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Earlier this summer (2001), one of our chapter members informed us of a cemetery that a neighbor had told her about on Pea Vine Ridge in Green Township. The cemetery is located on the Kern property. The owners had discovered the cemetery in the woods near their house in 2000. They cleared it of trees and heavy brush. In August 2001, I accompanied the two women to the cemetery, but the cemetery was overtaken with weeds in a year’s time and we were unable to locate all of the markers.

The owners of the property have since cleared the burial ground allowing us access to the cemetery. When I visited it in October 2001, it was easily accessed. They had cleared an area about 75 feet x 100 feet. The burial ground appears to have been about 50 feet x 40 feet. There were only four stones that had name and dates on them. Other fieldstones were roughly hand-carved. Although the name of the cemetery has not been established, we will call it the Matthess Cemetery because it has the burial of Abraham Matthess and three other stones with the last initial "M." If anyone has more information on the cemetery or those people who are at rest here, please contact Karen Rromick.

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