

Caldwell, Rev. J B Caldwell     1872

Caldwell, Robert Caldwell    1882

Caldwell, Young Child Caldwell (age 10)    1878

Caldwell, Young Child Caldwell (age 2)    1878

Caldwell, Young Child Caldwell (age 6)    1878

Cale, William Cale     1901

Calhoun, Mrs. John C. Calhoun    1866

Call, Lester Robert Call     2006

Callahan, Larry M. Callahan    2006

Callahan, Paul L. Callahan    1978

Callahan, Wilda Loretta Callahan, nee Weber    2001

Calland, Catharing Calland     1885

Calland, H. J. Calland    1933

Calland, Mary E. Calland nee Wilson    1919

CALLAND, Mrs. Elizabeth Calland   1879

Calland, Mrs. Willis Calland    1890

Calland, Wm. Calland    1882

Calland, Young Child Calland    1890

Callenbaugh, Charles Callenbaugh    1862

Callicoat, David Brian Callicoat    1992

Callicoat, John Robert Callicoat    1997

Calvert, Ada M. Calvert, nee Everett    1931

Calvert, Jacob Reed Calvert    1979

Calvert, James Calvert    2016

Calvert, Job Calvert     1858

Calvert, Lillie Mary Calvert (nee Brubach)     1998

Calvert, Marjorie E, Calvert nee Hanson   2013

Calvert, Mildred M. Calvert, nee McElhaney    1960

Calvert, Mother Calvert      1889

Calvin, John W. Calvin    1998

Camden, Clyde W. Camden    1974

Camden, John R. Camden    1918

Camden, Michael Lee Camden "Wolfie"     2012

Camden, Ruth L. Camden, nee Luburgh    2016

Camden, Wilbert Earl “Russ” Camden    2011

Cameron, James Cameron    1878

Camillo, Mrs. Nick Camillo    1878

Campbell, (wife) Campbell     1901

Campbell, A. C. Campbell     1900

Campbell, Alex Campbell    1906

Campbell, Alexander Campbell     1855

Campbell, Alexander Campbell     1868

Campbell, Amanda Jo Campbell    2011

Campbell, Bert A. Campbell    1965

Campbell, Charles “Sam” Campbell    2010

Campbell, Charles Campbell    1996

Campbell, Charles N. Campbell    1990

Campbell, Congressman Lewis D. Campbell     1901

CAMPBELL, Dr. Archibald Campbell   1879

Campbell, Dr. Finley W. Campbell 1897

Campbell, Edna Campbell, nee Kincade    1981

Campbell, Ella Morris Campbell nee Richeson     1954

Campbell, Eugenia M. Dick Campbell nee Dick     1969

Campbell, Fred E. Campbell    1984

Campbell, George W. Campbell    1937

Campbell, J. S. Campbell     1883

Campbell, James B. Campbell    1876

Campbell, James Campbell    1878

Campbell, Lewis D. Campbell    1882

Campbell, Lona Campbell, nee Pope    1969

Campbell, Lt. W. T. Campbell     1864

Campbell, Marvin Campbell    2006

Campbell, Mary C. Campbell, nee Rhodes    1996

Campbell, Mr. James B. Campbell     1875

Campbell, Mrs. Alexander Campbell     1897

Campbell, Mrs. Campbell    1881

Campbell, Mrs. Lucinda Campbell     1889

Campbell, Paul E. Campbell    1972

Campbell, Robert Campbell     1851

Campbell, Roscoe Campbell    1908

Campbell, Samuel Campbell     1907

Campbell, Sarah C. Campbell    1906

Campbell, Sarah Campbell nee Taggart    1852

Campbell, Vaughn Eugene Campbell    2015

Campbell, W. T. Campbell     1864

Campbell, William Campbell    1907

Campbell, William M. “Mac” Campbell    1995

Candler, William A. Candler    1969

Candler, William Joseph Candler    1949

Caneday, James Caneday     1875

Caneday, James Caneday     1875

Canfield, Helen Marie Canfield, nee Willis    2016

Canfield, Louis E. Canfield     1901

CANFIELD, Mr. Canfield   1879

Cannon, James Cannon    1873

Cannon, Moses Cannon    1917

Caperillo, Benjamin Caperillo    1907

Caperton, Allen T. Caperton    1876

Capito, Bruce Capito    1878

Capps, Donald L. Capps     1988

Carducci, Giosue Carducci    1907

Cardwell, George Cardwell, Sr.    1997

Careins, James Careins     1875

Carel, Florence Bell Carel, nee Goodin    1966

Carey, Carolyn Rose Carey, nee Haddox    1999

Carey, Cornelius Carey    1866

Carey, J. P. Carey     1901

Carey, Mr. Carey    1891

Cariens, Aratus Cariens    1946

Cariens, Edgar L. Cariens    1968

Cariens, Edgar Perbasco Cariens     1905

Cariens, Emma E. Cariens, nee Holmes    1951

Cariens, Flora Cariens, nee Smith    1991

Cariens, Jesse T. Cariens    1954

Cariens, Mary Ellen ELLA Cariens, nee Pennington    1962

Cariens, Norman Lee Cariens    1925

Cariens, Rachael Cariens, nee Schell    1923

Cariens, Ted Cariens    1978

Cariens, William Clifford Cariens    1998

Cariens, Willie Cariens    1911

Carl, Mary Carl    1882

Carle, Elizabeth Carle     1908

Carle, Elizabeth Carle    1908

Carle, Emory Russell Carle    2016

Carle, Jean Carle nee Powell     2012

Carlen    1891

Carleson, Michael Merle Carleson     2006

Carlin, Patrick J. Carlin    2017

Carlin, T. B. Carlin    1906

Carlisle, Charles B. Carlisle    1917

Carlisle, John Carlisle     1889

Carloosa, Peter Carloosa    1891

Carlos, King Carlos    1908

Carlstine, Mary Carlstine    1891

Carmack, Edward Ward Carmack    1908

Carmack, Edward Ward Carmack  2nd obit    1908

Carman, James Carman Jr.     2006

Carman, James William Carman Jr.     2006

Carman, S. O. Carman     1860

Carman, Sandra Mack Carman nee Farmer    2008

Carman, Shirley Carman nee Rejonis    2009

Carmichael, Ada Fay Carmichael     1899

Carmichael, Clarence E. Carmichael     1962

Carmichael, Delmore Grant Carmichael     2010

Carmichael, Edna Carmichael     1897

Carmichael, Elizabeth B. Carmichael; nee Miller     1990

Carmichael, Harry Carmichael     1899

Carmichael, Stephanie Renee Carmichael    2012

Carmicheal, Baby Carmicheal     1897

Carmicheal, Wood Carmicheal     1900

Carnahan, Mrs. Emily Carnahan     (1900)

Carnegie, Andrew Carnegie    1919

Carnes, Boardman Carnes    1908

Carney, Mary A. Carney    1866

Carney, Wm. Carney    1891

Carpenter, (infant) Carpenter     1901

Carpenter, (Wife) Carpenter     1883

Carpenter, (Young Son) Carpenter    1881

Carpenter, Abel Carpenter     1934

Carpenter, Able D. Carpenter     1901

Carpenter, aged man Carpenter (obit 2)     (1900)

Carpenter, Allen Burdette Carpenter     1998

Carpenter, Alma M. Carpenter (nee--Baker)     2001

Carpenter, Alonzo H. Carpenter     1944

Carpenter, Amelia Carpenter    1919

Carpenter, Arvilla Carpenter     1943

Carpenter, Audrey V. Carpenter nee Burkhart     2005

Carpenter, Barry E. Carpenter

Carpenter, Bernard W. Carpenter     1979

Carpenter, Bernice M. Carpenter, nee Fraley    2017

Carpenter, Bertha L. Carpenter nee Stephen    2010

Carpenter, Betty Jean Carpenter, nee Hart    2010

Carpenter, Brad Carpenter    2016

Carpenter, Brenda Kay Carpenter    1957

Carpenter, Bullah Oma Carpenter     1899

Carpenter, Byron D. Carpenter    2017

Carpenter, Calvin Carpenter    1974

Carpenter, Carl W. Carpenter     2001

Carpenter, Catharine Carpenter     1913

Carpenter, Charles J. Carpenter     1982

Carpenter, Clarence Carpenter     1976

Carpenter, Clayton James Carpenter, Sr.    2013

Carpenter, Cledith R. Carpenter nee Leach    2008

Carpenter, Clyde Carpenter     1976

Carpenter, Conda Ree Carpenter     1999

Carpenter, Cookson Carpenter     1924

Carpenter, Dale C. Carpenter    2007

Carpenter, Daniel Carpenter     1917

Carpenter, David Carpenter    1918

Carpenter, David J. Carpenter    1892

Carpenter, David Sylvester Carpenter 1946     1946

Carpenter, Delilah Carpenter nee Hanson     1942

Carpenter, Donald N. Carpenter    1988

Carpenter, Donna Carpenter, nee Roby     2005

Carpenter, Doris E. Carpenter nee Longden    2011

Carpenter, Doris Edith Carpenter nee Barnhart    1974

Carpenter, Dorothy K. Carpenter nee Warner   2013

Carpenter, Dr. Carpenter    1881

Carpenter, Earl Carpenter Jr.     1986

Carpenter, Edna Mae Carpenter nee Moore    2010

Carpenter, Elijah Carpenter    1907

Carpenter, Eliza     1884

Carpenter, Elizabeth Carpenter nee Kanner    1952

Carpenter, Ella A. Carpenter    1906

Carpenter, Ella Carpenter    1906

Carpenter, Ella Carpenter nee Peeper     1929

Carpenter, Ellis W. Carpenter     1998

Carpenter, Enoch Carpenter     1951

Carpenter, Estella     1884

Carpenter, Eudora Carpenter nee Calvert     1963

Carpenter, Eugene C. (Jack) Carpenter     1972

Carpenter, Florence A. Carpenter nee Clift     2007

Carpenter, Forest W. Carpenter     1996

Carpenter, Frank Willis Carpenter     2002

Carpenter, Fred Carpenter    1891

Carpenter, George Carpenter "Willie"     2012

Carpenter, Georgianna L. Carpenter    2016

Carpenter, Gertrude E. Carpenter     1905

Carpenter, Hallie Carpenter     1982

Carpenter, Harold Carpenter     1982

Carpenter, Harold L. Carpenter    2017

Carpenter, Harriet Carpenter nee Leach     1983

Carpenter, Hazel A. Carpenter nee Bunting     1979

Carpenter, Helmar Carpenter   2013

Carpenter, Henry Carpenter     1939

Carpenter, Hillard F. Carpenter     1979

Carpenter, Ida Irene Carpenter     1953

Carpenter, Ila Flontella Carpenter, nee Larrick    2016

Carpenter, Infant     1884

Carpenter, Irvin Carpenter     1986

Carpenter, J. S. Carpenter    1891

Carpenter, Jackie Carpenter    1937

Carpenter, Jacob Carpenter  1897

Carpenter, James Mila Carpenter     1964

Carpenter, James P. Carpenter     2005

Carpenter, Jerry N. Carpenter    2016

Carpenter, Jerry Wayne Carpenter    1953

Carpenter, Jo-Ann Carpenter, nee Lovell    2010

Carpenter, John Edwin Carpenter   LKP#5   1956

Carpenter, John R. Carpenter     1944

Carpenter, John S. Carpenter    1917

Carpenter, Joseph (obit 2) Carpenter     1899

Carpenter, Joseph L. Carpenter     1983

Carpenter, Joseph M. Carpenter     1899

Carpenter, Joseph M. Carpenter (obit 2)     1899

Carpenter, Joshua Carpenter     1913

Carpenter, Joyce Mildred Carpenter, nee Winland    2017

Carpenter, Juanita Mary “Nene” Carpenter nee Miller    2010

Carpenter, Junior Richard Carpenter    1991

Carpenter, L. Emmett Carpenter    1974

Carpenter, Laura Carpenter     1905

Carpenter, Laura Carpenter  2nd obit     1905

Carpenter, Lawrence Carpenter     1929

Carpenter, Lawrence G. Carpenter    2011

Carpenter, Leah L. Carpenter nee Leach    2009

Carpenter, Leonard Carpenter Sr.    2001

Carpenter, Lester Duff Carpenter     1968

Carpenter, Libby Carpenter     1900

Carpenter, Lloyd N. Carpenter    2007

Carpenter, Louisa Carpenter nee Courtney     1931

Carpenter, Louisa Carpenter nee Hannahs     1985

Carpenter, Luella K. Carpenter, nee Betts    2013

Carpenter, Lydia Jane Carpenter, nee Morris     1943

Carpenter, Maggie Carpenter     1908

Carpenter, Maggie Carpenter    1908

Carpenter, Maggie Carpenter    1917

Carpenter, Margaret L. Carpenter, nee Fisher    1994

Carpenter, Martha E. Carpenter     1954

Carpenter, Mary Ann Carpenter nee Richeson    1917

Carpenter, Mary Carpenter nee Carpenter     1936

Carpenter, Matt H. Carpenter    1881

Carpenter, Maywood R. Carpenter     1986

Carpenter, Melvin Carpenter     1985

Carpenter, Michael S. Carpenter     2005

Carpenter, Mickey M. Carpenter    2011

Carpenter, Mickey M. Carpenter    2011

Carpenter, Miss Ida Carpenter     (1900)

