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Chapter Six    The Ullom Family




Martha “Mattie” Hall’s mother, was Rachel Ullom who was born on 4 May 184812,50,81  in Monroe County and was the daughter of Stephen Ullom and Eleanor (Ellen, Nellie, Ella) Mitchell50. Stephen was born in 1813 and was the son of George S. Ullom* and Margaret Bowen.  George’s parents were Peter Ulm Ullom and Margaretha Smith. The Ullom line is traced to Jacab Ulm and Maria Boeshaar in 1720. Other names are Wenich and Bayshore. The Ulms are of German Heritage52.


*Stephen Ullom is listed55 as a member of Company C of the 2nd West Virginia Cavalry. He died in Nov 1862 in Mt. Pleasant, Virginia of Typhoid Fever56. Stephen and Nellie are buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in Woodsfield160.


* *George Ullom was born in Virginia, now West Virginia, in 1779. It is possible that he is the George Ullom who helped build the Courthouse in Greene County, PA in 1797. This log building is still in existence and is said to be the Number 1 tourist attraction in Greene County, PA. (Greene County PA. Cornerstone Genealogy Society,


George Ullom’s wife was Margaret Bowen’s and her family is traced to 1585 in Wales via on-line family trees sources52,53. Margaret was born in Greene County, PA in 1779, and she married George Ullom on 8 Aug 1801 in Greene County, PA. The Bowen surname begins as Evan, then Owen and then Bowen.  Other surnames in this line are; Gainor, Cadwaladr, Lloyd, Carter, Wilford, Humphrey and Burgess. Margaret Bowen’s parents are Henry Bowen (1715-1784) and Anna Moon(e) (1722-Abt 1789). Anna Moone Bowen’s parents were Simon Moone and Laurentha Humphrey. Simon’s father was James Moon (1669- 4 Jun 1755). He was born in Sommerset, England and died in Buck’s County, PA. Simon’s mother was Mary Wilsford (1671-bef 1714). The Moone’s can be traced back to 1570 in Lancaster, England. One additional surname is Dilsworth. Most of these people are from Wales52,53. 


Rachel Ullom’s, mother, Eleanor Mitchell Ullom, was the daughter of Thomas Mitchell III born in 1772 and Eleanor Hill, born in 1776. Both of her parents are buried in Monroe County161.



The George S. Ullom Family52,53,124


Much of the information concerning the Ancestors of Rachel Ullom has been obtained from the sources on One World Tree on Two Family trees are used extensively as prime sources. These family trees are the “Families of Jacob Ulm and Maria Magdalena Boeshaar52 and the Arnott/Stevens Tree53. Most of this information was checked by using Federal Censuses and other records such as Birth, Death Records and Marriage Records when possible. The information that I was able to corroborate indicated that these trees were quite accurate. 


As already mentioned, Stephen Ullom, born 23 Mar 1815 and  died  13 Nov 1862,  was the son of George S. Ullom*** and Margaret Bowen.  George’s parents were Peter Ulm Ullom and Margaretha Smith. In the next several pages many of George Stephen Illom’s descendants will be covered.

(References number 52, 53 and 124 apply to all the members of the Ullom Family covered below. Other pertinent references will be listed when appropriate.)


1.George Stephen Ullom52, 124 was born on 31 Oct 1779 in Berkeley, VA and died 21 Sep 1830 in Franklin, Greene, PA. He married Margaret Bowen born on 18 Apr 1779 in Greene. PA and died 10 Feb 1853 in Franklin, Green, PA. They were married on 8 Aug 1801in Franklin, Greene, PA. They had at least 13 children, all born in Greene, PA


                             Children:              Born          

                             Isaac                     27 Aug 1802

                             Jacob                    14 Dec 1803

                             Elijah                     27 Mar 1805

                             William W.            14 Oct 1806

                             Peter                     10 Apr 1808

                             Daniel Thompson  23 Dec 1809

                             Rachel Bowen       16 Sep 1811

                             Stephen                23 Mar 1813

                             John                      8 Dec 1814

                             Mary Ann              4 Jul 1818

                             Sarah                    25 Jun 1820

                             Jesse Bowen          16 July 1822

                             Thompson            Abt 1825


2. Isaac Ullom ( George S)52,53 , born 27 Aug 1802 in Greene, PA and died on 12 Aug 1845 in Des Moines, Iowa. On 21 Mar 1821 he married Margaret Bayard born on 4 Feb 1804 in Greene, PA and who died in Athens, Ohio in Jan 1885. They were married on 21 Mar 1821 in Greene, PA. 


                             Children:                                 Born

                             Ezra                                Jan 1822

                             Samuel Bayard                19 Aug 1825

                             Elizabeth                         25 Feb 1828

                             Perry                              1 Oct 1830

                             Bowen                            7 Aug 1833

                             Witten                             16 Apr 1836

                             George Washington         20 Feb 1839

                             Andrew Wolf                  31 Jul 1842

                             Clorinda                          19 Feb 1845


3.. Samuel Bayard Ullom( George, Isaac)52,53 born 19 Aug 1825 in Greene, PA died 8 Jul 1888 in McArthur, Ohio married Jane Thorp, born in 1831 in Indiana and died 1 Nov 1912, in McArthur, Ohio. The marriage date was 20 Apr 1847 in Athens, OH.

Samuel was a carpenter as was his son Sanford.


                             Children:                        Birth About                           

                             Elizabeth                         Nov. 1857

                             Cynthia                           1850

                             Sanford B                       1852

                             Sara Margaret                  1855

                             Frank                              1858

                             Perry Bayard                   1859

                             Mary A.                          1864

                             Samuel B                        1866

                             Helen MacBeth                1870

                             Lena May                        1873

       All dates and births verified by the 1850-1910 Federal Census documents.


4. Sanford Ullom, (George, Isaac, Samuel), b. abt 1852, married Alice Winters born abt 1855 and in 1880 they have a daughter and a son and are living next to Sanford’s parents.


                             Children:                                 Born

                             Mary Agnes                              Abt1877

                             Charles Foster                          Abt1879

                             Lelie Hattie                               9 Aug 1882125

                             Emma                                       Abt 1884


5. Hattie Ullom, (George, Isaac, Samuel, Sanford), b. 9 Aug 1882, married Jacob Terance Foreman, born on 18 Sep 1878 in Ohio40. They were married on 9 Aug 1902125.  In 1930, Jacob owned a transfer company and lived in Hocking, Logan, Ohio136.


                             Children:                       Born

                             Perley Herbert                 Abt 1903  Ohio136


6. Perley Herbert Foreman, (George, Isaac, Samuel, Sanford, Hattie), b. abt 1903, married Mona born about 1908 in Ohio. They were married about 1927 in Ohio. In 1930 Herbert was living next to his father and was a truck driver.


                             Children:                       Born



5. Emma Ullom, (George, Isaac, Samuel, Sanford), b. abt 1884, is in Logan, Hocking County, Ohio in 1910 and is single. She is a Nurse. She died on 4 Apr 1925 in Hocking County, Ohio37.


4. Elizabeth Ullom, (George, Isaac, Samuel), married Joseph E. King b.Aug 1853. In the 1900 census they are living in Elk, Vinton County, OH and they have three children.


                             Children:                       Born

                             Charles L.                       Aug 1881

                             Elmer F.                          Jun 1885

                             Lawrence E.                    May 1887


5. Lawrence Earle King, ((George, Isaac, Samuel, Elizabeth), b. 28 May 1887 in McArthur, Vinton, OH, married Emma,b. abt 1897 in Ohio and d. 31 Jul 1982 in Columbus, OH. They were married on about 1925 in Ohio, probably in Columbus (1930 Census). In WWI and WWII Draft Registration Lawrence is a Book keeper for a Brass Company in Columbus and born in McArthur, Vinton, OH


4. Cynthia Ullom, (George, Isaac, Samuel), b. abt 1850, is still with the family in 1870 at the age of 20 and is a school teacher. One un-named tree on states that she married Sanford Winters but there is no sign of this family in the Federal Census for 1880-1910. It is also interesting that Cynthia’s brother was named Sanford and he married Alice Winters and Sister Sara married Charles W. Winters.


4. Sara Margaret Ullom53,53, (George, Isaac, Samuel), b. Mar 1856, d. 7 Nov 1933, married Charles Watson Winters ,born on  8 Mar 1848 and died 29 Jun 1907 (both in McArthur). They were married on 7 May 1879.


                             Children:                       Born

                             Mary                               Abt 1877

                             Bertha Margaret               Nov 1879

                             Herbert                           Jun 1881

                             Inez Ethel                        2 Aug 1884

                             Freda                              Aug 1891

                             Helen                              Jun 1892

                             Donald                            Jun 1894

1880 and 1900 census of Vinton County, Ohio.


4. Lena May Ullom, (George, Isaac, Samuel), b. Mar 1873 married Edward Thomason born in  Aug 1871 and died Between 1901 and 1910.In 1910 Lena is the head of the family and Mary J. Ullom age 80, is living with her and her three children. (1910 census)


                             Children:                       Born

                             Clarence                         Aug 1893

                             Edna L.                           Oct 1897

                             Charles                           1902


3. George Washington Ullom (George S., Isaac)52,53 born 20 Feb 1839 in PA and died 30 Oct 1906. In 1880 George has only a daughter Nancy Elizabeth living with him in Vinton County. One source states52 that George married twice and that he had three children. In 1870 he is in Athens County, Ohio with Nancy (Swain) born about 1841 in Ohio with one child Nancy Elizabeth born abt 1866 in Ohio. In 1880 only George and Nancy remain. In 1900 he is a boarder with the Harris Family in Athens, Athens County, Ohio. He is a merchant.


                             Children:                       Born

                             Nancy Elizabeth              Abt 1866, Ohio


3. Andrew Wolf Ullom( George S., Isaac)52,53 b. 31 Jul 1842 d. 23 Sep 1933, married Eleanor Jane Tucker, born on  5 Nov 1841 and  died on 3 May 1894. They were married on 31 Dec 1874 and they had six children*.


                             Children:                       Born-Died

                             Mary Elliot                      7 Dec 1875-26 Aug 1974

                             Josephus Tucker             4 Oct 1877

                             Sarah Margaret                15 Feb 1880

                             Helen McBeth                 Nov 1881

                             Jane Bayard                    26 Jan 1884

                             Charlotte D.                    Jan 1887

* 1900 Census of Athens, Ohio.


4. Mary Elliott Ullom, (George S., Isaac, Andrew W.), b. 7 Dec 1875 married David H. Thomas (born in Feb 1871) around 1901 in either Athens or Washington County. David is a student in Marietta in 1900 and a lawyer in 1910. In 1920 and 1930 he is a judge in the Common Pleas Court in Marietta. They have four children all born in Ohio.


                             Children:                       Born Abt

                             Andrew Ullom                 1902

                             John Bayard                    1905

                             Virginia                           1911

                             Josephus Tucker             1915


5. Andrew Ullom Thomas, (George S., Isaac, Andrew W.), b. abt 1902, is in Dayton in 1930 married to Hilda W. and he is a lawyer. (1930 census).


4.  Josephus T Ullom, (George S., Isaac, Andrew W.), b. 4 Oct 1877, married Selena Paterson Hughes, born about 1871, in Oct 1908 in Athens, Ohio96. They are next found in Philadelphia, PA in 1910 and Josephus is a physician. He remains in Philadelphia through the 1920 census working as a physician (1910-1930 Census).


                             Children:                       Born

                             Margaret                         22 Dec 191096


                             Selena H.J.                     




3. Chlorinda Ullom (George S., Isaac)52,53,  born 19 Feb 1845 died 3 Sep 1904, married Patrick Murdock born Jun 1843, Ohio, and died 1907. They were married about 1865 in Vinton County, Ohio. Patrick is a Farmer and later in 1900, he is a Blacksmith.



                             Children:                       Born

                             Margaret Adale                Jul 1867

                             John Blackett                  Sep 1868

                             George Patrick                May 1875

                             Mary Effie                       Jun 1870

                             Sarah Jane                       Oct 1871

                             Lloyd Andrew                 Apr 1873

                             Amy Ellen                       Mar 1877

                             Frank Bayard                  Oct 1878

                             Fannie Grace                   After 1880 *

* Reference 52 lists this person but she never appears in a census.

All children were born in Ohio.


4. Lloyd Andrew Murdock52,53, (George S., Isaac, Chlorinda),  b. Apr 1873 in Ohio, married Norma Bolar, born abt 1887 in Ohio. They were married about 1908 and moved to Columbus, Franklin, Ohio where in 1930 they have the following family. Lloyd is a machinist working in a rail road shop.


                             Children:                      Born Abt

                             Gordon                           1910




All were born in Ohio. Also, living with the family in 1930 is a niece Lola Bolar age 25.


5. Evelyn Murdock52, (George S., Isaac, Chlorinda, Lloyd A.), b. abt 1913 in Ohio, married Ray Linton.


4. George Patrick Murdock52, (George S., Isaac, Chlorinda), born in  May 1875 , married Lenora B. Trainer, born about 1887 in Ohio. They were married about 1906 in Vinton County. George worked in a warehouse for the rail road. In 1920 and 1930 they have the following children.


                             Children:                       Born

                             Frances Myrtle                Abt 1908

                             George McClellan           Abt 1910

                             Vernon Trainer               

                             Doris Jean                      

                             Bayard Hoyt                                                         

                             Margery Louvelle           

                             Paul Robinson                         

All children found in 1920 and 1930 census records.


5. Bayard Hoyt Murdock, (George S., Isaac, Chlorinda, George Murdock), married Lelah May Gettles52.


                             Children:                       Born

                             Peggy Ann                      Unk

                             Michael Bayard               Unk


5.  Paul Robinson Murdock, (George S., Isaac, Chlorinda, George Murdock), in Ohio, married Shirley Ann Dalton52.



                             Children:                       Born

                             Randy                             Unk

                             Larry                              Unk


4. John Blackett Murdock52, (George S., Isaac, Chlorinda), born Sep1868 and died in 1942 married Wanda Shields born abt. 1889. In the 1920 and 1930 census records they are in Vinton County and John is a baggage master for the railroad. They have no children.



