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Clarence Chris Lude and Clara Elizabeth Hoff, marriage
Source:  The Spirit of Democracy, Woodsfield, Ohio, Thurs., March 9, 1916
From the Collection of Gertrude Christman Kahrig
Mr. Clarence Chris Lude and Miss Clara Elizabeth Hoff of Sardis, Ohio were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at Woodsfield March 7, 1916, by W. D. Richner, J. P.   Mr. and Mrs. Lude have the best wishes for future happiness of many friends. 


Harry Ayers and Edna Mobberly, marriage
Source:  The Spirit of Democracy, Woodsfield, Ohio, Thurs., March 9, 1916
Collection of Gertrude Christman Kahrig
Mr. Harry Ayers and Miss Edna Mobberly were married March 1, 1916, by W. D. Richner, J. P. 


Ross A. Allen and Miss Hannah Jane Johnson, marriage
Source:  The Spirit of Democracy, Woodsfield, Ohio, Thurs.,  Dec. 28, 1916
Mr. Ross A. Allen and Miss Hannah Jane Johnson were married December 26, 1916 by W. D. Richner, J. P.


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MARRIAGE of Mr. John Dillon and Mrs. Julia A. Baker
Source: The Spirit of Democracy
Issue: Woodsfield, Ohio, Thurs., Jan. 25, 1917
Mr. John Dillon and Mrs. Julia A. Baker were married January 18, 1917, by Mayor L. P. Neuhart


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Matz, L.E.  (Ad placed in newspaper by attorney, Lewis E. Matz)
 Source--Spirit of Democracy  Woodsfield, Ohio
 Published--February 6, 1919
 A married man to take charge of a dairy farm on good salary. Good house furnished. Have a modern dairy barn and will pay good wages to the the man that understands dairying. Position open on March first, or sooner if desired. A good position for the
 right man as long as he desires to remain.       L.E. MATZ    Woodsfield, Ohio


Matz, W.M.
Source--Spirit of Democracy    Woodsfield, Ohio
Published--January 9, 1919
                              REMOVAL NOTICE
     I have removed my resturant from East Court Street to South Main Street-- next door to Yockey Brothers, where I am prepared to accommodate all who call. I invite your patronage.


Clesson C. Morris – Military Record

Source:  OHIO MILITARY MEN, 1917-1918 RECORD [from]

serial number:  3362556

race:  white

residence:  R.F. D.1, Rinard Mills, O.

division:  Regular Army

enlistment location:  Columbus Barracks, O.

enlistment date:  13 Jun 1918

birth place:  Wingetts Run, O

age:  18  11/12 years

assigns comment:  Headquarters 4 Trench Mortar Battalion to 6 July 1918; Battery C4 Trench Mortar Battalion to discharge ; Private, American Expeditionary Forces 7 Oct 1918 to 18 Jan 1919.  Honorable discharge 11 Feb 1919.

vol.  #12

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MARRIAGE of  Mr. Clement L. Driggs and Mrs. Mary Viola Mullican, nee Denbow
Source: The Spirit of Democracy
 A quiet wedding of more than ordinary interest took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James T. Denbow,  corner of Sycamore and Court streets Sunday
morning, at 7:30, when the hand of their daughter, Mrs. Mary Viola Mullican, was given in marriage to Mr. Clement L. Driggs of South Main street. The wedding ceremony was performed by the Reverend J. J. Strodes, pastor of the Presbyterian Church.  Following the ceremony and splendid wedding breakfast the bride and groom left on an extended wedding trip to Atlantic City and other points of interest, and will be “at home” to their friends about November 25. They have the best wishes of many friends.


Weber Reunion 1920 – Two article from The Spirit of Democracy dated September 16 and 23, 1920


WEBER  FAMILY  REUNION – September 16, 1920

The Spirit of Democracy, September 16, 1920


One of the most successful family reunions ever held in Monroe County was that of the Weber family held at the pleasant home of Lena and O.J. Weber on Sixteen in Summit Township last Sunday, near where the Pioneer Weber families settled many years ago.

            The weather was fine, the Weber families in good spirits and the attendance of member of this good old family numbered 171, and all took pleasure in paying respects to Philip S. Weber, whose 71st birthday was celebrated in a fitting manner that day.

            A splendid dinner with elegant refreshments was served and enjoyed by all.

            The affair was enlivened by splendid vocal and instrumental music with Elmer H. Egger at the organ and John H. Weber as violinist.