Carpenter, Morrie Carpenter     1918

Carpenter, Mrs. Carpenter     1900

Carpenter, Mrs. Elizabeth     1883

Carpenter, Mrs. Elza Carpenter     1899

Carpenter, Mrs. Henry Carpenter     1901

Carpenter, Mrs. J. E. Carpenter     1900

Carpenter, Mrs. J.W. Carpenter     1928

Carpenter, Mrs. Wm. Carpenter    1890

Carpenter, Norman B. Carpenter   2013

Carpenter, Olive Carpenter nee Neuhardt     2006

Carpenter, Oliver H. Carpenter     1949

Carpenter, Opal B. Carpenter     2003

Carpenter, Orris Carpenter    1952

Carpenter, Otis Carpenter    1974

Carpenter, Otto Carpenter     1948

Carpenter, Paul E. Carpenter     2002

Carpenter, Paul V. Carpenter     2005

Carpenter, Ralph Carpenter    2009

Carpenter, Ray Carpenter   2013

Carpenter, Raymond E. Carpenter     1965

Carpenter, Raymond L. Carpenter    2010

Carpenter, Reason Carpenter    1918

Carpenter, Reason Carpenter 2nd obit    1918

Carpenter, Rebecca Carpenter     1909

Carpenter, Rex Donald Carpenter    1980

Carpenter, Rhoda D. Carpenter nee Delong    2007

Carpenter, Richard Carpenter     1927

Carpenter, Richard Carpenter        1918

Carpenter, Richard J. Carpenter    2008

Carpenter, Robert C. Carpenter     2002

Carpenter, Robert Carpenter     1913

Carpenter, Robert Carpenter    1881

Carpenter, Robert E. (Bobby) Carpenter     1998

Carpenter, Ruby D. Carpenter nee Leasure     2004

Carpenter, Russell Earl Carpenter    2016

Carpenter, Ruth M. Carpenter, nee Johnson    2016

Carpenter, Sally M. Carpenter nee Keylor     1984

Carpenter, Scott Edwin Carpenter    1963

Carpenter, Sevia Carpenter     1909

Carpenter, Shirley Waive Carpenter    1906

Carpenter, son of E. S. Carpenter     1889

Carpenter, Stanley R. Carpenter   2013

Carpenter, Stella M.     1884

Carpenter, Steve Bruce Carpenter    2009

Carpenter, Thomas Carpenter    2016

Carpenter, Tony Carpenter     1939

Carpenter, Vernon Carpenter    1974

Carpenter, Virgil Carpenter     2002

Carpenter, Virgil L. Carpenter     1977

Carpenter, Virgin A. Carpenter     2002

Carpenter, Virginia Eleanor Carpenter, nee Gray    2003

Carpenter, Wilbert Carpenter     1972

Carpenter, William C. Carpenter     2008

Carpenter, William Carpenter     1908

Carpenter, William Carpenter (obit 1)     (1900)

Carpenter, William T. Carpenter    2003

CARPENTER, Young Carpenter   1879

Carpenter, Young Son Caarpenter    1908

Carpenter-Cobb, Tyler Andrew Carpenter-Cobb    1994

Carr Jr., Sanford     1869

Carr Sr., Sanford     1869

Carr, Andrew Carr    1891

Carr, Marie G. Morris Carr     2001

Carr, Mary Joe Carr, nee Lattea    2014

Carr, Mrs. John Carr    1907

Carr, Philip Carr    1890

Carr, Rolen Willis Carr    2011

Carr, Sarah Ellen Carr     1961

Carr, Thomas D. Carr     1870

Carr, Tom Carr     1885

Carrel, Hercules Carrel    1890

Carri, James Carri    1882

Carrick, Benjamin Carrick     1899

Carrick, Elizabeth     1884

Carrick, Libbie     1884

Carrick, Russell Carrick     1897

Carrol, James Carrol     2006

Carrol, John Carrol    1878

Carroll, Carlo C. Carroll     1859

Carroll, Caroline Emma Carroll nee Schindewolf     2001

Carroll, Clarance Carroll     2004

Carroll, Debra Carroll, nee Hittle    1992

Carroll, Edgar S. Carroll     2012

Carroll, Eleanor Carroll    1878

Carroll, Elizabeth "Betty" Carroll, nee Pratt     2011

Carroll, Hazel M. Carroll, nee Mercer    2008

Carroll, Lois Carroll, nee Claybaugh    1974

Carroll, Mrs. Carroll     1870

Carroll, Richard Carroll    1972

Carroll, S. H. Carroll    1906

Carroll, S. H. Carroll  2nd obit    1906

Carroll, Samuel Carroll  3rd obit    1906

Carrothers, Adaline Pennington Carrothers (nee Pennington)     1900

Carrothers, James Carrothers     1846

Carrothers, James Carrothers  2nd obit    1846

Carrothers, James Harvey Carrothers    1847

Carrothers, Susan Carrothers      1853

Carrothers, Water Carrothers     1885

Carskadon, Edith Carskadon, nee Fearing    1973

Carskadon, Thomas W. Carskadon, Sr.    1992

Carsner, Frank A. Carsner Sr.     2000

Carsner, Lucille G. Carsner, nee Hamler    1970

Carsner, Millard N. Carsner    1992

Carsner, Ruth A. Carsner, nee Riddle     2005

Carson, John Carson    1892

Carson, Rosetta Carson 1940     1940

Carson, Vida P. Carson    2008

Carter, Angel Shaneyney Carter    2011

Carter, Dianna Carter    1908

Carter, Donnabell C. Carter, nee Stickle     1996

Carter, Infant Carter    1876

Carter, J. D. Carter    1891

Carter, James Carter    1891

Carter, Minnie Carter     1874

Carter, Mrs. Mary Carter     1875

Carter, Samuel Carter    1891

Carter, Theresa Carter, nee McCort    2015

Carter, Thurman Carter, Jr.    2016

Carter, William Carter    1878

Carter, William F. Carter    2008

Carter, William J. Carter     1913

Cartwright, Peter Cartwright          1872

Caruthers, Mary Caroline Caruthers    1866

Carver, Larry Ford Carver    1999

Cary, Unknown Cary     1884

Case, Chas. B. Case    1891

Case, Grace Virginia Schillinger Case, nee Kilby     2012

Case, James Walker Case     1924

Case, Mr. Case     1868

Case, Robert C. Case     2002

Case, S. P. Case    1890

Case, William Case    1892

Case, William Case  2nd obit    1892

Casely    1891

Casey, Betty June Casey nee Leach     1986

Casey, Bradley Casey    1983

Casey, Charles E. Casey     1989

Casey, Charles Rex Casey    1978

Casey, Mrs. Thomas Casey    1878

Casey, Rex Casey [Charles Rex Casey]    1978

Casey, Silas Casey    1882

Casey, Twin daughters of Betty June and Charles E. Casey     1952

Casey, Virginia Lee Casey, nee Medley     2011

Casey, Young child Casey    1849

Cashman, Ethel Cashman (nee-McGovern)     1929

Casino, Gertrude Casino nee Paszewski "Tina"     2012

Cass, Lewis Cass    1866

Cass, Mrs. Cass     1853

Cassady, Mary M. Cassaday nee Burkhart    1974

Cassatt, Alexander J. Cassatt    1907

Cassatt, George W. Cassatt     (1900)

Cassedy, Jane (Sister Gabriel) Cassedy     1888

Casserman, Mary E. Casserman    1892

Cassidy, D. Cassidy    1891

Cassidy, Ellen Cassidy     1907

Cassidy, Jo Cassidy    1847

Cassidy, John Cassidy     1901

Cassidy, William Cassidy    1907

Cassil, Carrie Cassil    1908

Cassil, Joseph G. Cassil     1901

Casteel, James Casteel     1932

Castelli, Sebastian J. "Tony" Castelli     2001

Castello, Belva Leora “Belle” Castello, nee Butler    2005

Castello, Dempsey Castello    1959

Castello, Gary E. “Heavy” Castello     2007

Castello, Marjorie Olive Castello nee Kurtz    2008

Castello, Paul E. Castello    2001

Castellow, Minnie Bell Castellow     1868

Castle, Clara Castle (nee Wiley) (obit 1)     (1900)

Castle, Mrs. Olin Castle (obit 1)     1901

Castle, Mrs. Olin Castle (obit 2)     (1900)