2. Jacob Ullom (George S.)52,53, born 14 Dec 1803 in Greene, PA, died on 6 Apr 1879 in Swan, Vinton, Ohio, married Margaret Mitchell born in PA in1802 and died after Jul 1852  in Vinton. They were married in 1850 in Ohio.


                             Children:                       Born

                             George                           Abt 1825

                             Jesse                               6 Jul 1828

                             Ezra                                Abt 1830

                             William                           1 Jan 1832

                             Lucinda                          Abt 1832  Ohio*

                             Nancy Ellen                     17 Oct 1833

                             Margaret                         17 Oct 1833

                             Elijah                              Abt 1840


* With this family in 1850 but listed at the end behind younger Ullom’s so she may not have been a member of this family.


 Family Research in Monroe County Ohio by Fedorchak, Catharine F., volume 6, page 98-100, July 21, 1852
Petition to complete contract - Thomas Mitchell, administrator vs. Margaret Ullom and Jacob her husband of Vinton Co. Ohio, Elizabeth Bottenfield, Rebecca Jane Bottenfield, Margaret Bottenfield, Nancy Ellen Bottenfield of Vinton Co., Ohio, Shadrach Bottenfield of Greene Co., Pa., minor heirs of Samuel Bottenfield, deceased and Isaac Bottenfield, William Bottenfield, Hiram Bottenfield, Mary Ann Dickey and Samuel Dickey her husband of Monroe Co. will take notice that Thomas Mitchell, administrator of the estate of Samuel Bottenfield, deceased filed a petition against them to be authorized to complete a certain contract for the sale of land executed by said decedent in his lifetime to one Peter Stine.

It would appear the Margaret Mitchell Bottenfield was the wife of Rev. Samuel Bottenfield and he had died 23 March 1848 and Margaret married Jacob Ullom after 20 Mar 1851 and before July 1853 according to the reference above which shows suits filed against the estate of Samuel Bottenfield.  Since the Bottenfields lived in Monroe County as did the Mitchell’s it is possible that the Margaret Bottenfield, widow of Samuel, was Margaret Mitchell, daughter of Thomas Mitchell Sr. However, none of the children listed above would have been hers. There is additional doubt as to the veracity of this information since there is a Margaret with Jacob who died in 1852. However, it is possible that Margaret Mitchell Bottenfield died in 1852 after the date of the lawsuit.


3. George Ullom52,53, (George S., Jacob), born abt 1825 and died bet. 1858-1860, married Druzilla Speed, born abt 1826 in Ohio and died 7 Apr 1879 52. The marriage took place in about 1845.


Drusilla is living with George (67) and Mary (62) in Elk, Vinton, Ohio in 1860 with her children. In 1870 she is the family head and she has Margaret, Nancy and George living with her.


                             Children:                       Born-Died

                             Sarah Ellen                      Abt 1846*- 17 Mar 1944

                             Lydia B.                          Abt 1849*

                             Margaret                         Abt 1854*

                             Nancy Bell                      Abt 1857*

                             George Washington         25 Jul 1859*52,53    

*1860 Census


4. Sarah Ellen Ullom, (George S., Jacob, George), born 1846, died 17 Mar 1944 married Jasper N. Dillon, born about 1845. Marriage date was between 1860 and 1863. Jasper is with the family in 1880 but the family cannot be found after this date until Sarah Ellen appears in the 1930 census with daughter Lillie D. Swain.


                             Children:                       Born

                             Lydia Frances.                Abt 1864

                             Lilly D.                           Abt 1866


5. Lilly D. Dillon (George S., Jacob, George, Sarah E.), b. abt 1866, married Unknown Swain. (1930 census of Vinton, Ohio).


4. Lydia B. Ullom, (George S., Jacob, George), born abt 1849 died 1933, married Anthony W. Bratton born 1846 and died 1902. Anthony is involved in printing in 1880 and is a type setter in 1900. He apparently died between 1900 and 1910.


                             Children:                       Born

                             Ella D.                            May 1868*

                             Maggie B.                       Abt 1872**

                             Archie W                        Abt 1873**

                             Anthony W                     Abt 1874**

                             Edward W.                     Abt Dec 1879*

* 1880 Census  ** 1900 census


5. Ella D Bratton, (George S., Jacob, George, Lydia), b. May 1868, married Capt. William Bradbury born abt 1863. Capt. Bradbury and Ella Bratton are staying with her parents in 1900. In 1910 Anthony is gone. William Bradbury and Ella are with Lydia Bratton. In 1920 Wm. Bradbury is gone (died) and Lydia and Ella are in the same house. In 1930 Lydia and Ella are together in Springfield, Ohio. Census results.


3. Jesse Ullom52,53, (George S., Jacob),  born 6 Jul 1828, died 16 Mar 1907, married Semelia Brine born May 1829 and died 25 Jun 1913 in Athens, Ohio. They were married 11 Dec 186197. In the Athens State Hospital, Similia Ullom is listed as a patient in 1900. She is not with Jesse in 1880 and Jesse was not found in 1900.


                             Children:                       Born

                             Albert L. Ullom               Abt 1866


4. Albert Ullom, (George S., Jacob, Jesse),  b. abt 1866, was found in 1910 married to Flora McGillvary in McArthur, Vinton, Ohio. He is a barber. They were married on 31 Jan 1895.  He is listed as dying in 1920 and Flora died in 194752.  No children were found.


3. Ezra Ullom52,53, (George S., Jacob), born abt. 1830 married Lucinda Dowd born abt. 1832. Marriage date was 7 Apr 1950. In the census of 1860 Ezra and family are in Laporte, Ind with four children.


                             Children                        Born

                             Marinda A.                      Abt 1851

                             Harvey R.                       Abt 1853

                             Helen M.                         Abt 1855

                             Kansas Belle                   Abt 1857

All born in Indiana.


In 1870 they are in Kankakee, Illinois with the following children


                             Mary (Marinda with wrong age)          





The family cannot be found after 1880.


4. Harvey R. Ullom, (George S., Jacob, Jesse), married Unknown* born about 1867 in Indiana** . They do not have any children. Harvey is a farmer in LaPorte, Indiana.

* No name listed. ** Wife’s parents were born in PA.



3. William Ullom52,53, (George S., Jacob), born 1 Jan 1832 and died 6 Jun 1893, married Hannah Dowd, born abt. 1835. They were married on 10 Aug 1854 in Vinton, Ohio. The family moved to Laporte, Ind. around 1859. After 1880 and before 1893 they moved to Tama, Iowa where William died on 6 Jun 1893. Hannah died between 1910 and 1920. Her daughters Etta and Ida were with her in 1900 and 1910.


Children:                     Born About

                                      Hannah F.                      1855

                                      Jacob M.                        1857

                                      Clara A                           1860

                                      William K                        1861

                                      Ida S.                             1863

                                      Etta J                              1865

                                      Homer N.                        1867

                                      Charles W.                      1869


3. Lucinda Ullom, (George S., Jacob), born abt 1833, married John M. Stockman, born abt 1830. They were married on 8 Sep 1850 in Darke, Ohio52,53. This family cannot be found in any census.


3. Nancy Ellen Ullom,98 , (George S., Jacob), born 17 Oct 1833 died 29 Jul 1916, married Samuel D. Gill, born 18 Nov 1827  in Vinton, OH and died 12 Jun 1907 in Wayne, IL. Marriage date was 9 Mar 1851. After 1859 they moved from McArthur, Vinton, Ohio to Clay, Illinois. In 1860 they are in Clay with 5 children all born in Ohio. In 1870 they are in Zif, Wayne, Ill. and they have four more children. In 1880 they have two more children. Both are in the 1900 census but only Samuel is in the 1910 census.


                                      Children:                       Born

                                      Lydia M                          11 Dec 1851 Ohio

                                      John                               1 Sep 1853   Ohio

                                      Mary Elizabeth                22 Oct 1855  Ohio

                                      Rose B                           1 may 1857   Ohio

                                      Joseph H.                       22 July 1859  Ohio

                                      Jacob Anthony                31 Aug 1861  Ill.

                                      George W.                      25 Jul 1864    Ill.

                                      Morris Banker                 7 Nov 1867    Ill

                                      Sallie Brissenden             31 Dec 1869  Ill

                                      Minnie                            27 Jul 1873    Ill

                                      Samuel S.                        10 Nov 1875  Ill


4. Lydia M. Gill, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E.), born 11 Dec 1851, died 12 Jan 1926, married William Hubble, born 29 Sep 1849. Marriage date was 11 Jul 1872 in Wayne County, IL. (1880 census)


                                      Children:                       Born

                                      Lillie                               23 Feb 1873

                                      Lucy                               Abt 1875

                                      William Clarence             Abt 1881

                                      Emma                             18 Mar 1882


4. John Gill, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E.), born 1 Sep 1853 died Feb 1931 married Emma J. Wilson, born abt 1858, in Wayne , IL. Marriage date was 20 Feb 1879.


                                      Children:                       Born

                                      Minnie Maude                 20 Feb 1880

                                      Homer W.                       14 Nov 1881

                                      Edna                               19 May 1894

                                      Ethel Gill                         21 Oct 1896


In 1900 Emma is not with the family and possibly died between 21 Oct 1896 and 11 Jun 1900.


4. Mary Elizabeth Gill98, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E.), born 22 Oct 1855 died 20 Dec 1947, married Robert Francis Campbell, born 10 Nov 1842. Marriage date was 14 May 1873.


                                      Children:                       Born

                                      Jonathan Scott                28 Dec 1873

                                      Emma                             8 Mar 1875

                                      Nellie                              17 Jul 1877

                                      Richard Moffett              27 Aug 1880

                                      Laura Bell                       6 Sep 1881


All these children were born in Wayne County, IL. In 1880 Emma is not with the family. In 1900 they list their birth month and years as follows.



                                      Robert F               Nov 1847        NY-IRE-IRE

                                      Mary E                  Oct   1857


In 1920 they are in Clay County.


5. John  Scott Campbell, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E. Mary E. Gill),  born in 1873,  married Cynthia, born about 1878,  and they have one child. Opal age 2. Marriage date is about 1907 (1910 census Wayne County, IL).


                                      Children:              Born

                                      Opal                      Abt 1908


4. Rose B. Gill98 , (George S., Jacob, Nancy E.,), born 1 May 1857, died 3 Jan 1939, married Peter D. Banker, born 18 Oct 1851 in Preble Co., Ohio. They were married on 16 Feb 1875 in Wayne County, IL.


                                      Children:              Born

                                      Drusilla                  1 Nov 1875    Wayne, IL

                                      Flora                     Abt 1879     Wayne, IL

                                      Joseph Wilbur       11 Apr 1883 Osceola, IO

                                      Samuel Denias       2 Sep 1884  Osceola, IO


In 1900 the family is in Puyallup, Pierce, Washington, with their two sons. In 1910 Peter and Rosa are in Pierce County and he is an Express Driver. In 1920 he is a Teamster working for the city. He disappears between 1920 and 1930. Rosa Banker is living with Drusilla Abbott most likely her daughter. The ages and relationships are mixed up but I believe this is Rosa and her daughter.


5. Samuel Gill, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E., Rose B. Gill), married Cora, born about 1887, and they have a son Charles, born about 1907 and they are in Tacoma, Washington. They cannot be found after that but a Sam Banker and Cora are in California in 1930 but birth places are not correct. Census results.


5. Joseph Gill, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E., Rose B. Gill), married Mabel Ridge, born in Wisconsin in about 1885. They were married about 1904 and they had one child Jessie R. age 5 (1905) and they are in Puyallop, Wash in the 1910 census results. In 1920 Mabel is living with her parents with one more child, Edward J. born about 1914.


                             Children:              Born

                             Edward J.              Abt 1914


5. Drusilla Gill, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E., Rose B. Gill), married Mr. Abbott and is in Pierce County, WA, in 1930 with her son Irving and and a grandson, Irving Dane. They probably came to Washington from California. However, this family could not be found in 1900-1920 in census listings.


4. Joseph H. Gill98, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E.), born 22 Jul 1859 in Wayne, Il., died 17 Jan 1921 in Osceola, Iowa. Joseph married Alice Margaret Buckley, born 1 Jul 1859 in Minnesota. They were married in Mar 1887 in Lake Waseca, Minnesota.


                                      Children:              Born

                                      George E. Gill       12 Jun 1889    Osceola, Iowa

                                      Sidney J.               Mar 1892       Osceola, Iowa

                                      Thelma                  15 Mar 1862   Osceola, Iowa


George Gill is an attorney in Iowa in 1930 and Sidney is a lawyer in 1920. Sidney Gill could not be found in 1930. Neither were married.


Alice is with the family in 1900 but replaced by Lillian May Dickens in 1910. Joseph and Lillian were married on 6 Mar 1904. Lillian and Joseph are not found in the 1930 census.


In 1900, Joseph’s birth was listed as Jul 1860 and Alice’s was Jul 1861.


4. Jacob Anthony Gill98, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E.), born 31 Aug 1861 in Clay, IL and died 28 Feb 1954 Furnas, NB. He married Elizabeth Jane Ulm born 10 Jan 1865 in Wayne, IL, on 27 Nov 1887 in Wayne County, IL. (1900 Census).


                                      Children:                      Born

                                      Orval Ernest          22 Nov 1882   Furnas, NB

                                      William Paul            22 Jan 1889     Furnas, NB

                                      Jesse Pearl             1 Feb 1897     Furnas, NB


5. Orval Ernest Gill, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E. Jacob A. Gill), married Vera Mabel Rising119 on 22 Nov 1892 in Norton, Kansas. Orval died on 18 Mar 1978 in Beaver City, Furnas, Nebraska. They were married on 9 Apr 1915 in Norton, Nebraska. Orval was a Grain Farmer.


