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Babbert, Ervin "E.C." Babbert    2016

Babbert, Logan R. (Babbert) Beery    1997

Babbington, Robert Babbington    1908

Babich, Hilda O. Babich    1997

Bacainiupo, Vincent Bacainiupo    1878

Bach, Christina Bach  2nd obit    1890

Bach, Ethel L. Bach, nee Griffin    2015

Bach, Garnet Bach, nee Kehl    1964

Bach, John Ernest Bach    1918

Bach, John Lloyd Bach     2001

Bach, Laura R. Bach nee Hamilton     2007

Bach, Marcia Lynn Bach nee Harnage     2005

Bach, Marcia Lynn Bach nee Harnage    2003

Bach, Mrs. Christian Bach    1890

Bach, Ralph E. Bach    1992

Bach, Rena Bach, nee Herlan    1967

Bach, Richard E. Bach     1986

Bach, Thomas Bach    1956

Bachman , Simon Bachman    1966

Bachman, Alex Bachman    1952

Bachman, Anna Bachman     1897

Bachman, Clara Bachman (nee Stalder)     1972

Bachman, Imogene Bachman nee Haught   2013

Bachman, Jacob Bachman    1918

Bachman, Magdalena Abersold Bachman     1913

Bachman, Mrs. Adolph Bachman    1933

Bacon, Mary Bacon     1868

Bacon, Mrs. Mary Bacon     1868

Bacon, Will Bacon     1907

Bacon, Will H. Bacon  2nd obit    1907

Baehler, Betty Baehler, nee Denney    2009

Bagnette, Antonio Bagnette    1891

Bailey     1870

Bailey, Cecile A. Bailey, nee Goodballet    1997

Bailey, Charles Gilman Bailey    1959

Bailey, Clara F. Bailey, nee Schell    1974

Bailey, Delbert E. Bailey    1973

Bailey, Dorothy I. Bailey, nee Courson     2012

Bailey, Edmund Bailey    1873

Bailey, Eleanor J. Bailey nee Tally     1994

Bailey, Eleanor N. Bailey, nee Nicholson    2016

Bailey, George Bailey    1908

Bailey, George E. Bailey    2003

Bailey, Gladys Valentine Bailey, nee Diehl    1999

Bailey, Herman L. Bailey     2011

Bailey, J. W. Bailey     1924

Bailey, James Bailey    1891

Bailey, L. P. Bailey    1886

Bailey, Wilbur C. Bailey    1908

Bailey, William Bailey    1880

Bailey, William Bailey  1872

Bailey, Wm. Bailey    1908

Baily, John Baily    1881

Baily, Miss Baily    1891

Bain, George Bain    1891

Bain, Mrs. George Bain    1891

Bainbridge    1891

Bainum, Mary Bainum    1878

Bainum, Mrs. Mary Bainum     1878

Bair, John Bair    1891

Bair, Nancy Koch Bair, nee Burzine    1999

Baird, David B. Baird 1941     1941

Baird, George Baird    1891

Baird, Jeannette Baird     1899

Baird, Mr. Baird    1891

BAIRD, William Aaron   1879

Baker,  Leo E. Baker    1993

Baker, (boy) Baker     1901

Baker, (daughter) Baker     1901

Baker, Albert Baker    1878

Baker, Alfred Clarence Baker     1929

Baker, Alice Ann Baker, nee Williams     1977

Baker, Alice C. Baker, nee Brown     1943

Baker, Alice E. Baker, nee Schell    1985

Baker, Alvera E. Baker, nee Huffman    2017

Baker, Amelia M. Baker, nee Schott    1988

Baker, Bessie Baker    1908

Baker, Betty Lou Baker, nee Huntsman    2015

Baker, Bob Baker    2007

Baker, Bonnie Jean Baker    2015

Baker, Calvin E. Baker 1946     1946

Baker, Cara Lynn Baker nee Goddard     2006

Baker, Caroline L. Baker, nee Keatley    1992

Baker, Carolyn Baker, nee Bigley     1973

Baker, Charles Baker     1901

Baker, Charles C. Baker     1870

Baker, Charles J. Baker    2011

Baker, Chauncey Baker    1891

Baker, child of Geo. Baker     1889

Baker, Claude E. Baker     2003

Baker, Col. R. L. P. Baker     1885

Baker, Crawford Baker     1897

Baker, Daisey Baker    1882

Baker, Daniel Baker    1891

Baker, Daniel Baker    1892

Baker, Danny E. Baker    2010

Baker, David Allen Baker    2015

Baker, David Baker    1908

Baker, Denny Alan Baker    2008

Baker, Dexter Baker    1986

Baker, Dorothy I. Baker, nee Kent    2008

Baker, Dr. Baker     1901

Baker, Earl J. Baker     1972

Baker, Earl T. Baker    1965

Baker, Elizabeth Baker     1899

Baker, Ella Mae Baker nee Moose     2000

Baker, Erma Jean Baker nee Truax    2008

Baker, Etta Baker     1960

Baker, George Baker     1874

Baker, George W. Baker     1913

Baker, George W. Baker     1931

Baker, George W. Baker    1952

Baker, George Willis Baker     1976  

Baker, Glenn Baker    2017

Baker, Grace M. Baker, nee Jacobs

Baker, Gregory S. Baker    2011

Baker, Harold C. “Chan” Baker     2005

Baker, Harold C. Chan Baker        2005

Baker, Harriett Baker    1918

Baker, Harry J. Baker     2003

Baker, Ira F. Baker    1952

Baker, Isaac Baker    1876

Baker, Isaac Jackson Baker    1919

Baker, Isabella Baker     1907

Baker, Isabelle Baker  2nd obit    1907

Baker, J. H. Baker    1866

Baker, J.N. Baker     1907

Baker, Jackson Baker    1906

Baker, James A. Baker, Sr.    2010

Baker, James Baker     1913

Baker, James F. Baker    2017

Baker, James V. Baker    1935

Baker, Jas. Baker    1882

Baker, John     1884

Baker, John Baker     1888

Baker, John Baker    1886

Baker, John Baker    1907

Baker, John F. Baker    1906

Baker, Joseph Baker     1883

Baker, Joyce Ann Baker nee Boston     2006

Baker, Kirk E. Baker     2012

Baker, Lana Lynn Baker nee Potts     2012

Baker, Leander C. Baker    1886

Baker, Lillian "Jane" Baker, nee Kent    2013

Baker, Lillian June Baker nee Schindewolf     1991

Baker, Linda Louise “Lou” Baker nee Jeffers    2011

Baker, Lisa Kay Baker, nee Frasnelly    2016

Baker, Lou Baker     1901

Baker, Malinda Baker     1907

Baker, Malinda Baker  2nd obit    1907

Baker, Margaret Ellen Baker (obit 2)     1901

Baker, Marguerite E. Baker nee Carpenter     1986

Baker, Marsha Lynn Baker, nee Carpenter    1995

Baker, Martha A. Baker     2003

Baker, Martin Baker     1857

Baker, Martin Baker     1901

Baker, Martin Baker     1905

Baker, Marx Baker     1885

Baker, Mary A. Baker    1879

Baker, Mary Baker     (1900)

Baker, Mary Baker    1879

Baker, Mary Baker (alias Wallace)     1878

Baker, Mary H. Baker    2008

Baker, Mary J. Baker nee Fisher     1905

Baker, Mary Jane Baker nee Yoho    2011

Baker, Mary O. Baker, nee Leach     2010

Baker, Melissa Foughty Baker     1957

Baker, Melville Baker     1889

Baker, Milton Baker     1908

Baker, Milton Baker    1908

Baker, Milton D. Baker – 2nd obit     1908

Baker, Milton D. Baker  2nd obit    1908

Baker, Miss Janet Baker     1875

Baker, Miss Janet Baker        1875

Baker, Miss Margaret Baker (obit 1)     1901

Baker, Miss Mattie Baker     1901

Baker, Mrs.     1898

Baker, Mrs. A. S. Baker     1908

Baker, Mrs. A. S. Baker    1908

Baker, Mrs. Baker     1889

Baker, Mrs. Baker    1891

Baker, Mrs. George Baker (nee Kuhn) (obit 2)     (1900)

Baker, Mrs. George Baker (obit 1)     (1900)

Baker, Mrs. J. M. Baker    1908

Baker, Mrs. Jacob Baker     1889

Baker, Mrs. John Baker     1883

Baker, Mrs. John Baker    1919

Baker, Mrs. Lucy Baker (nee Yoho)     1901

Baker, Mrs. V. M. Baker    1921

Baker, Mrs. Wm. Baker    1891

Baker, Nancy Baker     1893

Baker, Nancy Baker     1894    

Baker, Nancy Baker     1899

Baker, Nancy Baker    1892

Baker, Nancy Baker 2nd obit     1893

Baker, Nelson Baker     1897

Baker, Nelson Baker    1907

Baker, Randy Dwain Baker    2017

Baker, Ray D. Baker    2017

Baker, Raymond L. Baker    2002

Baker, Rebecca Sue Baker, nee Andreas    2012

Baker, Richard L. Baker     1977

Baker, Robert L. Baker     2012

Baker, Roland "Baldy" Baker    1979

Baker, Ruth Hogue Baker     1989

Baker, Ruth Meriam Baker     2004

Baker, Sam W. Baker    1862

Baker, Samantha Baker    1890

Baker, Samuel Baker    1881

Baker, Samuel Baker    1882

Baker, Sarah A. Baker nee Powell     1911

Baker, Sarah Baker     1897

Baker, Sarah Baker    1876

Baker, Sarah J.     1898

Baker, Shelvy Baker     1990

Baker, Thelma L. Curry Baker, nee Cronkhite    1997

Baker, Thomas Baker     1871

Baker, Valentine Baker    1886

Baker, Vera Grace Baker    1933

Baker, Vincent F. Baker     1864

Baker, William Baker    1998

Baker, William Floyd Baker    1947

Baker, Young child Baker    1878

Baker, Young Child Baker    1891

Baker, Young Daughter Baker (age 7)    1891

Baker, Young Son Baker    1890

Baker, Zelma Baker, nee Butler    1985

Balderson, Mrs. Jane Balderson( nee Dubois)   1875

Balding, Hannah Balding    1856

Balding, Mrs. Elizabeth Balding     1872

Baldridge, Ella Grace Baldridge     2009

Baldwin, Alvin Baldwin     1897

Baldwin, Eli Baldwin     1893

Baldwin, Fayette     1884

BALDWIN, Harry Baldwin   1879

Baldwin, Levi Baldwin    1892

Baldwin, Mrs. Levi Baldwin    1892

Baldwin, Raymond C. Baldwin 2007     2007

Baldwin, Sarah Baldwin    1890

Bales, Elmer Dixon "Pat" Bales    1972

Bales, Elnora Thankful “Nora” Bales nee Dixon     1918

Bales, Gene Bales    1955

Bales, J. W. Bales    1891

Bales, William Bales  2nd obit    1891

Bales, Wm. Bales    1891

Balfantz, Laura Hilda Balfantz nee Pittman    2010

Balis, Lena Balis nee Read    1974

Ball, Bell Ball    1873

Ball, Bonnie B. Ball, nee Travis    2006

Ball, Carl Leo Ball    2010

Ball, Douglas Eugene Ball    2001

Ball, Edith Mae Ball, nee Carpenter    2015

Ball, Elizabeth Ball    1873

Ball, Ethel M. Ball     2001

Ball, Florence JoAnn Matz Ball nee Miller    2007

Ball, John Ball    1882

Ball, Nathan Ball     1877

Ball, Russell A. Ball   2013

Ballard, Harry Streeter Ballard, Sr.     1976

Ballard, Lawrence Andrew Ballard     1989

Ballard, Nancy Carol Ballard    1963

Ballard, Sarah J. Ballard, nee Kinkade     1996

Ballard, Theda J. "Jean" Ballard, nee Douglas     1994

Ballard, Washington Ballard    1879

Ballenger, Nancy Ann Ballenger, nee Callicoat    2015

Ballentine, William Ballentine     (1900)

Ballingall, Senator Ballingall    1891

Ballmer, Frank Ballmer    1907

Ballou, Don Ballou    1982

Ballou, Merle R. Ballou    2017

Ballou, Mildred Ballou, nee Kysor    1966

Balmaceda, Mr. Balmaceda    1891

Balogh, Peter J. Balogh     2008

Baltcheff, M. Baltcheff    1891

Baltzell, Mary Baltzell       1889

Balwanz, Myrtle M. Balwanz nee Staley     2000

Balwanz, Robert LONNIE Balwanz    1975

Bamfield, Mrs. David Bamfield     1897

Bancroft, George Bancroft    1891

Bancroft, George Bancroft  2nd obit    1891

Bancroft, George Bancroft  3rd obit    1891

Bandi, Albert Bandi     1899

Bandi, Fred Bandi    1917

Bandi, John Bandi (obit 1)     1901

Bandi, John Bandi (obit 2)     1901

Bandi, Minnie Bandi     (1900)

Bandi, Nicholas Bandi    1919

Bandi, Rachel Ann Bandi nee Smith 1946     1946

Bandi, Vernon Bandi     1899

Bandi, Wife of Nicholas Bandi     1889

Bane, Andrew Bane     (1900)

Bane, B. W. Bane    1891

Bank. E. W. Bank    1866

Bankhead, James Bankhead    1856

Banks, Ora Goodballet Banks, nee Smouse    2002

Banning, Carl Banning    1891

Bannock, John Bannock   1878

Banta, Alice M. Banta, nee Latta/Lattea    1920

Banta, Elizabeth Banta, nee Oldfield    1963

Banta, Harry Leroy Banta    1924

Banta, Maurice M. Banta    1990

Banta, Moses M. Banta    1917

Banta, Rosa Banta    1895

Barachman, Christina Barachman    1892

Barackman, Mary Barackman     1913

Barackman, S. P. Barackman    1908

Barackman, Samuel P. Barackman    1908

Baranich, Hannah Belle Baranich, nee Armann    2015

Baranich, John Baranich    2011

Barber, Corp. John Barber     1864

Barber, John Barber     1864

Barber, John Barber    1906

Barber, John Barber  2nd obit    1906

Barber, Joseph Barber    1882

Barber, Mary Ellen Barber nee Norris   2013

Barber, Miss Tillie Barber     1901

Barber, Mrs. Samuel Barber     1875

Barber, Prof. Barber     1883

Barber, Robert E. Barber    2011

Barber, William Barber     1897

Barbour, John Barbour    1852

Barchers, Henry Barchers    1891

Barcus, Clarence Barcus    1974

Barcus, Oleta G. Barcus, nee Smith    1978

Bard, George Bard    1907

Bardall, Dorothy Bardall     1980

Bare, Albert A. Bare (obit 1)     (1900)

Bare, Albert Bare (obit 2)     (1900)

Bare, Ann Bare     1864

Bare, Elizabeth J. Bare     1905

Bare, Mary Bare     1897

Bare, Mrs. Ann Bare     1864

Bare, Sarah Bare     1897

Bare, Sarah Bare    1906

Bargar, Jeptha Bargar     (1900)