Castle, Mrs. Olin Castle (obit 2)     1901

Castle, Mrs. Sarah Castle     1872

Castle, Twin Daughters of T.O. Castle    1879

Castner, Olive Castner nee Abmyer    1892

Casto, Gerald Eugene Ellis “Henry” Casto    2010

Casto, Ruby “Jenny” Casto nee Rumbold     2006

Castoe, Elijah E. Castoe     1897

Caswell, Wm. Caswell    1891

Cater, Anna V. Cater nee Burkhart     1985

Cates, Burl Cates    1989

Cates, Chloe Larinda Cates, nee Cariens    1952

Cates, Jesse Loren Cates    1987

Cates, Kenneth Lyle Cates    1983

Cates, Louis L. Cates    1956

Cates, Lucille Cates, nee Spicer    1972

Cates, Opal Cates, nee Brown    2006

Cathel, Patricia A. Cathel, nee Collins    1996

Cather, Matilda Cather         1872

Cathers, Dale E. Cathers    1982

Cathers, Gladys M. Cathers, nee Campbell    1991

Caton, Infant Caton    1906

Catron, Robert A. Catron    2012

Cattabiani, Phyllis R. Cattabiani nee Pugh    2010

Cavanaugh, George    1862

Cavanaugh, Mildred Leota Cavanaugh    1907

Cavanaugh, W. B. Cavanaugh    1917

Cavendish, Frederick Cavendish    1882

Cawley, Margaret Cawley     1913

Cazey, Nancy Cazey    1890

Cecil Earl Cecil     1924

Cecil, Elizabeth Cecil     1905

Cecil, Henry Cecil     1907

Cecil, Lydia Cecil, nee Brown     1949

Cecil, Virginia L. Cecil, nee Highman    2017

Cehrs, Barbara A.     1898

Cehrs, Christian Cehrs    1892

Cehrs, Sarah E. Cehrs    1882

Cetorelli, Mitchell Cetorelli    2008

Chadwick, Cassie Chadwick    1907

Chadwick, Minnie Chadwick    1891

Chaffee, Jerome B. Chaffee    1886

Chamberlain, Charles W. Chamberlain    1908

Chamberlain, Martha E. Chamberlain     1870

Chambers, Allie V. Chambers    1952

Chambers, Arlene C. Chambers nee Hill     2012

Chambers, Danny Frank Chambers    2010

Chambers, Donald E. Chambers    1993

Chambers, Howard J. Chambers    1997

Chambers, Julia Chambers, nee Sarich    2017

Chambers, Marjorie Ellen Chambers, nee  Fuller    2004

Chambers, Paul Eugene Chambers    2016

Chambers, Roseanna D. Chambers, nee DeNoon    1974

Chambers, William Chambers    1906

Champion, Charles Robert Champion    2016

Champion, Greg Champion    1977

Champion, Mary Alice Champion, nee DeNoon    2015

Chance, Alice M. Chance nee Jewel     2005
Chervenak, Don J. Chervenak     2005

Chance, Joseph Wilford Chance    1998

Chance, Paul A. Chance    2010

Chandler, Young daughter Chandler    1878

Chaney, Clifford “Chauncey” Chaney    2007

Chaney, D’Lee Ann Chaney, nee McBride    1972

Chaney, Ina Lou Chaney nee Hall    2009

Chaney, Leland Kenneth Chaney    1972

Chaplin, David G. Chaplin     2005

Chaplin, Esther Chaplin nee Slider    1952

Chaplin, John O. “Catfish” Chaplin    2009

Chaplin, Mary Ann Chaplin nee DandreaCuppy   2013

Chaplin, Peggy J. Chaplin    2011

Chapman, Dessie A. Miller Chapman, nee Gross    1988

Chapman, Doris Chapman, nee Miller    2003

Chapman, Jas. Chapman    1890

Chapman, John Chapman Jr.    1882

Chapman, Wheeler Chapman    1881

Chapple, Dorothy L. "Dot" Chapple, nee Lane    2001

Chapple, James F. Chapple    1991

Chapple, Michael Edward Chapple    2008

Chapple, Ralph Chapple    1989

Chapple, Rose Chapple, nee Cox    1997

Chapple, Walter J. Chapple    1956

Charbono, Dorothy Lee Charbono, nee Pyles    2017

Charleton, Mrs. Wm. Charleton    1908

Charnetzky, John Edward Charnetzky     1951

Charnetzky, Richard L. Charnetzky    1974

Chase, Agnes Chase    1862

Chase, Mrs. Samuel Chase    1848

Chase, Salmon P. Chase    1886

Chatham, Frank Chatham    1891

Chatham, John Chatham     1885

Checca, Gaetano Checca    1907

Cheek, Thompkins Cheek    1908

Chenoweth, Virginia Mae Fearing Chenoweth, nee Waibel    2012

Chenowith, Lilly Chenowith    1891

Cherry, Eva Cherry, nee Pope    1990

Cherry, Raymond Edgar Cherry    1978

Cherry, Ronald Lee Cherry    2017

Chesser, Raymond E. Chesser    1971

Chester, Robert I Chester    1892

Chick, Elisha Chick     1858

Childers, Ruth Ann Childers, nee Nalley    2009

Childress, Josie Grace Childress     2004

Chilton, Herbert Will Chilton, nee Leach    2005

Chini, Rosie L. Chini nee Bowman    2008

Cholohan, Frank Cholohan    1878

Chrislip, Lois Chrislip, nee West    2006

Chrisman, William Chrisman    1852

Christ, Charles W. Christ    2016

Christal, Thomas Christal    1891

Christemire, Henry Christemire     1870

Christen, Arch T. Christen    1965

Christen, Winnie Christen, nee Rogers    1986

Christie, James Christie     (1900)