4. George W Gill98, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E.), was born 25 Jul 1864 in Wayne, IL and died 29 Jan 1915 in Wayne, Il. He married Ella E. Evans who was born on 5 Mar 1871 in Clay, IL on 4 Dec 1891 in Clay, IL. They had seven children all born in Zif Town, Wayne, IL


                                      Children:              Born

                                      Nancy Ellen           6 Dec 1891  Wayne, IL

                                      Mabel Lily             17 Nov 1892

                                      James Samuel        21 May 1895

                                      Joseph Robert       14 Jul 1901

                                      Laura Mae             29 Sep 1904

                                      George Pearly        30 Mar 1907

                                      Glen Wilson          20 Aug 1910


5. James Samuel Gill, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E., George W. Gill), married Edna M. Johnson119, born abt 1894 in Illinois.


                                       Children:              Born

                                      Leon E.                

                                      Wilma D.              

James is a farmer.


5. Joseph Robert Gill, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E., George W. Gill), married Amy, born abt 1902 in Illinois.


                                      Children:              Born



Joesph owns his own farm and brother George Pearly Gill, a car salesman, lives with him and his family.


5. Glen Wilson Gill, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E George W. Gill), is unmarried in 1930 and is farming to support his mother.


4. Sally Brissenden Gill98, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E.), born 31 Dec 1869 in Wayne, IL and died 31 Mar 1945 in Wayne, IL, married Thomas Hayward Tetrick born 28 Dec 1865 in Wayne, IL and died on 24 Jul 1946 in Clay, IL. They were married on 7 Aug 1888 in Wayne, IL.

                             Children:              Born - Died

                             Samuel Otis           26 Feb 1889-23 Mar 1947        

                             Josephine Pearl      4 Aug 1893-28 Oct 1958

                             Lourette                5 May 1895-16 Jul 1897

                             Fay                       9 May 1897-8 Jun 1917

                             Minnie Nancy        11 Sep 1898-22 Sep 1970

                             Minda                   11 Sep 1898-31 Jul 1980

                             Baby Tetrick         19 Jul 1911-19 Jul 1911



4. Minnie Gill98 , (George S., Jacob, Nancy E.), born on 27 Jul 1873 in Wayne, IL and died on 28 Dec 1906 in Clay, IL married Harvey Jay Clifford Wilkin born on 30 Aug 1869 in Hardin, OH and died 3 Oct 1953 in Champaign, IL. They were married on 5 Apr 1891 in Wayne, IL.


                             Children:              Born- Died

                             Lieutilla                 30 Jul 1890-24 Sep 1991

                             Harvey                  2 Sep 1891-2 Sep 1891

                             Etta                       22 Jul 1895-14 Oct 1899

                             Edna                     22 Jul 1895-6 Dec 1977

                             Sallie                     12 Apr 1898-12 Apr 1958         

                             Victor Jay              18 Jul 1903-Abt 1998

                             Lottie May             30 Jan 1905-3 Feb 1979


All born in Clay, IL.


5. Lieutilla Wilkin, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E., Minnie Gill), b. 30 Jul 1890, d 24 Sep 1991,  married Bert Lee Thompson, born 28 Mar 1877  in Hardin, Ohio, on 31 Oct 1921 in Hardin, Ohio.


                             Children:              Born

                             Halsey Lee           


After a divorce Lieutilla married Chauncy Earl Bates on 17 Apr 1953 in Champaign, IL


5. Edna Wilken, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E., Minnie Gill), b. 2 Sep 1891 d. 2 Sep 1891, married John Russell Meneley born 27 Jun 1896 in Champaign, IL., on 14 Mar 1923 in Akron, Summit County, OH.


                             Children:              Born

                             Lieutilla Florence  


4. Samuel Scott Gill, (George S., Jacob, Nancy E.) ,born 10 Nov 1875 in Wayne, IL  and died 4 Jan 1946 in Richland, IL, married Louretta Hubble158 born 4 Jul 1878 in Wayne, IL. They were married on 29 Sep 1895 in Wayne, IL.



                             Children:    Born-Died

                             Henry          22 Jul 1896- 20 Dec 1992

                             Lucy            9 Oct 1903- 21 Sep 1987


3. Margaret Ullom52,53 , (George S., Jacob, )born 17 Oct 1833 in Athens , Ohio and died 16 Feb 1916 in Clay, IL, married Andrew M. Gill, born 6 Mar 1834 in Athens, Ohio and died 14 Nov 1881 in Wayne, IL. They were married on 9 Mar 1854 in Vinton County, Ohio.


                             Children:    Born-Died

                             Jacob U       Abt 1858 in OH -Abt 1930 in IL

                             Clarissa       13 May 1860 I OH-4 Aug 1910 in IL

                             Joseph G.    1863 in OH-

                             Lucy            1864 Vinton, OH-


5. Jacob U.Gill, (George S., Jacob, Margaret),  married Anna W. Arnold born abt 1866 in Vinton, Oh and died abt 1930 in Clay , IL. They were married on 1 Jan 1883 in Vinton, OH.


                             Children:    Born

                             James P.      Abt 1833  in IL.


6. James P. Gill, George S., Jacob, Margaret), married Hattie C. Gill born abt 1884 in IL and died abt 1930 in Clay, IL. The marriage was abt 1907 in IL.


                             Children:    Born-Died

                             Living Female

                             Robert D     25 Mar 1910 in IL- 7 Apr 1977 in Clay, IL

                             Edward J.    Abt 1911

                             Grace A      

                             Edna L.      

                             Richard A   


3 . Elijah Ullom, (George S., Jacob) born about 1840 in Athens, Ohio.


2. Elijah Ullom52,53 , (George S.), was born in Green County, PA on 27 Mar 1805 (4 Mar 1804)126 and died in Monroe County on 6 Oct 1866126. There is some confusion about who he married. In the 1840 Census of Monroe County he has a family consisting of 5 males and 3 females. Using the 1850 Census the various family members can be accounted for as shown above.

                             2  under 5 years ( Isaac and Shadrack)

                             1 under 10 Years ( Franklin)

                             1 10-15 years ( Unknown)

                             1 30- 40 years (Elijah )


                             1 under 5 (Lucinda)

                             1 10-15 ( Unknown

                             1 30-40  (Presumed to be Elizabeth52)*


* Elizabeth Sellars Mitchell is considered by most sources to be the 30-40 year old wife of  Elijah but there is some evidence to question this conclusion. First, she would have been 43 in 1840. Secondly, a marriage has been found15 which shows that Elijah Ullom married Elizabeth Sellars on 20 or 21 Dec 1846 in Monroe County. Also, her name was listed as Mrs. Elizabeth Sellars. If this is Elijah (b: 1804 or 5) then she is not the mother of his children. His “first wife” would have died before 1846.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Franklin (Frank) Ullom    b. Abt 1834   Ohio

                   Shederach (Shed) Ullom b: Abt 1836 Ohio

                   Lucinda Ullom                b: Abt 1838  Ohio

                   Isaac Ullom                     b: Abt 1840  Ohio

                   Mary Ullom                      b: Abt 1842  Ohio

                   William Ullom                 b: Abt 1828 in Ohio*

* See following information about this person


3. William Ullom, (George S., Elijah) is not found in any family tree as the descendant of Elijah. He was born abt 1828 in Ohio and died 23 May 1864 in Monroe County, Ohio married Eleanor (Nellie) Swartwood b. 16 May 1831 near Antioch and died 24 May 1892 near Antioch. They had the following family:


                             Children:                         Born        

                             Franklin Ullom                b. Abt  1850

                             Elizabeth Sarah Ullom       b. 20 Dec 1852- 6 Sep 1928

                             Harvey Ullom                  b. Abt 1853

                             Mary E. Ullom                 b. Abt 1858

                             Anna Ullom                      b. Abt 1961

                             Minerva Ullom                b: Abt 1863

Most likely all were born in Monroe County, Ohio.


4. Elizabeth Sarah Ullom52,53, (George S., Elijah, William), b. 20 Dec 1952, d: 6 Sep 1928 in Cuyahoga, Ohio) married Elijah G. Edgar on 7 Oct 1873 in Monroe County16. Elijah died on 6 Dec 1929 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. In the Index of the marriage records, Elizabeth is not listed under Ullom but was accidentally found under Edgar. They had the following Family:


                             Children:              Born18

                             Emma O.               23 Jul 1874  Green, Monroe

                             William Cyrus        17 Sep 1876 Green, Monroe

                             Alice                     Nov 1879 Green, Monroe, Ohio*

                             George Thomas     5 May 1887 Green, Monroe

                             Estella Janett          7 Oct 1891 Green, Monroe, Ohio

* Birth Records of Monroe County, OH.

** 1900 Fed. Census


The family was not listed in the 1880 Census. In 1900 in Green Township Emma O. Edgar is also a servant with the Isaac Fox Family so she was counted twice.


On her death cert this Elizabeth Ullom Edgar’s parents were William Ullom and Eleanor Swart(h)wood and Elizabeth  was born on 20 Dec.1852. Her father, was listed as William Ullom and could have been a son of Elijah Ullom (brother of Stephen Ullom) who is living one house away from William and Eleanor Ullom with a son Franklin (born in 1850) in the 1850 Census of Monroe County. In 1840 Elijah had a son 10-15 years old who is not accounted for in 1850. Three other Ullom families, who lived in Monroe County in 1840, namely, Jacob, William, and Margaret, did not have a son in the proper age group to be this William Ullom. William and Eleanor are not in the 1860 census and in 1870, Nellie Ullom is head of a family that has Franklin (20) Harvey (16), Mary E. (11), Anna (9), and Minerva (7). An Elizabeth Ullom age 18 is a domestic servant with the Smith family in Green, Monroe, Ohio. A marriage was found in the “Reconstructed marriages of Monroe County, Ohio”15 for William Ullom and Nellie Swartwood in Monroe County in 1849 so this fits in with the Nellie (Eleanor) Ullom found in 1870 and again in 1880. In Perry Township Gleanings and Cemetery Inscriptions127, pg. 11, there is the following information. “Nellie Ullom (nee Swartwood) b. near Antioch 16 Feb 1831 –married William Ullom in 1849. Died at daughter’s home- Mrs. George (Elizabeth) Edgar near Antioch- 24 May 1892. A 61y, 3m, 8d.  Husband died 23 May 1864.”


It is still not proven that William is the son of Elijah, but as mentioned above there is circumstantial evidence that appears to make it likely.


5. William Cyrus Edgar, (George S., Elijah, William, Elizabeth S), b. 17 Sep 1875 in Ohio40, d. 7 Aug 1966 in Peninsula, Summit, Ohio.  He was widowed. On his draft card his contact is E.G. Edgar in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. In 1920 a William C. born about 1876 in in Kenmore, Summit, Ohio and he is living with a cousin. He is an inspector in a rubber works. On his draft card, he is from Cuyahoga County.


There is a William C. Edgar in Cuyahoga County, married to Sadico (Sadie) born about 1875 and has two step sons. He is a chiropractor. This Wm. C. was 50 years old when he married.


5. George Thomas Edgar, (George S., Elijah, William, Elizabeth S), b.5 may 1887, Monroe County, married Mary L. born abt. 1888 in Ohio. They were married about 1916.George is a District Superintendent for a Telegraph Co76.


                             Children:                       Born

                             Kenneth L.                     

                             Ruth E.                          

                             Roy N.                                    

Also living with Geroge was an Uncle, Harvey Ullom, Wd., age 78. 1930 cesnus.


4. Franklin Ullom52,53, (George S., Elijah, William), born in Mar 1850 married Nancy J. Cline born in Oct 1849. They were married in Monroe County on 13 March 187916.


                             Children:              Born

                             Forest A.               b; 17 Feb 1880

                             Minnie May           b: 11 Nov 1881

                             Thomas W            b: 11 Jan 1885

                             Everett Raymond


4. Harvey Ullom, (George S., Elijah, William), was born about 1854 in Ohio.


4. Mary Ellen Ullom, (George S., Elijah, William), born in Feb 1859 in Monroe, Ohio married Spencer H. Wayne born in Apr 1860 in WV. They were married on 2 Aug 1882 in Monroe County16. In 1900-1920 they are in Perry, Monroe, County, Ohio and in 1910, Spencer is a Teacher in the Public Schools. In 1920 he is a Farmer.


                             Children               Born18,40

                             Nettie L                 3 Jun 1883, Monroe, Ohio

                             Anna M.                13 Mar 1887, Monroe, Ohio

                             Everett                  2 Sep 1890, Monroe, Ohio

                             Thomas W            Jan 1885


5. Everett R. Wayne, (George S., Elijah, William, Mary Ellen), b. 2 Sep 1890 in Monroe County, married Chloe Fisher, 2 Sep1894 in Monroe County, Ohio. They were married in Monroe County on 3 Sep 191016,40. In 1920 they are in Summit, Akron, Ohio and Everett is a truck driver. In 1930 Chloe is not with the family and Everett is working for Goodyear.


                             Children:              Born

                             Virgil                     Abt 1912

                             Paul W.                


5. Nettie L. Wayne, (George S., Elijah, William, Mary Ellen), b. 3 Jun 1883 Monroe County, Ohio d. 21 Aug 1959 in Alameda, California,  married Arthur H. Vermillion, b. abt 1833 in WV. They were married between 1919 and 1920 but probably not in Monroe County. In 1920 they are in Santa Clara, CA and Arthur is a Fruit Farmer79.


4. Nancy Anna Ullom, (George S., Elijah, William), born Abt 1861 in Monroe County.


4. Minerva Ullom, (George S., Elijah, William), born in Mar 1863 married Addison A. Elrod born in Jun 1857 in Ohio. They were married on 26 mar 1881 in Monroe County16. The first two children were born in Ohio and about1884 they moved to Pa.


                             Children:              Born

                             Alva E                   Dec 1880 in Ohio

                             Deforest:               Feb 1883 in Ohio

                             William J.              May 1885 in PA

                             Harry                    Jan 1889 in PA

                             Homer                   May 1891 in PA

                             Bertha                   Nov 1988 in PA

                             Mary E.                 May 1900 in PA

1900 Census                  


5. Alva E. Elrod, (George S., Elijah, William, Minerva), b. 31 Dec 188176 in Ohio married May, b. abt 1885 in PA. In 1920 they are in KcKean, PA. Alva is a cooper in a refinery. In 1930 they are in Cattaraugus, NY and Alva is the Proprieter of a hotel.