            This family reunion it was decided would hereafter be held yearly.

            We will publish the list of guests in this paper next week.




The Spirit of Democracy, September 23, 1920


            Those in attendance at the Weber family reunion at the home of Lena and O.J. Weber on Sixteen, Summit township, September 19th:

            Mr. and Mrs. Elmer H. Egger, Freda Neuhart, John Weber, F.M. Fisher, William C. Weber, Mr. and Mrs. David Weber, Miss Emma Weber, William Hehr and Wife, Mrs. Fred Young, Miss Josephine Neuhart, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Landefeld, Lavina and Louretta Landefeld, Dr. J. W. Weber, Carrie Weber, Fred Hamilton, Fred Bott and wife, Zelda Bott, Maggie Weber, A.C. Weber, Christian Weber and wife, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Weber, Frank, Grace, Ralph and Alton Weber, Anderson Truex, D.E. Weber and wife Edna Weber, O.J. Weber, Lena Weber, J.H. Weber, Minnie Weber, Thelma Weber, Roy Weber, Melba Weber, Wilbur Weber, Lloyd Weber, Eugene Weber, Anna Weber, F.A. Weber and wife, Mrs. Alfred Weber, Florence, Harry, Wilda, Ruth and Lucile Weber, J.W. Zerger, Grace Fisher, Francis Zerger, William Laffaree, Ernest Weber, Jacob, Lillie, Minnie and Carl Weber, Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Weber, Rosa Weber, Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Foehrenbach, Freda, Mildred, Harold, Lawrence and Anna Foehrenbach, all of Lewisville and Routes.

            Mr. and Mrs. Levi J Bauer, Thelma and Lorain Bauer, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Weber, Boyd Smith, Helen, Clarence and Esther Lee Weber, Arnold Weber and Wife and Mrs. E.G. Cunningham, Hazel, Frances, Grace, Gilbert and Marjorie Cunningham, Philip J. Weber, F.W. Douglass and wife, Flora, Leah, Frank and Roy Egger Douglass, Mrs. Elizabeth Schaub, Mr. and Mrs. G.F. Weber, Mrs. J.L.B. Nalley, Mildred and Anna Nalley, Minnie Weber, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Schumacher, Miss Elizabeth Rose, Virginia and Samuel Steward, Mrs. James Price, Mr. And Mrs. Philip Zerger, H.F. and R. W. Zerger, Minnie, Robert, Hazel, Ida, Alice and Freda McCammon, William Souders, George W. Weber and wife, Roy G. and Homer Weber, F.E. Diehl and wife, Mrs. Catherine Diehl, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Weber, Clara E., Viola C., Edith W., Charles L., Philip T., Raymond and Urban Weber, J.A. Whittenbrook and wife, Lester Patton, George Stegner, Anna Bach, Esther Stanley, C.O. Stegner and wife, Harold and Edward Stegner, all of Woodsfield.

            James E.  Hinderlong, William H. Elizabeth and Lavina Egger, of Miltonsburg.

            Emma Zerger of Newark, Ohio, Alfred and Helen Frank, Fred Hehr and Mr. and Mrs. George Wilbert of Wheeling.

            S. W. and Jacob Weber of Marr.

            Mr. and Mrs. William Brubach of Chicago.


Matz, L.E. (Sale of Dairy Farm assets)
 Source--Spirit of Democracy  Woodsfield, Ohio
 Published--December 2, 1920

                              DISPERSION SALE
   On account of my inability to either employ suitable help or procure a tenant am compelled to discontinue my farming enterprise, and as a result I am compelled to sell my stock consisting of the following:

   Two Registered Holstein Heifers, yearlings
   One Grade Holstein Heifer, yearling
   One Grade Holstein Cow, freshen during winter
   Two Grade Jersey Cows, to freshen during winter
   Two Grade Holstein Heifers, freshen before February 1
   One O.I.C. Brood Sow and four shoats
   One team Work Horses, harness and wagon
   One colt, coming two years old
   One Colt, coming three years old.
                                L.E. MATZ


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WEBER REUNION –September 11, 1921

Source:  The Spirit of Democracy, September 15, 1921


Weber Family Holds Reunion – A Success – One of Monroe County’s Oldest Families Celebrate


          David Weber of Bavaria, Germany, came to Summit township, Monroe county, Ohio, in 1833, qualified as an American citizen and spent the remainder of his days in that locality rearing to manhood and womanhood a family of who we are all proud.