Christman, Alva Junior Christman  LKP#5   1940

Christman, Andrew Christman    1935

Christman, Anna Christman nee Claus  LKP#5     1970

Christman, Anna Christman nee Claus  LKP#5   1962

Christman, Anna Christman, nee Schneider    1946

Christman, Anna E. Christman, nee Shell    1973

Christman, Ardis Pearl Christman, nee Geer    2012

Christman, Arlene G. Christman,  nee Crum    2007 

Christman, Arthur Christman    1975

Christman, Benjamin H. Christman    1987

Christman, Bernard Christman    1973

Christman, Bernice Christman, nee Stevens    1972

Christman, Brian Keith Christman    2011

Christman, Burris Kirk Christman    1994

Christman, Carolyn Mae Christman     2005

Christman, Casper Christman     1905

Christman, Catharine Christman, nee Bauman     1926

Christman, Celestia A. Christman     1918

Christman, Celia Christman    1974

Christman, Charles E. Christman     1955

Christman, Charles E. Christman     2010

Christman, Clara Elizabeth Christman     1900

Christman, Clara L. Christman (Obit 1)     1900

Christman, Clara L. Christman, nee Claus     1966

Christman, Clayton L. Christman    2015

Christman, Clyde Christman    1983

Christman, Cora Christman, nee Guthberlet    1942

Christman, Dale E. Christman     2004

Christman, Delmer L. Christman     2002

Christman, Dennis W. Christman    1996

Christman, Dollie W. Christman,  nee Pfalzgraf    1985

Christman, Don F. Christman     2001

Christman, Dorothy E. Christman nee Beardmore    2008

Christman, Dorothy E. Christman, nee Morris    1995

Christman, Dr. Nova A. Christman     1992

Christman, Earnest G. Christman     1912

Christman, Eleanor E. Christman nee Stephen    2008

Christman, Elmer G. Christman     1990

Christman, Emma Matilda TILLIE Christman    1975

Christman, Estella R. Christman nee Kilburn  LKP#7   1976

Christman, Ethel Christman, nee Paulus    1990

Christman, Ethel E. Christman     1990

Christman, Eunice Christman, nee Hannahs         1991

Christman, Eve Christman    1892

Christman, Evelyn C. Christman     2004

Christman, Evelyn C. Christman, nee Blake   2004

Christman, Florence Christman nee Dietz  LKP#2        1970

Christman, Florence Christman, nee Deetz    1970

Christman, Flossie M. Christman, nee Bartholomew    1975

Christman, Forest Christman  5th obit    1907

Christman, Forrest Christman     1907

Christman, Forrest Christman  2nd obit     1907

Christman, Forrest William Christman 3rd obit     1907

Christman, Frank A. Christman    2013

Christman, Frederica Christman, (nee Pfalzgraf)     1901

Christman, Frederick Christman     19071911

Christman, Fredrick Godfrey Christman  LKP#5   1971

Christman, Freeman Sylvester Christman   LKP#7   1968

Christman, Geo. J. Christman    1890

Christman, George J. Christman    1890

Christman, George L. Christman   LKP#2   1967

Christman, George M. Christman    1974

Christman, Gerald E. Christman    2016

Christman, Gerald L. Christman    2007

Christman, Gilbert A. Christman     1998

Christman, Gladys Christman     1952

Christman, Glenn James Christman    1962

Christman, Godfrey Christman     1924

Christman, Grant S. Christman     2001

Christman, Harry J. Christman     1992

Christman, Hazel L. Christman, nee Stephens    1970

Christman, Helma G. Christman nee Stephen     2003

Christman, Henrietta Matild Christman,    nee Diehl    1921

Christman, Henry Christman    1939

Christman, Howard O. Christman    2007

Christman, Ida Christman,  nee Paulus        1944

Christman, Infant Christman     1899

Christman, Irene E. Christman, nee Withers    1994

Christman, Irvle A. Christman    1977

Christman, Jack W. Christman     2005

Christman, Jacob Christman   2nd obit     1929

Christman, Jacob F. Christman     1905

Christman, Jacob F. Christman  2nd    1905

Christman, Jacob John Christman     1929

Christman, Jennie     1898

Christman, John Christman     1897

Christman, Judith Kay Christman, nee Fought    1997

Christman, Kathryn L. Christman, nee Herbert    2004

Christman, Kathy L. Christman    2015

Christman, Kenneth Paul Christman    1969

Christman, Laura Christman    1919

Christman, Laura Christman nee Baker   LKP#7  1919

Christman, Laura Melinda Christman, (nee Baker)     1919

Christman, LaVern C. Christman     1997

Christman, Lawrence H. Christman     1990

Christman, Lee H. Christman     2003

Christman, Leland Raymond Christman    2012

Christman, Lena E Christman   2013

Christman, Leslie Ann Christman     2001

Christman, Lester Vearl Christman     1918

Christman, Lewis (Louis) F, Jr. Christman     1930

Christman, Lewis E. Christman   LKP#5   1968

Christman, Lewis P. Christman        1960

Christman, Lloyd W. Christman    1982

Christman, Louis B. Christman     1911

Christman, Louis Christman     1889

Christman, Louis F. Christman     1930

Christman, Lucinda Christman     1893

Christman, Lucinda Pason Christman 2nd obit     1893

Christman, Lucinda Rosan Christman      1893

Christman, Ludwig Christman    1880

Christman, Lulu Christman, nee Wehr    1965

Christman, Magdalena S. Christman nee Matz   LKP#2   1957

Christman, Magdalena Saloma Christman nee Matz     1957

Christman, Maggie Christman, nee Goodballet    1963

Christman, Margaret Isabelle Christman nee Blowers    2010

Christman, Margaret L. Christman     1991

Christman, Margaret L. Christman,  nee Kimpel    1991

Christman, Margaret V. Christman nee Earley    2011

Christman, Marie I. Christman, nee Beardmore    2017

Christman, Marlie Lodena Christman nee Mercer    2009

Christman, Mary Christman nee Ackerman   LKP#2   1952

Christman, Mary Josephine Christman, nee Burkhart    2005

Christman, Matthew Allan Christman    2009

Christman, Maxine E. Christman, nee Stephens     2000

Christman, Mildred B. Christman nee Dearth    2008

Christman, Mildred F. Christman, nee Landefeld     1999

Christman, Mina B. Christman, nee Wehr    2003

Christman, Minnie Christman, nee Smith    1958

Christman, Miss Clara Elizabeth Christman (Obit 2)     1900

Christman, Mrs. Christman     1901

Christman, Mrs. George     1898

Christman, Mrs. Jacob Christman    1892

Christman, Neil D. Christman     2008

Christman, Neva Marie Christman    1948

Christman, Nova A. Christman    1992

Christman, Paul “Pete” Christman    1989

Christman, Paul C. Christman    2010

Christman, Paul Roger Christman    2014

Christman, Philip 'Buss' Marlon Christman    1987

Christman, Philip Christman 2nd obit     1893

Christman, Philip H. Christman       1893

Christman, Philip W. Christman    2005

Christman, Phillip Christman     1893

Christman, Rachael Christman, nee Matz    1965

Christman, Ralph E. Christman    2011

Christman, Ray Graham Christman    1966

Christman, Raymond G. Christman     2005

Christman, Richard Christman    2009

Christman, Rolland L. Christman    1989

Christman, Ronald D. Christman   2013

Christman, Ronald E. Christman    1976

Christman, Ronald Earl Christman    1963

Christman, Roy A. Christman    1994

Christman, Samuel Christman     1923

Christman, Samuel S. Christman    1977

Christman, Solomon E. “Junior” Christman    2016

Christman, Thurman J. Christman     2005

Christman, Velma E. Christman, nee Haas    2012

Christman, Vera M. Christman, nee Crites    1972

Christman, Vernon H. Christman    2007

Christman, Victoria Christman, nee Graham    1940 

Christman, Vivian Christman, nee Sykes    1994

Christman, W. Ralph Christman    1996

Christman, Walter F. Christman    1975

Christman, Walter L. Christman    1992

Christman, William G. Christman    1965

Christman, William T. Christman     1952

Christman, Zelda Christman     1990

Christman, Zilva C. Christman     1905

Christman, Zilva Christman      1905

Christner, Mrs. Mary Christner     1875

Christner, Young Child Christner    1878

Christner, Young Son Christner    1878

Christy, Audrey L. Christy nee Foster    2010

Christy, Betty Jean Christy nee Schmidt   2013

Christy, Brady Christy     1894

Christy, Chancy Leo Christy     2004

Christy, Denzel Christy     1913

Christy, Edmond Robert Christy     1928

Christy, Eldon Christy    2009

Christy, Elifrede Christy, nee Harmon    2015

Christy, Freda E. Christy     1991

Christy, Hilma Irene Christy     2003

Christy, Hilma Irene Christy nee Davis     2003

Christy, J. Finley Christy    1890

Christy, John T. Christy 1946     1946

Christy, Joseph H. "Kip Poole" Christy    1942

Christy, Luvina Christy     1929

Christy, Mrs. James Christy     1924

Christy, Mrs. John T. Christy nee Sloan    1934

Christy, Olive Blanche Christy nee Hartshorn    1974

Christy, Scott A. Christy     2009

Chupp, Melvin J. Chupp    2007

Church, Sanford E. Church    1880

Church, Young daughter Church    1878

Churchill, Mrs. Churchill     1886

Churchill, Mrs. Churchill    1886

Chutes, Jonni Jill Chutes nee Greene    2011

Ciesielczyk , Peter Ciesielczyk, Jr.    2016

Ciesielczyk, Peter Ciesielczyk, Sr.    2011

Cilue, Private John Cilue    1862

Cinciarelli, Evelyn Arlene Cinciarelli, nee White    1999

Cinciarelli, Marc Cinciarelli    2012

Circosta, Frank Circosta    2015

Circosta, Geraldine Elizabeth Circosta nee Mitchell 2007     2007

Cisler, Tracy L. Cisler    2017

Cisne, Jonah Cisne     1877

City, Benson A. City    1989

City, Damon F. City    1983

City, Elmer C. City    1971

City, Evelyn Irene City, nee Stewart    1995

City, Mary Francis Thompson-City, nee Parker    2015

City, Miles Free City    1948

City, Nellie City, nee Byers    1928

City, Robert Benson City    1971

City, Thelma City, nee Haldeman     1994

Cizman, Genevieve Cizman - nee Hackathorn     1999

Claar, Erma McDougal Coletti Claar nee Reed    2010

Clagett, (Son) Clagett     1855

Clapham, Mrs. G. E. Clapham    1878

Clapp, Ivan Gene Clapp    2012

Clara, James Clara    1882

Clarendon, The Earl Clarendon     1870

Clark, Alva Harold Clark    2003

Clark, Amos Clark    1862

Clark, Annie W. Clark    1907

Clark, Barbara Clark    1917

Clark, Bertha Clark    1907

Clark, Charles Clark    1908

Clark, Child     1898

Clark, Clara Stewart Clark     1961

Clark, D. T. Clark, Sr.     1924

Clark, David Tyler Clark 2nd obit     1924

Clark, Doyle W. Clark    1971

Clark, Dr. J.C. Clark     1875

Clark, Dr. John J. Clark     1858

Clark, Edna M. Clark, nee Ellingson    1989

Clark, Elizabeth Clark, nee King    2015

Clark, Everett H. Clark    2005

Clark, Flossie C. Clark, nee Kinkade    1987

Clark, Freda Clark nee Rufener    1974

Clark, Harry A. Clark    1976

Clark, Helen Clark, nee Gray    1979

Clark, Inez F. Clark, nee Cariens    1998

Clark, James Clark    1891

Clark, Jane Clark    1881

Clark, Janet S. Clark, nee Turner     2000

Clark, John C. Clark- 2nd obit     1875

Clark, John Doyle Clark    2009

Clark, Joseph     1869

Clark, Joseph C. Clark     1899

Clark, Joseph C. Clark    1862

Clark, Joseph M. Clark    1999

Clark, Lenna L. Thompson Clark, nee Coy    1977

Clark, Lewis Clark    1908

Clark, Lillie Venora Clark    1880

Clark, Louisa Isaphene Clark, nee Swallow    1941

Clark, Margaret Clark    1907

Clark, Mary F.     1884

Clark, Michael K. Clark    2008

Clark, Mr. Clark    1891

Clark, Mrs. Jane Clark     1860

Clark, Mrs. Joseph Clark     1924

Clark, Mrs. Mary Clark     1877

Clark, Mrs. Nancy Clark     1875

Clark, Mrs. Sherman Clark    1891

Clark, Neva Clark, nee Leach    1967

Clark, Norma L. Clark, nee Richey    2003

Clark, Ralph L. Clark    2015

Clark, Robert Clark     1872

Clark, Robert E. Clark    1999

Clark, Thomas Clark    1866

Clark, Thomas Clark    1919

Clark, Valentine Clark     1900

Clark, Wandalee Marie Clark, nee Riser    2017

Clark, William C. Clark    2015

Clarke, (2) Small children Clarke    1891

Clarke, C. B. Clarke    1891

Clarke, E. W. Clarke    1882

Clarke, Elizabeth Clarke    1918

Clarke, Hannah     1898

Clarke, Mrs. David Clarke    1891

Clarke, Sarsfield Clarke     1885

Clarvoe, Maude M. Clarvoe nee Barnes   1881

Clary, John Clary    1890

Clary, Joseph W. Clary     2006

Claugus, Cecil L. Claugus    2008

Claugus, Clara Rush Claugus     1958

Claugus, Dale R. Claugus    2008

Claugus, E. Claudine Claugus nee Morgan     2006

Claugus, Henry Claugus     1908

Claugus, Henry Claugus  2nd obit     1908

Clauquss, child of Frederick Clauquss    1873

Claus, Adolph H. Claus     1929

Claus, Adolph Henry Claus 2nd obit     1929

Claus, Albert Claus    1953

Claus, Anna B. Claus nee Schneider    1952

Claus, Anna Barbara Claus nee Schneider    1952

Claus, Ben Claus          LKP#5   1955

Claus, Bernard L. Claus “Sandy”   2013

Claus, Beryl M. Claus, nee Christman    2015

Claus, Bonnie K. Claus   2013

Claus, Caroline Claus nee Haffner   LKP#5   1934

Claus, Charles J. Claus    1944

Claus, Clara L. Claus    1992

Claus, Clemence G. Claus     1919

Claus, Clemens G. Claus    1920

Claus, Ed. Claus     1894

Claus, Edwin F. Claus    LKP#5   1978

Claus, Elizabeth Claus     1929

Claus, Elizabeth Claus (nee Ackerman)      1901

Claus, Elizabeth Claus nee Fliehman  2nd obit     1929

Claus, Elizabeth Claus, (nee Fleighman)     1929

Claus, Emil Justis Claus   LKP#5   1946

Claus, Esther C. Claus, nee Christman     1994

Claus, Freda L. Claus, nee Hossman     1986

Claus, Fredrick Claus   LKP#5   1937

Claus, Gilbert J. Claus     1995

Claus, Harold E. Claus          LKP#5   1975

Claus, Harry E. Claus    1999

Claus, Henry Claus      1904

Claus, Henry Claus 2nd obit    1906

Claus, Henry Claus, II     1906

Claus, Henry, Sr.     1904

Claus, Justus Claus   LKP#5  1932

Claus, Keith S. Claus    2008

Claus, Leora Claus nee Christman   LKP#5   1942

Claus, Leroy A. Claus  LKP#7   1944

Claus, Lydia Claus nee Riemenschneider   LKP#5   1948

Claus, Lydia L. Claus     1919

Claus, Margaret Claus nee Miller     1929

Claus, Margaret Claus nee Miller 2nd obit     1929

Claus, Margaret E. Claus (nee Hoff)     1941

Claus, Mary K. Claus nee Schmidt     1905

Claus, Mary K. Claus, (nee Schmidt)      1905

Claus, Mildred G. Claus, nee Riser    1994

Claus, Mrs. Walter Claus    1919

Claus, Nickolas Claus    1892