Barker, Alvin Barker     1936

Barker, Clifford Barker    1890

Barker, Elisha Barker     1864

Barker, Ezra Barker     1897    

Barker, George Barker    1880

Barker, Hon. Joseph Barker     1860

Barker, James Barker    1848

Barker, John Barker    1891

Barker, Lavina Barker    1852

Barker, Leroy Barker    1952

Barker, Mourning Barker    1852

Barker, Nancy J. Barker nee Stewart     1912

Barker, Noah Barker     1916

Barker, Rev. Ezra Barker     1897

Barker, Richard D. Barker     2015

Barker, Sherman Barker     1905

Barker, Sherman Barker  3rd obit     1905

Barker, Sherman Barker 2nd obit     1905

Barker, Simon Barker    1852

Barker, Sylvia ROBLEY Barker    2006

Barker, Thomas E. Barker     2006

Barkes, Charley Barkes     1889

Barkes, Elizabeth Barkes    1907

Barkes, Lewis Barkes     1885

Barkes, Mrs.     1911

Barkhimmer, Rachel     1884

Barkhurst, Arthur W. Barkhurst    1999

Barkhurst, Carole L. Barkhurst, nee Joseph    1998

Barlock, Esther Eileen Barlock nee Petty   2013

Barlow, Child of C. Barlow     1875

Barlow, George W. Barlow     1885

Barlow, Harold Barlow     1897

Barlow, Infant Barlow     1897

Barlow, Jesse (obit 2) Barlow     1897

Barlow, Jesse Barlow   1897

Barlow, John W. Barlow    1891

Barlow, Mary Alice Barlow     1893

Barlow, Mary Barlow     1888

Barnard, Henry Barnard    1876

Barnard, Henry Barnard  2nd obit    1876

Barnard, James Barnard    1876

Barnard, James Barnard  2nd obit    1876

Barnard, William Barnard    1892

Barnes, A. E. Barnes    1934

Barnes, Abel Barnes    1876

Barnes, E. S. Barnes    1878

Barnes, Edward Barnes     1893

Barnes, Elizabeth Barnes 2" obit     1924

Barnes, Elizabeth Barnes nee Reimenscbneider     1924

Barnes, Evelyn Barnes, nee Cronin    2000

Barnes, Grant Barnes    1939

Barnes, Henry T. Barnes    1873

Barnes, Isaac Barnes    1848

Barnes, J. W. Barnes     1889

Barnes, James A. Barnes      1889

Barnes, James S. Barnes     2006

Barnes, John Barnes    1924

Barnes, Letha Barnes    1886

Barnes, Little sister Barnes      1872

Barnes, Little sister Barnes 2nd obit     1872

Barnes, Margaret I. Barnes nee Hardesty    1952

Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Barnes     1894         

Barnes, Mr. Vachel Barnes     1875

Barnes, Mrs. A. E. Barnes     1888

Barnes, Mrs. Charles Barnes    1907

Barnes, Mrs. Edward Barnes     1893

Barnes, Nila L. Barnes, nee Goudy    2015

Barnes, Raymond M. Barnes    1974

Barnes, Rosy E. Barnes nee Rubel   LKP#4   1976

Barnes, Vachel Barnes    1876

Barnes, W. J. Barnes  2nd obit    1907

Barnes, Wayne F. Barnes    1995

Barnes, William Barnes     1907

Barnett, “Billie” Lee Maurine Barnett, nee Williams     2012

Barnett, Bruce Edward Barnett    2016   

Barnett, J. Lee Barnett    2005

Barnett, John W. Barnett     1864

Barnett, Nathan C. Barnett    1890

Barnett, Rebecca Barnett    1891

Barnhardt, John H. Barnhardt    1866

Barnhart, Donald E. Barnhart    2013

Barnhart, Geo. Barnhart    1891

Barnhart, Kathy Louise Barnhart    1975

Barnhart, Larry "Barney" Barnhart    1995

Barnhouse, Laura Bell Barnhouse     1894

Barnhouse, Mathias Barnhouse     1894

Barnhouse, Michael Barnhouse     1907

Barnsdall, T. N. Barnsdall    1917

Barnum, Frank Barnum    1876

Baron, Alfred Baron    1880

Baron, Lucy E. Boron, nee Leach     2001

Baron, Warren L. Boron     1989

Barr, Charles W. Barr    1986

Barr, Dante Barr

Barr, Douglas R. Barr    2012

Barr, James Martin Barr    1969

Barr, Jas. P. Barr    1886

Barr, Kenneth Barr 1937     1937

Barr, Kenneth S. Barr    1993

Barrackman, Shriver Barrackman     1913

Barrett, Andrew Alexander Barrett    1847

Barrett, Betty M. Barrett, nee Leasure     1992

Barrett, Clyde Barrett    1974

Barrett, David Barrett    1848

Barrett, George James Barrett    1955

Barrett, Hannah Barrett    1886

Barrett, Isabella Barrett    1886

Barrett, Mrs. Barrett    1880

Barrett, Mrs. Barrett    1873

Barrett, William Barrett    1862

Barrett, Wm. Barrett    1847

Barrick, Pearle Barrick, nee Bauman    2010

Barrick, Pearle L. Barrick nee Bauman    2010

Barrick, William "Mike" Barrick    2012

Barrickman, Mrs. Charles Barrickman     1899

Barris, T. M. Barris    1862

Barron, Roger Simon Barron    2008

Barrow, Alexander Barrow    1847

Barrow, John Barrow    1908

Barrow’s, Thomas “Craig” Barrows    2011

Barrows, Audrey D. Barrows nee Litton    2009

Barrows, P. L. Barrows     1901

Barrows, Thomas E. Barrows    2010

Barry, James Barry     1875

Barry, L. H. Barry     1901

Bartenschlag, Elizabeth Bartenschlag nee Yockey     1948

Bartenschlag, Ellis Burdette Bartenschlag    2009

Bartenschlag, Fredrich Bartenschlag     1918

Bartenschlag, William Frederick Bartenschlag     1999

Barth, Albert Barth    1891

Barth, Edith Irene Barth, nee Hutchinson    1993

Barth, Emma Barth    1891

Barth, Frank A. Barth    1961

Barth, Harold F. Barth    1988

Barth, Hattie B. Barth, nee Herlan    1959

Barth, Robert and Evalena, nee Allen, Barth    2010

Bartimus, Nellie Bartimus     1907

Bartimus, Nellie Bartimus  2nd obit    1907

Bartlet, Abner Bartlet     1885

Bartlett, Bernard Bartlett    1962

Bartlett, Herman Bartlett    1906

Bartlett, Myrtle "Beryl" Bartlett, nee Gearin    1980

Barton, J, W. Barton    1878

Barton, John P. Barton    1890

Barton, Mary Jane Barton     1870

Basford, Frederick T. Basford    2016

Bash, Mr. Bash    1873

Basim, Helen Snyder Basim, nee Hoy    1980

Baskett, Mary Lou Baskett, nee Duckworth     1993

Baskett, Phillip E. Baskett     2010

Basnett, C. A. Basnett    1935

Bassa, Edward Bassa Sr.    2011

Bassa, Nora Bassa, nee Snider    2005

Bassett, Alvin A. Bassett     2003

Bassin, Frederick Bassin     1901

Basson,  Private Jacob Basson    1862

Bateman, Benjamin Bateman and Family     1870

Bateman, James Bateman and Family     1870

BATEMAN, Mrs. Bateman   1879

Bates, (Infant Child) Bates     1907

Bates, Alsee Bates     1875

Bates, Alsee Bates         1875

Bates, Barbara Ann Bates nee Stephen    2011

Bates, Byron L. Bates    2011

Bates, Cassandra Lee Bates   LKP#6   1990

Bates, Danny Lee Bates    2009

Bates, David     1884

Bates, Donald Edward Bates    2016

Bates, E. Beatrice Bates nee Armstrong    2007

Bates, Edith A. Bates, nee Leach    2010

Bates, Edward Bates     1855

Bates, Eli Bates    1907

Bates, Emma R. Bates, nee Mercer    2017

Bates, Ezekiel Bates     1870

Bates, Flavil Luzelle Bates nee Gatten   LKP#6   1976

Bates, George Dewey Bates   LKP#6   1982

Bates, Hubert “Earl” Bates     2000

Bates, Infant Bates    1924

Bates, Lawrence Bates   LKP#6   1978

Bates, Louis Bates    1886

Bates, Margaret Alelia Bates     1929

Bates, Martha Bates     1871

Bates, Melvin M. Bates     2002

Bates, Paul Eugene Bates     1929

Bates, Phyllis Bates nee Leach     2004

Bates, Rebecca Bates    1881

Bates, Rex Bates     2006

Bates, Richard C. “Rip” Bates     2004

Bates, Richard F. Bates     1970

Bates, Richard F. Bates   LKP#6   1971

Bates, Sylvester Bert Bates     2003

Battin, John Battin    1880

Batton, Jacob Batton    1862

Batty, E. S. Batty     1901

Baudouin, Prince Baudouin    1891

Baudouin, Prince Baudouin  2nd obit    1891

Bauer, Anna Barbara Bauer    1919

Bauer, August John Bauer    1908

Bauer, Elizabeth Bauer     1913

Bauer, Freda Bauer    1908

Bauer, Frederick Bauer    1919

Bauer, John Bauer    1916

Bauer, John Bauer  2nd obit    1878

Bauer, John C. Bauer    1878

Bauer, Linda K. Bauer, nee Janoski    2015

Bauer, Margaret Bauer  nee Resecker     2006

Bauer, Mary Christina Bauer    1918

Bauer, Michael A. Bauer    2004

Bauer, Young child Bauer    1856

Baugh, Carl E. Baugh    2000

Baugh, Cherie Baugh    1986

Baugh, Dianna Sue Baugh, nee City    2013

Baugher, Christina O. Baugher  2nd obit     1907

Baugher, Norma Jean Baugher     1929

Baugher, Obera Christina Baugher  3rd obit    1907

Baugher, Obera Christine Baugher     1907

Baughman, Betty Baughman, nee Mercer    1968

Baughman, James R. Baughman     2008

Baughman, Mrs. Mary Baughman     (1900)

Baughman, Orville Baughman, Jr. “Dale”   2013

Baughman, Pauline Baughman, nee Baxter    1962

Baughn, Retta Baughn, nee Simpson    1980

Baughn, William A. Baughn     2006

Baughner, Harley E. Baughner    2011

Bauknecht, Nina M. Bauknecht    2008

Bauman, Alexander WES Bauman    1942

Bauman, Burdella Bauman, nee Blatter    1984

Bauman, Catharine Bauman     (1900)

Bauman, Charles Jacob Bauman    1967

Bauman, Clarence EVERETT Bauman    1941

Bauman, Daisy Burdella Bauman, nee Rufener    2005

Bauman, David C. Bauman    1968

Bauman, Edna W. Bauman, nee Cook    2008

Bauman, Fred Bauman    1978

Bauman, Harry C. Bauman    1987

Bauman, Henry C. Bauman     1958

Bauman, John Bauman     1926

Bauman, John George     1915

Bauman, Josephine Bauman nee Bachman    1974

Bauman, Lee Bauman    1981

Bauman, Louise Bauman, nee Luedy    1945

Bauman, Mary Bauman    1931

Bauman, Mary Bauman, nee Luedy    1955

Bauman, Mrs. T. A. Bauman    1908

Bauman, Mrs. T. L. Bauman     1908

Bauman, Nellie Bauman, nee Bertschy    1983

Bauman, Rev. Louis E. Bauman     2001

Bauman, Robert Paul Bauman    2005

Bauman, Ruby Bauman, nee McHugh    1999

Bauman, Ruby Mae Bauman, nee Reynolds    2004

Bauman, Ruth C. Bauman, nee Cope    1996

Bauman, Theophilus Levi Bauman    1916

Bauman, Walter E. Bauman     1999

Bauman, William W. Bauman    1986

Bauman, William Winfred Bauman    1932

Bauman. T. L. Bauman    1916

Baumberger, Emily Baumberger     1929

Baumberger, Loretta Baumberger nee Dietrich    2008

Baumberger, Mrs. Samuel Baumberger     1907

Baumberger, Mrs. Samuel Baumberger  2nd obit    1907

Baumbusch, Frank A. Baumbush    2017

Baumgardner, Charlotte Baumgardner    1917

Baumgartner, John Baumgartner     1907

Baumgartner, John Baumgartner  2nd obit    1907

Baxendale, James Baxendale    1891

Baxter, Cecil W. Baxter    1962

Baxter, Elsie Marie Baxter, nee Hunter    2009

Baxter, Evelyn Baxter, nee McGrew    2009

Baxter, Judge Baxter    1886

Baxter, Olive M. Baxter, nee Goodballet    1967

Baxter, Raymond R. Baxter    1997

Bay, Infant Bay     1853

Bay, Jacob F. Bay     1913

Bay, Mrs. Bay    1845

Bayard, Katherine Lee Bayard    1886

Bayard, Katherine Lee Bayard  2nd obit    1886

Bayard, Miss Katharine Lee Bayard     1886

Bayard, Mrs. Bayard    1886

Beabout, John Beabout (Obit 1)     1858

Beabout, John Beabout (Obit 2)     1858

Beach, Henry Beach     1901

Beach, Mrs. John Beach    1852

Beachman, Freda R. Beachman, nee Feiber    1976

Beachman, Robert J. Beachman    2011

Beaghler, L. E. Beaghler    1908

Beagle, Carl Edward Beagle     2006

Beagle, George B. Beagle     1913

Beal, Harriet Ellen Beal nee Morris     1932

Beal, James Kenneth Beal, Sr.    2016

Beal, M. W. Beal    1908

Beall, Ella Beall    1930

Beall, William T. Beall    1908

Beals, Arthur L. Beals    1993

Beals, Verdie Beals    1928

Beam, Henry Archibald Beam     1875

Beamer, J. B. Beamer    1891

Bean, Eric J. Bean    1993

Bean, Ernest K. Bean    1982

Bean, Lucille C. Bean, nee Weber    1970

Bean, Mary Bean     (1900)

Beans, Levi T. Beans     1875

Bear, Nathan Bear     1883

Beard, C. L. Beard     1897

Beard, Edward Beard    1892

Beard, Edward H. Beard     1905

Beard, Emma Beard    1878

Beard, Eva Beard    1892

Beard, F. M. Beard    1908

Beard, James Beard     1858

Beard, Jane Beard     1899

Beard, Lizzie Beard    1892

Beard, Martha Beard nee Atkinson     1924

Beard, Mrs. Jane Beard (obit 1)     1900

Beard, Mrs. Jane Beard (obit 2)     1900

Beard, Olive L. Beard nee Watson    1907

Beard, Ruth Rebecca Beard    1891

Beardman, James Beardman     1913

Beardmore, Denny L. Beardmore    2005

Beardmore, Denzel Beardmore     1929

Beardmore, Donna J. Beardmore     2002

Beardmore, Fannie Beardmore nee Thompson     1924

Beardmore, Glen Beardmore     1929

Beardmore, Harry E. Beardmore    1882

Beardmore, I. T. Beardmore     1913

Beardmore, Isaac Beardmore    1866

Beardmore, Jack E. Beardmore    2007

Beardmore, James Monroe Beardmore    1971

Beardmore, James William Beardmore    1994

Beardmore, John Beardmore     1885

Beardmore, John Beardmore    1876

Beardmore, John Beardmore    1955

Beardmore, John W. Beardmore    1906

Beardmore, Leona Pauline Beardmore “Sassafras” nee  Hall    2011

Beardmore, Lincoln Beardmore    1882

Beardmore, Lizza A. Beardmore    1878

Beardmore, Lucille E. “Lucy” Beardmore nee Meeker    2011

Beardmore, Lucinda Beardmore nee Dearth    1880

Beardmore, Miss Sophia Beardmore     1901

Beardmore, Mrs. Asher D. Beardmore     1929

Beardmore, Nellie Beardmore nee Henthorn    2007

Beardmore, Nina Emaline Beardmore, nee Martin     2002

Beardmore, Roscoe Beardmore    1891

Beardmore, Sarah Ann Beardmore    1866

Beardmore, Sylvia E. Beardmore nee West     1929

Beardmore, T. J. Beardmore     1893

Beardmore, Theda Lee Beardmore, nee Taylor    2010

Beardmore, Thomas Beardmore “Brent”   2013

Beardmore, Thomas Edison “Eddie” Beardmore     2001

Beardmore, W. D. Beardmore    1890

Beardmore, William Beardmore    1873

Beardsley, Betty L. Beardsley, nee Rollyson    2011

Beardsley, Clyde A. Beardsley, Jr.    2008

Beardsley, Mary Ann Beardsley, nee Christman    1966

Beareau, Kate Beareau     1858

Beargy, John Beargy     1857

Bearing, William Bearing    1882

Bearkey, John Bearkey     1857

Beasley, Ambrose Beasley    1984

Beasley, Bessie Sue Beasley, nee Tackett    2012

Beasley, Carl Morris Beasley    2011

Beasley, David Nathanael Beasley    2015

Beasley, Elizabeth Beasley, nee Luter    1989

Beasley, Emmett Sylvester Beasley    2015

Beasley, James E. "Sonny" Beasley, Jr.    2003

Beasley, James Leo Beasley    2014

Beasley, Jesse Lee "J. L." Beasley    2007

Beasley, Larry Jay "Buck" Beasley    2003

Beasley, Lucille Beasley, nee Tackett    1990

Beasley, Nancy C. Beasley, nee Cox    2006

Beasley, Nathan Alan Beasley    1999

Beasley, Savannah Georgia Beasley, nee Skaags    1993

Beasley, Susie Ann Beasley, nee Morris    1976

Beasley, William A. Beasley    1974

Beatty, Barbara Beatty    1958

Beatty, C. W. Beatty    1906

Beatty, Harry Sherman Beatty    1961

Beatty, Robert G. Beatty    2015

Beatty, William Beatty     1897

Beaty, Evelyn L. Beaty, nee Feiber    2016

Beaty, Walter C. Beaty Sr.    2009

Beaty, Walter C. Beaty, Jr.    1996

Beaver, daughter of Frances Beaver      1889

Beaver, Eliza Beaver     1888

Beaver, Robert W. Beaver    2008

Beazle, Albert G. Beazle     1897

Bebois, Annie Lee Bebois    1890

Bechtel, Mrs. W. K. Bechtel    1891

Beck, Donald J. Beck    1982

Beck, Dorothy Beck, nee Danenburg    2017

Beck, John Beck     1901

Beck, John Beck    1891

Beck, Joseph Henry Beck    1959

Beck, Mary     1884

Beck, Mr. Beck     1852

Beck, Mrs. Edward Beck     1913

Beck, Senator Beck    1890

Becker, F. E. Becker    1906

Becker, Harry Becker    1907

Becker, Mary Becker, nee Latta    1954

Becker, Philip R. Becker, Jr.   2009

Becker, Phillip R. Becker, Sr.   1989

Becker, Samuel Becker    1907

Becket, Martha Louisa Becket     1894

Beckett, Ernest Beckett    2007

Beckett, Etta Beckett nee Smith    1939

Beckett, Everett Beckett     2007

Beckett, Margaret L. Beckett nee Cole “Granny B.”   2013

Beckett, Pearl E. Beckett nee Henderson    2009

Beckett, Rachael Beckett nee Fowler    1908

Beckler, Christal M. Beckler, nee Ankomeus     1999

Beckler, Judith K. Beckler, nee Swiger     2006

Beckold, Robert Beckold     1898

Beckwith, Augusta Beckwith    1923

Beckwith, Loucile Beckwith    1908

Beckwith, Rose Beckwith    1908

Bednar, Joseph Bednar     2002

Bednarczyk, Edmund Bednarczyk    2008

Beebout, Nancy Beebout     (1900)