          Last Sunday, September 11th, his descendants gathered on the old home place now occupied by his grandson and granddaughter, Otto and Lena Weber, and held the second annual reunion in honor of their predecessor and honorable sirs of pioneer days.

          Direct and indirect descendants began to arrive at an early hour, and by noon, when the great picnic table was groaning under the good things to eat, which few can resist, a crowd of about 200 was present.

          A pleasant day was spent, everybody had a good time and left without a feeling that good old David Weber had done his part as a good man and a good American.

          Elmer Egger, acting as chairman of events, introduced our townsman, S.V. Steward, as speaker of the day and we are all agreed that “Vern” did justice to the occasion, considering the feed he had so previously partaken of.  Mr. Steward’s talk was brief, but spicy, and touched on history particularly of the Webers.  Those present were: Lena and O.J. Weber; Chris and David Weber and family; Phil S. Weber and family; C.H. Weber and Family; F.A. Weber and family; B.O. Weber, Mrs. Elizabeth Schaub; Mrs. Louisa Morris; F.W. Douglas and family;; J.W. Schumacher and wife; J.W. Price and wife; G.F. Weber and wife; A.L. Weber and family; Walter Foehranbach and family; Miss Minnie Rose; D.E. Weber and family; J.H. Weber and family; Mrs. Henry Christman; E.W. Christman; Arch Cooper, wife and son; Theodore Rhines; Mrs. Nellie Weber and children; A.J. Landefeld and family; Solomon Weber and daughter; Mrs. C.C. Brown; F.M. Fisher and wife; J.A. Wittenbrook and family; E.G. Cunningham and family; Fred Schaub and family; Clyde Schauab; S.V. Steward and children; William Hehr and wife; D.H. Weber and family; J.E. Hinderlong; Josephine Neuhart; Fred Young; Margaret Weber; Elmer H. Egger; R.L. McCammon and family; Emma Neibch; Forrest Diehl and wife; E.J. Reich; Boyd smith; William Souders; Elizabeth Fisher; Mrs. Barbara Jackson; Mrs M. Kestner; Katharine Faust; Frank Meumiller and wife; Fred Bott and family; Gerald Lader; Mrs. George Wilbert.  Any missing failed to register.




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January 26,1922

Juda Jane Bonam

A birthday surprise party was given in honor of Mrs. David Keyser on Wednesday Jan.18, 1922 in the honor of her 54th birthday.There was quite a number of her friends present and a very enjoyable evening was spent.

Refreshments were served and at a late hour all returned home wishing Mrs. Keyser many more birthdays.



JOINT REUNION of WEBER FAMILIES – September 21, 1922

Source:  The Spirit of Democracy, Woodsfield, Ohio, Thursday September 21, 1922


Third Annual Gathering a Grand Success, Honoring Two of Monroe County’s pioneer Families


The third annual reunion of the Weber family was held at the home of Miss Lena and Mr. Otto J. Weber near the Star school house in Summit township last Sunday and was a complete success in every particular, thanks to those who labored so earnestly for its success.

Two hundred or more people were in attendance (mostly near relatives) – young and old, from far and near, as the attached list of names will indicate.  All seemed to enjoy the affair immensely, as friendship and good will were predominating features, mingled with a feeling that all were surrounded by those who have an abiding faith in the gas-lit hills of old Monroe, and were laboring for the success of neighbors and friends as well as all themselves; surrounded by those who had rejoiced with them in their successes and sympathized with them in their failures.

Inspiring music was furnished by the Lewisville Band, Elmer Egger, leader.

The dinner, served on two long tables nicely spread under the shade trees at the old home consisted of so many good things that it would be difficult to enumerate them, hence we can do no better than refer you to Ex-Clerk of Courts Levi J. Bauer, A.J. Landefeld and Jacob Faber, competent judges of good things to eat.

Splendid addresses were delivered by Rev. J.J. Srodes and Deputy Auditor S.V. Steward, with Forrest Douglass, cashier of the Monroe Bank serving as chairman.

Mr. Steward’s address, referred in eloquent terms to the splendid work of Peter and David Weber who, as immigrants, settled in the vicinity of this old home in 1833, had wrought well and raised excellent families, who are keeping the faith of their forefathers.

Rev. J.J. Srodes expressed great pleasure at being a guest on this occasion; congratulated the Weber family on its splendid history and what it is destined to do in the future years.  He emphasized the fact that it is sometimes hard for us to realize what blessings have been handed down to us by self-sacrificing forefathers; but advised that we do the best we can with them, God helping us.