Claus, Oswald A. Claus      1950

Claus, Paul William Claus   LKP#5   1945

Claus, Walter C. Claus  LKP#7   1968

Claus, Wilburt Walter Claus     2007

Claus, Wilhelm Heinrich Claus     1898

Claus,  Margaret Claus nee Mueller/Miller     1929

Clause, Zelma L. Clause, nee Hossman     1966

Clauss, Alfred Ernest Clauss   2013

Clauss, Lenna Mae Clauss nee Carpenter   2013

Clauss, Ruth M. Clauss (nee--Hershberger)     2002

Clay, Cassius Clay    1849

Clay, Colonel Clay    1847

Clay, Henry Clay    1852

Clay, Henry Clay    1878

Clay, Henry Clay  2nd obit    1852

Clay, Zachariah Clay     1913

Claybaugh, Carol J. Claybaugh, nee Wagner     2003

Claybaugh, Claude C. Claybaugh    1969

Claybaugh, Edgar D. Claybaugh    1887

Claybaugh, Edgar F. Claybaugh    1983

Claybaugh, Eleanor G. Claybaugh     2000

Claybaugh, Helen J. Claybaugh, nee Goldstein    1989

Claybaugh, Joseph Clifford Claybaugh     1960

Claybaugh, Margaret E. Claybaugh     2000

Claybaugh, Milan D. Claybaugh     1990

Claybaugh, Minnie Claybaugh, nee Westerfield    1971

Claybaugh, Ralph R. Claybaugh     1956

Claybaugh, Ruth D. Claybaugh, nee Dungan     1985

Claybaugh, Sarah Claybaugh, nee Alden     1967

Claypool, Jesse Claypool    1907

Clayton, Bob Clayton    1891

Clayton, Robert Clayton    1878

Cleary, Lizzie Cleary     1907

Cleaver, Bradley R. Cleaver    2010

Cleaver, Robert Cleaver    2003

Cleelan, Rodney E. Cleelan     1993

Clegg,  Lucinda E,     1898

Clegg, Ada Marie Clegg, nee Daugherty    1987

Clegg, Ada Ruth Clegg nee Litman    2009

Clegg, Andrew Wesley Clegg   2013

Clegg, C. F. Clegg    1917

Clegg, Charles Ray Clegg    2016

Clegg, Dorothy Virginia Clegg nee Ensinger     2003

Clegg, Frank     1898

Clegg, Hulda Clegg    1890

Clegg, Hulda Clegg  2nd obit    1890

Clegg, John (obit 2) Clegg     1899

Clegg, John (obit 3) Clegg     1899

Clegg, John Clegg     1899

Clegg, John Clegg    1852

Clegg, John Clegg (obit 2)     1899

Clegg, John Clegg (obit 3)     1899

Clegg, Levi Clegg     1875

Clegg, Levi Clegg – 2nd Obit     1875

Clegg, Margaret Clegg    1886

Clegg, Mary Clegg     1859

Clegg, Mary Jane Clegg     1857

Clegg, Mrs. Catherine Clegg    1879

Clegg, Mrs. John Clegg Sr.    1886

Clegg, Mrs. William Clegg (obit 2) 1897

Clegg, Mrs. William Clegg     1897

Clegg, R. M. Clegg    1933

Clegg, Rachel Clegg     1857

Clegg, Richard Clegg      1889

Clegg, Samuel Clegg    1890

Clegg, Samuel Clegg  2nd obit    1907

Clegg, Samuel Clegg, Sr.     1907

Clegg, Sarah Clegg    1881

Clegg, T. F. (Thoburn) Clegg     1924

Clegg, T. F. Clegg    1924

Clegg, Thomas Clegg     1883

Clegg, Thomas J. Clegg    1886

Clegg, William Glenn Clegg    2013

Clegg, William R. Clegg     1897

Clegg, Young son Clegg    1886

Clemens, F. F. Clemens    1891

Clement, Blanche Clement    1891

Clementine, Princess Clementine    1907

Clements, Vera Marie Clements, nee Schell    2006

Clemons, Martha Clemons    1892

Clemson, Shirley Ann Clemson, nee White     2009

Clency, John Clency    1908

Clendenning, John Clendenning     1901

Cleveland, Grover Cleveland    1908

Cleveland, Grover Cleveland  2nd obit    1908

Cleveland, Harlan E. Cleveland     2003

Cleveland, Henry J.     1898

Cleveland, Joe Cleveland    2008

Cleveland, Lola E. Cleveland nee Hines    2007

Cleveland, Margaret Cleveland     1875

Cleveland, Mary Cleveland    1935

Cleveland, Mrs. Tony Cleveland    1918

Cleveland, T. S. Cleveland     1901

Cleveland, Thaddeus  S. Cleveland     1901

Clevenger, Donald E. Clevenger    2010

Clevenger, John W. Clevenger    1994

Clevenger, Larry G. Clevenger    2004

Clevenger, Linda K. Clevenger, nee Uhren    2006

Clevenger, Mary Rose Clevenger nee Koci    2009

Clevenger, Robert E. Clevenger    1995

Cliff, John R. Cliff    1908

Clifford, Rosalind Clifford    1882

Clift, Anna Mae Clift (nee--Reischman)     2001

Clift, C. W. Clift    1906

Clift, Darrin Boyd Clift    1995

Clift, Forest Maxwell Clift     2004

Clift, Frank E. Clift    1974

Clift, James A. Clift    2008

Clift, Juanita, B. Clift nee Winland    2010

Clift, Max F. Clift    1980

Clift, Nathan J. Clift    1989

Clift, Sandra F. Clift, nee Neuhart    1993

Clift, Young Child Clift    1878

Clifton, Leroy Clifton     1877

Cline,  Mary Elizabeth Mills Cline     1913

Cline, Alexander Cline    1891

Cline, Alonzo Cline     1950

Cline, Amanda Cline     1913

Cline, Amanda Jane Cline (obit 2)     1913

Cline, Anna May Cline 1940     1940

Cline, Baby Cline     1894

Cline, Barbara     1898

Cline, Bernadine Cline nee Busche   2013

Cline, Blanche I. Cline nee Weckbacher    2009

Cline, Bonny Lou Cline, nee Terry     2008

Cline, Charles M. Cline     2012

Cline, Christian R. Cline 1946     1946

Cline, Clare Cline     1907

Cline, Clarence "Frederick" Cline    1972

Cline, Cy Cline    1891

Cline, Dale Glenn Cline    1977

Cline, Daniel R. Cline    2017

Cline, Darrell E. Cline    2016

Cline, David Cline     1888

Cline, David Cline    1876

Cline, David P. Cline    2017

Cline, Donald E. Cline    2009

Cline, Donald J. Cline    2009

Cline, Donald W. Cline    2016

Cline, Doris E. Cline     2011

Cline, Edgar B. Cline     2006

Cline, Eileen M. Cline nee Ricer    2007

Cline, Elias     1898

Cline, Elija A. Cline     1913

Cline, Elizabeth Cline     1899

Cline, Elizabeth Cline     1913

Cline, Ella Cline     1894

Cline, Elva Cline  2nd obit    1892

Cline, Elvira Cline    1892

Cline, Emma J. Cline nee Marty   2013

Cline, Emmit Eugene Cline     2006

Cline, Eugene H. Cline    2016

Cline, Evelyn M. Cline nee Highman   2013

Cline, Florence Cline     1916

Cline, Floyd Leroy Cline    2010

Cline, Frances     1898

Cline, Francis Mearl Cline     1984

Cline, Freda M. Cline nee Bonam     1985

Cline, Freddy C. Cline     1929

Cline, Frederick E. Cline   LKP#7   1979

Cline, Frederick Perry Cline    2017

Cline, G. Catherine Cline nee Myers   2013

Cline, Gail E. Cline     2005

Cline, George Cline, Sr.    1873

Cline, George W. Cline    1970

Cline, Gladys Cline nee Billiter     2006

Cline, H. C. Cline     1905

Cline, Infant     1898

Cline, Isaac Cline     1897

Cline, James Woodrow Cline    2004

Cline, Jane Cline     1877

Cline, Jean E. Cline nee Turner     2012

Cline, Jeffrey Adair Cline "Stryker"     2012

Cline, Johnson Cline     1924

Cline, Kathryn L. Cline nee Keyser     2004

Cline, Kenneth Dale Cline     2004

Cline, Kermit E. Cline     2000

Cline, Kerrie Jane Cline nee Dillon   LKP#6   1977

Cline, Leonard Cline    1916

Cline, Luther Cline    1952

Cline, Margaret P. “Polly” Cline nee Clark    2010

Cline, Margaret S. Cline    1882

Cline, Marshall Cline 1936     1936

Cline, Martha Jane Cline nee Collins   2013

Cline, Martha Jane Cline nee Collins   2013

Cline, Martha L. Cline     2001

Cline, Martha Rose Cline nee Dye    2008

Cline, Mary H. Cline nee Bonam     1994

Cline, Mary Virginia Cline nee Newlin     2012

Cline, McClellen Cline    1890

Cline, Mrs. L. P. Cline     1913

Cline, Mrs. T. O. Cline    1908

Cline, Mrs. William F. Cline     1943

Cline, Nancy Cline     1913

Cline, Nelson Cline     1907

Cline, Norma Arabelle Cline nee Williams 2007     2007

Cline, Perry     1884

Cline, Perry D. Cline     1955

Cline, Raymond Eugene Cline    1966

Cline, Ricky Gene Cline    2007

Cline, Robert Cline     (1900)

Cline, Robert Woodrow Cline     2000

Cline, Rosalie Jane Cline nee Paden     2005

Cline, Samuel Cline     1897

Cline, Samuel Cline     1908

Cline, Samuel Cline    1908

Cline, Sarah Ellen Cline nee Knowlton 1947     1947

Cline, Sister Arlene Weckbacher Cline, nee Weckbacher    2002

Cline, Stacy Cline    1876

Cline, Stanley Murl Cline    1981

Cline, Temperance Cline       1853

Cline, Tony B. Cline    2012

Cline, Trina Jo Cline    1970

Cline, Vernon L. “Barry” Cline    2016

Cline, Victor Cline     1975

Cline, Virginia Margaret Cline nee Bradfield    2008

Cline, Vivian Carmon Cline, nee Young    2005

Cline, Young daughter Cline    1876

Cline, Zelda Cline (nee--Durbin)     2001

Cline, Maggie P. Cline (nee_Briggs)     1929

Clingan, Jane Clingan    1852

Clingan, Mrs. Clingan    1873

Clingan, Sophia Clingan    1918

Clinghan, Rev. John Clinghan     1858

Clipner, Elizabeth Clipner nee Potts    2008

Clithers, Jemima Clithers    1881

Close, Doris L. Close     2005

Close, Effie Herlan Close,nee Herlan    1943

Close, Jacob P. Close    1973

Cloughessy, June Cloughessy nee Gonya     2006

Clouse, Albert Clouse    1908

Clouse, Frank Clouse    1890

Clover, R. Clover     1858

Cluff, Marjorie Elnora Trout Cluff, nee Dixon    1999

Clupper, Al Clupper    1891

Clutter, Clarence Clutter     (1900)

Clutter, Evelyn Clutter nee Feyk     2012

Clymer, Chas. Clymer  1872

Clymore, Jean R. Clymore, nee Reed    1991

Coates, Eunice     1884

Coates, Eunice (obit 2)     1884

Coates, Thos. Coates    1891

Coates, William Forest Coates    2016

Coats, Benjamin Coats     1901

Coats, Benjamin Craft Coats     (1900)

Coats, Ellen Coats nee Minor    1892

Coats, Geo. A. Coats    1848

Cobb, Clifford Dean Cobb    2015

Cobbler, Kenneth Leroy Cobbler    2003

Cobbler, Mary Rosella Cobbler, nee Brown    1993

Cobbler, Robert A. Cobbler    1998

Coble, Roger D. Coble    2008

Coble, Walter E. Coble     1981

Coburn, E.E. Coburn     1913

Cochran, Darrell Gene Cochran    2016

Cochran, Earl W. Cochran    1974

Cochran, Edward Cochran     1888

Cochran, Elnora L. Cochran nee Clanton   2013

Cochran, Francis Cochran     1845

Cochran, Frank W.     1895

Cochran, Jason M. Cochran    1907

Cochran, Jeremiah Cochran 1872

Cochran, Lloyd Lee Cochran     1993

Cochran, Margaret Cochran     1858

Cochran, Marion Cochran nee Rist     2006

Cochran, Samuel Cochran     (1900)

Cochran, Wm. Cochran     1883

Cochran, Zachariah Cochran    1882

Cocke, John H. Cocke    1891

Codling, Frank W. Codling    1982

Cody, Isaac Cody    1891

Cody, James Charles Cody    1997

Cody, Josie Cody, nee Pope    1983

Coe, Lucinda Coe     1858

Coen, Archie Coen    1985

Coen, Carl Coen     2006

Coen, Corporal William Coen     1862 

Coen, Ezra Coen     1901

Coen, G. Elaine Coen, nee Staley     1998

Coen, Gladys E. Coen, nee Morris     1973

Coen, Hulda Coen, nee Cronin     1935

Coen, John V. Coen     1962

Coen, Nellie Coen, nee Grooms    1962

Coen, Otha Coen    1920

Coen, R. L. Coen    1862

Coen, Ralph Coen    1971

Coen, Rodney R. Coen     2006

Coen, William Coen    1935

Cofer, Harry Cofer    1919

Coffee     1875

Coffey, Frederick "Fritz” Coffey     2005

Coffey, Margaret Coffey    1952

Coffield, James Coffield    1873

Coffield, Theodore Coffield     1899

Coffinbury, Jas. M. Coffinbury    1891

Coffman, Ann Coffman    1873

Coffman, Henry Coffman    1882

Colbert, Carol Jane Colbert, nee Gray    2015

Colbert, Senator Harding Colbert, Jr.    2004

Colburn, Clare J. Colburn    1930

Colburn, Clare Jonathan Colburn    1948

Colburn, Olga Colburn, nee Neuhardt    1943

Colburn, Opal M. Colburn, nee Thomas     1996

Colburn, Wayne N. Colburn    1937

Colburn, Wiley Colburn    2009

Cole, Alva Francis Cole, Jr.    1978

Cole, Anne Cole    1844

Cole, Chloe Cole, nee Stickle    1968

Cole, Leon S. Cole     1934

Cole, Olive Cole, nee Schaffner     2001

Coleman, Alma A. Coleman (nee-Harrison)     2006

Coleman, Emma Jane Coleman, nee Nalley    1970

Coleman, Helen Elaine Coleman nee Folger   2013

Coleman, John Coleman    1908

Coleman, Lawrence Coleman     2007

Coleman, Louis R. Coleman    2006

Coleman, Matilda Coleman    1891

Coleman, Rose Coleman    1908

Coleman, Wilcie M. Coleman nee Myers   2013

Coleman, William Coleman     1894

Coleman, William Joel “Bill” Coleman    2016

Colledge, Elizabeth Colledge    1846

Colledge, Samuel James Colledge    1852

Colledge, Sarah Colledge    1852

Collenbine, Miss Collenbine    1878

Colley, Lydia Colley    1886

Collier, Robert J. Collier    1918

Collins, Betty Ruth Collins, nee Schaffner     1994

Collins, Charles Collins     1929

Collins, Charles Collins    1882

Collins, Chas. Collins    1886

Collins, Edwin H. Collins    2009

Collins, Eldon C. "Sonny" Collins    1985

Collins, Eunice M. Collins nee Cassidy    1919

Collins, Fred J. Collins   2013

Collins, Horace D. Collins    1906

Collins, Howard C. Collins    1974

Collins, Jean D. Collins,  nee Atkinson    1999

Collins, Loren W. "Woodie" Collins     2011

Collins, Rev. Isaac Collins     1870

Collins, Robert M. Collins    1919

Collins, Roy Collins    2000

Collins, Ruth B. Collins nee Harter    1952

Collins, Ruth E. Collins nee Burns   2013

Collins, Samuel Collins     1855

Collins, Thomas Collins    1891

Collins, Viola Collins, nee Hamler    1988

Collins, W. W. Collins     1888

Collins, Walter Collins    1952

Collins, Young son Collins    1876

Collmar, Donna Jean Collmar, nee Edington    1988

Colored Woman and three Children     1870

Colt, (mother) Colt     1901

Colvig, James M. Colvig     1889

Colvig, Jas. Colvig     1889

Colvig, Lavina Colvig    1907

Colvig, Wm. Colvig    1908

Colville, Thomas Colville    1891

Colvin, Florence Elizabeth Colvin nee Moffett     2007

Colvin, Lewis Colvin     1905

Colvin, Lewis Colvin  2nd obit     1905

Colvin, Linda Carpenter Colvin     2005

Colvin, Marvis Colvin nee Finnicum     2005

Colvin, Miss     1899

Colvin, Norma Lucille Colvin nee Hill   2011

Colvin, Rosa Colvin     1907

Colvin, Rosa Colvin  2nd obit    1907

Colvin, Wanda Colvin nee Soloninka    2008

Colvin, William Stanley Colvin    2007

Combs, Minnie Louise Combs nee Hilverding    1974

Comer, Daisy Ruth Comer, nee Candler    1952

Comer, Irene Comer (nee-McGovern)     1929

Comer, Linvel E. Comer    1967

Comer, Martha J. Comer, nee Hann    1998

Comer, Richard A. Comer    2008

Comer, William J. Comer     1929

Cominsky, Elizabeth Cominsky nee Wagner  2nd obit    1907

Comisky, Elizabeth Comisky     1907

Comisky, Matthew Comisky    1891

Compton, David Compton    1908

Compton, Dr. Compton    1878

Compton, Laura Leek Compton, nee Candler    1976

Conaway, Earl Conaway     (1900)