Beeles, Sarah E. Beeles      1870

Beery, Logan R. (Babbert) Beery    1997

Beesby, Gertie Beesby    1890

Beeson, Darrel Dean Beeson    1952

Beeson, Frederick Beeson    1955

Beeson, Frederick David Beeson    1987

Beeson, James J. Beeson    1998

Beeson, Juanita Beeson, nee Milner    2005

Beeson, Maxine Beeson, nee Wilson    1965

Beeson, Phillip Beeson    2010

Behringer, Hattie Mae Behringer, nee Myers    1970

Behune, George Edward Behune     1999

Behune, Janet E. Behune, nee White     1992

Beirne, Bobby Beirne    1993

Beisel, Grace Beisel     1907

Beisel, Margene Beisel     2012

Beiser, Adam Beiser  2nd obit    1878

Beiser, J. A. Beiser    1886

Beiser, Mr. Beiser    1878

Beitel, Grace E. Beitel, nee Gray    1997

Beitel, Robert J. Beitel    2005

Belcher, Emma Belcher    1891

Belesky, Donna P. Belesky, nee Clark    1991

Belford, Benjamin     1898

Belford, Lucinda Belford     1948

Belford, Samuel L. Belford   2013

Belknap, Ella Belknap    1891

Belknap, Mary Belknap    1891

Belknap, Millie Belknap, nee Morrison    2016

Belknap, Sarah Belknap    1891

Bell, Carey W. Bell    1891

Bell, Charles Leslie Bell   2013

Bell, Clayton Shawn Bell   2013

Bell, Dr. J. C. Bell     1885

Bell, Harriett Bell    1882

Bell, Infant Bell    1891

Bell, James Bell    1891

Bell, Janice “Janet” Bell, nee Bosworth    2016

Bell, Joe Louis Bell     2012

Bell, Joel Bell    1886

Bell, Joy Bell, nee Allen    2016

Bell, Katherine L. Bell nee Lucas    2011

Bell, Margaret Bell    1931

Bell, Mrs. Sarah Bell     1901

Bell, Ralph Bell    2008

Bell, Wm. E. Bell     1864

Bell, Young son Bell    1881

Bellefeville, Richard P. Bellefeville    2009

Beller, Charles Beller    1936

Beller, Jean Beller, nee Stollar    2013

Beller, Robert W. Beller    1980

Beller, William D. Beller    2011

Beller, Maude C. Beller, nee Miller    1956

Bellia, Hester May Bellia nee Miller     2006

Bello, Joseph Allen Bello, Jr.    1989

Bellville, Jacob V. Bellville    2008

Belmont, August Belmont    1891

Belt, Amanda Jane Belt     1853

Belt, Benjamin Middleton Belt    1892

Belt, Nancy Belt    1876

Belt, William O. Belt     1894

Belts, Sarah Belts    1891

Bemis, Grandson Bemis    1866

Bemis, Young son Bemis    1866

Bendel, Anna Bendel    1891

Bendel, Henry Bendel 1946     1946

Bendel, Mrs. E. D. Bendel    1891

Bendel, Stephen Bendel     1924

Bender, Anna E. Bender    1891

Bender, Charles E. Bender     2007

Bender, Elizabeth Bender    1882

Bender, Henry Bender    1917

Bender, Mrs. James Bender     1901

Bender, W. C. Bender    1907

Bendle, Christian Bendle    1882

Benear, James Larry Benear    2009

Benedict, Harry Benedict     1900

Benfield, Dwayne Russell Benfield    2012

Benjamin, Forrest Benjamin    1932

Benner, James A. Benner     2006

Benner, James Benner     1889

Benner, Lieut. Benner    1878

Bennet, Mrs. Margaret Bennet     (1900)

Bennett, ______ Bennett     1855

Bennett, Barbara M. Bennett, nee Arny    2004

Bennett, Bob Bennett    1891

Bennett, Cecil B. Bennett     1990

Bennett, Clara M. Bennett, nee McMahon     1966

Bennett, Donald Charles Bennett   2013

Bennett, Edith Estella Bennett nee Lanam    1906

Bennett, Elias Jackson Bennett     1946

Bennett, Frank Bennett     1924

Bennett, Grethel Bennett nee Baker    2010

Bennett, Guy W. Bennett, Jr.     2006

Bennett, James Gordon Bennett    1918

Bennett, James W. Bennett    1994

Bennett, Jean Delores (Rogalski) Bennett nee Richardson    2009

Bennett, Jerry Bennett    1891

Bennett, Leroy C. Bennett    1924

Bennett, Margaret Bennett, nee Richerson    1996

Bennett, May Bennett    1907

Bennett, Melissa Bennett    1979

Bennett, Ruth B. Bennett     1979

Bennett, Zona Marie Bennett, nee Sprouse    2009

Benninghaus, Theodore Benninghaus     1858

Bennington, Barbara Jean Bennington nee Fankhauser    2008

Benscusch, George Benscusch    1908

Benson, Lenora B. Benson nee Logan     2008

Benson, Lorene L. Benson, nee Lympus    1978

Bent, Gary Michael (Pope) Bent    2012

Bentley, Denzil E. Bentley     1996

Bentley, Nicholas Bentley (Birtley)     1886

Bentley, Richard Bentley (Birtley)     1886

Benton, Frank Benton     1874

Bentz, Sandra Bentz, nee Shaw     2010

Bentz,  Mary Bentz    1873

Beras, Valentine Beras    1891

Berbigler, Jennie Berbigler nee Arnold    1906

Berdon, Adeline Berdon    1908

Berendzen, Raymond Frank Berendzen    2015

Berendzen, Virginia Berendzen, nee Stackpole    2001

Berentz, Lukas Phillip Berentz    2008

Berg, Elaine Patrice Berg    1999

Berg, Emil Berg    1968

Berg, Glen Loyd Berg    2012

Berg, Hazel Lillian Berg, nee Arnold     1989

Berg, Kathleen McHenry Berg, nee McKeel    2012

Berga, Jimmy Lee Berga     2006

Berge, Alfred Berge     1901

Berger, Charles Berger     1929

Berger, Lois Irene Berger nee Martin    2008

Berger, Mrs. Berger     1885

Bergman, John Bergman    1907

Beringer, John Beringer    1881

Berkheimer, Ellis Leroy Berkheimer    1908

Berkheimer, William Berkheimer     1924

Berkley, Samuel Berkley     1853

Berkshire, John Roy Berkshire     1929

Berkshire, Lula Berkshire nee Walter     1929

Berkshire, Lulu Berkshire nee Walter   2nd obit     1929

Berlt, Nellie Berlt     1889

Berna, Mary Dorothia Berna, nee Meade    2002

Bernard, Elsie Marie Bernard, nee Kallenbach    1996

Bernard, Montague Bernard    1882

Bernard, Phoebe Bernard    1891

Bernhard, George Bernhard     1897

Berry, (Young daughter) Berry    1881

Berry, Forest Berry     1929

Berry, Forrest Berry 2nd obit     1929

Berry, Freda Berry, nee Porter     1993

Berry, J.A. Berry     1907

Berry, John A. Berry     1894

Berry, Linda C. Berry nee Fox    1952

Berry, Mrs. S. Berry    1907

Berry, Mrs. S. D. Berry  2nd obit    1907

Berry, Mrs. S.D. Berry     1907

Berry, Richard Adlai Berry     2009

Berry, Rodney T. Berry    2013

Berry, Stella M. Berry nee DeLong   2013

Berry, Thurman "Slim" Berry    2002

Bertram, Charles K. Bertram Jr.    2011

Bertram, Eddie Lee Bertram     1899

Bertram, Infant Child     1894

Bertram, Lauretta Marie Bertram nee Shaffer    2010

Bertram, Mary Elizabeth Bertram nee Kindleberger     1893

Bertram, Opal Bertram   2013

Bertram, Sophia S. Bertram, (nee Diehl)     1931

Bertschy, August Bertschy 1945     1945

Bertschy, Henry Bertschy     2006

Besancon, Douglas S. Besancon    2008

Besancon, Emma Besancon, nee Stephen    2010

Besancon, Ralph E. Besancon    1974

Bessey,  Verna E. Bessey, nee Magill    1988

Bessey, Beatrice J. Bessey, nee Burtner    1991

Bessey, Corlis “Corky” Bessey    2005

Bessey, Gerald Leroy Bessey    1997

Bessey, Helen Edna Bessey, nee Riddle    2001

Bessey, Jane J. Bessey, nee Cole    2004

Bessey, Jay L. Bessey    1995

Bessey, John Daniel Bessey    1999

Bessey, Lura E. Bessey, nee Bundy    1973

Bessey, Mabel McGahan Bessey     2007

Bessey, Merritt Cole Bessey    1943

Bessey, Myrtice L. Bessey, nee Butterbaugh    1968

Bessey, Ray L. Bessey    2007

Bessey, Robert Franklin Bessey    1944

Bessey, Ronald Stanley Bessey    2001

Bessey, Roscoe H. Bessey    2000

Best, Amy Best    1878

Best, Jacob Best    1908

Best, Joseph E. Best    2012

Best, Shea N. Best     1985

Betheard, (3) Young Children Betheard    1891

Betheard, Charles Betheard    1891

Betheard, Mrs. Charles Betheard    1891

Bethel, Edward Bethel     1875

Bettell, James Bettell    1993

Bettem, John S. Bettem    2009

Bettinger, James N. Bettinger    2015

Betts, Allen Lynn Betts    1979

Betts, Benjamin Franklin Betts     1929

Betts, Bessie Betts, nee Powell     1977

Betts, Cary M. Betts    2010

Betts, Charles C. Betts    1951

Betts, Charles Franklin Betts   LKP#4   1959

Betts, Clarence Harmon Betts   LKP#4   1940

Betts, Daniel Bradley Betts     1992

Betts, Earl E. Betts     1992

Betts, Elbert W. Betts     1990

Betts, Eva Elizabeth Betts nee Rubel  LKP#4   1961

Betts, Gary E. Betts    2012

Betts, George Harold Betts    LKP#4   1939

Betts, Guy E. Betts    1963

Betts, Guy H. Betts   LKP#4   1973

Betts, John L. Betts    2009

Betts, John Wesley Betts   LKP#4  1921

Betts, Juanita Betts nee Neuhart     1947

Betts, Leona C. Betts nee Raymond   LKP#4   1976

Betts, Lester Betts    1996

Betts, Linda Dianne Betts, nee Morrison    2016

Betts, Linda Jean Betts     2001

Betts, Linda Jean Betts nee Curtis 2nd obit     2001

Betts, Loretta Betts, nee Hall    2002

Betts, Luella M. Betts   LKP#4   1975

Betts, Martha Lou Betts nee Mercer         LKP#4   1975

Betts, Paul N. Betts     2012

Betts, Rosa Elizabeth Betts nee Crawford   LKP#4   1966

Betts, Sara Marie Betts   LKP#4   1941

Betts, Sarah C. Betts nee Shuman  LKP#4  1891

Betts, Sherry L. Betts, nee Willis    2015

Betts, Vearl Betts   LKP#4   1944

Betts, Verna Betts, nee Keeton    1963

Betts, Woodrow Franklin Betts   LKP#4  1922

Betts, Zelda M. Betts nee Weber    2009

Betts, Zelda Matilda Betts     2009

Beuoy, J. Eugene Beuoy    1997

Beuoy, Louetta O. Beuoy, nee Voland     2009

Bevan, Mary A. Bevan     1859

Bevans, Mrs. Wm. Bevans    1890

Bever, Elizabeth Bever    1890

Bever, John Bever     1871

Beveridge, David Lewiston Beveridge     2011

Beveridge, Goldie C. Diehl Beveridge, nee Harrison    1969

Beverly, Bobby Beverly    2012

Bevlin, Bessie Bevlin, nee Snider    1988

Bewers, Almeda Bewers nee Howard 1937     1937

Bewley, Freda Jackson Bewley, nee McConnell    2016

Beymer, Chester Beymer    2005

Beymer, Gladys Gertrude Beymer, nee Staib    1989

Beymer, Roy Chester Beymer    1996

Bianpied, Rev. John Bianpied     1875

Bibelhauser, Joseph Bibelhauser    2012

Bibelhauser, Timothy Ray Bibelhauser    2017

Bice, Jody L. Bice nee Pickenpaugh

Bickham, Mr. John Bickham     1875

Biddle, Captain Biddle    1866

Biedenbach, Anthony J. Biedenbach     1969

Biedenbach, Arthur C. Biedenbach “Art”   2013

Biedenbach, Dennis M. Biedenbach    2016

Biedenbach, Dorothy Frieda Biedenback nee Sorg    2008

Biedenbach, Frances Theresa Biedenbach     1966

Biedenbach, Henry Rudolph Biedenbach     1985

Biedenbach, Ida Florintine Biedenbach     1901

Biedenbach, Infant daughter Biedenbach    1931

Biedenbach, Mary Amy Biedenbach, nee Schumacher    2017

Biedenbach, Minnie Biedenbach    1891

Biedenbach, Paul J. Biedenbach    2008

Biedenbaugh, Frances Biedenbaugh    1880

Biedenbaugh, Young child Biedenbaugh    1880

Biedler, Nettie Biedler    1891

Bierie, Charles Bierie (obit 1)     (1900)

Bierie, Chas. Bierie (obit 2)     (1900)