Among the immediate members of the original Weber families wee Jacob Weber of Lower Salem, aged 78 years; Chris Weber, who passed his 76th birthday on Monday, Sept. 11th; Phi8lip Weber, aged 72 ; Lena, David, Frederick, George, Henry, Jacob and Otto J. Weber.

Following are the names of those in attendance, each family in a paragraph by itself.

Lena and O.J. Weber.

S.V. Steward, Samuel Steward, Virginia Steward.

Louisa Morris, Minnie Rose.

Rev. and Mrs. J.J. Srodes.

David Weber, Will and Emma Weber.

Elizabeth Schaub.

Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Douglass, Flora Leah, Ray Edgar, James and Frank Douglas.

W.J. Weber, Minnie and Carl Weber.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Weber.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Weber, son and daughter of Lower Salem, Ohio..

Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Fisher.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Schumacher.

Jacob, Clarence, Lillie and Clara Bott.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Denbow

Mr. and Mrs. William Hehr and daughter Elva.

Lawrence A. Burkhart and family, Ozark.

Mrs. Elizabeth Hinderlong and son James.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Young.

Josephine Neuhart

Margaret Weber

Mrs. Catharine, Edna, Marie and James Weber.

Mrs. Elizabeth Fisher.

Mrs Lillie English, Roy and Clayton English.

Mrs. George Wilbert, Wheeling, W.Va.

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd L. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Weber and son Clarence.

Chris Weber.

Minnie Burkhart, Ozark.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. McCammon

Will Soulders.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Egger

Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Weber, Raymond, Floyd, Viola, Laura, Zelda, Willard, Erwin and Lawrence Weber.

W.A. Rice

Virgil DeVoe.

F.C. Distler.

Robert DeVoe

Andrew Lucas.

Bearl Winland.

Ed. W. Brubach.

Loyd Distler.

Mansel Young.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Feiock and son Junior.

Charles Smith.

Homer Hines.

Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Devoe and daughter Helen.

Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Foehrenbach, Freda, Mildred, Harold, Lawrence and Anna Foehrenbach.

Mr. and Mrs. B.O. Weber, Elmer, Lewis and Catherine Weber.

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Weber, Anna and Homer Weber.

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Scott, Kathryn and Martha Lee Scott.

Mrs. Minnie Suittor, Joe, Margaret and Josephine Suitter.

Mr. and Mrs. James Wittenbrook, Eleanor, Alvira, Mary Jane and Dortha Lee Wittenbrook.

John Wittenbrook.

Betty June Butt, Wheeling, W. Va.

Ella Adams.

Mr. and mrs. Charles E. Case, Ruth and Nellie Case, Bellaire.

Mrs. Elizabeth Case, Bellaire.

Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Landefeld, Loretta and LaVerne Landefeld.

Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Weber, Frank, Grace, Ralph and Alton Weber.

Lizzie Burkhart, Ozark.

J. Will Diehl and Daughter Bernice.

George W. Weber and son Roy.

Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Stegner.

Aug. Landefeld.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Weber, Florence B., Harry C., Wilda L., Ruth M. and Lucile C. Weber.

Mrs. Anthony Burkhart, Otto, Luzelda, Lena and Mollie Burkhart, Ozark.

Mr and Mrs Levi J. Bauer, Lorena ad Thelma Bauer

Mr  and Mrs. Jacob Faber.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Weber, Clara, Viola, Edith, Leighton, Philip, Raymond and Urban Weber.

Harry Stimpert.

Kenneth Lucas.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Brown and grandson of Boone, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Weber, Thelma , Roy, Melba, Wilbur, Lloyd, Eugene and Dennis Weber.

Charles, Roger and Ray Cronin.

Lena and Michael Kestner.

O.M. Greenbank.

Andrew G. and Lewis F. Christman.

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Charles T. Gramlich and Anna Ackerman
Source: The Spirit of Democracy
Woodsfield, Ohio, Thursday, October 25, 1923
Miss Anna Ackerman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Ackerman, and Mr. Charles C. Gramlich, were married in Woodsfield last Saturday by Rev. George L. Davis, pastor of the M. E. Church. The bride is a very highly respected young lady of Woodsfield, and the groom is employed in the railroad business at Zanesville, where the happy couple are now located in a home previously furnished for them.

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The Spirit of Democracy
April 3, 1924

Lewisville Fire
A fire alarm was turned in from the home of Will Laffarre, postmaster of Lewisville last Monday night at 11 o'clock. The local bucket brigade turned out promptly and but little if any damage was done to the home. The fire originated from a defective flue.