Conder, Ronald “Barney” Conder    2012

Condon, Dennis Condon     1871

Condon, Glenn Gordon Condon    1994

Condon, Gloria D. Condon, nee Sutton     1990

Conforti, Jerry Conforti    2010

Conger, (wife of David) Conger     1885

Conger, (wife of David) Conger     1897

Conger, (wife) Conger     1885

Conger, Betty D. Conger nee Barbe    2008

Conger, Child Conger     1899

Conger, Daniel Conger     1905

Conger, Daniel Conger (obit 1)     1901

Conger, Daniel Conger (obit 2)     1901

Conger, Daniel Conger (obit 3)     1901

Conger, David Conger     1905

Conger, Elizabeth Jane Conger nee Barrackman     1929

Conger, Enos Conger    1862

Conger, Frankie Lee Conger nee Cochran   2013

Conger, James (Jim) Conger    2010

Conger, John Conger     1883

Conger, Margaret  Conger nee Campbell     1894

Conger, Margaret Conger nee Monahan     1905

Conger, Michael A. Conger     2012

Conger, Mrs. (David) Conger     1885

Congleton, Betty L. (Knowlton) Congleton

Congleton, Gertrude Elwanda Congleton, nee Binegar     1993

Congleton, Hayward J. Congleton    2010

Conkle, Mrs. Horatio Conkle     1901

Conley, Anna Conley     1905

Conley, Anna Elizabeth Conley     1967

Conley, Dorman Sherman Conley     1952

Conley, Edward Conley    2016

Conley, Elmer Elwood Conley     1967

Conley, Eugene D. Conley     1949

Conley, Frank Conley

Conley, George Harvey Conley     1961

Conley, Gilbert Harry Conley “Gib     2006

Conley, Hazel J. Conley, nee Haskett    1971

Conley, Kenny D. Conley     2009

Conley, Leroy Conley 1942     1942

Conley, Lieutisha Conley     1924

Conley, Mary Conley    1917

Conley, Mary Matilda Conley     1952

Conley, Miss Lou Conley     1885

Conley, Perry Conley    1917

Conley, Septimaus H. Conley     1924

Conley, Thomas Franklin (Frank) Conley     1944

Conley, William Mason Conley     1962

Conlon, Glenda Sue ‘Susan’ Conlon, nee Lattea    2009

Conn, Arthur Conn    1908

Conn, Priscilla Conn     1858

Conn, Thomas D. Conn   2013

Conn, William Conn     1897

Connell, Oliver Connell    1892

Connelly, Barney Connelly    1891

Connelly, Paul Connelly    1933

Connelly, Thomas Connelly    1878

Conner, Anna Louisa Conner nee Gilmore   2013

Conner, Barbara R. Conner nee Rausch    2008

Conner, Dale E. “Weasel” Conner    2010

Conner, Edna M. Conner nee Mellott    2011

Conner, Eleanor Conner nee Smith     2009

Conner, Holden M. Conner    2008

Conner, Holden Michael Conner    2008

Conner, James H. Conner     1929

Conner, John Conner     1888

Conner, Joseph Conner    1882

Conner, Leo. J. T. “Tom” Conner    1984

Conner, Lillian E. Conner, nee Willgus    1991

Conner, Nora Conner, nee McCurdy     1929

Conner, Paul E. Conner    2011

Connett, Margaret Connett    1907

Conning, Annie Conning    1908

Connolly, Mrs. Connolly    1891

Connor, Edward Connor    1879

Connor, John Connor     1913

Connor, John Wesley Connor (obit 2)     1913

Connor, Mrs. R. A. Connor    1886

Connor, Nancy Connor  nee Howell  2nd obit    1886

Connor, Rebecca Connor     1855

Connor, William Connor     1858

Connor,  Hannah E. Connor    1873

Conrad, Donald W. “Don” Conrad     2007

Conrad, H. N. Conrad    1908

Conrad, Mrs. George Conrad    1908

Conrad, Stanley Berton Conrad    1990

Conrad, Young Child Conrad    1908

Conter, Andrew Conter    2012

Contos, Bruce G. Contos    2015

Contry, Ed Contry    1891

Converse, S. W. Converse    1891

Conway, Jack F. Conway    2009

Cook Chase W. "Chaser" Cook     2011

Cook, Arnold Lee Cook    2011

Cook, Caroline Rae* Cook    1955

Cook, Child Cook        1897

Cook, Claudy Cook    2000

Cook, Dorothy Cook nee Blackwood     2006

Cook, Dwight David Cook    2015

Cook, Edwin C. Cook     2008

Cook, George A. Cook    1891

Cook, George Cook    1979

Cook, Helen L. Schell nee Cook     2005

Cook, Henry Cook    1852

Cook, Homer W. Cook    1959

Cook, Izabella Cook    2010

Cook, James W. Cook    2016

Cook, Lemuel Cook    1866

Cook, Lorna V. Cook, nee Rankin    1999

Cook, Luther Clarence Cook    1946

Cook, Marie D. Cook, nee Gorby    1985

Cook, Mary "Katherine" Cook, nee Ginn    2013

Cook, Pardon Cook    1880

Cook, Richard Cook    1968

Cook, Roxie Manning Cook, nee Duckworth    2007

Cook, Thomas     1869

Cook, Thomas Cook    1872

Cook, Tony Eugene Cook    2016

Cook, Violet M. Cook    1993

Cook, Beatrice Cook, nee McClure    1984

Cooke, George M. Cooke     1905

Cooke, Mrs. Mary Cooke     1883

Cooley, Alex Hissom Cooley     1962

Cooley, Clara Cooley nee Ullman     1889

Cooley, Drusilla Cooley     1926

Coolidge, Calvin Coolidge, Junior    1924

Coon,  ----------------

Coon, Bryan Coon    1972

Coon, Fannie B. Coon, nee Vawter    1071

Coon, Henry Coon    1891

Coon, Mrs. Angeline Coon nee Crawford     1900

Cooney, John E. Cooney    1999

Cooper, Anthony Cooper    1881

Cooper, Archibald Cooper     1859

Cooper, Carlos Ray Cooper    2016

Cooper, Charlotte Cooper    1852

Cooper, Donald Cooper     1885

Cooper, Hazel Cooper    1906

Cooper, Ida A. Cooper    1907

Cooper, James Cooper     1894

Cooper, James Cooper    1891

Cooper, James M. Cooper    1891

Cooper, Joseph H. Cooper    2016

Cooper, Kenneth L. Cooper    2011

Cooper, Mahala J. Cooper     1913

Cooper, Mary G. Cooper     1875

Cooper, Mary G. Cooper     1875

Cooper, Robert Cooper     1885

Cooper, Robert Cooper Sr.     1885

Cooper, Samuel Cooper     1908

Cooper, William Cooper     1860

Cooper, William K. Cooper    1917

Cope, Carol Ann Cope nee Darby   2013

Copeland, Al Copeland         2001

Copeland, Anna Copeland    1890

Copeland, Bradley Copeland     2007

Copeland, G. R. Copeland    1890

Copeland, George R. Copeland  2nd obit    1890

Copeland, Patricia Copeland, nee Runion     1973

Copeland, Rebecca Copeland    1924

Copeland, Stephanie Renae Copeland     2009

Copeland, William Copeland (obit 1)     1901

Copeland, William Copeland (obit 2)     1901

COPH, George Coph   1879

Coplan, Hilda E. Coplan nee Kenney     1995

Coplan, James Coplan     2000

Coplan, John C. Coplan (obit 1)     1901

Coplan, John C. Coplan (obit 2)     1901

Coplan, Rebecca Bosworth Coplan     1924

Coplan, William Coplan    2015

Copley, Leisa Faye Copley, nee Given    2016

Copley, Mary Louise Copley nee Lambert     2004

Corbett, Josephine Ellen Corbett nee Graham   2013

Corbett, Robert B. Corbett    2017

Corbin, Emory M. Corbin    1942

Corbin, Henry Corbin    1892

Corbin, Lydia Corbin    1908

Corbin, Nellie F. Corbin, nee Wright    1980

Cord, Edward  L. Cord    2013

Cord, Kent Raymond Cord    1949

Cord, Loretta F. Cord, nee Cherry    2001

Cord, Richard A. Cord    2006

CORDELL, Mrs. Thomas Cordell   1879

Cordray, Cheryl Cordray, nee Brown    2012

Cordray, Frank E. Cordray    2006

Cordray, Glenn D. Cordray    1994

Cordry, Mrs. William Cordry     1899

Corley, Clark Bruce Corley     1984

Corley, Katherine Corley, nee Morris     2013

Corley, Miss Corley    1891

Corley, Roy Clark Corley     1972

Cornell, Doris Ann Cornell nee Beckett    2011

Cornell, Robert E. Cornell    2017

Cornwall, Mr. Cornwall    1891

Corrick, Denzel D. Corrick     2005

Corrigan, Young Son Corrigan    1891

Corwin, Mr. Corwin    1866

Cory, Frances Jo Nippert Cory nee Thomas    2008

Coss, “Little Child” Coss     1894

Coss, A. Mansil Coss     2002

Coss, Amelia Nettie Coss, nee Friday    1962

Coss, Benjamin Coss    1891

Coss, Bertha Coss     1907

Coss, Bertha Coss 2nd obit     1907

Coss, Betty Mae Coss, nee Gallaher    1979

Coss, Charles F. Coss    1994

Coss, Charles Melvin Coss    1955

Coss, Chauncey V. Coss     1997

Coss, Duane Ray Coss     2011

Coss, Frank Coss   1879

Coss, Ida Ruth Coss, nee Wise     1999

Coss, James Lewis Coss    2009

Coss, James R. "Rick" Coss    1988

Coss, James T. Coss     1990

Coss, James W. Coss    1983

Coss, Jeanette Rachael Coss nee Love     2012

Coss, John F. Coss   2013

Coss, Mary Coss     1913

Coss, Mary Natalie Coss nee Jones    2009

Coss, Private John Coss     1862 

Coss, Rosa Kernen Coss     1913

Coss, Wash Coss     1905

Coss, William Coss     1929

Cossey, Betty Jean Cossey, nee Turpin    2016

Costello, Donna Costello, nee Warrick    2004

Costello, Edward Joseph Costello    2000

Costello, Susan Costello     1907

Cottle, Private J. T. Cottle    1862

Cotton, Darwin Cotton    2013

Cotton, George Cotton    1964

Cotton, Wanda Jean Cotton, nee Miller    2014

Cottrill, Dennis F. Cottrill    2011

Cottrill, Marguarite Cottrill    2008

Coughenour, Robert V. Coughenour     2009

Coughlan, Carole Lynn Coughlan    2009

Coughlan, Elmer F. Coughlan    1990

Coughlan, Elmer J. Coughlan        1977

Coughlan, Francis Coughlan       1929

Coughlan, Francis M. "Frank" Coughlan    1989

Coughlan, Frank Coughlan    1924

Coughlan, Harold Andrew Couglan    2000

Coughlan, Helen A. Coughlan,  nee McManus        1980

Coughlan, Jean Coughlan, nee Clark    2012

Coughlan, Kenneth Coughlan       1928

Coughlan, Mary Emma Coughlan  nee Wagner   1931

Coughlan, Oma M. Coughlan,  nee Hendershot        1978

Coughlan, Paul W. Coughlan    2011

Coughlan, Scott Coughlan   2005

Coulson, Ben Coulson 1946     1946

Coulson, Mrs. Coulson     1855

Coultas, George W. Coultas     1894

Coultas, Ralph N. Coultas    2003

Coultas, Robert Coultas    1906

Coulter, Edward Coulter     1905

Coulter, Freda M. Coulter, nee Anderson     1997

Coulter, Mr. Coulter    1852

Courtney, Doris Courtney, nee Pope    1974

Courtney, Fred Courtney    1977

Courtney, James E. Courtney    2006

Courtney, Thomas P. Courtney    1891

Courtrite, Unknown Courtrite     1901

Coury, Jeannetta Ramona Coury, nee Coen     1994

Coutre, Kathy A. Coutre nee McClellan     2009

Couty, Cleatus R. Couty    2004

Couty, Maxwell Couty    1976

Couty, Thelma R. Couty, nee Rhodes    1975

Covan, (daughter) Covan     (1900)

Covan, B. Covan    1906

Covan, Ethel Covan     (1900)

Covan, Ethel Rosetta Covan     1899

Covan, Miss Mary S. Covan     (1900)

Covanovan, Berl ElsworthCovanovan  2nd obit    1906

Covanoven, Beryl Covanoven  2nd obit    1906

Cover, Young Daughter Cover    1891

Coverdale, Hillis Coverdale    1891

Covert, (two Infant children) Covert     1901

Covert, Della Covert (obit 1)     1901

Covert, Della Covert (obit 3)     1901

Covert, Dorothy E. Covert (nee--Armstrong)     2001

Covert, Dr. Abraham B. Covert     1885

Covert, Gilbert J. Covert     2006

Covert, Herald Covert     1901

Covert, Kenneth Covert “Bud”   2013

Covert, Morris Covert- 2nd obit     1875

Covert, Mr. Morris Covert     1875

Covert, Mrs. A. B. Covert     1897

Covert, Mrs. Dellia Covert (obit 2)     1901

Covert, Mrs. Morris Covert    1879

Covert, Paul Leroy Covert     2009

Covert, Roger J. Covert     2006

Covert, Samuel M. Covert    1866

Covert, Thelma I. Covert nee Cunningham     2003

Cowden, David Laughlin Cowden    1940

Cowden, Mary Cowden    1890

Cowels, Edwin Cowels    1890

Cowen D. D. T.     1884

Cowen, Benjamin R. Cowen    1908

Cowen, Frederick Cowen    1906

Cowen, Mrs. Frederick Cowen    1906

Cowen, Presley S. Cowen    1881

Cowen, Washington Cowen    1891

Cowgill, Annie Cowgill    1873

Cowgill, Irene Marie Cowgill nee Grey    2011

Cowgill, Isaac Cowgill    1876

Cox, Anna L. Cox, nee Miller    1959

Cox, Barbara A. Cox, nee Reed    2017

Cox, Carrie Ann Cox nee Spence   2013

Cox, Catherine Cox    1891

Cox, Cheryl Kay Cox, nee Ward    2007

Cox, Cleatis E. Cox    1961

Cox, Curtis Cox    1962

Cox, E. B. Cox    1881

Cox, Emerson E. Cox     2006

Cox, Ewart Cox    1974

Cox, Ex. Governor Jacob D. Cox     (1900)