                             Children:                       Born About (1920 Census)





5. William John Elrod, (George S., Elijah, William, Minerva), b. 31 May 1885 in PA, married Sanna, born abt 1886 in PA. In 1920 William is a cooper in a barrel house. In 1910 the family was in Buffalo, NY and brother, Homer, was living with this family.


                             Children:                        Born About

                             Ralph W                        


5. Harry Elrod, (George S., Elijah, William, Minerva), b. 22 Jan 1889, married Anna. In 1942 they are in Fairfax, VA76.


5. Homer Elrod, (George S., Elijah, William, Minerva), was born on 16 May 1891 in PA76.


2. William W. Ullom52,99, (George S), born 14 Oct 1806 in Greene County, PA  and died  on 29 Jul 1855 in Benton, Monroe, OH. He was in Monroe County by 1834 since he owns or built a saw mill on Cranes Nest Creek100. William married Judith Smith, born abt 1810. They were married about 1830 and they had 10 children.


                                                Children:    Born

                                          George        Abt 1831 in Ohio

                             Lydia           Abt 1833 in Ohio

                             Charlotte      Abt 1835 in Ohio

                             Job Smith    18 Feb 1837 in Monroe, Ohio

                             Elihu M.       16 Oct. 1839 Monroe, OH

                             Sylvanus      Abt 1841 in  Monroe, OH

                             Margaret      Abt 1843 in Monroe, OH

                             Catherine     Abt 1845 in Monroe, OH

                             Sarah C.      ABT 1838 in Monroe, OH

                             William        Abt 1849 in Monroe, OH



The entire family, shown above, can be found in the 1850 census in Perry, Monroe, OH.


3. Job Smith Ullom52, 177 , (George S., William W.), born 18 Feb 1837 in Monroe, OH, died 1 Apr 1918 in Antioch, Monroe County, married Mary Eickleberry born 19 Dec 1840 in Benton, Monroe, Ohio. They were married on 19 Mar 1859.


In 1860 census of Perry Monroe, Job is married and perhaps his brother, Elihu*, age 20, is living with the family. Job is 23 and Mary is 19.

* In the Census it was spelled Elirusha and he was a blacksmith.


In 1870 Job and Mary have two children and are in Benton Township. In 1880 they have six children.


                             Children:                       Born

                             Martha                            27 Mar1867

                             William Byron                 6 May1869

                             Henry E.                         22 Jul 1871

                             Joseph O.                       1875

                             Mary J.                           2 Feb 1878 

ClaraBell (Nancy B).        28 Jan (May) 1880*


*In the 1880 Census there is a Clarabelle and this name also appears in reference 52. As far as I can determine Clarabell must be Nancy B. Ullom born on 28 Jan1880 in Jackson Township18 and appears as N. B. Ullom and is the daughter of Job and Mary. Also, in the census there is a notation saying May, in the age slot for Clarabell. In Monroe County Birth Records, I can only find Henry, Mary and Nancy. Nancy’s age in 1880 is 2/12 (On-line census) which means that she was born in about May.  In the paper copy of the 1880 Census of Monroe County her age is 2/365. But no birth is listed in the Monroe County Records for May 1880. In the California Death Records Nancy B. Piatt (See below) is said to have been born on 28 May 1880 in Ohio.  There must be a mistake in this birthdate in one of the records.


In 1880 the family is in Jackson Township. In 1900 they are in Jackson with Joseph and Henry. In 1910 Job and Mary are in Perry with a grandson, George L who is 8 years old.

b. abt 1901. In 1920, Job and Mary, can not be found in the Census. A Mary Ullom died in Benton Township on 9 Apr 1922 but I can’t be certain if this is Job’s wife.


4. Mary J. Ullom52, (George S., William W., Job), b. 2 Feb 1878 in Ohio, married John Lorhi , (Lohri), b. Oct 1875 in Ohio. They were married on 25 May 1898 in Monroe County16. William Ullom applied for the marriage License. In 1900, John Lohni (should be Lohri) and Mary J. are in Perry Township with two children Dorothy and Clarence. In 1910, 1920 and 1930 they are in Benton, Monroe County and John is a pumper in the oilfields.


                             Children:              Born

                             Dortha L.              Aug 1898

                             Clarence                May 1900

                             Mary C.                Abt 1904

                             John Donald          Abt 1906

                             Margaret Lucille.    Abt 1910

                             Paul E.                           

In 1920 and 1930, a granddaughter names Rose Juanita Dreyer, b. abt 1916 in Ohio, is living with this family.


5. Margaret Lucille Lohri, (George S., William W., Job, Mary J.), b. abt 1910 in Monroe County, Ohio married Lawrence E Baker, b. abt 1907 in Ohio.


4. Nancy Belle Ullom52,110, (George S., William W., Job), b. 28 May1880 in Monroe County, d. 4 Jan 1970 in Orange County, CA, married Clarence Milton Piatt, b. 13 Feb 1876 in WV, d. 22 Feb 1956 in Brea, Orange, CA. They were married on 1 Jun 1898 in Monroe County16.In 1910 they are in Fullerton, CA and Clarence is a foreman in the oilfields and in 1930 he is repairing gas engines.


                             Children:              Born

                             Pearl P.                 Abt 1903 California

                             Harold J.               Abt 1911 California


4. Martha Elizabeth Ullom, (George S., William W., Job), born 27 Mar 1867 and died on 8 Oct 1886 in Perry Township, Allen Co., Ind52.  She is buried in the Unity Church Cemetery.


4. William Byron Ullom, (George S., William W., Job), b. 6 May 1869, Ohio, married Elizabeth Cecilia Vogler, born on 22 May 187318 in Monroe County. They were married on 11 Nov 1896 in Monroe County, Ohio16. In 1900 the family is in Hancock, WV and in 1910 they are in Jefferson, County, Ohio. In 1920 they are in Rootstown, Portage County, Ohio.


                             Children:              Born

                             Bernetta                 12 Aug 1897 Ohio*

                             Joseph                  31Jul 189976 OH**

                             Edna                     Abt 1901   Ohio*

                             Mary V                 Abt 1913    Ohio*

                             Ada V                             Abt 1915   Ohio*

* 1900, 1910 1920 and 1930 census Records

** In 1900 and 1910 the censuses lists birth state as WV but in 1920 and 1930 it is Ohio.


5. Joseph Alouyseius Ullom, (George S., William W., Job, William Byron), b. 31 Jul 189976 in Ohio, d. Jul 1973 in Pontiac, MI70 married Pearl born abt 1899 in PA on abt 1922. In 1930 they are in Pontiac, Oaklnd, Michigan and Joseph is working in an auto plant in the receiving dept. (Census and WWI Draft Information).


                             Children:              Born Abt



                             George W            


5. Bernetta Ullom177, (George S., William W., Job, William Byron), b. 12 Aug 1897, Ohio, d. Feb 1979 in Randolph, Portage, Ohio, married Joseph Hornung, b. abt 1894 in Ohio. They were married about 1918 in Ohio. In 1930 they are in Portage County and Joseph is an automechanic.


                             Children               Born Abt

                             Rita M.                 

                             Bernard A            

                             Martha G.             

                             Edward J.             

All children were born in Ohio.


4. Joseph O. Ullom , (George S., William W., Job), born 25 Jul 1875 in Ohio, married Anna Lier Bertie Payne, b. abt 26 Mar 1879  in Monroe County, Ohio, d. 21 Apr 1902 in Antioch, Ohio12 of Consumption. They were married on 25 Jul 1900 in Monroe County, Ohio16. On 4 Apr 1906, Joseph married Effie Virginia Bolen, b. 7 May 1887 in Washington County, Ohio16. However, Joseph is in Wetzel, WV in 1910 and 1920 with wife Ethel* and Joseph is a laborer and a teamster.

*Ethel would appear to be Effie since in 1910 she had been married 4 years and was born in Ohio. It also states that she had 3 children but only one was alive in 1910.


                             Children:                       Born Abt*

                             Lela B                             1909 in WV

                             Mary R.                          1911 in Ohio


                             Joseph R.                      

*1900-1930 Census


4. Henry Elmer Ullom16, (George S., William W., Job), b. 22 Jul 1871 in Ohio, married Mena Walters, b , b. 4 Apr 1876 in Monroe County, Ohio. They were married on 18 Dec 190416. In 1920 Henry E. is widowed and he has one son. On 24 Dec 1925, Henry Elmer married Anna B. Morris Stauch (2nd marriage), b. 22 Jan 1880 in Malaga , Monroe, Ohio16. In the1930 Census he is married to Belle (Anna B.) and he is in Summit, Monroe, Ohio.


                             Children:                       Born About

                             Henry Job                       23 Aug 1905 in Monroe,Ohio.


5. Henry Job Ullom, (George S., William W., Job, Henry E.), b. 23 Aug 1905  in Monroe County, Ohio18, and d. 23 Feb 1997 in Martins Ferry, Belmont, Ohio37, 70. The death Cert. stated that he was born in Crawford County, Ohio but this is incorrect. He was widowed and his profession was an inspector in metals working.


3. Elihu Morris Ullom 12, 16, 52, (George S., William W.), born 16 Oct 1839 and died 25 Jan 1892 in Monroe County. Elihu cannot be found in the 1880 census but he is found in the birth records of Monroe County when two of his children were born and he is married Catherine E. Stewart.  In 1870 he is probably living with his brother, Job, in Antioch and is a blacksmith. The name is spelled, Elirusha. Also, a third child M. Josie was the daughter of Elihu B. Ullom and Catherine Stine.


                             Children:              Born

                             Otto M.                 17 Feb 1882

                             Monnie Josie         7 Apr 1884

                             Lois D.                  16 Oct 1885


In the 1900 Census of Perry Township Catherine, born June 1845 in PA, is the Family Head with the following children.


                             Children:              Born-Died

                             William R              Oct 1868

                             George O              Aug 1870- 29 Oct 1930, Monroe, OH

                             Nancy                   Abt 1875

                             James Raymond.   Apr 1877* -1Jun 1961 Marietta, OH

                             Otto M                  17 Feb 1882**

                             Monnie Josie          7 Apr 1884

* Nancy Bond is living with brothers, George O. and Raymond James in 1930(census) in Perry Monroe. Also, living with this family is their mother, Ellen (Catherine) age 84 and a nephew, Joseph Crum age 22. It appears that Raymond and George never married.                

** Otto Cecil Ullom born on 17 Feb 1882 registerd for the WW 1 Draft in Jefferson County, Ohio.

A death record was found for Lois D Ullom who died, age 9,  on 16 Oct 1894 (died on her birthday)12. Elihu served in the Union Army in the Civil War. His tombstone at the Unity Baptist Church reads, “ Ullom, Elihu  -1839-1892 ( Civil War Soldier)”52,


4. William Richard Ullom, (George S., William W., Elihu), born 25 Oct 1868 in Ohio married Blanche Dingis, born Apr 1884 in Ohio. Marriage date was 10 Oct 1902 in Monroe County, Ohio16.


                             Children:              Born

                             Darrell                   Abt 1912 Ohio (1920 Census)  


4. Monnia J. Ullom, (George S., William W., Elihu), b. 7 Apr 1884, married Walter E. Crumm, b. 2 Jul 1881 in Perry, Monroe, OH. They were married on 15 Dec 1901 in Monroe County, Ohio16.


3. Lydia Ullom52,53,101, (George S., William W.), born 14 Feb 1833 in Ohio and died on 24 Apr 1909 in Perry Township, married George Huffman born 24 Oct 1831 in Ohio. The marriage date was 24 Oct 185415.


                             Children:                       Born

                             Emma Abigail        *        Abt 1854

                             James William        *        26 Nov 1856

                             Lucinda*                         17 Oct 1857

                             Morris*                           Abt 1858

                             Stephen Douglas             22 Oct 1860

                             Sarah Margaret*              26 Feb 1862

                             Franklin*                         Jan 1864

                             Henry L*                        Apr 1866

                             Judie Ellen*                     Jun 1868

                             Clara A.*                        Abt 1870

                             Minnie Minerva*              Sep 1871

                             Anna E.*                         Jun 1874

                             Charles M.*                    2 Jun 1875

                             Winnie Blanche*             12 Sep 1878



* Found in one or more Federal Census Results (1860-1880).


4. Elma Abigail Huffman, (George S., William W., Lydia), born abt 1854 and died about 1874 married Frances Marion Dye, born 18 Feb 1852 in Ohio101. They were married on 4 Mar 1873 in Monroe County, Ohio18.


                             Children:              Born

                             Florence                13 Jan 1874


In the 1870 Census, Marion F. Dye is 19 years old and living with these parents in Perry Monroe County, Ohio. In 191099, Marion F. age 58 is in Jefferson County with wife Kate

(Catharine Hawkins18), age 53. This is his second marriage and her first and they has been married for 27 years (31 Dec 1882 in Monroe County18). There is no Florence living with this family.  The death record for Elma was not found in Monroe County Records so it is possible that Marion and Elma had moved out of Monroe County before the birth of Florence.


4. James William Huffman, (George S., William W., Lydia),  born Nov 1856, died 31 Dec 1931 in Lee, Monroe, Ohio, married Mary Adeline Longwell. The marriage was on 3 Nov 1878 in Monroe County16.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Lillie Blanche                   15 Jun 188018, Lee, Monroe, Oh

                   Edward                           June 1882 (1900 Census)

                   Melvin Grover                 30 Apr 188418

                   Elizabeth                         Apr 1886

                   Harvey C.                       Dec 1888

                   Lewis W.                        20 Dec 1891

                   Bertha Mabel                   Oct 1894

                   Alva L                            Dec 1895

                   Hattie A                          14 Jan 1898

                   Lydia H.                         30 Aug 1900

                   Earl Morris                      18 Aug 1904


5. Melvin Grover Huffman, (George S., William W., Lydia, James W. Huffman), born 30 Apr 1884, married Alma Elizabeth Bigler born 16 Jan 1882, on 27 Jul 1904.


5. Harvey C Huffman, (George S., William W., Lydia, James W. Huffman), born Dec 1888 married Blanche E. Potts.


5. Lewis W. Huffman, (George S., William W., Lydia, James W. Huffman), born 20 Dec 1891, married Nevada E. Potts born 20 Dec 1892.