Thursday, August 14, 1924


Enjoyed by 240 Relatives and Guests


            The fourth joint annual reunion of the Weber families was held at the home Miss Lena and Mr. Otto J. Weber, near the Star school house in Summit township last Sunday, and was enjoyed by about 240 relatives, neighbors and friends.

          The day was ideal, the roads in good condition and the old Weber home and surroundings, fringed with nature’s beauties and thrilled by the song of birds, seemed to join in extending a welcome from early dawn until the shades of evening closed a perfect day.

          Splendid music in abundance was furnished by the Lewisville Concert Band, under direction of Elmer Eggar, leader, with representatives from Harriettsville and Woodsfield.

Addresses of an appropriate and pleasing nature were delivered by Hon. Frank H. Ward, Commissioner James A. Wittenbrook and Rev. W.P. Dallman of Lewisville.

          The picnic dinner, served from all the baskets as well as from the Weber home, was served on specially constructed tables under the shade trees near the home, and convinced those who ate and talked and laughed, that the Webers and their friends were splendid cooks.

          The Weber family, which has been a potent factors in church and community welfare in Summit township for the past 91 years, had its origin when David and Peter Weber, born in Germany, came to America and settled in Summit township.  David east of the Star school house near the deep railroad cut, and Peter near Lewisville.  David was married to Marguaret Schenk, and while we are unable to say who Peter married, we do know that like David he raised a model family and that St. Peter’s Evangelical church at Lewisville, was named after the beloved St. Peter of Biblical note, and in honor of Peter Weber, if tradition does not err.

          Five generations of these two families survive, and among all who have followed in their footsteps for almost one hundred years, none have been convicted of crime, and all have lived thus far true to American ideals, and the best interest of neighbors and friends.  Among the older members of this model family, are Mrs. Louise Morris of Woodsfield – an octgenarian (sic); Chris Weber of Buchanan Station, who will be 78 on the 11th day of next September; Philip Weber, near the old home, who is about 74; also Lena and Otto of the old home, and David Frederick, George, Henry and Jacob of Lewisville and Philip S. Weber of Woodsfield.

          Photos of six groups were taken by Misses Laura Reisbeck of Zanesville and Miss Minnie Weber of Woodsfield.

          Those present at the reunion were as follows:  Lena, Chris and Otto Weber of Lewisville Route 2.  P.S. Weber, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Weber, Roy L. Weber, Wilbur F. Weber, Lloyd H. Weber, Eugene C. Weber, John Dennis Weber, Dolorus Weber, D.H. Weber, Mr. and Mrs. B.O. Weber, Elmer Weber, Lewis Weber, Catherine Weber, Marjorie Weber Mr. and Mrs. G.L. Weber, Homer Weber, W.J. Weber, Minnie Weber, Carl Weber, F.A. Weber, Mrs. A.C. Weber, Maggie Weber, Mr. and Mrs. David Weber Floyd Weber, Viola Weber, Zelda Weber, Willard Weber, Edwin Weber, Lawrence Weber, Catharine Weber, Marie Weber, James Weber, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Weber, Florence Weber, Ruth Weber, Lucile Weber, Harry Weber, Mrs. Matilda J. Weber, Thelma H. Weber, Wilda Weber, Sol Weber, Ora Weber, Frank Weber, Grace Weber, Ralph Weber, Alfred Weber, Marle Weber, Mr. and Mrs. E.F. Yoho, Lynn Yoho, Mr. and Mrs, James Hinderlong, Fred C. Young, Elmer H. Egger, Leroy English, Mansel Young, Floyd Baker, Robert DeVoe, Earl Gibson, W.F. Laffarre, Warren Laffarre, Homer J. Hines, Charles Cronin, Lloyd Distler, Virgil DeVoe, Byril Winland, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kestner, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Foehrenbach, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Foehrenbach, Freda Foehranbach, Harold Foehrenbach, Lawrence Foehrenbach, Anna Foehrenbach, Roy Foehrenbach, H.W. Smiith, Jennie Feiock, Mr. and Mrs. William Hehr, Eva Hehr, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. McCommon, Hazel McCommon, Ida McCommon, Alice McCommon, Freda McCommon, William Sauders, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Denbow, Mr. and Mrs R.E. Schafer, Earl Schafer, William Rice, Geo. F. Hoff, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Feiock, Rev. and Mrs. W.:P. Dallman, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Feiock, Jr., Fred Bartenschlag, Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Fisher, all of Lewisville and Routes.