Cox, Flosie Cox    1892

Cox, Floyd J. “Archie” Cox    1995

Cox, Floyd Jesse Cox    1974

Cox, Francis Volney Cox    1906

Cox, Frank Cox    1972

Cox, George Cox     1976

Cox, Gladys M. Cox nee Cline     2002

Cox, Henry Cox    1907

Cox, Irene Belle Cox nee Hudson     1994

Cox, Irene Belle Cox, nee Hudson    1994

Cox, Jackson Cox    1891

Cox, Jackson Cox    1892

Cox, Jacqueline Ann Cox, nee Short    2002

Cox, Jeff Cox   2013

Cox, John     1898

Cox, John A. Cox    1989

Cox, John Cox     1904

Cox, John H. Cox    1990

Cox, John T. Cox    1941

Cox, Jonell Cox, nee Boone    1994

Cox, Lillie B. Cox, nee Lucas    1943

Cox, Lucinda B. Cox    1876

Cox, Malcolm R. Cox    1981

Cox, Malcolm Ray Cox Jr.    1952

Cox, Margaret E. Cox nee Morris     1951

Cox, Marjorie R. Cox, nee Christy    2004

Cox, Minnie Cox    1908

Cox, Mr. Cox     1901

Cox, Mrs. Cox     1874

Cox, Mrs. Ezekiel T. Cox     1885

Cox, Mrs. Jane     1869

Cox, Myrtle E. Cox, nee Flake    1984

Cox, Paul Magnus Cox, Sr.    1992

Cox, Rebecca Cox    1876

Cox, Robert Louis Cox    1988

Cox, Roger J. Cox     2004

Cox, Rosemary (nee‑‑McBride)      2001

Cox, Samuel Gibson Cox    1906

Cox, Shirley Jean Cox    1940

Cox, Tessie Lynn Cox nee Ralph   2013

Cox, Thomas Cox    1980

Cox, Thomas Jack Cox    2001

Cox, Timothy Paul Cox    2006

Cox, Vernon Cox    1946

Cox, William M. "Bill" Cox    1990

Coyle, J. Coyle    1891

Cozart, Jopling Cozart    1891

Cozart, Mary Cozart    1891

Craft, August Craft    1908

Craft, Elaine G. Craft    2015

Craft, William Craft    1918

Crafton, Rebecca Ann Crafton, nee Cobb    2010

Craig, (child) Craig (obit 1)     1901

Craig, Anna Craig    1891

Craig, Audrey A. Craig nee Griffon     2003

Craig, Bernard C. Craig    2016

Craig, Cecil G. Craig    2017

Craig, Charles Craig (obit 2)     1901

Craig, Charles S. Craig    1933

Craig, Clark Craig    1906

Craig, Darren P. Craig    2011

Craig, Elisabeth D. Craig    1891

Craig, Elisabeth D. Craig nee Driggs  2nd obit    1891

Craig, George S. Craig    1935

Craig, Harry Dean Craig     2002

Craig, Helen G. Craig (nee--Truex)      1999

Craig, Horace C. Craig    1974

Craig, Howard Craig    1882

Craig, J. M. Craig     1901

Craig, Jennie Craig     1899

Craig, John Craig    1852

Craig, Joseph Craig    2nd obit    1907

Craig, Joseph Craig     1907

Craig, Lawrence Craig    1920

Craig, Libbie Craig    1886

Craig, Lizzie Craig    1880

Craig, Loretta Craig nee Fisher 1936     1936

Craig, Mary Adeline Craig (nee Piatt)     1901

Craig, Mary Craig     1897

Craig, Matilda Craig     1905

Craig, Ralph Vernon Craig     1924

Craig, Robert Dean Craig    2017

Craig, Robert Elmer Craig    1933

Craig, Sallie Craig     1889

Craig, Sarah Craig     (1900)