Biggs, Denver "Archie" Biggs     2005

Biggs, Sherry A. Biggs, nee Johnson    1997

Bigler, Catherine Elizabeth Bigler     2004

Bigler, Herman Bigler    1931

Bigler, Jacob Bigler     1908

Bigler, John Bigler     1905

Bigler, Mary Bigler nee Fankhauser    1939

Bigler, Okey Bigler     1905

Bigler, William Albert Bigler     1929

Bigley, Earl Eugene Bigley     1965

Bigley, Frederick Mansel Bigley     1941

Bigley, Hattie Arizona Bigley, nee Johnson     2014

Bigley, Joseph Bigley    1882

Bigley, Juanita M. Bigley (nee-McConnell)     2002

Bigley, Kelsy L. Bigley     2005

Bigley, Larry Dean Bigley     1995

Bigley, Leonard W. Bigley     1975

Bigley, S. K. Bigley    1891

Bigley, William S. Bigley     2000

Bihson, Mrs. Peter Bishon nee Haren     1924

Bilger, Edith M. Bilger, nee Kysor    1997

Bilger, Kenneth D. Bilger    2008

Bilger, Robert O. Bilger    1966

Bilger, Timothy David Bilger    2015

Biller, Norman Frederick Biller, Sr.    2001

Billetter, Madelyn Mae Billetter, nee Dyson    2015

Billiter, Donald E. Billiter    2016

Billiter, Elizabeth E. Billiter    1952

Billiter, Lonnie L. Billiter    2008

Billiter, Lucy Marie Billiter, nee Pratt    2016

Billiter, Sarah E.     1895

Billiter, Susanna     1898

Billman, Charles Billman     1929

Billman, Charles F. Billman    2010

Billman, Fred C. Billman     1931

Billman, Hannah J. Billman     1918

Billman, Harlan H. Billman     2006

Billman, Laura Elizabeth Billman     2004

Billman, Mr. C. F. Billman     1883

Billman, Mrs. Elizabeth Billman     1875

Billy, “Six Shooter” Billy    1891

Bilyeu, Katherine Bilyeu nee Stine “Kitty”   2013

Bilyeu, Lela A. Bilyeu nee Wolfe   2013

Bilyeu, Lewis L. Bilyeu    2016

Bilyeu, Mark A. Bilyeu    2008

Bilyeu, Shirley Ann Bilyeu nee Edwards   2013

Bilyeu, Steven E. J. Bilyeu     2009

Bilyeu,_____Bilyeu    1920

Bimeler, Joseph Bimeler      1853

Binegar, Barbara Mary Binegar, nee Myers or Meyers    2005

Binegar, Carrie V. Binegar, nee Herlan     1998

Binegar, Clarence W. Binegar     1971

Binegar, Eva Jean Binegar (nee--Holpp)     2001

Binegar, Furl Aaron Binegar    1947

Binegar, Gilbert A. Binegar     2005

Binegar, James R. Binegar     2004

Binegar, Jarod Robert Binegar    1981

Binegar, Kenneth R. Binegar    1972

Binegar, Lyle V. Binegar    2011

Binegar, Mary M. Binegar nee Busche    2008

Binegar, Merle Otto Binegar     2005

Binegar, Orville Lee Binegar    2011

Binegar, Robert Paul Binegar   2013

Binegar, Verna Mae Binegar, nee McPeek    1995

Bing, Francis Bing     1929

Bingamon, Clifford G. Bingamon     (1900)

Bingham, Hon. John A. Bingham     1900

Bingham, J. F. Bingham    1891

Bingham, James Bingham    1866

Bingham, Robert Bingham    1974

Bintz, Anna Marie Bintz, (nee  Pfalzgraf)     1919

Bintz, Caroline Bintz nee Schaub  2nd obit    1908

Bintz, Caroline Bintz, (nee Schaub)     1908

Bintz, Elmer D. Bintz   LKP#1   1966

Bintz, George Jacob Bintz      1896

Bintz, George Jacob Bintz  2nd obit    1890

Bintz, George Jacob Bintz1890      1890

Bintz, Mrs. David Bintz    1908

Bintz, Mrs. Elmer Bintz    1919

Bintz, Ruth Alice Bintz     2003

Birch, Sadie Birch    1906

Birkhimer, Joseph P. Birkhimer     1960

Birkhimer, Mary Ann Birkhimer, nee Pratt     1962

Birkhimer, Velma H. Birkhimer, nee Herron     1996

Birkhimer, Vernon J. Birkhimer     1988

Birkmire, Gerald A. "Gary" Birkmire    2013

Birmingham, Mike Birmingham     1901

Birmingham, Patrick Birmingham    1891

Birth, Rebecca Birth     1901

Bischoff, Amy Bischoff nee Riley  2nd obit    1908

Bischoff, Dolores Arlene Bischoff nee Gasser   2013

Bischoff, John Bischoff     1998

Bischoff, Katherine Bischoff     1924

Bischoff, Leander R. Bischoff    2011

Bischoff, Mrs. Fritz Bischoff    1908

Bishon, Peter Bishon    1935

Bishop, Anna Maria Bishop     1893

Bishop, Chad Bishop    1906

Bishop, Charlotte Ann Bishop nee Addlesburger    2008

Bishop, Clay Bishop      1889

Bishop, Edith Eva Bishop nee Stallings    2009

Bishop, Frank Bishop  1918

Bishop, George W. Bishop     1893

Bishop, Glen David Bishop     2001

Bishop, John Bishop    1882

Bishop, John I. Bishop  2nd obit    1882

Bishop, Lillian Katherine Bishop, nee Pope    2009

Bishop, Martha Bishop     1929

Bishop, Mary Ann Bishop nee Spano    2007

Bishop, Milton Bishop      1889

Bishop, Mrs. Wesley     1898

Bishop, Nancy Bishop     1859

Bishop, Nancy Bishop    1876

Bishop, Nathaniel Bishop    1876

Bishop, Rueben Bishop     1924

Bishop, Samuel Bishop    1892

Bishop, Vernon W. Bishop    1918

Bishop, Wadna P. Bishop nee Moore     2007

Bishop, Wadna P. Bishop, nee Moore    2007

Bishop, Walter Franklin (Red) Bishop    2010

Bishop, Wayne L. Bishop    1997

Bishop, Wesley     1898

Bishop, Wilford "Bud" Bishop    2007

Bishop, Worthy Bishop 1937     1937

Bishop. William Bishop    1974

Bissell, Albert W. Bissell    1891

Bissell, Stephen C. Bissell    1968

Bittner, (infant) Bittner     1901

Bittner, Henry Bittner     1888

Bittner, Mrs. William Bittner     1899

Biullis, E. Biullis    1878

Bivens, Raymond Eugene Bivens 2007     2007

Bizanovich, Janine Bizanovich, nee McCort    2017

Blachly, Audre Lee Blachly  LKP#3   1970

Blachly, Bonnie Pauline Blachly  LKP#3   1970

Blachly, Paula Rae Blachly  LKP#3   1970

Blachly, Robert Lee Blachly  LKP#3   1970

Black, Christopher Black     1907

Black, Dorothy Mae Mercer Black, nee Hutchison    2002

Black, Fred Black Jr.    2004

Black, J. W. Black     1899

Black, Leanna Black, nee Smith    2016

Black, Mart Black    1891

Black, Mrs. John Black    1906

Black, Perry L. Black    2004

Blackburn, B. C. Blackburn     1899

Blackburn, Hon. B. C. Blackburn     1900

Blackburn, Mel Blackburn     1900

Blackledge, Asa Blackledge     1859

Blackledge, Samuel Blackledge    1866

Blacklege, Alva Blacklege    1881

Blacklege, James Alvadore Blacklege  2nd obit    1881

Blackner, Susan Blackner     1897

Blackstone, Charles Franklin Blackstone Jr.     1991

Blackstone, Charles Franklin Blackstone, Sr.    2011

Blackstone, John Leroy Blackstone     1975

Blackstone, Judith Kay Blackstone, nee Reed    2011

Blackstone, Judy K. Blackstone nee Reed    2011

Blackstone, Mark Anthony Blackstone     1978

Blackstone, Mildred E. Blackstone, nee Zwick     1996

Blackstone, Ronald (Reggie) Blackstone    2010

Blain, William Blain     1875

Blaine, Frances E. Blaine nee Fosha    2011

Blaine, Walker Blaine    1890

Blair, Allen Blair    1917

Blair, Clyde Blair    2011

Blair, David Blair     1929

Blair, Dorothy G. Blair nee Guiler     2012

Blair, Edward Blair    1891

Blair, Effie L. Blair nee Wagner   2013

Blair, Eliza Blair     1899

Blair, Ezekial Blair    1878

Blair, Henry Blair     1918

Blair, Hobart G. Blair     2002

Blair, Irving Blair     1897

Blair, Joann C. Blair nee Howell     2005

Blair, John Blair    1919

Blair, Paul J. Sr. Blair     2005

Blair, Pauline T. Blair nee Riemenschneider    2011

Blair, Peggy Louise Blair    1938

Blair, Robert Lee Blair    1982

Blake, Charles Blake     1885

Blake, Charles Lindy Blake    2010

Blake, David W. Blake    2008

Blake, Eldon Blake     1870

Blake, Eli Whitney Blake    1886

Blake, Loye Alfred Blake, Sr.    2015

Blake, Margaret A. Blake nee Norris    2007

Blake, Maxie Lou Blake, nee Ray    2011

Blake, Scott Allen Blake    2010

Blake, Thomas Blake     1885

Blake, Violet Blake, nee Harper     2011

Blake, William L. Blake    1955

Blakeley, Lee L. Blakeley     2006

Blakely, Dock Blakely    1891

Blakely, William Blakely     1901

Blakemore, Mr. Blackmore - Wife and three Children     1870

Blakley, Melissa Blakley    1974

Blamer, Bruce Allen Blamer    2011

Blanche, Edward Blanche     1901

Bland, Son Bland     1853

Blandy, Henry Blandy    1879

Blankenship, Betty Lorraine Blankenship nee Dye    2008

Blankingham, Mrs. Blankingham     1893

Blann, Arthur Edward Blann    2003

Blann, Jane L. Blann, nee Christman    1995

Blare, Sarah Blare     1883

Blasure, Henry Blasure    1873

Blatter, Edward Blatter     1897

Blatter, Emma Marie Blatter nee Lude     1905

Blattler, Catherine Blattler    1931

Blattler, Charles Blattler    1906

Blattler, Christian Blattler    1876

Blattler, Ellsworth Blattler    2017

Blattler, Everett Blattler     1924

Blattler, Jacob Blattler    1882

Blattler, Mr. Christian Blattler     1875

Blazer, Emma L. Blazer nee Keller     1929

Blazer, James Blazer     1929

Blazer, Jane E. Blazer    1891

Blazer, Mrs. David Blazer     1929

Blazer, Susan Blazer     1888

Bledsoe, Beulah Gladys Bledsoe, nee Kinkade    1992

Bledsoe, Haskel Clyde "Hack" Bledsoe    1989

Bledsoe, Imogene E. Bledsoe, nee Lillard    2011

Bledsoe, Judith Ann Bledsoe    1947

Blehm, Edward L.    2004

Bler, Margaret Bler     1874

Blevins, Wendell (Doc) Blevins     2006

Blevins, Wm. Blevins    1891

Bliss, Col. Bliss      1853

Blocher, Alice Blocher, nee Tuley    2000

Blocher, Vernon V. Blocher    1993

Block, George Block     1901

Block, Hattie Block     1899

Block, J. W. Block     (1900)

Block, Robert P. Block     2003

Blogg, Mr. Blogg    1866

Bloom, Albert Bloom    1906

Bloom, Christine Marie Bloom    2015

Bloom, Wyatt Allen Bloom    2008

Bloor, Mary Ann Bloor     1868

Bloss, G. M. D. Bloss    1876

Blossom, J. N. Blossom    1891

Blout, S. W. Blout    1890

Blow, Charles W. Blow    1908

Blowers, (brother) Blowers     1885

Blowers, (two sisters) Blowers     1885

Blowers, (wife) Blowers     1901

Blowers, Annie Elizabeth Blowers    1856

Blowers, Arthur J. Blowers     1855

Blowers, Charles M. Blowers     1913

Blowers, Gail Blowers    1906

Blowers, Grace Evaline Blowers     1888

Blowers, Hannah Blowers     1888

Blowers, Hannah J. Blowers (obit 2)     1888

Blowers, John Q. Blowers     1901

Blowers, Lilian Maud Blowers     1885

Blowers, Mary Blowers     1901

Blowers, Olive Blowers     1885

Blowers, Samuel Blowers    1881

Blowers, Susan W. Blowers     1862 

Blowers, Walter Leroy Blowers     1885

Blue, AmassiePhilene Blue nee Decker    1906

Blue, Etta Blue     1893

Blue, Ota Blue 1937     1937

Blum, Fred Blum    1920

Blum, Robert Blum    1849

Blume, Helen M. Blume, nee Elliott     1977

Blythe, Arden Blythe     1997

Blythe, Arona Blythe     1980

Blythe, Esther Ola Blythe, nee Yoh     1968

Blythe, Isaac Blythe    1945

Blythe, James Blythe     1938

Blythe, Junia H. Blythe, nee Harsh    1994

Blythe, Kenneth T. Blythe    1991

Blythe, Lona Blythe, nee Thomas    1974

Blythe, Mary M. Blythe, nee Blackmore    1986

Blythe, Oscar Blythe     1965

Blythe, Phyllis M. Blythe, nee Snavely    2002

Blythe, Ronald Gene Blythe    2009

Blythe, Samuel M. Blythe    1949

Bobb, Homer Bobb (obit 1)     1900

Bobb, Homer Bobb (obit 2)     1900

Bobier, Robert Joseph Bobier    2013

Bobkovich, Patricia Bobkovich, nee Ogden    2016

Bobman, Thomas Bobman    1878

Bock, Augustus Bock     1875

Bock, Heidi Renea Bock nee Salsbury     2006

Bockhouse, Mrs. Bockhouse     1851

Bode, Charles J. Bode 1937     1937

Bode, Fern A. Bode     2001

Bode, Henry F. Bode     1913

Bode, Rex L. Bode     2006

Bodkin, Smith     1898

Boe, Charles Chester Boe    2013

Boeke, Elinor Matilda Boeke    2016

Boesche, Wilbert A. Boesche     1956

Boetticher, Victoria Boetticher nee Howell    1974

Boettner, CasperBoettner    1906

Boettner, John Boettner (obit 1)     (1900)

Boettner, John Boettner (obit 2)     (1900)

Boettner, Mrs. B. Boettner     1894

Boettner, William R. Boettner     1905

Bogart, Frances "Kay" Monk Bogart, nee Smith    2014

Boger, Louis Boger     1883

Boger, Nada E. Boger nee Kocher    2008

Boggan, Mr. Pickett Boggan     1875

Boggess, Frances Columbia Boggess    1866

Boggs, Evelyn “June” Boggs, nee Barger    2016

Boggs, Jacob Boggs    1891

Boggs,  Joseph Boggs, Sr.    1873

Bogle, Mary P. Bogle nee Carrothers     1924

Bogoni, Edna Pauline Bogoni, nee Fearing    1973

Bogoni, Frank J. Bogoni, Sr.    2013

Bogoni, Pauline Bogoni, nee Fearing    1973

Bohannon, Opal Bohannon, nee Jessie “Opal” McGrew    1973

Bohl, Catherine Bohl    1881

Bohlen, Mrs. Bohlen     1899

Bohlen, Samuel Bohlen    1892

Bohlender, Valentine Bohlender    1891

Bohyer, Thomas E. Bohyer    2012

Boice, Elizabeth Boice 2nd obit    1906

Boice, J. A. Boice    1878

Boice, J. A. Boice  2nd obit    1878

Boice, John Reamy Boice     1894

Boice, Lizzie Boice    1906

Boice, Mrs. Boice     1858

Boice, Sarah Lucretia Boice     1855

Bolden, (son) Bolden     1901

Bolden, Jesse Bolden    1890

Bolder, Thomas Bolder    1866

Bolen, Alma Rachel Bolen nee Rhoads     2006

Bolen, Bertie Mildred Bolen, nee Tennant    2001

BOLEN, Child of Alex Bolen   1879

Bolen, Clyde W. Bolen    2001

Bolen, James Bolen    1878

Bolen, Juanita A. Bolen nee Reynolds    2007

Bolen, Mildred Bolen, nee Tennant    2001

Bolen, Robert C. Bolen    2011

Bolen, Wm. E. Bolen    1890

Boles, Clarence A. Boles    1984

Boles, Erma L. Boles - nee Schell     2001

Boles, Shelvie L. Boles, nee Palmer    2016

Boles, Wm. Boles    1890

Bolin, Gene Bolin    1998

Bolin, Harold Eugene Bolin    1998

Bolin, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bolin, nee Stephens    1993