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Weber, Arnold L. Weber, Nettie Weber, O. Lee Weber, David Weber, Emma Weber, Geo. W. Weber, Roy G. Weber, Philip J. Weber, Minnie Weber, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Weber, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Weber, Viola C. Weber, Edith W. Weber, Leighton C. Weber, Philip T. Weber, Raymond K. Weber, Urban W. Weber, O.M. Greenbank and wife, Mr. and Mrs Tolbert Early (sic), Gertrude Greenbank, Robert Earley, Don Earley, Mr. and Mrs. O.A. Claus, Mildred Claus, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Cunningham, Francis Cunningham, Gilbert Cunningham, Hazel Cunningham, Mr and Mrs. W.W. Devoe, Helen Devoe, Mrs. William Schumacher, Mrs. W.W. Morris, Mrs. Fred Schaub, Lillian Schaub, Margaret Schaub, Guy Schaub, Eugene Schaub, Arch Cooper, Hon. Frank Ward, Pete Hines, Grace Hines, Rosmary Hines, Paul Hines, Mr. and Mrs. L.J. Bauer, Loraine Bauer, Thelma Bauer, of Woodsfield and Routes.

Mary E. Burkhart, Lena Burkhart, Helen Burkhart, Gene Burkhart, Lawrence Burkhart, Jr., Leonard Burkhart, Claude Haren, Bernadene Haren, Lucille Haren, Elizabeth Haren, G.C. Burkhart, Lizzie Burkhart, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Haren, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Burkhart, Mr. and Mrs P.W. Gertler, Mrs. Geo. Rhines, Theodore Rhines, of Ozark.

William Frank, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wilbert and Burtha Biedenbach, Wheeling, W.Va.

Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Landefeld, Lauretta Landefeld, Lawrence Landefeld, Columbus, Ohio.

Bernice Hesson, Caldwell, Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. S.C. Schafer, Mr. and Mrs. H.N. Miller and William Miller, Harriettsville, Ohio.

Mrs. George Hanson, Clarence Hanson, Cleveland, Ohio.

Anna Reisbeck, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Neuhart, Laura Reisbeck, Vivian Neuhart, Elizabeth Neuhart, Mary Louise Neuhart, Zanesville, Ohio.

Hattie Runtenmeister, St. Louis, Mo.

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wittenbrook, Elmer Wittenbrook, Mary Jane Wittenbrook, Dorothy Wittenbrook, Jerusalem Route 3.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Dickson, and Billie Dickson, Cambridge, Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Flowers, Barnesville, Ohio.

Floyd and Viola Weber, Kuhn, O.

If we have missed any guests on this occasion we are sorry.

By an almost unanimous vote it was decided to hold another Weber family joint reunion in 1925 – next year.

The Weber families wish us to express their sincere thanks to the Lewisville Concert Band, to the speakers of the day, and to all who helped to make this reunion a success.


Andrew Godfrey Christman and Anna E. Schneider – marriage January 10, 1924

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Euclid Floyd and Katie Leach, marriage

Source:  Noble County Leader (Caldwell Ohio); Wednesday,  12 June 1929

        On Wednesday, June 5, Euclid, son of Wilbur Floyd and wife and Miss Katie, daughter of Samuel Leach and wife, both of Route 1, stole a march on their friends and motored to Wheeling where they were united in marriage by Rev. Hess, a Methodist minister. Both the newlyweds are fine young people and are now receiving the congratulations and best wishes of their many friends. On Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd entertained with a two course chicken dinner in their honor and covers were laid for Mrs. Elizabeth Martin, of Woodsfield, Mrs. Rachel Floyd, of Whigville, the honor guests and host and hostess. The happy young couple will reside at the Floyd home.

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Robert Arthur and Miss Hortense Kremer, marriage
Source: The spirit of Democracy, Woodsfield, Ohio, Wednesday, April 23, 1930
Miss Hortense Kremer, daughter of Attorney and Mrs. T. J. Kremer of Woodsfield, was married to Robert Arthur, of Akron, at New York City Saturday, April 19, 1930.
The bride is a graduate of Ohio State University and was employed in teaching at Akron. Mr. Arthur has a fine position with The Ensign Advertising Company and they will reside at Larchmeont, near New York. Mrs. Arthur has many friends in Woodsfield who extend congratulations and good wishes.





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