Craig, Sarah Elizabeth Craig (nee--Grimes)      2002

Craig, Stephen B. Craig    2009

Craig, Susy Craig     1901

Craig, W. Craig    1847

Craig, Woodrow W. Craig    1982

Crain, Mrs. Christina Crain     1864

Cramblett, John G. Cramblett   LKP#6  1965

Cramblett, Nathan W. Cramblett  2nd obit    1907

Cramblett, Ruth Sarah Jane Cramblett nee Gatten    2010

Cramblett, W.M. Cramblett     1907

Cramer, Adelia Allison Cramer     1913

Cramer, Alice Cramer    1882

Cramer, Catherine Cramer    1897

Cramer, Charles W. Cramer    1957

Cramer, Evelyn C. Cramer, nee Herlan    1986

Cramer, Jacob Cramer - 2nd Obit    1879

Cramer, Jennie Cramer    1891

Cramer, LanfordCramer 2nd obit    1906

Cramer, LanfriedCramer    1906

Cramer, Mary Cramer    1892

Cramer, Mr. Cramer (father)    1891

Cramer, Mrs. Cramer (mother)    1891

Cramer, Myrtle Mae Cramer, nee Fearing    1963

Cramer, Ronald G. Cramer    2007

Cramer, T.O. Cramer     1929

Cramer, Thomas Jarvis Cramer     2005

Cranch, Miss Cranch    1878

Crandall, Mrs. Richard Crandall    1890

Crane, Commodore Crane    1846

Crane, Mr. Crane    1891

Crangle, James Crangle    1882

Crangle, Robert Crangle Jr.    1873

Cranmore, Troy Cranmore     1991

Crasey, (son) Crasey     1885

Cratty, John S. Cratty     1885

Craven, Benjamin Craven     1851

Craven, Mark S. Craven    1982

Cravens, Eliza "Emma" Cravens, nee Beasley    2014

Cravens, James Jack Cravens    1991

Cravens, Ronald W. Cravens    1996

Crawford,  Mrs. J. W. Crawford     1897

Crawford, (Mother) Crawford     1897

Crawford, Barbara E. Crawford, (nee Pfalzgraf)      1928

Crawford, Bernie Crawford    2017

Crawford, Beulah M. Crawford - nee Morris     2004

Crawford, Blanche King Haas Crawford, nee Kinkade     1946

Crawford, Charlie Daniel Crawford    2010

Crawford, Clara Crawford     1932

Crawford, Daniel Ray Crawford     2006

Crawford, E. J. Crawford    1890

Crawford, Edna Crawford nee Houge     1931

Crawford, Eleanor J. Crawford, nee Butler    2017

Crawford, Eliza Crawford    1890

Crawford, Eliza Crawford  2nd obit    1890

Crawford, Eliza Crawford    1873

Crawford, Ella Crawford nee McMullen    1974

Crawford, Ervil A. Crawford     1996

Crawford, Greensbury Crawford   LKP#4   1946

Crawford, Helen D. Crawford     2003

Crawford, Howard Crawford    1890

Crawford, Hugh (obit 2) Crawford     1899

Crawford, Hugh C. (Obit 3) Crawford     1899

Crawford, Hugh C. (Obit 4) Crawford     1899

Crawford, Hugh C. Crawford     1899

Crawford, Hugh C. Crawford (Obit 4)     1899

Crawford, Hugh Crawford    1881

Crawford, Hugh Crawford (obit 2)     1899

Crawford, Hugh Crawford (obit 3)     1899

Crawford, Hugh Crawford     1917

Crawford, Irvin A. Crawford    2016

Crawford, John Crawford     1874

Crawford, John Grover Crawford     2005

Crawford, John W. Crawford     1931

Crawford, Keith E. Crawford   2013

Crawford, Lester H. Crawford   2013

Crawford, Little Son of William Crawford     1875

Crawford, Lois J. “BoBo” Crawford nee Weltsch    2011

Crawford, Lydia Ann Crawford nee Marple    1922

Crawford, Mary Ann Crawford nee Cooper    1891

Crawford, Mary Crawford nee Riffe    2010

Crawford, Max Crawford    1906

Crawford, Mrs. Amanda Crawford     1875

Crawford, Mrs. Amanda Crawford        1875

Crawford, Mrs. Crawford    1878

Crawford, Mrs. W. J. Crawford     1897

Crawford, Nancy Crawford nee Gates    2007

Crawford, Permelia Crawford     1897

Crawford, Rena M. Crawford, nee Frye    2017

Crawford, Sandra J. Crawford nee Nolge     2007

Crawford, Sarah Crawford    1873

Crawford, Scott Joseph Crawford    2010

Crawford, Semion Oliver Crawford 1946     1946

Crawford,  Evan Crawford    1873

Creagan, Mrs. John Creagon    1891

Creamer, Bertha M. Voland Creamer, nee Settle    1978

Creason, Paul B. Creason, Jr.    2012

Cree, George D. Cree     1930

Cree, Isabella Cree    1848

Cree, James W. Cree    1935

Cree, Mrs. J. P. Cree    1917

Cree, Nancy Cree          1897

Cregg    1891

Creighton, Francis Creighton    1880

Creighton, Frank Creighton    1931

Creighton, John "Johnny" Robert Creighton Jr     2005

Creighton, John Creighton    1873

Creighton, Robert J. Creighton    1878

Creighton, Sr., John Robert "Bob" Creighton     2002

Crele, Joseph Crele    1866

Cremeans, Tawnya Cremeans, nee Nash     2011

Crew     1870

Crew, Debris F. Crew, nee Voland     1999

Crew, LaVern Robert Crew     2012

Crine, Donald R. Crine   2013

Criner, Peter Criner    1866

Crise, Young Child Crise    1892

Crisman, Infant Crisman    1891

Crisman, Young Child Crisman  2nd obit    1891

Crisp, Clarence Crisp    1974

Crisp, Raymond L. Crisp    2007

Crisp, Victoria Lynn Crisp, nee Clark    1998

Crisp, William Clarence Crisp    1980

Criss, Lucille Criss    2008

Crist, Mary Jo Crist nee Keyes     2003

Criswell, Emma Criswell     1897

Criswell, James William Criswell     2003

Criswell, Lessie Mildred 'Pat' Criswell nee Stewart     2003

Crock, Casper Crock     1929

Crock, Julia S. Crock, nee Mullin     2000

Crock, Matilda Crock     1924

Crock, Matilda Crock nee Fisher     1924

Crock, Matilda Crock nee Fisher 2nd obit     1924

Crocker, Jane Crocker    1882

CROFT, Child Croft   1879

Crohen, Mrs. Jas. Crohen    1891

Crolley, John Crolley     1901

Cromic, Isaac Cromic    1866

Crompton, Tom Crompton    1906

Cromwell, Fred F. Cromwell    1971

Cromwell, Three Children of Drury Cromwell     1875

Cronin, Aaron Cronin    1954

Cronin, Albert Arlington "Sunny" Cronin Sr.     2013

Cronin, Albert Cronin    1945

Cronin, Albert Cronin     1911

Cronin, Alexander Cronin    1919

Cronin, Alma Cronin, nee Seckman    1926

Cronin, Amos H. Cronin    1952

Cronin, Andrew "Warren" Cronin    1943

Cronin, Arlie Blaine Cronin    2003

Cronin, Ben K. Cronin    1965

Cronin, Betty Jane Cronin, nee Silliman     2008

Cronin, Brady E. Cronin     1990

Cronin, C. C. Cronin    1892

Cronin, Catharine Cronin     1883

Cronin, Charles C. Cronin     2001

Cronin, Clark E. Cronin    1919

Cronin, Daisy L. Cronin, nee Locke     2002

Cronin, Daniel Cronin     1916

Cronin, Daniel Wade Cronin     2004

Cronin, David Cronin    1934

Cronin, DessieMay Cronin    1906

Cronin, Donald Carl Cronin     2013

Cronin, Donald Karl Cronin     2001

Cronin, Douglas W. Cronin     2011

Cronin, Edward E. Cronin     1987

Cronin, Ellen Jane Cronin nee Baker     1926

Cronin, Evelyn Cronin, nee Doughty    1987

Cronin, Fannie L. Cronin, nee Hammond    1956

Cronin, Garland R. Cronin, nee Hoy     2005

Cronin, Garnet Lucille Cronin, nee Wolfe     2012

Cronin, Harold A. Cronin    1947

Cronin, Harold A. Cronin, Jr.     2004

Cronin, Helen Lucile Cronin    1906

Cronin, Hensen Cronin 2nd obit     1907

Cronin, Hensen Cronin     1907

Cronin, Henson Cronin  3rd obit    1907

Cronin, Hester A. Cronin     1893

Cronin, Hilda Violet Cronin     2010

Cronin, Janet L. Cronin, nee Williams     2007

Cronin, Jeanette K. Ameredes Cronin, nee Katramados     2008

Cronin, Jennie Ellen Cronin, nee Hanlon    1975

Cronin, John “Paul” Cronin    1999

Cronin, John E. Cronin    1977

Cronin, Jonathan Cronin    1945

Cronin, Jonathan Cronin    1986

Cronin, Leander Cronin     1929

Cronin, Lorena Mae Cronin, nee Houchins    1971

Cronin, Lottie Smith Cronin, nee Applegate     1973

Cronin, Lucretia Cronin, nee Jameson     1985

Cronin, Margaret Cronin, nee Barrett     1937

Cronin, Marie Pauline Cronin    1926

Cronin, Marie Pauline Cronin, nee Klein     1951

Cronin, Mary Cronin nee Denbow     1931

Cronin, Mary Ellen Cronin     2007

Cronin, Mary J. Cronin     1875

Cronin, Maxine Cronin, nee Noland    2003

CRONIN, Michael Cronin   1879

Cronin, Michael Jiggs Cronin     2012

Cronin, Michael K. Cronin    1968

Cronin, Milton LeRoy (Roy) Cronin     1937

Cronin, Mr. Cronin    1891

Cronin, Mrs. Amos Cronin 1938     1938

Cronin, Mrs. Michael Cronin    1852

Cronin, Naomi Cronin    1878

Cronin, Paul A. Cronin     1957

Cronin, Pauline Cronin, nee Caldwell     1998

Cronin, Ralph A. Cronin     2005

Cronin, Rebecca Cronin, nee Pratt     1904

Cronin, Robert M. Cronin     2008

Cronin, Rosa A. Cronin nee Frank    1939

Cronin, Roxie Garnet Cronin, nee Cunningham     1995

Cronin, Samuel Cronin    1906

Cronin, Sarah "Estella" Cronin, nee Earley    1914

Cronin, Sarah A. Cronin, nee Pratt    1945

Cronin, Sylvester Lonzo (Lonnie) Cronin     1943

Cronin, W. R. Cronin     1897

Cronin, Walter Arlington Cronin     1944

Cronin, Warren Clark Cronin     1931

Cronin, Warren Cronin  2nd obit    1931

Cronin, Willard Cronin     1929

Cronin, William Edward Cronin     2008

Cronin, William Edward Cronin, Jr.     2010

Cronin, Winifred P. Cronin, nee Pearson     2012

Cronin, Woodrow C. Cronin    1978

Croninger, Melvin Dale Croninger     1999

Cronkhite, Emma J. Cronkhite, nee Kinkade    1970

Cronkhite, William C. Cronkhite    1973

Crook, Ann Elizabeth Crook     1883

Crook, Thos. Crook     1889

Crooks, Herman Crooks, Sr.    2008

Crooks, Infant child Crooks     1924

Crooks, Patricia Gay Crooks nee Huggins    2007

Crooks, Richard Robert Crooks     2003

Crooks, Verna Mae Crooks nee Snively     2003

Crooks, William Henry Crooks     1928

Cropper, George Cropper    1908

Crosby, Carl D. Crosby     2011

Crosby, Ruby M. Crosby, nee Voland    1999

Crosier, Oliver Crosier     1901

Cross, Marian Cross nee Evans    1881

Cross, Rachel J. Cross (nee-Westen)      2006

Crossan, Mrs. Rebecca Crossan     1874

Crossley, Dorothy M. Briggs Crossley nee Piatt   2013

Crossman, Agatha Mary Crossman, nee Phelan    2010

Crossman, Barbara J. Crossman    2009

Crossman, David H. Crossman, Jr.    2007

Crossman, David Harold Crossman    2003

Crossman, Donald Crossman    1926

Crossman, Harold B. Crossman    2013

Crossman, Howard W. Crossman    1938

Crossman, Mary L. Crossman, nee Worcester    1981

Crossman, Ronald Lee Crossman, Jr.    1993

Crossman, Rosemary Crossman, nee Scammaccia (Scamaccia)    1973

Crossman, Walter Howard Crossman    2011

Crouch, Hiram W. Crouch    1969

Crouse, Henry Crouse    1880

Crow, Amos Crow    1879

Crow, Cynthia Crow nee Lashley      1905

Crow, Edward Crow     1929

Crow, Georgia Alice Crow    1878

Crow, Joseph Crow     1897

Crow, Minnie Crow    1886

Crow, Mrs. Arissa Crow (nee Shutts)     (1900)

Crow, Mrs. Henry Crow     1905

Crow, William Crow    1892

Crowder, Betty J. Crowder, nee Miller    2004

Crowder, Jack S. Crowder    1990

Crowl, Herbert Crowl    1878

Crowther, Mary Louise Crowther, nee Fuller    1962

Crowther, Thomas F. Crowther    1963

Crozier, Vane Lyle Crozier    2011

Crudle, Mr. Crudle    1866

Cruise, Stephanie Lynn Cruise    1974

Crum, A. E. “Bert” Crum     1931

Crum, Anita R. Crum nee Kuhn     2012

Crum, Clarence Crum     2012

Crum, Clayton Eugene Crum   2013

Crum, Demas Crum     1913

Crum, Edna Pearl Crum nee Bruce     1967

Crum, Elmer E. Crum     1971

Crum, F.M. Crum     1875

Crum, Helen E. Crum, nee Marshall    2016

Crum, Henry Crum       1853

Crum, Luella Crum, nee Hupp    2017

Crum, Martha Gladys Crum, nee Gardner    2016

Crum, Mrs. Campsadell Armi Crum nee Truex     1943

Crum, Mrs. James Crum     1913

Crum, Nancy J. Crum, nee Mercer     1996

Crum, Opal Crum, nee Yoss    2017

Crum, Philo Crum     1901

Crum, Sarah A. Crum    1906

Crum, Sarah A. Morris Grant nee Crum     1900

Crum, Viola Crum     2006

Crum, Virginia Crum nee Hesse     2011

Crum, Walter T. Crum    2008

Crum, Warren Ellsworth Crum     2011

Crump, Alfred Crump     1885

Crump, Grace Crump, nee Oldham    2010

Crumrine, Theora Crumrine 1936     

Cruse, Nettie Cruse    1891

Crymble, Joseph Crymble     1858

Cubberley, Francis Cubberley     1973

Cuchta, John Anthony Cuchta    2015

Cuichta, Chester B. Cuichta    2016

Culbertson, Isabel Culbertson nee Fulton    1924

Culbertson, Thomas G. Culbertson     1913

Cull, Father Cull     1888

Cullen, James Cullen     1875

Cullen, Martha “Mart Cullen nee Edmonds    2007

Cullen, Mrs. Cullen    1878

Culler, George Culler    1908

Culler, Laura G. Culler     2003

Culver, Ernest Culver    1995

Culver, LaVern J. Culver    1996

Culver, Mary Christina Culver, nee Schneider    1978

Culver, Perthena W. Culver, nee Schneider    1998

Culverhouse, J.T. Culverhouse   2nd obit     1907

Culverhouse, John Thomas Culverhouse     1907

Culverhouse, Rachel Culverhouse     1888

Culverhouse, William Culverhouse    1879

Cumbridge, Juanita M. Cumbridge, nee Highley    1971

Cummings, 3 Young Children Cummings    1891

Cummings, Bertram E. Cummings     1990

Cummings, Catherine Jean Cummings     1958

Cummings, Cynthia Marie Cummings     2003

Cummings, Jane Cummings     1907

Cummings, Leona Marie Cummings, nee Voland 2006

Cummings, Sandra Kay Cummings    2005

Cummins, Alice Jean Cummins nee Lisk    2010

Cummins, Dr. Cummins    1873

Cumpson, Aldona Cumpson    1906

Cumpson, Daniel Cumpson     1907

Cumpson, Garrett Cumpson    1923

Cunard, Nancy K. Cunard nee Adkins    2009

Cunningham, Catharine G. Cunningham     1858

Cunningham, Charlie “Ross” Cunningham     1901

Cunningham, Christopher L. Cunningham    1993

Cunningham, Daniel Cunningham     1897

Cunningham, Dorothy M. Cunningham, nee Parks    1990

Cunningham, Ebenezer Cunningham     1851

Cunningham, Elizabeth Cunningham, nee Fearing    1954

Cunningham, Ernest Roy Cunningham    1974

Cunningham, Gary L. Cunningham, Sr.      2005

Cunningham, Georgia D. Cunningham, nee Hoops    2011

Cunningham, Grace D. Cunningham, nee Cronin     2011

Cunningham, Jack L. Cunningham    2016

Cunningham, James Cunningham    1908

Cunningham, Jesse W. Cunningham    1956

Cunningham, John A. Cunningham    1997

Cunningham, Margaret Cunningham nee Froehlich    1974

Cunningham, Marjorie Cunningham nee Carnal     2006

Cunningham, Michael Lee Cunningham    2007

Cunningham, Mitchell Allan Cunningham    1996

Cunningham, Mrs. Margaret Cunningham    1879

Cunningham, Norvell C. “Bud” Cunningham     2006

Cunningham, P.E. "Buzz" Cunningham     2005

Cunningham, Paul W. Cunningham    2011

Cunningham, Ralph Cunningham    1891

Cunningham, Ramona E. Cunningham, nee Rozinski    2010

Cunningham, Rose A. Cunningham, nee McAlister    2015

Cunningham, Sarah Cunningham    1891

Cunningham, Three sisters Cunningham     1893

Cunningham, Virgil H. Cunningham     2000

Curfman,  Donald Gray Curfman    1986

Curfman, Betty Lee Curfman, nee Umensetter         2007

Curfman, Charles W. Curfman Jr.     1997

Curfman, Charles Wilbur Curfman    1971

Curfman, Ellen Curfman, nee Cronin    1988

Curran, John Curran    1891

Current, S. P.     1895

Curry, Gerald R. Curry    2009

Curry, H. W. Curry  2nd obit    1908

Curry, Homer W. Curry    1908

Curry, Ivan A. Curry    1976

Curry, Jerry Lee Curry    1996

Curry, John Curry    1866

Curry, John Curry    1878

Curry, Mary Elizabeth Curry, nee Stanley    1984

Curry, Mrs. Curry     1908

Curry, Mrs. John Curry     1908

Curry, William Curry    1989

Curtis, Albert Curtis    1876

CURTIS, Amos Curtis   1879

Curtis, Baby Curtis     1897

Curtis, Cole Curtis    1934

Curtis, Dorethea Curtis    1907

Curtis, Dortha Curtis     1907

Curtis, Elizabeth Curtis nee Smith nee Smith (obit 2)     1900

Curtis, Harrison Curtis     1907

Curtis, Harry Curtis     1900

Curtis, Harvey Curtis     1897

Curtis, James Curtis (obit 1)     (1900)

Curtis, James Curtis (obit 2)     (1900)

Curtis, James Lee Curtis     1899

Curtis, Jane Curtis    1891

Curtis, Kathleen A. Curtis, nee Burzine    2008

Curtis, Laura Curtis     1894

Curtis, Leota Curtis nee Dowell    1974

Curtis, Mary Ann “Mickey” Whitfield Curtis, nee Ueltschy    2016

Curtis, Moses Horton Curtis     1906

Curtis, Mrs. Elizabeth Curtis (Obit 1)      1900

Curtis, Mrs. Willard Curtis    1866

Curtis, S J Curtis          1872

Curtis, Sisv Curtis     1897

Curtis, Wallace Curtis     1924

Cusic, Peter Cusic    1891

Custer, Mrs. Custer    1886

Custer, Robert Custer     2007

Cuthbert, Mr. Cuthbert     1875

Cutler, Albert Cutler    1881

Cutler, Emma Cutler    1881

Cutler, Eva Cutler    1881

Cutler, Judge Ephraim Cutler      1853

Cutright, Dane L. Cutright    1992

Cutright, Dorothy J. Cutright, nee Turner    1994

Cutright, James H. Cutright    2000

Cutright, John Clayton Cutright, Sr.    1983

Cutright, Larry Eugene Cutright    2003

Cutright, Mildred L. Cutright, nee Smith    1996

Cutright, Ruth M. Cutright, nee Botkin    1985

Cutright, Sondra A. Cutright, nee Steen    2001

Cutright, Steven A. Cutright    2003

Cutright, Zelma M. Cutright, nee Opp    2011

Cutright,  Carol Sue Cutright, nee Magill    2012

Czuprun, Fred Czuprun     2003

Czuprun, Vera L. Czuprun, nee Kirkbride     1995     


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