Bolin, Norman Bolin    2002

Boling, Drew Matthew Boling    2011

Bolinger, Stephen Bolinger     1897

Bollen, Young son Bollen    1920

Bolner, Adam Bolner    1935

Bolner, Forest M. Bolner    1990

Bolner, James Bolner    1968

Bolon, Donna Mae Bolon     2001

Bolon, Earl Bolon    1987

Bolon, John R. “Jack” Bolon    2016

Bolon, Margaret A. Bolon     1919

Bolon, William H. Boton     2012

Bolt, Freda Weir Bolt nee Kahrig    LKP#7   1960

Boltz, Clayton E. Boltz     2006

Boltz, Elverna E. Boltz nee McKelvey     2007

Boltz, Jacob Everett Boltz     1929

Boltz, Lewis Boltz    1917

Boltz, O’Dessa Catherine Kay Boltz nee Smith     2006

Bonadio, Lenora Bonadio nee Mahoney    2008

Bonam, Alfred M. Bonam    1919

Bonam, Bertha D. Bonam nee Thomas     1993

Bonam, Charles Denver Bonam     1993

Bonam, Charles L. Bonam     1999

Bonam, Clarence D. Bonam     1973

Bonam, Donald Raymond Bonam     1950

Bonam, Freda A. Bonam nee Yost     1993

Bonam, Infant Bonam     1905

Bonam, Infant Bonam     1907

Bonam, Isaac Henry Bonam     1958

Bonam, Katerhine L. Bonam nee Hooper    2008

Bonam, Mary Elizabeth Bonam nee Payne      1916

Bonam, Nancy O. Bonam nee Thompson     1998

Bonam, Warren Bonam     2004

Bonar, Charles F. Bonar    2008

Bonar, D. D. Bonar    1919

BONAR, Daniel Bonar   1879

Bonar, Edna Mae Bonar, nee Morrison    2016

Bonar, Jane Bonar nee McDougal     1907

Bonar, Joseph Bonar    1890

Bonar, Miss Ella Bonar     1889

Bonar, Mrs. Joseph     1898

Bonar, William Bonar    1906

Bonar, Young Son Bonar     1924

Bond, Charles Vinton Bond    2000

Bond, Floyd Dean Bond    2004

Bond, Lena Bond, nee Schell    1988

Bond, Monna Sue Bond, nee Binegar    1996

Bond, Mrs. Bond     1873

Bond, Mrs. S. Bond     1901

Bondy, Andrew Theodore Bondy    1966

Bondy, Edna Mae Bondy, nee Fuller    1988

Bondy, John Russell Bondy    2007

Bone, Henry Bone    1892

Bonebright, William J. Bonebright    1974

Bonham, Aaron Bonham    1879

Bonham, Frank Bonham     1885

Bonham, Margaret A. Bonham nee Dillon    2005

Bonham, Mrs. Bonham    1880

Bonham, Mrs. Jas. Bonham     1888

Bonham, Nathan Borham     1857

Bonham, Samuel     1884

Bonian, M. Bonian    1881

Bonnel, Mrs. Vache Bonnel     1900

Bonnell, Albert Bonnell    1907

Bonner, Ruth M. Bonner, nee Schell    1995

Bonno, Coale Bonno    1866

Boody, William Boody    1891

Booher, Abraham Booher    1873

Booher, Ralph Booher    1991

Book, Bernice Book nee Biles     2007

Book, Carl R. Book    2011

Book, Emma Louise Book    1952

Booker, Wm. Booker    1878

Boord, Jamie A. Boord    1985

Booth, (Child) Booth     1883

Booth, Asahel Booth     1858

Booth, Bethiah Booth     1868

Booth, Camilla Booth     1860

Booth, Captain John K. Booth     (1900)

Booth, Charles     1884

Booth, Charles Floyd Booth     2005

Booth, Estelle "Belle" Booth nee Showalter     2005

Booth, George Booth     1894

Booth, Hannah Booth    1880

Booth, Hon. W. H. Booth (Obit 2)     1900

Booth, Isaac Booth     1897

Booth, J. Albert Booth 1897

Booth, James Booth    1891

Booth, James Booth  2nd obit    1891

Booth, John Booth    1856

Booth, John Mortimer Booth     1868

Booth, Larry J. Booth     1997

Booth, Mary Booth    1917

Booth, Mrs. Booth (Obit 1)     1900

Booth, Mrs. John K. Booth     (1900)

Booth, Orville James Booth     abt. 1969

Booth, Ruth Frances Booth nee Morris     1969

Booth, W. F. Booth     1883

Boothe, James Boothe    1891

Boothe, John F. Booth     1929

Borden, Lillie Borden    1891

Borders, Arthur Borders Jr.     1996

Borders, G. Ethel Drake Housley Borders nee Myers    2010

Borg, Roy C. Borg    2004

Borg, Sarah M. Borg, nee Rogers    2003

Borman, Delores June Borman    2005

Borman, Jerry Edward Borman     2006

Born, Esther B. Born, nee Gray    1999

Born, James L. Born    2001

Born, Robert C. Born    2009

Borner, Melchoir Borner    1882

Borns, Francis J. Borns    1982

Borns, Sara Christina Borns nee Matz     1985

Boron, Arthur C. Boron     1972 

Boron, David C. Boron    2014

Boron, Don E. Boron     1998

Boron, Harold R. Boron    2007

Boron, Harriett Boron, nee Leach    2001  

Boron, Kelly Jo Boron    1999

Boron, Norma J. Boron, nee Dailey    2013

Boron, Todd W. Boron     2008

Boroski, Dewella M. Boroski nee Campbell    2009

Borton, Harold L. Borton   2013

Borton, William Borton     1875

Bosell, Reicky Bosell    2009

Bost, Albert Bost    1891

Bostic, Clavel J. Bostic    1992

Boston, Clinton Richard Boston    2011

Boston, Donna Boston, nee McMahon    2016

Boston, Elizabeth Boston

Boston, Estelle Boston, nee Tubaugh    1999

Boston, Frederick H. Boston    2008

Boston, Harry Boston    1918

Boston, John Boston    1882

Boston, Lela J. Boston nee VanDyne    2007

Boston, Ruth Holliday Boston nee Stewart    2008

Boston, Starling E. Boston     2005

Bothwell, Ella Francis Bothwell     1924

Bothwell, Geo. Bothwell    1891

Bothwell, George H. Bothwell  3rd obit   1891

Bothwell, George W. Bothwell  2nd obit   1891

Bothwell, Gorge Bothwell  4th obit    1891

Bothwell, John Bothwell    1878

Bothwell, Mrs. Anna Bothwell     1885

Bothwell, Thomas Bothwell     1875

Botkin, Charles E. Botkin    1970

Botkin, Florence L. Botkin, nee Wintersheimer    2003

Botkin, Fred Botkin    1970

Botkin, Gladys L. Botkin, nee Poole    1975

Botkin, Hillborn Chedister “Ched” Botkin

Botkin, James H. Botkin    1988

Botkin, James Isaac Botkin    1946

Botkin, John James Botkin    1976

Botkin, Margaret "Peggy" Anne Botkin, nee Harris 2008

Botkin, Mary K. Botkin, nee Brosmer    1977

Botkin, Susan A. Botkin, nee Kinkade    1957

Botkin, William H. Botkin    2010

Botkin,Timothy Allen Botkin    2013

Bott, Charles D. Bott     2001

Bott, Charles E. Bott    2011

Bott, Francis Bott    1856

Bott, Fred Bott    1923

Bott, Gailard Wilbert Bott     2012

Bott, George M. Bott     1905

Bott, Hugh L. Bott     2002

Bott, Julie Bott nee Kurtzman     2012

Bott, Louis Bott  Sr.    1891

Bott, Louis D. Bott     1930

Bott, Louisa Bott    1891

Bott, Maggie Bott     (1900)

Bott, Tillie Bott     1924

Bott, Tillie Bott    1924

Bott, Tillie L. Bott nee Weber     1924

Bott, Violet Maud Bott, nee Anderson     2002

Bottenfield, (Young Son) Bottenfield    1881

Bottenfield, Flode Bottenfield    1890

Bottenfield, Hiram     1898

Bottenfield, Isaac Bottenfield    1876

Bottenfield, Isaac Bottenfield  2nd obit    1876

Bottenfield, Samuel Bottenfield    1848

Bottenfield, William Bottenfield    1886

Boucher, Don Jose Boucher    2015

Boucher, Victor Michael Boucher    2004

Boughner, Brenda K. Boughner, nee Kinkade    1996

Boughner, E. C. Boughner    1923

Boughner, Ellen Boughner     1875

Boughner, Hila Ann Boughner    1918

Boughner, John Boughner    1891

Boughner, John J. Boughner    1891

Boughner, John M. Boughner    1922

Boughner, John Martin Boughner    1906

Boughner, John Martin Boughner 2nd obit    1906

Boughner, Julia Ann Boughner     1929

Boughner, Katharine Boughner     1857

Boughner, Mary Boughner    1886

Boughner, May     1884

Boughner, Michael Boughner     1894

Boughner, Michael Boughner    1891

Boughner, Mrs. A. W. Boughner    1891

Boughner, Mrs. Stephen Boughner     1905

Boughner, Samuel Boughner     (1900)

Boughner, Sarah Ann Boughner    1908

Boughner, Young Son Boughner    1891

Boulanger, Mr. Boulanger    1891

Boulet, Gary D. Boulet    2013

Boulet, Mary Catherine Boulet, nee Anderson    2016

Boulet, Richard E. Boulet     2003

Boulier, Louis Boulier     1875

Bouquet, Billy Boquet    1891

Bowan, Five Children of Joseph Bowan    1879

Bowe, Edwin J. Bowe    1891

Bowen, Chas. Bowen     1874

Bowen, David Joseph Bowen, Jr.     2004

Bowen, Denver D. Bowen   2013

Bowen, Elam Patterson Bowen     1905

Bowen, Elizabeth Bowen     1913

Bowen, Golda Bowen nee Reef    2008

Bowen, Mahala Bowen    1886

Bowen, Mary Etta Bowen     1954

Bowen, Mildred “Marie” Bowen     2006

Bowen, Ralph Bowen     1913

Bowen, Ralph W. Bowen (obit 2)     1913

Bowen, Raymond Lee Bowen     1971

Bowen, RobettBowen    1906

Bowen, Thomas Bowen    1892

Bowen, Will     1895

Bower, Joseph Bower    1881

Bower, Paul Eugene Bower     2005

Bowerfine, John J. Bowerfine    1891

Bowers, Archie Bowers     1929

Bowers, Elizabeth Bowers “Liz” (nee-Taylor)     2006

Bowers, Harold C. "Jack" Bowers    2010

Bowers, Jack Charles Bowers    2005

Bowers, Jessie Bowers, nee Collins    2002

Bowers, John Bowers    1891

Bowers, Johnny Bowers    2007

Bowers, Lloyd “Ken” Bowers, Jr.    2016

Bowers, Natalie Bowers     2005

Bowersock, David V. Bowersock    2010

Bowersock, E. Dean Bowersock     2004

Bowersock, Elmer A. Bowersock   1970

Bowersock, Jeanette "Evelyn" Bowersock, nee Wenzig    2013

Bowersock, John R.Bowersock    2002

Bowersock, John Raymond Bowersock     1952

Bowersock, Lee A. Bowersock    2008

Bowersock, Margaret E. Bowersock, nee Frame    2000

Bowersock, Mary E. Bowersock, nee Mendenhall     1983

Bowersock, Ralph E. Bowersock     1987

Bowersock, Stanley A. Bowersock    1987

Bowersock, Violet E. Bowersock, nee Pfundt    1999

Bowersock, William Austin Bowersock   2002

Bowery, Sebastian Bowery    1880

Bowie, Martha Bowie    1907

Bowie, Martha Bowie  2nd obit    1907

Bowie, Martha Bowie  3rd obit    1907

Bowles, Homer D. Bowles    1960

Bowles, Mary Bowles, nee Neuhart       1996

Bowles, Samuel Bowles    1878

Bowman, Allen J. Bowman 1941     1941

Bowman, Fred Bowman    1880

Bowman, Henrietta G. Bowman      1871

Bowman, Ida Bowman    1892

Bowman, John Bowman     1858

Bowman, Mary M. Bowman, nee Butler     2010

Bowman, Pluma Bowman     1881

Bowman, Thomas Bowman     1971

Bowman,James Nelson Bowman     (1900)

Bowmaster, Henry Bowmaster    1891

Bownam, James Bownam     (1900)

Bowness, Sarah P. Bowness, nee Price    1981

Bowrie, Martha Bowrie     1907

Bowser, Martin L. Bowser     1888

Bowser, Mrs. Tillie Bowser     1908

Boxie, John Boxie    1907

Boyce, Betty June Boyce, nee Morris    1997

Boyd, Charles A. Boyd    1983

Boyd, Child of John Boyd    1879

Boyd, Child of John Boyd - 2nd Obit    1879

Boyd, Dorothy Eileen Boyd     2002

Boyd, Elisabeth Boyd    1882

Boyd, Eliza Boyd nee Sloan    1886

Boyd, George Boyd     2005

Boyd, George E. Boyd    2001

Boyd, Harrison L. Boyd      1925

Boyd, John Boyd     1907

Boyd, Ralph D. Boyd    2001

Boyd, Rev. Samuel Boyd     1901

Boyd, Robert H. Boyd    1994

Boyd, Sena Marie Boyd, nee Seevers    2009

Boyd, Virginia W. Boyd, nee Keylor    2015

Boyd, William H. Boyd     1897

Boyer, Geo. L. Boyer    1891

Boyer, Jason Boyer    1870

Boyer, Lenoma Boyer, nee Naylor    2012

Boyer, Mrs. Boyer     1875

Boyer, Mrs. Boyer    1876

Boyer, Mrs. Boyer    1908

Boyer, Young child Boyer    1908

Boyer, Young Daugher Boyer    1891

Boyers, Thomas Boyers     1907

Boyle, Martin Boyle    1847

Boyle, Peter Boyle     1924

Boyles, Hays Boyles     1888

Boyles, J. W. Boyles    1882

Boyles, John H. Boyles (Obit 2)     1888

Brabant, Mr. Brabant     1858

Brabham, James Brabham    1862

Bracey, Grace Bracey    1874

Bracey, Juletta Bracey    1879

Bracey, Mrs Pheba Bracey    2nd Obit      1872 

Bracey, Mrs. Pheba Bracey   1872

Bracey, Walter Bracey    1880

Brackin, James Brackin     (1900)

Bracy, Clara Bracy    1886

Bracy, James Bracy     1924

Bracy, James R. Bracy     1900

Bracy, L. D. Bracy     1905

Bracy, L. D. Bracy  2nd obit     1905

Bracy, Martha A. Bracy, (nee Henthorn)     1916

Bracy, Mary A. Bracy     1864

Bracy, Miss Littie Bracy    1879

Bracy, W. D. Bracy    1918

Bracy, Walter S. Bracy    1879

Bradbury, A. R. Bradbury    1892

Braddee, John F. Braddee    1846

Bradfield, Albert Bradfield    1881

Bradfield, Homer Bradfield     1905

Bradfield, James Bradfield     1907

Bradfield, James Bradfield    1908

Bradfield, John Bradfield     1893

Bradfield, Lewis C. Bradfield     1924

Bradfield, Lucinda Bradfield    1886

Bradfield, Melvina B. Bradfield nee Burkey    2007

Bradfield, Mrs. Bradfield     1875

Bradfield, Mrs. Joseph Bradfield   1875

Bradfield, Mrs. Mary S. Bradfield     (1900)

Bradfield, Mrs. Sarah Bradfield (obit 2)     (1900)

Bradfield, Sarah Bradfield (obit 1)     (1900)

Bradfield, Thomas J. Bradfield    1918

Bradford, ______ Bradford     1885

Bradford, Charles Bradford     1885

Bradford, Delia Bradford    1891

Bradham, Bessie E. Bradham, nee Schell    1979

Bradham, Herman R.     2009

Bradham, Imogene Bradham, nee Purdy    1988

Bradham, Kinneth I. Bradham    2000

Bradham, Roofie Bradham    2007

Bradlaugh, Chas. Bradlaugh    1891

Bradley, (wife) Bradley     (1900)