5. Bertha Mabel Huffman, (George S., William W., Lydia, James W. Huffman), born Oct 1894, married Charles C. Ensinger born abt 1889.


5. Lydia H. Huffman, (George S., William W., Lydia, James W. Huffman), born 30 Aug 1900, married Elmer J. Luikart born 2 Feb 1897.


4. Anna E Huffman, (George S., William W., Lydia),  born  June 1874 and died 16 Sep 1960 in Washington County37A, OH, married John Thomas Holmes born Mar 1868 in W. Virginia and died 5 Oct 1930 in Monroe County37A.


                   Children:                       Born-Died

                   Bertie June                      21 Jun 1896-4 Jul 189712

Harry                              Jul 1897

                   Edna                               Aug 1898

                   Jessie                              Dec 1899

                   Bessie S                          24 Aug 1901, Lewisville, OH

                   Ray                                Abt 1902

                   John W.                          Abt 1903

                   Ada Lulu                         9 Apr1905, Woodsfield, OH

                   Hazel G.                         Abt 1906

                   Zelda L                           Abt 1907

                   Frederick                                        17 Oct 1908                             

                   Laura A                          Abt 1911

                   Everett Lester                          


5. Bessie S. Holmes, (George S., William W., Lydia, Anna Huffman), b. 9 Apr 1905 in Lewisville, OH, married Brady Smith, b. 24 Aug 1901 in Woodsfield, Oh. They were married on 28 Jun 1924 in Monroe County, Ohio16. Brady was a mechanic.


5. Ada Lulu Holmes, (George S., William W., Lydia, Anna Huffman), b. 15 Feb 1904 in Woodsfield, OH, married Frederich H. Barker, b. 27 Sep 1902 in Jackson Coutny, WV. They were married on 6 Oct 1923 in Monroe County, OH16.


5. Jessie Holmes, (George S., William W., Lydia, Anna Huffman), b. 26 Dec 1899, in Washington County, OH, married C.R. Carrick, b. 24 Aug 1896 in Center Township, Monroe County. They were married on 10 Jun 1916 in Monroe County16. C. R. Carrick was a repairman.


5. Frederick Holmes, (George S., William W., Lydia, Anna Huffman), b. 17 Oct 1908 in Malaga Township, Monroe County, married Mary E. Hunley, b. 27 Aug 1909 in New Castle, Belmont County, OH. They were married on 23 Jul 193116.  


5. Everett Lester Holmes, (George S., William W., Lydia, Anna Huffman), in Woodsfield, OH, married Kathryn Louise Whiteman. Everett was a mill worker at the time of the wedding.


4. Minnie Minerva Huffman, (George S., William W., Lydia, Anna Huffman), born Sep 1871 and died in 1953 married Calvin Luther Barker born in Ohio in Feb 1871.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Leroy                              June 1890

                   Mildred                           Abt 1909*


* Mildred married Unknown Lisk and they had one son Donald born abt 1927 in Ohio. Mildred and Donald are living with her parents, Calvin and Minnie Huffman, in 1930 in Jackson, Monroe, Ohio


4. Clara A. Huffman, (George S., William W., Lydia, Anna Huffman), born 1870 married Wilson Sole born Aug 1873.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Alva                                Dec 1897

                   Gladys                            Abt 1902*


* 1930 Census Washington County, Ohio Clara Soles, age 60, is living with Albert and Gladys Hutchinson designated as Mother-in-law.


4. Judie Ellen Huffman, (George S., William W., Lydia, Anna Huffman), born Jun1868 in and died in 1952 married Hiram Clinton Barker born 1868 in Ohio. Marriage date was 21 Oct 1886 in Monroe, Ohio16.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Cora Mae

                   James C.                         Jan 1897


In 1900(Census), they are in Jackson Township with James. Cora Mae could not be found in a census.



4. Henry L. Huffman, (George S., William W., Lydia, Anna Huffman), born April 1866 and died 10 Dec 1948 married Lucinda Schoonover, born Mar 1868. They were married on 29 Jan 188916 in Monroe, Ohio.


                   Children:              Born

                   Nola M.                 Jan 1891

                   Clark William         Nov 1892

                   Bessie O.              Feb 1896

                   Clarence Dewey     Feb 1898

                   Pearl M.                Abt 1901

                   Manuel L.              Abt 1904


They are in Lee Township, Monroe County, Ohio in 1900- 1930 according to census results.


4. Franklin Huffman, (George S., William W., Lydia, Anna Huffman), born Jan 1864 died 1938 married Missouri Bell Myers born Apr 1867. The marriage date was 6 Oct 188716.


                   Children:              Born

                   Cora                     Jun 1888


                   Olive                     Oct 1891

                   Maude                   Jul 1893

                   George                  May 1896

                   Charles D              Jun 1898

                   Mary                     1902

                   Samuel                  1907

                   Un-named             9 Mar 1905-16 Mar 1905

* Listed in Reference 101 but not found in any Census. This family resides in Jackson Township.


4. Lucinda Huffman, (George S., William W., Lydia, Anna Huffman), born 17 Oct 1857, died on 7 Jan 1933, married Jesse Barkes born 28 Aug 1856 and died on 8 Jun 1904. They were married in 30 Jan 1876.


                   Children:              Born

                   Alice*                   Abt 1878

                   Emma*                  28 Mar 187916



                   Ethyl                     Jun 188116


In the Census of Perry, Monroe in 1910, Lucinda Barkes, widow, is living with a granddaughter, Loretta Barkes, born in 1900, and her daughter Ethyl Bogard and her husband John (b in 1872). In 1920 census of Perry, Monroe, Lucinda is living with Loretta (Zaidee) age 20 and her husband David Kinney, age 24 and a daughter, Helen P. age 1.


* 1880 Census of Lee, Monroe, OH

** Reference 101


5. Ethyl Barkes, (George S., William W., Lydia, Anna Huffman, Lucinda), b. abt 1882  is married to John Bogard, born abt 1872 in Ohio, in the 1910 census as mentioned above. (On 27 Oct 1901 Ethyl L Barkes, born in Jun 1881 in Ohio married C.A. Myers, born on 12   Nov 1881 in Ohio).


5. Emma N. Barkes, (George S., William W., Lydia, Anna Huffman, Lucinda), born 28 Mar 1879 married Joseph A. Bachman, born 16 Dec 1878. They were married 16 May 1900.


4. Charles M. Huffman, (George S., William W., Lydia, Anna Huffman), born 2 Jun 1875 and died 24 Jan 1897, married Clara E. Peterman.


3.  Sylvanus Ullom52,53,101, (George S., William W.), born Jan 1842 in PA married Rebecca born about 1844 in Kentucky.


                   Children:                       Born Abt

                   Anna                               1863 in Ill

                   Nellie                              1865 in Missouri

                   Harvey                            1869 in Iowa

                   George                           1874 in Missouri

                   Rachel                            1875 in Missouri

                   Willie                              1877 in California

                   Albert                             1879 in Calif.

(1870 -1880 Census Records)


2. Peter Ullom52,53 ( George S.) born 10 Apr 1808 and died 10 Dec 1893 in Greene , PA. Peter married Hannah “Matilda” Kinney born 2 May 1805 around 1829/30. Peter is a farmer and the 1850 Census listings reveal the following.


                   Children:              Born

                   Madison                20 Mar 1832*

                   Harrison                23 Jan 1835

                   Silas                      27 Dec 1837

                   Henry                    25 May 1840

                   Sarah Ann             11 May 1843

                   David                    11 Dec 1845

                   Matilda                  1847

* All birthdates are from Reference 52 and names verified by 1850 and 1860 Federal Census results. In 1860 the value of real estate is $10,500 and personal estate is valued at $ 2000.

Peter apparently has two additional marriages to Margaret Snyder and Sarah Johnson52.


3. Madison Ullom52,99 ( George, Peter) born 20 Mar 1831 and died in 3 Dec 1879 in Greene County, PA, married Sarah Gray born 4 May 1833. They were married on 29 Jun 1852.


                    Children:              Born

                   John L                   Abt 1853

                   Katie                     Abt 1853

                   Matilda                  Abt 1854

                   William A.             Abt 1855

                   David Maxwell       16 Oct 1860

                   George W             13 Dec 1860

                   Hannah Jane          27 Sep 1865

All names verified in the 1860 and 1870 census listings.


It appears that Sarah (Sally) Gray Ullom died after 27 Sep 1865 and before 1 Sep 1867.


On 1 Sep 1867, Madison married Melissa Ann Hupp, born on 1 Jan 1849. In the 1870 census of  Greene Township, a daughter born on18 Feb 1869 who was named Eliza Ann or Anne Eliza. The children born to Madison and Melissa are below.


                   Children:              Born

                   Eliza Anne             18 Feb 1869

                   Isaac Bailey           19 Sep 1870

                   Susan Clara           13 Nov 1872

                   Lantz Hupp           3 Apr 1876

                   Thomas H.            1 Apr 1 Apr 1878.


Madison died in Aleppo, Greene, PA on 3 Dec 1879 and is buried in the Windy Gap Cemetery.


4. David Maxwell Ullom7,52,99 ,( George S., Peter, Madison ), born 16 Oct 1858 in Greene, PA and died in May 1931 in Marshall, WV.  David married Ara Bella Smith, born abt 1861.


                   Children:              Born

                   Harry                    4 Jun 1880

                   Bertha                   4 Jun 1880

                   Tillie Ellen             2 Feb 1882

                   Robert Smith         22 Apr 1884

                   Emma B.               13 Nov 1886


5. Harry Ullom, (George S., Peter, Madison, David), born 4 Jun 1880 and died 15 Jul 1960, married Fanny Hull. He later married Samantha Belle Clark.


                   Children:              Born

                   William B              abt 1912 in WV

                   Thomas Roy         abt 1914 in WV

In 1920 the family is in Harrison, Stealy Heights, WV and Harry is a Foreman for a gas company. In 1930 he is a Driller for gas in Grant, WV.


5. Bertha Ullom born52 , ( George S., Peter, Madison, David), b. on 4 Jun 1880 and died 9 Mar 1931, married J. William Edgar, born 24 Mar 1878 in WV. John William is a salesman living in Washington, PA. in 1910 and 1920 ( Federal Census). They were married abt 1902.


                   Children:              Born

                   Hazel B                 abt 1903

                   William Harold      abt 1905

                   Bernice                  abt 1908

                   John Raymond      abt 1914

All children were born in PA.


5. Tillie Ellen Ullom7,52,99 , ( George S., Peter, Madison, David), born 2 Feb 1882 and died Apr 1964 in Marshall, WV, married William Franklin Archer born abt. 1882.


                   Children:              Born

                   Floyd McClain      21 Sep 1901

                   Robert Clair          abt 1914

                   Virginia Belle                  



5. Robert Smith Ullom, born 22 Apr 1884, died 22 Aug 1913, married Sophie Dague.


                   Children:              Born

                   William Orento      abt 1906


5. Emma B. Ullom, (George S., Peter, Madison, David), born 13 Nov 1886 and died abt. 1980, married William Earl Dague born 9 Mar 1886 in WV.


          Children:              Born

          Guy Leverne          abt 1906*

          Ronald Earl           abt 1908*

          Robert Ralph         abt 1911*

          Paul                      abt 1913

          Gail Elenor           

          Keith Winters        abt 1909*

* Found in the 1920 Census of Washington, PA.


3. Harrison Ullom52, (George S, Peter), born 23 Jan 1835 and died 16 Jun 1920 in Greene, PA., married Rebecca J.Yates , born 3 Aug 1838. They were married on 29 Jun 1856. Reference 52 lists 14 Children. They are listed in Ref 52 and all but one verified in the 1870 and 1880 Census Listings.


          Children:              Born

          Peter                     21 Jul 1857

          Lucy Samantha      Dec 1859

Franklin                            24 may 1860

Sarah A.                8 Feb 1862

Mary E.                 8 Jan 1864

Hannah Catherine   20 Sep 1866

Robert John          20 Jul 1868

Lucinda Belle         11 Jul 1870

David Thompson   16 Jun 1871

Adaline Zella          29 Sep 1874*

Jessie Lorena         28 Dec 1875

Effie Edith             14 Jun 1878

George C              9Mar 1880

Charles Edward     29 Jul 1882**                           

          * Not found in the 1870 or 1880 Censuses of Greene, PA

          ** Found in the 1900 Census of Greene, PA


4. Peter Ullom II, (George S, Peter, Harrison), born 27 Jul 1857 and died 24 Oct 1932, married Mary L. Hamilton born abt 1864. In 1910 census Peter is living with his father and mother and Ralph Ullom is listed as a grandson of Harrison’s. In 1920 Peter is still living with his parents.


                   Children:              Born

                   Alva R                  27 Apr 1885

Alma Goldie          27 Apr 1885

William H.             abt 1886

                   Ralph                    abt 1892


5. Alva R Ullom, (George S, Peter, Harrison, Peter II,), married Sarah Taylor, born 4 Dec 1891. In 1920 Alva and Family are living with his in-laws in Gilmore, Greene, PA. Alva is a Teamster. In 1900 and 1910 he is living with William amd Marinda Hamilton and he is their grandson. In 1930 the family is in Wetzel, WV and Alva is working for a gas company. (Census Data).


                   Children:              Born

                   Fred                      Abt ,1912, PA*

                   Edward W.            *

* Census Data


5. William H. Ullom, (George S, Peter, Harrison, Peter II,), (1886-1919) married Fannie L Morford, born Abt 1889. In 1910, William H Ullom born in 1886 is living with J.E. Morris Family and is listed as a nephew and is a tool dresser in the oil fields. In the WW I Draft Registration William Harrison Ullom born 17 Jun 1866 in PA is in Bartlesville, OK and is working as a driller for the Alchema Drilling Co. He has a wife and child,


4. Franklin Ullom52, 99, (George S, Peter, Harrison), born 24 May 1860 and died on 9 Nov 1951, married Fanny Margaret Miner, born 6 Mar 1863. They were married on 1 Sep 1883.