Bradley, James Bradley     (1900)

Bradley, Joseph P. Bradley    1892

Bradshaw, John Bradshaw    1908

Bradshaw, John W.     1884

Brady, Daniel Franklin Brady    1906

Brady, Male Brady                1918

Brague, Ira Brague     1883

Brague, Mary Brague     1905

Brague, Wanda E. Brague nee Moore    2011

Brahler, Adam Brahler    1873

Brailsford, Barney Brailsford     1860

Brainard, Annie     1898

Brake, Alvin Brake    1922

Brake, Clara Brake     1907

Brake, Clara Brake  2nd obit    1907

Brake, John A. Brake     2012

Brame, John T. Brame    1891

Bramhall, Alfred Thomas Bramhall    1962

Bramhall, Emma P. Bramhall, nee Kinkade    1960

Bramhall, Leroy C. Bramhall    1966

Bramhall, Lloyd T. Bramhall    1950

Bramhall, Opal Bramhall, nee Simmons    1983

Branam, Max M. Branam     2000

Branch, Nora Elizabeth Branch, nee Simpson    1999

Brand, Cecile G. Brand, nee Maxwell     1980

BRAND, Peter Brand   1879

BRAND, Peter Brand_ 2ND OBIT   1879

Brandau, James Durand Brandau    2016

Brandon, Peter Brandon    1862

Brandt, Mary Ann Brandt    1919

Braniff, Charles B. Braniff    2012

Braniff, Mary A. Braniff, nee Dillon    1994

Brannan, Bell Brannan    1882

Brannigan, Lawrence Patrick Brannigan    1891

Brannin, J. W. Brannin    1866

Brannon, Dink Brannon    2007

Brannon, Michael Brannon    1891

Brannon, Mrs. Brannon     1885

Brannum. Alexander Brannum    1886

Bransun     1844

Branzekofer, Christian Branzekofer    1891

Brasier, August O. Brasier     1987

Braun, Janet L. Braun, nee Larson    2016

Braunlich, Fred Braunlich     1897

Braverman, Rita Ann Braverman nee Steele     2005

Breckenridge, Samuel F. Breckenridge    1907

Breeden, Nancy A. Breeden    1892

Breeden, Nancy Breeden    1892

Breeden, Sarah Breeden  2nd obit    1892

Breeden, Sarah Breeden  3rd obit    1892

Breeden, William J. Breeden    1917

Brehm, Donald L. Brehm    2011

Breiding, Olive M. Breiding nee Hyder    2008

Breinig, Chester A. Breinig    1908

Breining, James Richard Breining, Sr.    2014

Bremer, Benjamin Bremer    1908

Brennan, Albert Thomas Brennan    1918

Brennan, M. Brennan     1888

Brennan, Sadie E. Brennan     1929

Brennen, Martin Brennen     1888

Brenzikofer, Edward Brenzikofer     1929

Bretz, Albert D. Bretz     2000

Bretz, Freda G. Bretz, nee Magee     2002

Brewer, Abraham Brewer    1847

Brewer, Brice B. Brewer     1855

Brewer, John Brewer    2009

Brewer, Major Brewer    1866

Brickey, Dorthy Maxine Brickey, nee Ballard     2008

Brickner, Joseph Brickner    1907

Bridgeman, Augustus Bridgeman    1892

Bridgeman, John Bridgeman    1881

Bridges, Barbara Jean Bridges, nee Beasley    1998

Brieh, Nora Brieh    1879

Briesach, Bridget Briesach    1894

Briggs, Charles Briggs, Jr.     2006

Briggs, Charles Edward Briggs III    1977

Briggs, Clarence Briggs    2004

Briggs, Dana Lawrence Briggs     2006

Briggs, Delmer Briggs    1978

Briggs, Elizabeth Diane Briggs, nee Tebault    2011

Briggs, Frederick L. Briggs     2002

Briggs, Geneva Ruth Briggs nee Peck     2007

Briggs, Georgia L. Briggs nee Haught    2008

Briggs, Glenn Stacy Briggs    2010

Briggs, Grace V. Briggs     2001

Briggs, Jerry Lynn Briggs    2010

Briggs, Leota Briggs, nee Christman    1971

Briggs, Lettie Briggs, nee Whitaker    2010

Briggs, Lloyd G. Briggs    1998

Briggs, Marcella Eileen Briggs nee Truax    2011

Briggs, Marcella Genevieve Briggs nee Powell     2007

Briggs, Mary     1898

Briggs, Mary Elizabeth Briggs, nee Tracy    2017

Briggs, Mary Ellen Briggs nee Stacy    1974

Briggs, Ray E Briggs     1967

Briggs, Richard Eugene Briggs     2005

Briggs, Robert Alvin Briggs    1983

Briggs, Robert Briggs    1953

Briggs, Sarah Eileen Briggs nee Morris     2007

Briggs, Susie Mae Briggs, nee Carter    1994

Briggs, Wilber E. Briggs     1977

Briggs, William Briggs    1917

Briggs-Plute, Barbara Briggs-Plute, nee Speidel    2010

Brigham, Germaine L. Brigham, nee Quirk    2008

Brigham, Jane C. Brigham, nee Mosher    2011

Brigham, Linn E. Brigham    1980

Brigham, Roy C. Brigham    2009

Bright, Donald Lee Bright    2017

Bright, Jacob Bright    1891

Bright, Kenneth W. Bright    2011

Brikle, Sarah Brikle    1906

Brinkerhoff, Hon. Henry R. Brinkerhoff     1844

Brinkerhoff, Jacob Brinkerhoff    1880

Brinksneader, Benjamin Brinksneader     2007

Brinksneader, Zachary Brinksneader     2000

Brister, Clyde Brister     1883

Brister, Genevea Brister nee Stevens (Obit 2)     1900

Brister, Infant     1898

Brister, Infant Brister     1900

Brister, James Brister      1874

Brister, James Brister     1893

Brister, James Brister     1894

Brister, James Brister 2" obit     1893

Brister, John Brister     1929

Brister, Katharine Brister     1913

Brister, Mattie Brister    1886

Brister, Mrs. Frank Brister (Obit 1)     1900

Brister, Mrs. Van Brister    1931

Brister, Scott Brister     1897

Brister, Thomas Brister    1878

Britton, Alfred D. Britton    1864

Britton, Beulah Britton, nee Brosman    1955

Britton, Clarence E. Britton    2002

Britton, Claud Britton    1985

Britton, Daisy Britton, nee Stevens    1937

Britton, David Joe Britton    1979

Britton, Elizabeth Ann Britton, nee Goshen    1995

Britton, Fay Britton, nee Carmichael    2002

Britton, Gail N. Britton    1992

Britton, George Britton    1933

Britton, Gerald Britton    1985

Britton, Harold H. Britton    1988

Britton, Irene L. Britton, nee Dennison    1998

Britton, Jennie W. Britton, nee Tetrick    1970

Britton, Jesse Britton     1986

Britton, John F. Britton    1986

Britton, Joseph Britton     1864

Britton, Lee Roy Britton    1962

Britton, Mary Britton, nee Boyd     1989

Britton, Mary Jane Britton, nee Dowden    1918

Britton, Mary L. Britton     1988

Britton, Oralee Britton, nee Thompson    1940

Britton, Vernon Dale Britton    1971

Britton, William Henry Britton    2008

Britton, Zada L. Britton, nee Bobbitt    2010

Broadwell, Mr. Broadwell    1908

Brobeck, Myrta Katherine Brobeck    1971

Brobson, Olivia Grace Brobson   2013

Brock, Dr. J. W. Brock (obit 1)     1901

Brock, Dr. William Brock (obit 2)     1901

Brock, E. William Brock     2006

Brock, Elias B. Brock     1864

Brock, Elias G. Brock     1864

Brock, Eliel Brock    1881

Brock, Geo. Brock    1876

Brock, Gladys W. Brock nee Biles     2012

Brock, Grace Brock 1946     1946

Brock, J. W. M. Brock     1913

Brock, J. W. M. Brock (Obit 2)     1913

Brock, Joseph Brock     1913

Brock, Louis Brock    1918

Brock, Maria Brock nee Morris    1892

Brock, Mary L. Brock nee Thornberry    2007

Brock, Mrs. Capt. J.W.M. Brock     (1900)

Brock, Nancy Brock     1899

Brock, Nancy Brock (obit 2)     1899

Brock, Oddy Brock     1864

Brocklehurst, C. Maxine Brocklehurst nee Bumgardner    2011

Brockunier, Sarah Zane Brockunier nee Zane    1882                               

Brodus, (2 children) Brodus    1866

Brodus, Mrs. Brodus    1866

Broecker, Sophie Broecker    1891

Brogdon, Tina Lynn Brogdon    1960

Brokate, Julia Marlowe Brokate, nee Kinkade    2014

Brokering, Wallace G. Brokering    1985

Brookover, Charles Paul Brookover     2005

Brooks, Abigail Brooks     1857

Brooks, Betty L. Brooks, nee Minard    2012

Brooks, C. H. Brooks    1908

Brooks, Charles S. Brooks     2006

Brooks, Darlene L. Brooks    2011

Brooks, Edith Pebble Brook nee Parsons    2010

Brooks, Elizabeth Brooks    1917

Brooks, Elizabeth E. Brooks nee Haren    2010

Brooks, Elizabeth M. Brooks nee Wahl    2010

Brooks, Evelyn Mae Brooks nee Armann    2009

Brooks, George W. Brooks     1999

Brooks, Jack Max Brooks Sr.    2012

Brooks, Joyce L. Brooks nee Womble   2013

Brooks, Laura Brooks 1946     1946

Brooks, Lawrence J. Brooks    1974

Brooks, Margaret D. Brooks nee Armann     2006

Brooks, Melvin Brooks    2001

Brooks, Mrs. Giles Brooks     1885

Brooks, Robert L. Brooks   2013

Brooks, Roman Brooks     2005

Brooks, Russell William Brooks   2013

Brooks, Sebastian Brooks     1929

Broom, Joseph Broom     1929

Broom, Joseph Broom 2nd obit     1929

Broomhall, Wm. E. Broomhall     1870

Brost, Selma Brost     1913

Brothers, (Child) Brothers     (1900)

Brothers, Isaiah Brothers    1883

Brothers, Mary Brothers    1878

Brothers, Mrs. Charles Brothers, nee Audrey Viola Morris      1950

Brothers, Stephen Brothers    1879

Brotton, John Brotton     1874

Broughton, Mr. Amos Broughton     1868

Broust, Child Broust     1875

Brown, Adaline     1884

Brown, Adelena     1898

Brown, Albert Brown    1881

Brown, Albert Brown    1906

Brown, Alexander Brown      1932

Brown, Alice Brown, nee Leach    1961

Brown, Alonzo Dale Brown     1991

Brown, Archie G. Brown     1988

Brown, Austin G Brown        1872

Brown, Azalia Brown, nee Clark    1940

Brown, Barbara Brown    1918

Brown, Bessie Brown     1899

Brown, Betty Jean Brown, nee Britton    2010

Brown, Beulah Beryl Brown, nee Baker    2016

Brown, Birdie May Brown    1906

Brown, Blanche Estella Brown nee Yost     2006

Brown, Brady Oran Brown     1970

Brown, Brooks H. Brown    1992

Brown, Carlos R. Brown    1964

Brown, Catherine Brown    1934

Brown, Cecil H. Brown    2016

Brown, Celia H. Brown, nee Hofer/Hoffer    1963

Brown, Chance Brown    1962

Brown, Charlene R. “Mike” Brown, nee Goodballet    2011

Brown, Charles B. “Buster” Brown    2016

Brown, Charles Brown     1897

Brown, Charles Brown    1933

Brown, Charles E. Brown    2007

Brown, Charles Ernest Brown    2004

Brown, Charles H. Brown    2001

Brown, Charles L. "Les" Brown    2009

Brown, Chester L. "Chet" Brown    1990

Brown, Child Brown    1897

Brown, child of Dora Brown    1873

Brown, Clarence E. Brown    1959

Brown, Clarence E. Brown    1974

Brown, Clarence Edward Brown    2009

Brown, Claude W. Brown    1995

Brown, Clyde Clarence Brown       1968

Brown, Clyde H. Brown, Sr.     2006

Brown, Connie Louise Brown     2012

Brown, Daisy Brown nee Goodwin    1923

Brown, David Benjamin “Ben” Brown 1946     1946

Brown, David L. Brown    1924

Brown, David Lee Brown     2005

Brown, David W. Brown    2016

Brown, Dennis Lee Brown    2003

Brown, Denzel Richard Brown    2010

Brown, Dewey P. Brown    1961

Brown, Donald Eugene Brown     2004

Brown, Donald  E. Brown    2015

Brown, Dora Marmie Brown nee Moore     2012

Brown, Dorothy Brown, nee Andexler    2004

Brown, Dory Richard Brown     2009

Brown, Doy Brown     1998

Brown, E. Kenneth Brown     2001

Brown, Ed. Brown    1891

Brown, Edna Marie Brown nee Brown     2005

Brown, Edward Brown    1891

Brown, Edward Brown    1907

Brown, Elam Brown     1905

Brown, Elijah Brown     1924

Brown, Elijah Brown     1949 

Brown, Eliza Jane Brown nee Smyth    1881

Brown, Elizabeth Brown     1888

Brown, Esther Brown     1888

Brown, Ethan Allen Brown    1852

Brown, Ethel A. Brown, nee Dunn       1995

Brown, Eunice F. Brown nee Ady     2009

Brown, Everett Brown    1919

Brown, Everett Edwin Brown   2013

Brown, Fern G. Brown, nee Moffett    2012

Brown, Floyd G. Brown     2006

Brown, Francis Lavern "Frank" Brown     2003

Brown, Frank Brown    1906

Brown, Frank C. Brown     1984

Brown, Franklin Brown    1948

Brown, Freda Brown, nee Baker    1990

Brown, Gary Lee Brown    1996

Brown, George Alfred Brown     1983

Brown, George W. Brown      1994

Brown, Gerald D. Brown    1973

Brown, Gertrude Alma Jane Brown nee Hayes   2013

Brown, Gilbert H. Brown      1975

Brown, Harold Omer Brown    1953

Brown, Harry B. Brown  2nd obit     1929

Brown, Harry Brown     1929

Brown, Helen Brown, nee Cronin    2017

Brown, Herbert Edward Brown     2012

Brown, Homer Brown           1983

Brown, Homer R. Brown    1970

Brown, Hubert Brown    1949

Brown, Hulda Brown nee Carpenter    1919

Brown, Ida Brown    1882

Brown, Ila Evelyn Brown, nee McFarland     1997

Brown, Infant Child Brown    1908

Brown, Infant Triplets Brown    1892

Brown, Iola L. Brown, nee Christman    1979

Brown, Isaac Brown     1899

Brown, Iva Belle Brown, nee Everly      1984

Brown, Jacob Brown    1891

Brown, James Brown     1929

Brown, James Vernon Brown    1996

Brown, Jane Brown    1916

Brown, Janet F. Brown, nee Herlan    1985

Brown, Jay Ellis Brown    2005

Brown, Jerry W. Brown, Sr.    2009

Brown, Jesse M. Brown    1882

Brown, Jesse M. Brown  2nd obit    1882

Brown, Joanna Elizabeth Brown, nee Bills     1992

Brown, Joe Brown    1891

Brown, Joe E. Brown     2004

Brown, John  Brown    1891

Brown, John “Dutch” Brown 1939     1939

Brown, John A. Brown    1964

Brown, John Brown     1929

Brown, John Brown    1880

Brown, John Brown    1890

Brown, John Brown    1891

Brown, John Brown    1892

Brown, John Brown    1918

Brown, John Brown 2nd obit     1929

Brown, John Brown     1897

Brown, John C. Brown     (1900)

Brown, John D. Brown    1991

Brown, John R. Brown    1917

Brown, John W. Brown     1943

Brown, Jonathan Brown    1969

Brown, Joseph Brown     1872

Brown, Joseph Brown 2nd obit     1872

Brown, Josias Brown    1890

Brown, Josias Brown    1934

Brown, Katherine L. “Kay” Brown nee Patch    2011

Brown, Kenda Kay Brown nee Arnott    2007

Brown, Larry D. Brown    2003

Brown, Larry J. Brown    2011

Brown, Larry R. Brown     2014

Brown, Laura Dean Brown, nee Denbow    1983

Brown, Lawrence Brown    1990

Brown, Leroy Dale Brown     1969

Brown, Lester C. Brown    1988

Brown, Lisa R. Brown    2011

Brown, Louise Brown nee Bellville   2013

Brown, Lula Mae Brown, nee Coplin    1957

Brown, Mabel Brown     1907

Brown, Mackenzie Dawn Brown    2002

Brown, Maggie Zenia Brown, nee Drake     1940

Brown, Marcella Catherine Brown nee Matoszkia     2012

Brown, Margaret A. Brown (nee Lynch)     1901

Brown, Margaret Brown nee Roush "Peggy"     2012

Brown, Margaret Helena Brown nee Ensinger    2008

Brown, Maria Brown nee Kent    1881

Brown, Mark R. Brown    2011

Brown, Martha C. Brown, nee Immel    1968

Brown, Mary "Alice" Brown, nee Leach    1961

Brown, Mary "Leona" Brown, nee Wolfe      1996

Brown, Mary Ann Brown, nee Cronin     1965

Brown, Mary Azalia Brown, nee Clark    1940

Brown, Mary Brown    1873

Brown, Mary C. Brown    1918

Brown, Mary J. Brown    1878

Brown, Mary J. Brown nee Wheeler  2nd obit    1878

Brown, Mary Katherine Brown nee Pelkey       2005

Brown, Mary Margaret Brown, nee Dunn    1984

Brown, Matthew Brown     ?