                   Children:              Born

                   Charles Benson*    26 Oct 1884

* Verified in the 1900 census.



5. Charles Benson Ullom52,99, (George S, Peter, Harrison, Franklin), born 26 Oct 1884 and died Sep 1972, married Lillie Hinerman, born 3 Apr 1885.


                   Children:              Born

                   Frances Elizabeth   8 Aug 1905

                   James Russell        abt 1907


4. George C. Ullom52,99, (George S, Peter, Harrison), born on 9 Mar 1880 and died 10 Jun 1962, married Emma Moore, born 27 Aug 1882.


                   Children:              Born

                   Mary Margaret       30 Oct 1915


4. Lucy Samantha Ullom52,99, (George S, Peter, Harrison), born in Dec 1859 and died on 11 Jun 1933 married Isaac N. Whitlatch, born in 1864 and died on 13 Feb 1923.


3. Silas Ullom52,99 , (George S, Peter), born 27 Dec 1837 and died 12 Feb 1926, married Jane Young, born abt 1820.


                   Children:              Born

                   Samuel B               22 Feb 1854

                   Sherman P.            21 May 1860

                   Laura Matilda        6 Nov 1862

                   Drusilla                  27 may 1865         


4. Samuel B. Ullom52,99, (George S, Peter, Silas), born 22 Feb 1854 in Greene, PA and died on 22 Apr 1932, married Matilda Eliza Dunlap born abt 1854 in W. Alexander, PA. They were married around 1880.


                   Children:              Born

                   Zona May              10 Feb 1881

                   Bessie Dunlap        4 Apr 1883

                   Grace Edna           28 Apr 1885

                   Clara Belle             4 Jul 1890

                   Amy Marie            8 Jun 1892

                   Samuel Ray           abt 1894

                   Errett Myers          6 Jun 1897


5. Errett Myers Ullom52,99, (George S, Peter, Silas, Samuel), born 6 Jun 1897 married (1) Mary Elizabeth born in 1904 and then married (2) Margaret T. Taylor born abt 1899. Errett and Margaret had seven children.


4. Sherman P. Ullom, (George S, Peter, Silas), was born on 21 May 1860 in Greene, PA and died 27 Jun 1927. He married (1) Rebecca Grover born about 1860 and then (2) Doris M. Martin born 1892. In the 1910 census Sherman and Doris have one child Raymond who is not with the family in 1920. The family was not found in 1930.


                   Children:              Born Abt

                   Raymond              1910

                   Kathleen V.           1912

                   Dorie J.                


They were reported to have had six children52.


4. Laura Matilda Ullom52,99, (George S, Peter, Silas), born 6 Nov 1862 and died 21 Apr 1911

(buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Wheeling, WV). She married John N. Ballinger on 22 Jun 1892.


                   Children:              Born

                   Mary                     30 Sep 1893*

                   Edward                 16 Jul 1896

                   John  T                 20 Apr 1899

* 1900 census

An Un-named Family Tree on Ancestry.Com states that there were four children, the fourth was named Ruth.


4. Drusilla Ullom52, 102 , (George S, Peter, Silas), born 27 May 1865 and died in California, married Joseph Skipman.  In the census results of 1900 and 1910, the name is Shipman. They are in Marion, WV in 1900 and Columbiana, Ohio in 1910. In 1920 Joseph Shipman is a boarder in Columbiana. In the census results the marriage year is around 1876. Drusilla states in 1900 that she was born in May 1857 and she is 42 in 1900 and has been married for 24 years.

If this is the family then she could not have been born in 1865. Since Drusilla is no longer with Joseph in 1920, I would assume she had died between 1910 and 1920. No death listing was found.


                   Children:              Born

                   Laura                    Aug 1878*

                   Katie B.                 Nov 1880*

                   Mary Elizabeth       Apr 1884*

                   Joseph H.              Sep 1886*

                   Sherman                Feb 1889*

                   Jennie                    Feb 1891**

* 1900 Census

** 1910 Census

In the 1860 census, Drusilla is three years old so the later date in the Family Collection Data, could be wrong. 


4. David Ullom52,102, (George S, Peter, Silas), born on 11 Dec 1845 in Greene, PA and died on 23 Aug 1902 in Findlay, Ohio area. David married Mary Ellen King, born 4 Nov 1852. They were married on 14 Oct 1869. In 1910 Mary Ellen is in Findlay, OH and is a widow with no employment.


                    Children:                       Born

                   Franklin Dora                  Abt 1872


“DAVID ULLOM, farmer and stock-grower and dealer in wool, was born in Aleppo Township, this county, December 11, 1845, and is a son of Peter and Matilda (Kinney) Ullom, natives of Pennsylvania.  His father has spent a long life as a farmer, being now eighty years of age.  Mr. David Ullom is the youngest in the family of six children and was reared on the farm with his parents, receiving a common school education.  He has spent his life as a farmer and has given a good deal of attention to the raising of fine stock.  He has engaged in wool buying extensively and has been very successful.  Mr. Ullom owns a fine farm of 200 acres, and is one of Aleppo’s most prominent citizens.  On October 14, 1869, he married Mary Ellen, daughter of Jacob and Catharine (Huffman) King.  Her parents were of English and German origin.  Mr. King is a farmer by occupation.  Mr. and Mrs. Ullom have one child—Frankie D.  The family are members of the Church of God.  Mr. Ullom is a trustee in the church and secretary and treasurer of the Sabbath-school.  In politics he is a Democrat”. History of Greene County, PA, by Samuel B. Bates, On-line at:


3. Henry C. Ullom52, (George S, Peter), born 25 May 1840 in Greene, PA and died about 1865 in Andersonville, Prison, Georgia. Henry was a private in Co. A of the 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry.


3. Sarah Ann Ullom52, (George S, Peter),  born 11 May 1843 and died 10 Jan 1919 in Greene, PA married Blair Mitchell born 21 Jan 1850 and died 31 Oct 1935 in Greene, PA. They were married on 10 Feb 1875 in Greene, PA. In 1910-1930 they are in Aleppo, Greene, PA. Blair is a farmer.


                   Children:                       Born*

                   Florence                         16 Jan 1876

                   Carrie                             5 Jan 1878

                   Bertha                             4 Aug 1879

                   Roscoe                           7 Apr 1881

                   Stanley                            1 Nov 1883

* All born in PA.


2. Daniel Thompson Ullom99,103 , (George S,), b. 23 Dec 1809 in Greene, PA and died on 14 Oct 1881in Center, Greene, PA, married Anna Johnson, born 4 Jul 1812 in Franklin, PA. In the 1850 Census of Center, Greene, PA, Thompson and Anna Ullom’s family consists of eight children.

                   Family:                            Born

                   Thompson(Daniel)          Abt 1809

                   Anne (Anna)                   Abt 1811

                   George                           Aug 1833

                   Elizabeth                         14 Nov 1834

                   Jesse                               20 Jun 1836

                   Mary Jane                       13 Apr 1837

                   Sarah                              22 Feb 1840

                   Catherine Margaret          28 Jun 1843 calc.

                   John Thompson              11 Apr 1847

                   Ann Maria (Martha)         Abt 1858


In 1860 the Census, Martha, age two, is with the family. This information is contrary to that in Reference 103. In 1880 the family could not be found. Also son George who lived next to his father in 1860 cannot be found in the 1870 or 1880 Census of Center, Greene County on line but they were found104 on the census listed on this web-site. Daniel is 60 in 1870 with Dr. John T (MD), Anne M, 22 and Martha, 11. Daniel has real estate with a value of $ 8000 and personal value of $ 2500. In 1880 only wife Anne and daughter Martha are living with Daniel.


3. George W. Ullom103, (George S, Daniel T.), born in Aug 1832 in Greene, PA and died 12 Sep 1902104. He married Ruth born abt. 1837 in PA. In a Waynesburg Cemetery104, Ruth Church Ullom born in1837 died in Jan 1895. (In the 1850 census of Center, Greene, Pa. there is a Ruth Church, age 15, born in PA.) so this may have been his wife.


                   Children:                       Born-died

                   Anne B.                          Abt 1856

                   William H.                       Nov 1857

                   James N                          Abt 1860

                   Katherine                        Abt 1863- 1967104

                   John T.                           Abt 1865

                   Charles A                        Abt 1869



All children were born in Center, Greene, PA. All of the children were verified by the 1870 Census of Center, Greene County. George is a Justice of the Peace in 1870. In 1880 census data John T. is listed as being 10 years old.


4. William H Ullom103, (George S, Daniel T., George), born in Nov 1857 and died in 1919, married unknown spouse and they had three children.


                   Children:                       Born-Died

                   Mollie                             Feb 1884

                   George                           Jul 1885

                   Belle                               Nov 1888-1 Sep 1962104


In 1900 Census, William is with his new wife Estelle, born about 1875 and the three children from his previous marriage. Also, his father G.W. Ullom, is living with his family and his age is not listed. Estelle D. died on 11 Jun 1965 and is buried in the Green Mountain Cemetery in Waynesburg104. She is buried in Section B Lot 55. Also in this section and lot are George W., William H., Estella (born 1901, died 12 May 1910), Ruth Church Ullom and Lizzie Rettig Ullom born in 1859 and died on 22 Dec 1891.  It appears likely that Estella was the daughter of Estella D. and William H. Ullom. Also, it is also possible that Lizzie Rettig Ullom* was William’s first wife. The dates fit well with the other facts of this situation.


3. Jesse B. Ullom103, (George S, Daniel T.), born 20 June 1836 and died 2 Mar 1901, married Phoebe E. Morris, born 11 Nov 1843 in Center, Greene, PA and died on 17 Nov 1912. They were married on 29 Mar 1861 in Greene, PA. Jesse is a farmer and a D.G Merchant.


                   Children:              Born

                   Thomas M            Dec 1864*

                   Martha A               Dec 1866*

                   Fannie                   Abt 1868*

                   John Thomas         June 1870*

                   Jesse                     Nov 1859

* 1880 Federal Census


Jesse Ullom, merchant, Rogersville, Penn.—Among the substantial business men of Rogersville, we take pleasure in mentioning Jesse Ullom, who was born in Greene County June 20, 1836.  He is a son of Daniel T. and Anna (Johnson) Ullom, who were natives of Greene County, where they resided until Mr. Ullom’s death, in October, 1881.  His widow survives him.  This union was blessed with twelve children, nine of whom are living—three sons and six daughters.  On March 29, 1861, Jesse was united in marriage with Phoebe Morris, who was born in this county November 11, 1843.  She is a daughter of Ephraim and Martha Morris, both deceased.  Mr. and Mrs. Morris were the parents of ten children, of whom eight are living.  Mr. and Mrs. Ullom have a family of seven children, four living; Thomas M., Mattie A., John T. and Jesse F.  The deceased are Fannie L. and two infants.  Mr. Ullom has been engaged in farming and merchandising all his life.  He owns forty-seven acres of land, nice property in Rogersville, also a general country store.  In 1881 he was elected to the office of Justice of the Peace in Center Township, and has been serving in that capacity ever since.  He and wife are active members of the Methodist Protestant Church”. Greene County History, by Samuel B. Bates, on-line at:


4. Thomas M Ullom103, (George S, Daniel T., Jesse B.), born Dec 1864 married May M. Knight born Jun 1871, in 1896. May apparently died in1910.


                   Children:              Born

                   Victor Hudson40    Apr 1897 in Center, Greene

                   Lee Ellen               Abt 1902 in Center, Greene (1920 Census)


Thomas is married to Bertha Burroughs in 1920.  Thomas is 55 and Bertha is 49. Burroughs was deduced from the fact that William Burroughs was living with Thomas and Bertha and listed as Brother-in-law.


In 1920 Victor and Lee Ellen are living with James and Amanda Burroughs and they are listed as nephew and niece which is further collaboration of the Burroughs’ maiden name.


4. Martha (Mattie) A. Ullom103, (George S, Daniel T., Jesse B.), born Dec 1866 married Frank Hoge born in Jun 1866 and died between 1900 and 1910. They were married in 1895.


                   Children:              Born

                   Jessie Irene            Jun 1896


Frank and Mattie are living with there parents in 1900 and Mattie is a widow in 1910 and is a retail merchant in a general store. Jessie Irene is living with her. (Census results)


There is a Mattie B. Hoge buried in the Green Mountain Cemetery, Section E lot 14 who died on 2 Sep 1929. This could be Mattie A. Ullom.


4. John Thomas (Thompson) Ullom103, (George S, Daniel T., Jesse B.), born in Jun 1870 in Center, Green, PA, married Elizabeth Unknown, born Dec 1870 in WV. They were married in 1890*.


                   Children:              Born

                   Jessie                    Jul 1891

                   Blanche                 Mar 1893

                   Bessie                   Jan 1896

                   Emerson                May 1898

* There is some uncertainty surrounding John T. Ullom. In the census of 1880 John is 10 or born about 1870. John Thomas is in the1900 census born in Jun 1870 and the children are shown above. In ref 52 John Thompson Ullom, born in June 1870, has the four children mentioned above. However, the Ullom with these children is listed as Thomas Ullom in the 1900 census. Other trees have John T. Ullom married to Bessie with one son in 1900 and his name is Charles W. Ullom. This John T. Ullom was born in 1865.


4. Jesse Finner Ullom103, (George S, Daniel T., Jesse B.), born Nov 1879 in Center, Greene, PA and died in 1962, married Stella S. Hooper born about 1888 and died in 1921.  In the 1930 Census, Jesse F. and family, are living with his mother-in-law whose surname is Hooper. Jessie is a proprietor of a drug store.


                    Children:              Born

                   Mary L.                

                   Rita Ann               


3. Mary Jane Ullom103, (George S, Daniel T.), born 13 Apr 1837 in Center Township, Greene, PA and died on 1 Nov 1906, married David Weaver born on 10 May 1833 in Franklin, Greene, PA. They were married on 22 Apr 1858. In 1880 David is a painter and in 1900, he’s a farmer.


                   Children:              Born

                   Amanda                Jan 1859

                   Elizabeth               Aug 1860

                   George Milton       19 May 1862

                   Thompson            21 Apr 1864

                   Charles                  Abt 1872

                   Henry                    18 Jun 1874  Calc.

                   James                    Dec1876

                   Flora                     Mar 1879


4. George Milton Weaver103, (George S, Daniel T., Mary J.),  born 19 May 1862 in Center, Greene, PA and died on 31 Jan 1944, married Dora Liming born Dec 1876. They were married in 1891.


                   Children:              Born

                   Dale W.   Female   Apr 1900

                   David L.                Abt 1903

                   Robert M. Q.        Abt 1917


5. Dale W. Weaver, (George S, Daniel T., Mary J., George M. Weaver), married Delbert Orndorff, born in 1898. They were married in 1919.


3. Sarah Ullom103, (George S, Daniel T.),  born 22 Feb 1840 and died 12 Nov 1910 in Center, Greene, PA, married Mathias Lot Morris born 12 Nov 1834 and died 24 Jun 1913. They were married on 24 Nov 1840.


                    Children:              Born

                   Thomas                 Abt 1863

                   Jessie                    Abt 1866

                   Eddie A.                Abt 1867

                   Annie M.               9 Mar 1870

                   Burley                   Abt  1873

                    Mattie                    Sept 1875

                   Mathias Lot Jr.      May 1879


4. Mathias Lot Morris Jr., (George S, Daniel T., Sarah), born in May 1879, married Catherine, born in 1879. They were married in 1904.


                   Children:              Born

                   Charles                  Abt 1904


His second wife was Lucy Thomas, born abt 1896. They were married between 1910 and 1920.


4. Anna M. Morris, (George S, Daniel T., Sarah),  born 9 Mar 1870 in Greene, PA, married Harry Call Thompson, born 28 Apr 1867. The marriage date was 2 Sep 1891 in Greene, PA.


                   Children:              Born

                   Samuel Morris       Sep 1892

                   Jesse H                 Feb 1899

                   Kathleen                Abt 1902


3. Martha Ullom52, (George S, Daniel T.),  born Jan 1858 in Center, Greene, married William H. Orndorff, born Jan 1855 in PA. They were married Abt.1882 in Greene, PA. In the 1900 census they have the following family all born in Greene, PA. (1900 Census)


                   Children:              Born

                   Eli B                      Jan 1885

                   Annie                    Sep 1886

                   Sallie                     Apr 1888

                   Glenn                    Nov 1890

                   William                  Apr 1894

                   Kate                      Aug 1896

                   Mary                     Abt 1901

All children were probably born in Center, Greene, PA., according to census records which showed that they lived in Greene, PA during the time of the children’s births.


3. Anne Margaret Ullom52, (George S, Daniel T.),  born 24 Apr 1845 in Center, Greene and died 20Aug 1917 in Cameron, Marshall, WV, married James A Loar, born 4 Jan 1844 and died on 20 Oct 1862. They were married on 4 Apr 1863125.


                   Children:              Born

                   James Loar            Abt 1863

* Anne does not appear in census under this name born at this time.

Anne’s second marriage was to Barnet (Barney?) Wiley, born 11 Sep 1843 in PA. They were married on 6 Feb 1870.


                   Children:              Born

                   Mary                     Abt 1873

                   Anne                     Abt 1875

                   Lizzie                    Jul 1877

                   Asa G. (Tucker?)   5 Oct 1879

                   Lillian B                 Jan 1882

                   Ocie M.                 Mar 1884

                   Margaret A            Nov 1886

* All children born in Greene, PA (1880 and 1900 Censuses)



4. Asa G. Wiley52, (George S, Daniel T., Anne M), married Pearl Bowers, born 3 Jun 1881 in WV, on 9 Dec 1904. (1910-1930 Censuses)


                   Children:              Born

                   Barnette J              Abt 1906   Male

                   Robert C.              Abt 1907

                   Irene P.                 Abt 1908

                   Mary C.                Abt 1910

                   Asa Jr.                           

                   William G.            


                   Margaret Belle      

Asa is listed as a Trucker in the 1910 census. All children were born in Richhill, Greene, PA.


3. Dr. John Thompson Ullom52, (George S, Daniel T.),  born 11 Apr 1847 in Center, Greene and died 24 Sep 1925 and is buried in the Rosemont Cemetery, Rogersville, married Mary Ann Sellers born on 20 Feb 1855 and died on 19 Sep 1917 in Greene, PA. They were married on 8 Jan 1875 in Rogersville, Center, Greene, PA. John was a physician/surgeon.


                   Children:              Born

                   Blanche                 Abt 1876

                   Frank S                 Abt 1878

Both children were born in Center, Greene, PA.


4. Blanche  Ullom52, (George S, Daniel T., John T.),  b. 15 Feb 1876, d. 10 May 1956, married Jesse Hunnell Hazlett born 29 Jul 1873 and died on 14 Sep 1946 in Waynesburg. PA


                   Children:              Born

                   Frank Dickinson    Abt 1902

                   Anna W                Abt 1904



3. Elizabeth Ullom120, (George S, Daniel T.), b. on 14 Nov 1834 in PA and died on 25 Feb 1895 in PA, married John M. Clutter, born 19 Feb 1832 in PA. They were married on 1 Jan 1856 in Greene, PA. They did not have any children in 1860 to 1880 Fed. Census results



2. Rachel Bowen Ullom52, (George S. ), born 16 Sep 1811 and died in 1848 in Greene, PA, married William Lippencott born on 14 Oct 1812 and died 20 Mar 1896. The marriage year was 1832.


                   Children:              Born

                   Margaret                Abt 1834

                   Uriah                     Abt 1837

                   Melissa                  4 Dec 1840

                   Maria                    Abt 1843

                   Martha                  Abt 1845*

                   Smith                    Abt 1847*

                   Jackson                 Abt 1850*

                   Elisha                    Abt 1852*

                   Franklin                 Abt 1855*

                   Samuel                  Abt 1956*

                   Rachel A.              Abt 1859*


* 1860 Federal Census of Greene, PA. In 1870 William Lippencott is remarried to Rebecca born about 1833 in PA.


3. Margaret Lippencott52, (George S, Rachel B.), born in 1831 married Aaron Day born on 2 Mar 1833 in Greene County, Pa and died in 1913 in Greene, PA.  Their marriage was abt 1856. They had no children..


3. Uriah Lippencott52, (George S, Rachel B.), born in 1837 married Matilda VanDruff, who was born in 1833. The marriage was in 1857.



                   Children:              Born

John M.*              


                   William Henry        Abt 1856

                   Martha A.              24 Jun 1861

                   Ellsworth               Abt 1863

                   George B.             Abt 1865

                   Lucius M.              Abt 1871

                   Nora A.                 Abt 1873    

* Not found in 1860 or 1880 census. No 1870 census listing was found for this family.


4.  William Henry Lippencott52, (George S, Rachel B., Uriah Lippencott), born 1856 and died in 1920, married Lucy Gregory.


                   Children:              Born

                   Frances                 15 Oct 1887

                   W. Russell            15 Oct 1887

William’s second wife was Elizabeth Ullom born 4 May 1866 and died on 22 May 1956.


3. Martha A. Lippencott52, (George S, Rachel B.), born 24 Jun 1861 and died on 19 Jul 1937 in Greene, PA, married John B. Crayne, born 6 Jun 1847 and died on 19 Dec1917. Their marriage date was 25 Jun 1884.


                   Children:              Born

                   Nora                     4 May 1886

                   Lucinda                 6 Jun 1894

                   Albert Russell        26 Jan 1897

                   Ewing                    22 Sep 1903


3. Melissa Lippencott52, (George S, Rachel B.), born on 4 Dec 1840 in Greene, PA and died in 1924, married William Braden Cage, born on 16 Nov 1838 and died on 18 Feb 1914. The marriage year was 1860.


                   Children:              Born

                   Mariah Elizabeth    3 Dec 1861

                   Rachel Emma        13 Dec 1864

                   James Franklin       9 Mar 1867

                   Mary Jane              30 May 1869                            

                   William Allen         2 Jan 1870

                   Arabelle                 7 Aug 1871


All children born in Greene, PA.


3. Maria Lippencott121, (George S, Rachel B.), born 1843 married George Wis(e)carver.


                   Children:              Born

                   Ella                       Mar 1868

                   Frank                    Abt 1872

                   William McKinley  Abt 1875


I could not locate this family in the census listings for 1880. In 1900 Maria and Ella are in Waynesburg, PA.


3. Martha Lippencott121, (George S, Rachel B.), born in 1845, married John Cage born abt 1835. The marriage year was about 1860. In 1880 the family is in Washington, Greene, PA. In 1900, they are in Morgan, Greene, PA and they have two additional children*.


                   Children:              Born


                   Uriah                     Abt 1868, PA

                   Matilda                  4 Apr 1865, PA

                   Emma                   Abt 1864, PA

                   William                  Abt 1873, PA

                   James                    Sep 1881*, PA

                   Charles                  Jul 1886*, PA


* I believe this is the correct family but no children are present from 1880 census that could tie this family to the family in 1880 census. The birth months and years vary slightly. In 1900, John is listed as being born in Oct 1833 in PA and Martha was born in Nov 1846 in PA. They have two grandchildren living with them in 1900, namely, Pearl, b. Dec 1884 and Stephen, b. Feb 1892. Both grandchildren were born in PA.


4. William Cage121, (George S, Rachel B. Martha Lippencott), born in 1873 and died 3 Mar 1949 married Venetta (Netta) Ullom, born 1880 and died 1926. Vanetta is Jesse Bowen Ullom’s granddaughter.(See page 172).


                   Children:                       Born

                   Thomas (Thompson)      Abt 1905

                   James                             Abt 1906


                   Ruth M.                          Abt 1920 Ohio**

In 1920 they are in Warren, Trumbull, Ohio and William is 45 (1875) and a laborer for a Realty Company. Netta is 39. (1920 census).


* Emma was not found in any census. In 1910 Stephen McClelland, age 17 and listed as a nephew is living with this family. This is probably Emma Cage’s son.


**In 1930, William H. Cage, b. abt 1875 in PA is married to Mabel Rodgers and they are in Warren, Trumbull County, OH. Mabel’s son from a previous marriage, Robert Rodgers is listed as a step-son, age 7. Ruth M, b. abt 1921 is with tis family and is most likely Netta’s daughter.


4. Matilda Cage121, (George S, Rachel B. Martha Lippencott), born 4 Apr 1865 and died 17 Apr 1958, married Hugh Clayton who died in 1943.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Stella                              Nov 1886

                   Myrtle                             Jan 1889


5. Stella Clayton121, (George S, Rachel B. Martha Lippencott, Matilda Cage), Nov 1886, married Wilbur Lippencott.


4. Emma Cage121, (George S, Rachel B. Martha Lippencott), b. abt 1864 in PA, married “Judge” McClellan.


                   Children:              Born

                   Stephen                 9 Feb 1893, Wanynesburg, Greene, PA       



In 1910 Emma McClelland is a widow, is in Waynesburg, Greene Co., PA and she is a cook in a restaurant. She lists 4 children all living in 1910 but sje ia alone.


5. Stephen Cary McClelland, (George S, Rachel B. Martha Lippencott, Emma Cage), b. 9 Feb 1893 in Waynesburg, PA, d. 21 Jul 1979 in Warren, Trumbull, Ohio37, married Louise Preto, b. abt 1899 in Ohio.  In 1917 he is in Toledo, Ohio and is a clerk in a grocery store. In 1910 he is living with his uncle William H, Cage in Greene, PA40. He is listed as “widowed” at death in 1979, SS# 287-01-3728. In 1930 Stephen was a salesman in a bakery.


                   Children:                       Born


                   Mary L                          

                   Edna J                            Abr 1926, OH

                   Richard L                       Abt 1929, OH



Stephen McClelland

Serial Number:





813 Michigan St., Toledo, O.

Enlistment Division:

National Army

Enlistment Location:

Toledo, O.

Enlistment Date:

21 Sep 1917

Birth Place:

Waynesburg, Pa.

Birth Date / Age:

24 7/12 Years

Assigns Comment:

Co A 329 Infantry to 20 Sept 1918; Co M 330 Infantry to Discharge Corporal 19 Nov 1917. American Expeditionary Forces 19 Sept 1918 to 29 Jan 1919. Honorable discharge 12 Feb 1919. Ohio Military Men 1917-1918



5. David Michael McClelland, (George S, Rachel B. Martha Lippencott, Emma Cage b. 12 Mar 1888, Waynesburg, Green, PA is in Michigan in 1917 and ia a Motorman working for the City of Detroit. In 1942 he is in Morenci, Mi but his Draft Board address is in Fulton County, OH40,76. This No concrtet connection but the facts do fit.


2. John Ullom52, ( George S.), born 8 Dec 1814 in Greene, PA and died on 4 May 1916, married Blythe Hill born in 1828 and died in Apr 1873. They were married on 1 Jun 1846 in Bureau, Illinois. (Not found in Illinois Marriages on line).


                   Children:                       Born Abt

                   Jesse                               1849

                   Margaret                         1851

                   Elizah                              1853

                   Albert                             1855

                   Harriet Eveline                 16 Dec 1857 in Sheffield, IL

                   John W.                          1859

                   Mary Ann                       1872

                   Daniel T                          Feb 1873


3. Harriet Everline Ullom52, ( George S., John), born 16 Dec 1857 in IL and died 24 Nov 1928 in Iowa, married George William Parker born 11 Apr 1847 in Jackson, MI and died on 4 Aug 1924 in Crystal Lake, MI.  They were married in Morrison, Whiteside, IL on 4 Sep 1875122.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Irene Belle                       2 Jul1876, IL.

                   Mary Anna                      23 June 1878, IL

                   Clarence Edwin               22 Aug 1881, MN

                   Frank Leslie                    10 Jul 1884, IL


4. Irene Belle Parker52, (George S., John, Harriet E.), born 2 Jul 1876 in IL and died 24 Nov 1938, married Joshua Paul Lyons. The marriage date was 29 Mar 1893.