Brown, Maxine Brown nee Lambert    2007

Brown, Melvin L. Brown    2008

Brown, Merlin J. Brown, Sr.    1997

Brown, Michael Brown     1875

Brown, Mildred F. Brown, nee Barnes    1993

Brown, Minerva Brown - 2nd Obit    1879

Brown, Miss Edna Brown     (1900)

Brown, Miss Lucy Brown    1879

Brown, Miss Minerva  Brown    1879

Brown, Mr. Brown    1866

Brown, Mr. Brown    1891

Brown, Mrs Lydia Brown     1875

Brown, Mrs. Brown     1883

Brown, Mrs. Clara C. Brown     1883

Brown, Mrs. D. B. Brown    1934

Brown, Mrs. Henry Brown     1893

Brown, Mrs. John Brown     1900

Brown, Mrs. L.H. Brown nee Hobbs     1929

Brown, Mrs. Philip Brown     1885

Brown, Nancy Brown     1857

Brown, Nancy Rae Brown nee McNeely     2012

Brown, Naomi Brown, nee Wicker    1969

Brown, Nettle Louella Brown, nee Morris    2012

Brown, Norma Lou Brown nee Martin    2011

Brown, Ollie Lee Brown 1946     1946

Brown, Otto Brown    1881

Brown, Otto Carl Brown  2nd obit    1881

Brown, Overton W. Brown    2013

Brown, Paul R. Brown     2003

Brown, Pauline F. Brown, nee Buchanan     1987

Brown, Philip J. Brown    1881

Brown, Phillip H. Brown, Jr.   2013

Brown, Phoebe Brown    1892

Brown, Ralph Chester Brown     1995

Brown, Ray P. Brown    2008

Brown, Rev. Dr. Matthew Brown      1853

Brown, Richard M. Brown    1996   

Brown, Richard Ray Brown    2009

Brown, Rick Brown    2009

Brown, Robert Brown     1868

Brown, Robert H. Brown, Sr.    2011

Brown, Robert Junior Brown    1989

Brown, Roger A. Brown    2016

Brown, Roger Lee Brown    2010

Brown, Ronald Brown    1941

Brown, Ronald Dean Brown    2010

Brown, Rosa Mae Brown nee Thomas 2"d obit     1924

Brown, Rosie Brown nee Thomas     1924

Brown, Roy Brown, Sr.     2006

Brown, Ruth Audrey Brown, nee Cordray     1950

Brown, Ruth Brown nee Pratt     1981

Brown, Ruth Virginia Brown nee Lashley    2011

Brown, Sarah Brown    1878

Brown, Selma E. Brown, nee Bauman    2015

Brown, Sharon Ann Brown, nee Kisner    2016

Brown, Sherry D. Brown, nee Harris    2017

Brown, Stella J. Brown, nee Thompson    1996

Brown, Sue Ann Brown    2016

Brown, Susan Gayle Brown, nee Sollars    2005

Brown, Tammy K. Brown nee Quinn    2011

Brown, Terry Brown    2007

Brown, Terry G. Brown    2009

Brown, Thelma Brown    1923

Brown, Theodore Brown    1979

Brown, Thomas Brown     1886

Brown, Thurman R. Brown     1977

Brown, Traci Brown, nee Jackson     2014

Brown, Turner G. Brown    1880

Brown, Twila V. Brown, nee Kopp    1978

Brown, Unknown Brown     1883

Brown, Valentine Brown    1890

Brown, Valentine Brown 2nd obit    1890

Brown, Virgil Brown    1977

Brown, Virgil C. E. Brown    2007

Brown, Virginia Brown nee Johnson    2008

Brown, Walter Brown    1892

Brown, Walter R. Brown    2009

Brown, Wanda K. Brown, nee Archer    2014

Brown, Wayne E. Brown    1999

Brown, Wayne E. Brown, Jr.    1962

Brown, William “Bill” Brown    2008

Brown, William Brown     1883

Brown, William Brown     1907

Brown, William Brown    1922

Brown, William Brown  2nd obit    1907

Brown, William Brown  3rd obit    1907

Brown, William E. Brown    1983

Brown, William Jr. Brown     1888

Brown, William Mathew Brown    2016

Brown, William Ronald Brown    2002

Brown, Williard Clyde Brown    1881

Brown, Wm. Brown     1888

Brown, Young Child Brown    1892

Brown-Boehm, Janice Brown-Boehm, nee Drake     2009

Browne, Emma Allice Browne    1890

Browne, Peggy Browne, nee Matz    2001

Brownfield, Benjamin Brownfield    1880

Brownfield, Bertha E. Brownfield     2003

Brownfield, Elizabeth Brownfield    1918

Brownfield, Enos Brownfield                   1872

Brownfield, Enos W. Brownfield     1937

Brownfield, Eva Brownfield, nee Christman    1992

Brownfield, Frances M. Brownfield nee Vandevender    2008

Brownfield, Fred O. Brownfield     1973

Brownfield, George W. Brownfield     1943

Brownfield, Guy D. Brownfield     1969

Brownfield, James Brownfield     1970

Brownfield, Kate Brownfield nee Powell       1975

Brownfield, Lou Bertha Brownfield nee Morris     1966

Brownfield, Samuel Brownfield    1890

Brownfield, T. K. (Keyser) Brownfield     1978

Brownfield, Weldon Brownfield     1976

Brownfield, William Brownfield     1973

Brownfield, William Brownfield     1897

Brownfield, William E. Brownfield     1966

Brownfield, Woodrow W. Brownfield    1984

Browning, Alvin L. Browning    2009

Brubach, Andrew Brubach     1938

Brubach, Ella Brubach (nee Reich)     1952

Brubach, Frieda E. Brubach nee Matz     1983

Brubach, Henry Michael Brubach     1928

Brubach, Joseph S. Brubach     1995

Brubach, Lawrence Jerome Brubach     1992

Brubach, Marguerite Brubach (nee Matz)     1939

Brubach, Paul C. Brubach     1999

Brubach, Sylvester S. Brubach     1959

Bruce, A. H. Bruce    1891

Bruce, Oliver Bruce     1888

Brucker, Rev. W. Brucker (obit 3)     1901

Brucker, Rev. W. Brucker (obit 4)     1901

Brucker, Rev. W. Brucker (obit 8)     1901

Brucker, Rev. William Brucker (obit 1)     1901

Brucker, Rev. William Brucker (obit 2)     1901

Brucker, Rev. William Brucker (obit 5)     1901

Brucker, Rev. William Brucker (obit 6)     1901

Brucker, Rev. William Brucker (obit 7)     1901

Bruder, Rita Kathleen Bruder     2012

Bruen, John W. Bruen     1888

Bruen, Miss Lizzie Bruen     1884

Bruen, Mrs. Edward Bruen     1889

Bruff, Col. Joseph Bruff     1885

Bruhy, John Bruhy     1901

Brummel, George Brummel     1930

Brummelle, Charity     1898

Brummett, Carl L. Brummett    2010

Brummett, Teresa Luella Brummett, nee Welding    2008

Brundage, Minnie Brundage    1891

Bruner, Charles Bruner     1857

Bruner, Lottie Bruner, nee Britton    1946

Bruner, Phillip Bruner     1899

Brunner, Floyd Brunner “Sam”   2013

Brunner, John Brunner     1897

Brunner, Lance C. Brunner    1974

Brunst, Steven J. Brunst    2012

Bruny, Ada M. Bruny, nee Speicher    1992

Bruny, Charles E. Bruny    1921

Bruny, Clarence Bruny    1961

Bruny, Elizabeth     1911

Bruny, James A. Bruny    1946

Bruny, John Bruny    1908

Bruny, Katherine E. Bruny    1972

Bruny, Mary Bruny, nee Scharer    1960

Bruny, Mrs. Bruny     1901

Bruny, Priscilla Bruny, nee Bauman    1960

Bryan, Gratis Edward Bryan “Eddie”   2013

Bryan, Mrs. Mary L. Bryan (Obit 3)     1900

Bryan, Mrs. Mollie Bryan (Obit 1)     1900

Bryan, Mrs. W. H. Bryan (Obit 2)     1900

Bryan, Small Child Bryan    1908

Bryan, William Bryan    1922

Bryan, William James Bryan    1908

Bryor, Edward Sullivan Bryor    1935

Bryte, Genevieve Mae Bryte nee Glendenning     2006

Bryte, Hayward Bryte    1993

BUCHAMAN, William Buchaman   1879

Buchanan, Albert Ross Buchanan     1930

Buchanan, Alexander     1898

Buchanan, Alexander Buchanan       1898

Buchanan, Clara O. Buchanan    1955

Buchanan, Clelland Robinson Buchanan     1906

Buchanan, Clelland Robinson Buchanan 2nd obit    1906

Buchanan, Geo. Buchanan     1924

Buchanan, J.F. Buchanan     1929

Buchanan, John A. Buchanan     1905

Buchanan, Lucinda Buchanan, nee Schell    1920

Buchanan, Marjorie E. Buchanan, nee Leach    1977

Buchanan, Mary Ann Smith nee Buchanan     1899

Buchanan, Mary K. Buchanan      1897

Buchanan, Mary K. Buchanan     1897

Buchanan, McClelland Buchanan    1906

Buchanan, Mrs. John Buchanan    1890

Buchanan, Nathan Buchanan     1864

Buchanan, Samuel Buchanan    1852

Buchanan, Samuel Buchanan  2nd obit    1852

Buchanan, William Alfred Buchanan    2016

Buchanan, William Buchanan    1882

Buchanan, William Buchanan   1879

Bucher, Joseph Bucher     1899

Buchhett, Bernard W. Buchhett    1878

Buchholzer, Richard B. Buchholzer Jr.     1999

Buchholzer, Richard B. Buchholzer, Sr.     2006

Buchwald, Margaret Buchwald     1907

Buck, Cleo Buck    2008

Buck, James Lee Buck    2008

Buck, John David Buck     2002

Buck, John J. Buck    2015

Buck, Sandra Lou Ridgeway Buck nee Hunt    2007

Buck, Young child Buck    1866

Buckalew, Alice L. Buckalew nee Kress     2003

Buckalew, Ralph E. Buckalew    2010

Buckheit, Mrs. G. R.     1898

Buckingham, Frank Buckingham     1905

Buckingham, J. T. Buckingham    1908

Buckingham, John W. Buckingham     1899

Buckingham, Martha Buckingham     1929

Buckingham, Miss Ada Buckingham     (1900)

Buckio, Freda Charlotte Buckio     1919

Buckio, Jeanne Buckio nee Poulton     2009

Buckio, Lloyd E. Buckio     2003

Buckio, Mrs. Henry Buckio     1930

Bucklen, Herbert E. Bucklen    1917

Buckler, Emma Louise Buckler, nee Voland     2000

Buckler, Jack W. Buckler     1985

Buckley, Ruth Pauline Buckley nee Elswick   2013

Bucy, Gerald Lee Bucy     2007

Budd, Cora Budd    1890

Budd, Lydia A. Budd     1888

Budd, Young Son Budd    1878

Budsberg, Ole Budsberg    1908

Buegal, Frederick Buegal     1893

Buegel, Frank William Buegel     2002

Buegel, Frederick Buegel     1894         

Buegel, W.C. Buegel     1905

Buell, Edna Boyd Buell, nee Herlan    1967

Buell, William Thorniley Buell    1963

Buettgenbach, Robert Buettgenbach      1983

Bueyalar, John Bueyalar     1897

Bulger     1860

Bulger, Mary E. Bulger     1924

Bulkowski, Larry D. Bulkowski    2011

Bull, John Bull    1891

Bullock, Helen V. Bullock, nee Garrett    2016

Bullock, Robert M. Bullock   2013

Bumgardner, Clarence M. Bumgardner     2002

Bumgardner, James C. Bumgardner    1988

Bumgardner, Sarah B. Bumgardner, nee Roberts    1985

Bumpus, Almeda Bumpus    1919

Bundy , Son     1869

Bundy, Bethuel Simon Bundy    1922

Bundy, Desmond Bundy     2002

Bundy, Lydia Ann Bundy, nee Peter    1948

Bundy, Wayne Milo Bundy     1978

Bunfield, (Husband) Bunfield     1883

Bunfield, Georgie Bunfield    1886

Bunfill, Dorothy Bunfill nee Davis    2007

Bunfill, George Bunfill    1881

Bunfill, Harrison Bunfill     1905

Bunner, Anna Mae Bunner, nee Wise     2004

Bunner, Arvin G. Bunner    2001

Bunner, Lance G. Bunner    2002

Bunting, Charles Filbert Bunting     1995

Bunting, Elmer K. Bunting    1974

Bunting, Francis E. Bunting    1982

Bunting, G. Wilbur Bunting    1975

Bunting, Herbert Bunting     1943

Bunting, James Leroy Bunting     1994

Bunting, James Thomas Bunting     1991

Bunting, John R. Bunting     1917

Bunting, John William Bunting    1949

Bunting, Lawrence J. Bunting     1992

Bunting, Lela Bunting, nee Davis     1986

Bunting, Little Girl Bunting  1897

Bunting, Lucetta Bunting nee Morris     1939

Bunting, Randall K. Bunting    1966

Bunting, Randall Michael Bunting    1975

Bunting, Rodney L. Bunting     1992

Bunting, Roy F. Bunting     1980

Bunting, Roy Francis Bunting     1980

Bunting, Thomas O. Bunting    1973

Bunting, Violet M. Bunting nee Green     1998

Bunting, William Paul Bunting    2011

Bunting, Zedna L. Bunting, nee Boyd     1996

Burbacher, Francis S. Burbacher    2007

Burbacher, Joseph Burbacher    2007

Burbacher, Paula M. Burbacher, nee Tharp    2015

Burch, Arthur J. Burch    2012

Burch, Bessie Ann Burch, nee Dillon    1995

Burch, Betty Jean Burch, nee Zimmerman    2001

Burch, Charles Burch     1993

Burch, Cletus "Rusty" Burch    1987

Burch, Clifford J. Burch    2006

Burch, Clovis A. Burch    1997

Burch, Clyde Burch    1952

Burch, Eddy "Ed" Burch    2008

Burch, Elizabeth Burch, nee Lucas    1976

Burch, Elmer Burch    2007

Burch, Flora Lee Burch, nee Riggle    2006

Burch, Fred F. Burch    1994

Burch, General Marion Burch    1960

Burch, Gracie A. Burch, nee Gray    2006

Burch, Herbert B. Burch    2011

Burch, Jack Dwaine Burch     2012

Burch, Jessie Lois Burch, nee Gray    2011

Burch, Joseph Raymond Burch     1958

Burch, Joseph Wayne Burch    2011

Burch, Nelline Sue Burch, nee Godwin    1979

Burch, Orville Dean Burch    2010

Burch, Orville E. Burch    2000

Burch, Ray S. Burch    1984

Burch, Robert R. Burch     1983

Burch, Virginia E. Burch, nee Brownlee     2003

Burchard, John Burchard    1878

Burchard, Samuel D. Burchard    1891

Burcher, Julia Burcher     1905

Burden, Shawn Scott Burden     2007

Burdette, Henry C. Burdette    2017

Bureau Bill    ?

Burford, Ike Burford    1891

Burg, (boy) Burg     1901

Burg, Eva Burg nee Bott     1929

Burg, Eva Burg nee Bott  2nd obit     1929

Burg, John Burg    1924

Burgbacher, Andrew Burgbacher     1913

Burgbacher, Catharine     1898

Burgbacher, Catharine Burgbacher     1870

Burgbacher, Emma Burgbacher    1882

Burgbacher, Fritz Burgbacher     1924

Burgbacher, Fritz Burgbacher 2nd obit     1924

Burgbacher, John Burgbacher, sr.     1894

Burgbacher, Mary Burgbacher     1897

Burgbacher, Mathias Burgbacher     1907

Burgbacher, William Burgbacher     1905

Burgeaser, John Burgeaser    1878

Burger, Harold R. Burger    2015

Burger, Mary Lee Burger, nee Null    2011

Burger, Terry E. Burger    2013

Burgess, Alva P. Burgess    2005

Burgess, Mrs. Burgess    1881

Burgett, Young Child Burgett    1891

Burgey, Kay A. Burgey nee Hall    2010

Burgh, Colleen Burgh    2014

Burghardt, Friedrich Wilhelm Burghardt     1899

Burgy, Peggy Burgy nee Holtsclaw    2008

Burgy, William Burgy     1901

Burhts, Joseph T. Burhts    2008

Buri, John Buri     1901

Burian, Lloyd Burian    2016

Burian, Palma Burian nee Aspen    2008

Burk, Spencer Burk     1897

Burke, Charlotte Ann Burke     2012

Burke, Evan R. Burke    1882

Burke, Gerald L. Burke    2009

Burke, Ila Ida Burke nee Armstrong “Doc”   2013

Burke, Lola V. Burke     2001

Burke, Mr. Burke     1858

Burke, Thomas Henry Burke    1882

Burke, W. J. Burke    1907

Burket, Jacob F. Burket    1906

Burket, Mary Ann Burket    1866

Burkett, Harold W. "Slim" Burkett     2010

Burkett, Marjorie E. Burkett, nee DeVault    1999

Burkey, Ann E. Burkey, nee Manypenny    2002

Burkey, Ida Burkey    1891

Burkey, Melvin L. Burkey    2009

Burkhalter, Mariah Burkhalter    1876

Burkhalter, Sam Burkhalter    2015

Burkhalter, Walter S. Burkhalter     2009

Burkhamer, Leroy Burkhamer     1908

Burkhamer, Leroy Burkhamer  2nd obit    1908

Burkhard, Adam Burkhard    1886

Burkhard, Elizabeth Burkhard (nee Arnold)     1901

Burkhard, John Barkhard    1890

Burkhard, John F. Burkhard    1919

Burkhard, Magdalena Burkhead    1876

Burkhard, Maria Burkhard     1870

Burkhard, Mary Burkhard    1874

Burkhard, Michael Burkhard (Obit 1)     1900

Burkhard, Peter Burkhard     1905

Burkhard, Thomas Burkhard    1879

Burkhardt, George     1884

Burkhardt, Michael Burkhardt (Obit 2)     1900

Burkhart, Adam Burkhart     1924

Burkhart, Agnes C. Burkhart nee Schumacher    2008

Burkhart, Albert Burkhart    2007

Burkhart, Andrew Burkhart     1936

Burkhart, Anna Burkhart     1941

Burkhart, Anna Burkhart    1922

Burkhart, Anna Mary Burkhart     1913

Burkhart, Annie Burkhart     1905

Burkhart, Anthony Burkhart      1920

Burkhart, Barbara Burkhart     1897

Burkhart, Barbara Burkhart    1892

Burkhart, Barbara Burkhart    1907

Burkhart, Bernadine G. Burkhart     1998

Burkhart, Bernard W. Burkhart     2000

Burkhart, Bertha L. Burkhart  nee Christman    2011

Burkhart, Catherine     1898

Burkhart, Catherine Burkhart     1905

Burkhart, Catherine Philomenia Burkhart    1881

Burkhart, Charles Burkhart     2005

Burkhart, Charles Raymond Burkhart  “Ray”    2008

Burkhart, Clarence Burkhart     1900

Burkhart, Clarence Sinclair Burkhart    2015

Burkhart, Constantine Burkhart     2002

Burkhart, Donald Burkhart, Jr.     1924

Burkhart, Elizabeth Burkhart     1908

Burkhart, Elizabeth Burkhart 2nd obit     1908

Burkhart, Elizabeth V. Burkhart nee Harper     1988

Burkhart, Elma Burkhart nee Wettles     1967

Burkhart, Elma R. Burkhart, nee Claus     2001

Burkhart, Evelyn Irene Burkhart nee Utsinger     2006

Burkhart, Francis Burkhart     1905

Burkhart, Francis J. Burkhart     1905

Burkhart, Francis John Burkhart     2002

Burkhart, Frank Burkhart     1907

Burkhart, Frank Burkhart     1929

Burkhart, Frank Burkhart    1935

Burkhart, Frederick J.     1884

Burkhart, George Aloysius Burkhart     1931

Burkhart, George Burkhart     1913

Burkhart, George Burkhart     1929

Burkhart, George Burkhart    1882

Burkhart, Hannah Burkhart nee Kuhn     1927

Burkhart, Herman J. Burkhart    2010

Burkhart, Hilda M. Burkhart     2001

Burkhart, Infant Burkhart     1899

Burkhart, Isabelle H. Burkhart nee Kuhn     1929

Burkhart, Jacob Burkhart     1935

Burkhart, James H. Burkhart    1974

Burkhart, John Burkhart     2006

Burkhart, John Burkhart    1908

Burkhart, John William Burkhart     1933

Burkhart, Joseph Burkhart     1924

Burkhart, Josephine Burkhart    1886

Burkhart, Katherine Burkhart    1919

Burkhart, Kenneth L. Burkhart    2017

Burkhart, Lawrence Burkhart   2013

Burkhart, Leander A. Burkhart    2008

Burkhart, Lillian M. Burkhart, nee Schaub     1993

Burkhart, Margaret, Mary (Nau) Burkhart     2006

Burkhart, Marjorie Clara Burkhart nee Mahoney     1992

Burkhart, Martin Burkhart     1893

Burkhart, Martin Burkhart    1906

Burkhart, Mary     1892

Burkhart, Mary A. Burkhart     1905

Burkhart, Mary Ann Burkhart     1905

Burkhart, Mary Burkhart    1891

Burkhart, Mary Burkhart (Obit 1)      1900

Burkhart, Michael Burkhart     1907

Burkhart, Michael T. Burkhart    1919

Burkhart, Mrs. George Burkhart (Obit 2)     1900

Burkhart, Nellie May Burkhart     1924

Burkhart, Nick I. Burkhart     1966

Burkhart, Nira E. Burkhart nee Martin    2011

Burkhart, Peter Burkhart     1907

Burkhart, Peter Burkhart    1892

Burkhart, Philomena Burkhart     1955

Burkhart, Raymond Florian Burkhart     1967

Burkhart, Remington Leland Burkhart    2010

Burkhart, Richard Burkhart "Larry"     2009

Burkhart, Richard J. Burkhart    1998

Burkhart, Robert N. Burkhart    2017

Burkhart, Ruth Burkhart     1924

Burkhart, Simon Anton Burkhart     1963

Burkhart, Simon Burkhart     1888

Burkhart, Simon Burkhart     1937

Burkhart, Sister Adelaide Burkhart     2006

Burkhart, Sylvester F. Burkhart     1970

Burkhart, Veronica Burkhart nee Letzelter    1917

Burkhart, Virginia Lee Burkhart nee Hartman   2013

Burkhart. Charles Burkhart     1929

Burkhead, Deborah Burkhead    1882

Burkhead, Henrette Burkhead     1905

Burkhead, James M. Burkhead    1906

Burkhead, Mrs. Elizabeth Burkhead     1875

Burkhead, Rose Burkhead     1897

Burkhead, Rossalee B. (Obit 2) Burkhead     1897

Burkhead, Thomas Burkhead     1875

Burks, J. R. Burks    1882

Burleigh, Geo. W. Burleigh    1878

Burleson, Carol Ann Burleson    2006

Burleson, Nora Lee Burleson, nee Boron     1963

Burleson, Oscar Eugene Burleson     1978

Burleson, Roy C. Burleson     1990

Burlingame, John A. Burlingame    2011

Burlingame, Minister Burlingame     1870

Burly, Jason Hon. Burly     1870

Burman, Clinton Burman    1892

Burnell, Alberta Burnell, nee Stephens   2001

Burnell, Ruby "Alberta" Burnell, nee Stephens   2001

Burner, Olen Burner, Jr.    2016

Burness, Goldie Marie Burness nee Newhart    2009

Burnet, Judge Jacob Burnet     1853

Burnett, Mason Burnett    1908

Burns, Berniece Burns, nee Lang     2006

Burns, Blanche M. Burns, nee Wilson    1946

Burns, Carl E. Burns    2008

Burns, Estella May Burns, nee Goodballet    1965

Burns, F. Burns    1891

Burns, George Joseph Burns    2008

Burns, Harold Francis Burns    1947

Burns, John Burns     1858

Burns, Kathleen M. Burns, nee Lattea    2009

Burns, Lafayette Burns    1948

Burnside, General Burnside    1881

Burr, Martha J. Burr     1979

BURRIS   1879

Burris, Barbara J. Burris, nee Ritchie    2016

Burris, Benjamin Burris    1873

Burris, John     1898

Burris, John Burris     1898

Burris, Lorian Burris    1862

Burris, Porsasha Burris    1881

Burris, Willa Ann Burris, nee Tuttle    1916

Burris, Zachariah Burris    1892

Burrows, Charles H. Burrows “Chuck”     2006

Burson, Frank Burson     1899

Burson, Frank Burson     1900

Burt, Elmer Burt     1898

Burt, Mrs. M. Burt    1878

Burtoft, Sarah Burtoft    1878

Burton, Albert Glen Burton    2005

Burton, Charles Burton     1883

Burton, Glenna Marie Burton, nee Burton    2010

Burton, Harry Burton    1881

Burton, James Burton     1875

Burton, John Burton     1899

Burton, Marvin A. Burton     2007

Burton, William Burton        1897

Burton, Young child Burton    1906

Bury, Fred Bury    1892

Bury, Mrs. Bury     1888

Burzine [BURZME],* Esther Burzine, nee George    1951

Burzine, Frank Burzine    1981

Burzme, Frank Burzme  [also seen as Burzine]   1960

Busby, Unknown Busby     1901

Busch, Clarence E. Busch     2003

Busch, Earl Franklin Busch    2015

Busche, Charles Raymond Busche     2002

Busche, Della R. Busche nee Crawford    1974

Busche, Doris Florine Busche nee Huffman    2011

Busche, Herbert Busche     1944

Busche, Mrs.     1892

Busche, Norma Jean Busche nee Slonaker    2008

Busche, Philip Busche     1931

Bush, (Child) Bush     1901

Bush, Marion B. Bush    1987

Bushman, Nancy Bushman, nee Prater    2004

Buskirk, Charles Buskirk    1892

Buskirk, Dennis Buskirk     1929

Buskirk, Dennis Buskirk  3rd obit     1929

Buskirk, Dennis Buskirk 2nd obit     1929

Buskirk, Hattie Buskirk    1906

Buskirk, John H. Buskirk     1901

Buskirk, Joseph H. Buskirk     1916

Buskirk, Mr. S. A. Buskirk     1875

Buskirk, O. Buskirk    1882

Buskirk, Oliphant Buskirk  2nd obit    1882

Buskirk, Robert Buskirk     2006

Buskirk, Samuel Buskirk     1908

Buskirk, Samuel D. Buskirk    1876

Buskirk, Sarah A. Buskirk     1894

Buskirk, Van B. Buskirk    1916

Buskirk, Willie Buskirk    1881

Butcher, Louisa Butcher     1907

Butcher, Louisa Butcher   2nd obit     1907

Butcher, Louisa Butcher  3rd obit    1907

Butcher, Louisa Butcher  4th obit    1907

Butcher, Louisa Butcher  5th obit    1907

Buterbaugh, Dora Buterbaugh, nee Cronin    1996

Buterbaugh, Lloyd A. Buterbaugh    1995

Butler Nathan Butler    1886

Butler, Delbert W. Butler    2009

Butler, Dorothy Butler    1907

Butler, Edward Butler    1907

Butler, Eileen Butler, nee Perkins    2016

Butler, Elma L. Butler, nee Kallenbach    2000

Butler, Elsie Pearl Butler nee Hooper     2012

Butler, Evelyn Louise Butler, nee Wayt    2015

Butler, Freida E. Butler, nee Hannahs     2012

Butler, Gary Lee Butler     2012

Butler, George Butler    1907

Butler, Gerald J. Butler     2006

Butler, Gertrude Butler    1907

Butler, Henry Butler    1964

Butler, Herbert Lester Butler    1998

Butler, James Calvin “Jim” Butler    2001

Butler, Joseph L. Butler    2006

Butler, Laretha Ann Butler, nee Wise     2005

Butler, Martha A. Butler, nee Bunting    1958

Butler, Minnie Butler    1917

Butler, Minnie V. Butler, nee Ueltschey    2016

Butler, Mrs. Butler    1876

Butler, Mrs. Butler    1890

Butler, Mrs. Edward Butler    1907

Butler, Rachel Butler    1890

Butler, Robert R. Butler    1984

Butler, Susan Butler nee Hayes     1994

Butler, Thomas Butler     1885

Butler, William E. Butler    2015

Butler, Young child Butler    1876

Butler, Young Child Butler    1891

Butman, Stillwell Butman    1891

Buton, Mrs. Buton     1899

Butt, Donna Lee Butt, nee Carskadon    1991

Butt, Edna Marie Butt, nee Payne    2012

Butt, Floyd E. Butt    1996

Butt, Infant Butt    1890

Butt, Jacob Butt     1883

Butt, John Butt     1894

Butt, Leland "Red" Butt    1995

Butt, Michael Butt     1889

Butt, Sophia Butt    1881

Butt, W. O. H. Butt    1890

Butt, W. O. H. Butt  2nd obit    1890

Butters, John "Joe" Butters    2007

Butters, Wayne E. Butters    2004

Buttery, Maxine (Drum) Buttery     2001

Buttolph, Shirley Mae Buttolph    2004

Buttram, Bill Buttram    2017

Butts, Gracie Butts    1891

Butts, Robert H. “Tom” Butts    2005

Buyher, Hilda Virginia Buyher, nee Bellville    2016

Buzard, Jerry Brian Buzard    2011

Buzard, Jerry Brian Buzard     2011

Buzzard, Virginia E. Buzzard nee Ricer     1988

Byer, John Byer (Beers)     1886

Byers, Arley H. Byers    1974

Byers, Charles H. Byers     1907

Byers, Charles H. Byers  2nd obit    1907

Byers, Conrad Byers    1891

Byers, Garrett     1884

Byers, Harris D. “Bud” Byers    2009

Byers, James Taylor Byers   LKP#6   1971

Byers, John Byers     1899

Byers, Lena Mae Byers nee Cline     2003

Byers, Paul William Byers, Sr.     2009

Byers, Philip Byers     1899

Byers, Thomas John Byers    2004

Byers, Ulysses S. Byers    1939

Byers, Virginia Helen Byers, nee Green    1998

Byers, Wanda J Byers nee Frobish    2008

Byers, William Byers     1893

Byler, Andy E. Byler     2002

Byler, Mary D. Byler     2003

Byler, Melvin W. Byler    2016

Byler, Saloma A. Byler    2008

Byrne, Mrs. James Byrne    1906

Byron, John Byron    1891

Byrum, Wilma J. “Anita” Byrum     2007


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