                   Children:              Born



4. Mary Anna Parker52, (George S., John, Harriet E.), born on 23 Jun 1878 in IL.and died 26 Mar 1963 in Iowa, married James Early, born in 1871 in Iowa and died 14 Jun 1931. They were married in Pocahontas, Iowa on 12 Mar 1897. In the 1910 census, James lists his birth place as Ireland in 1871. In 1900 he states that he was born in April 1875.  The family is in Iowa in 1900-1910.


                   Children:                       Born-Died

                   James B.                         12 May 1897-Feb 198770

                   Clarence Edward             27 Sep 1898

                   Delbert                            Abt 1900

                   Esther Mae                      10 Oct 1902

                   Laura                              Abt 1904

                   Jennette                           7 March1907

                   Winifred                         1909

                   Frank Leslie                   


4. Clarence EdwinParker52, (George S., John, Harriet E.), born 22 Aug 1881in MN and died on 19 Sep 1957 in Painesville, OH, married Agnes Marie Parker (Agnes Mabel Baldwin), born 12 Sep 1881 in MN and died 15 May 1926. They were married on 21 Dec 1906 in Carrington, ND.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Leslie Armand (Male)      25 Sep 1907 ND

                   Edwin S                          25 Apr 1909 ND

                   Helen Lorraine                 2 Nov 1910 ND

                   Marie Agnes                   

                   Gerald Lawrence            

                   George Carpentier          

                   Catherine Marie              

                   Donald Lewis                          

                   Richard Neal                            

George was not with the family in 1920.


On 7 Nov 1930, Clarence E. married Frieda Amanda Eging born 13 Nov 1901 in Hamblen, Ohio and died on 25 Mar 1988 in Painesville, OH.


4. Frank Leslie Parker52, (George S., John, Harriet E.), was born 10 Jul 1884 in Pocahontas, Iowa and died 7 Nov 1955 in Edmonds, WA.


2. Mary Ann Ullom52, 172, (George S.), b. 4 Jul 1818 in Greene, PA., married Daniel Edgar, born 13 Feb 1814 in Washita, OK and died 23 Jun 1901 in Clinton, OK*


                   Children:                       Born

                   Margaret                         Abt 1844

                   George                           Abt 1846

                   Jesse L.                          5 Dec 1847

                   Maria                              Abt 1852

* This does not appear to be correct but it may be that Edgar was born in the west, Oklahoma did not exist at this time, and move to PA and then back to Oklahoma. His daughter, Margaret,  is buried in PA. Jesse Edgar in 1900 Federal Census, stated that parents were born in PA.


3. Margaret Egdar, (George S., Mary Ann), born 1846, married Baldwin Lafferty70.  


                   Children:                       Born

                   James W

                   Mary B                           Abt 1874, PA

                   Leila E.                           Abt 1877, PA



3. Jessie Edgar70, (George S., Mary Ann), b. 5 Dec 1847, d. 12 Jan 1941, Venetia, PA., married Margaret Young, b. 25 Dec 1847 in Monongahela, PA.


                       Childrern:                  Born


                       Wilbur A.

                       Harry B.                      26 Mar 1907


4. Louise Edgar, (George S., Mary Ann, Jesse Edgar), married Herman H. Lutes on 31 Dec 1891,


                         Children:                 Born

                         Harry A.

                         Jesse H.


2. Sarah Ullom52,53, ( George S.), born 25 Jun 1820 and died Sep 1831.


2. Jesse Bowen Ullom 52,99,101, (George S.), born 16 Jul 1822 in Greene, PA and died 31 Mar 1892 in Waynesburg, Greene, PA, married Sarah Ellen Piatt, born on 13 May 1830 in Greene, PA and died 14 Aug 1909. The marriage date was 22 Jul 1844 in PA, most likely Greene County.


                   Children:                       Born

                   James Madison               20 Jun1846 PA

                   William Piatt                    1 Apr1848

                   Craven Hogue                 9Apr 1851

                   Rufus King                     Abt 1853

                   Franklin Pierce                1853

                   Julia Ann                         20 Oct 1855 Ohio

                   Margaret                         1857            Ohio

                   Sylvester                         1860

                   Elijah                              1864

                   Sarah Elizabeth                8 Jan 1866

                   George Amos                 26 Mar 1870 Ohio

                   John Thompson              9 Aug 1870     PA

                   Clifton B.                        7 Dec 1875     PA


3. James Madison Ullom52,99,101, (George S., Jesse B.), born 20 Jun 1846 in PA and died in 1926, married Sarah Ann Reese, born on 1 Jan 1847. James was a carpenter.


                   Children:                                 Born

                   Rachel Witten                           Feb1866         OH

                   Jesse Bowen                             1868            WV

                   Craven                                     1870           

                   James William                           1872            PA

                   John Harvey                             June 1877    WV

                   George Nicholas                       Sep 1879     WV

                   Lucy Belle                                Feb 1883     WV

                   Mary Catherine                         Apr 1889     PA


John, George, Lucy and Mary are with the family in Washington, PA in 1900. Also, living with the family is brother Rufus and two grandchildren, Leland, Nov 1896 and Ralph, Aug 1899.Rufus is also a carpenter.


4. Rachel Witten Ullom52,99,101, (George S., Jesse B., James M.), born in Feb 1866 in OH, married John M. Liming born in WV in Aug 1859 and died 11 Sep 1939. John was a farmer.


                   Children:                       Born-Died

                   Lee                                 31 Mar 1898   WV- Apr 1970 WV70

                   Lucy                               May 1900   WV


4. James William Ullom52,99,101, (George S., Jesse B., James M.), born in 1871 in PA and died in 1956, married Clarissa Jane Hayes, born abt 1875 in Ohio and died in 1966. They were married abt 1895.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Russell Sigsbee               11 Aug 1895, Sistersville, Tyler, WV40.76

                   Bessie                             Abt 1897 WV


4. John Harvey Ullom52,99,101, (George S., Jesse B., James M.), born about 1877, married Alice Bane born abt 188052. However, in the WW I Draft Registration for John Harvey Ullom born on 17 June 1877, his wife was Grace Lowarvy Ullom and they lived in Pittsburg. No other information could be found in on-line data bases.


4. George Nicholas Ullom52,99,101, (George S., Jesse B., James M.), born in Sep1879 in WV, married Mary Barbara Reed born in PA about 1880 and died 26 Feb 1959. They were married about 1902. (1910 Census)


                   Children:                       Born

                   Lillian B                          abt 1903  PA

                   George M                       abt 1906  PA

                   Reed                               abt 1908  PA


4. Lucy Belle Ullom 52,99,101,, (George S., Jesse B., James M.), born about 1882 married Robert Powell Swan, born about 1879 and died about 1960.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Dorothy D.                     Abt 1903

Robert Ullom                  Abt 1907

                   Garth Victor                            

Lois Shirley                    

All children were born in WV except for Robert who was born in PA.. In 1910 they are in WV and Robert works for a glass works and in 1920 they are in Columbus, Ohio and Robert is a glass blower. (Census Results).


4. Mary Catherine Ullom 52,99,101, (George S., Jesse B., James M.), born in 1889 and died in 1953 married Harry Owens.


3. William Piatt Ullom52, (George, Jesse B.) born 1 Apr 1848 in PA and died on 3 Dec 1900, married Sarah Shiros, born about 1850.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Franklin                          Bef 1873


His second marriage was to Margaret Carroll, born about 1849 and died 27 Jun1912.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Cora Della                       1873   Wash., PA

                   Thompson S.                  9 Apr 1875

                   Matthias                          Abt1876

                   Vanetta (Netta)                May1880

                   Dennis                            Abt 1887

                   Harry                              Sep 1882

                   William                           Mar 1884

                   Henry                             16 Jun 1889

Above mentioned children verified in the 1900 Census of Franklin, Greene, PA with exception of Cora Della. Cora Della and Matthias are in the 1880 Census of Wayne, Greene, PA. No information could be found concerning Sarah and Franklin.


4. Vanetta (Netta) Ullom*, (George S., Jesse B., William P.), born May 1880 in Greene, PA and died in 1926 married William H.Cage*, born abt 1875 in PA. They were married about 1903 according to the 1910 Census findings. They are listed as having three children with two living in Jefferson, Greene, PA. William works for a Gas Company


                   Children:                       Born

                   Thompson N.                 Abt 1905 in Greene, PA

                   James                             Abt 1906 in Greene, PA

* William Cage is also related to the Ullom family as the grandson of Rachel Bowen Ullom.


4. Cora Della Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., William P.), born 1873 in Washington, PA and died 11 Dec 1949 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio,  married John William Hughes, born abt 1870 in Washington, PA and died 10 May 1935 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio


                   Children:                       Born

                   Joseph                            4 Dec 1890 Wash., PA

                   Elmer                              17 Dec 1893 Wash., PA

                   John Russell                    30 Jun 1895 Wash., PA

                   Raymond William            22 Jun 1897  Wash., PA


4. Thompson S. Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., William P.), born 9 Apr 1875 in PA., died 22 May 1935, married Blanche Shaw born abt 1897. Thompson was a carpenter in 1930.


                   Children:                       Born*

                   John O                                    

                   Margaret J.                     



                   Helen R                         

                   Betty M                                   

                   Bernard S                      

                   Herbert A                       

          * 1930 Census of Franklin, Greene, PA.       


4. Mathias Brant Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., William P.), born 28 May 187740 in PA.and died on 3 July 1936 married Mary Markey born in 1871 in PA and died 29 Apr 1952. In 1910 he is the head of his family which includes his mother and 5 brothers. In 1918 he is married and in Waynesburg, Greene, PA. In 1920 he is a teamster and has no children. (Census Results).


3. Craven Hogue Ullom52, (George S., Jesse B.), born 9 Apr 1851 in Greene, PA and died 1 Nov 1937 in Washington, PA, married Rachel Cox, born 18 Oct 1860 in WV and died on 9 Aug 1935 in Washington, PA. Ref 52 applies to all of his children.


Children:                       Born

                   Rufus King                     Mar 1877      WV

                   John Thompson              Abt 1879       WV

                   Vada                               Sep 1882       Virginia

Frank P.                          Jan 1884        Virginia

Harry K.                         9 May 1886   Virginia

Walter Wray                   24 Dec 1888   PA

Pearl                                                    May 1890       PA

Glenn                              May 1897       PA

Mary                               Abt 1905        PA

Above information was obtained from Reference 52 and Federal Census Listings, 1880-1930.

Birth dates found in census records differ in some instances from those in Reference 52.


4.  Rufus King Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Craven H.),  born Mar 1877 in WV, married Martha Dentzler, born Jun 1875 in PA.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Hazel                              Sep 1895       PA


In 1910 and 1920 the family is in Pittsburg and in 1920 Hazel and her husband William D. Janek born in Greece in 1887 are living with Rufus and Martha.  Rufus is a policeman.


5. Hazel Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Craven H., Rufus K.), b. Sep 1895 in PA married William D. Janek, b. abt 1887 in Greece. In 1920 Hazel and her husband born in Greece in 1887 are living with Rufus and Martha and William is a builder.



4.  John Thompson Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Craven H.), born about 1880 in WV married Mina Smith born abt 1882 in Massachussetts. John T. Ullom was a minister in the PM Church. He is found in Pittsburg, PA in 1910, in Bristol, Mass. in 1920 and in Lowell, Mass. in 1930.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Evelyn                            Abt 1907 in Mass.

                   Raymond                        Abt 1909  Mass.


1910, 1920 and 1930 census


4. La Vada (Vada) Harriet Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Craven H.), born Sep 1884 in Virginia and died in California married Wiley Herrick born on 8 Apr 1880 in PA.. 


The family is first found in 1910 in San Francisco, CA. William Wiley is a glass blower. In 1920 they are in Knox, Clinton, OH and still working as a glass blower. In 1930 they are in Mt. Vernon, OH and Wiley works for a glass works and Vada L. is a cook.



                   Children:                       Born

                   Ruth                               Abt 1903 in PA

                   Kathryn                           Abt 1907 in PA

                   Rosalie                           Abt  1911 in PA




4. Franklin Pierce Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Craven H.), born Jan 1884 and died in 1963, married Bessie Jolly, born about 1880. In 1901 they are living next to Craven Ullom and Franklin is a carpenter. In 1920 Bessie is still next to Craven and has no job or profession. She is listed as a widow. From this information it would appear that Franklin died between 1910 and 1920 not in 1963 as shown in ref. 52.


                   Family:                                    Born

                   Bessie   “Head”                        Abt 1886   WD

                   Nioma   Daughter                      Abt 1909

                   Donald H.                                 Abt 1914


4. Harry Kibe Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Craven H.), born 9 May 1886 in WV or Virginia, married Alice H. Grimes born about 1888.  In 1930 they are still in Washington, PA and Harry works for the Fort Pitt Bridge Company.


                   Family                                              Born

                   Alice H        Wife                      Nov 1888

                   Ruth                                         Abt 1907

                   William C                                 Abt 1908

                   Harry K                                   


                   George R.                                                                      

                   Betty J                                              

                   Thomas R.                              


                   Frances E.                               


4. Walter Wray Ullom52, (George S., Jesse B., Craven H.), born 24 Dec 188876,105 in PA, married Anna M. Baker born about 1898. He is a machinist and a mold maker for a glass company.


                   Family:                                    Born

                   Anna  M               Wife             Abt 1898 in WV

                   Walter W                                 

                   Melba S                                   

1930 census



4. Pearl Ullom52, (George S., Jesse B., Craven H.), born in May about 1890 in PA, married Robert I. Meloy born 5 Apr 188440 in PA. They were married about 1907 in PA. (1910 Census).


                    Children:                                 Born

                   Robert Paul                              Abt 1908

                    Alfred                                       Abt 1909







* This is based on 1910-1930 census results where her age is consistent with this birth range. In 1900, it would appear that her birth date was May 1890..


In 1920 the family is living next to Craven H. Ullom and on the other side of Craven is his daughter, Bessie. Perhaps they were living in the same house. Robert is a farmer.


In the WW II Draft Registration in 1942105, Robert lists Margaret Jolly as his “contact” so this is probably his daughter Margaret.  Pearl may have died between 1930 and 1942.


4. Mary “Alice” Ullom52, (George S., Jesse B., Craven H.), born 20 Nov 1904 and died 8 Dec 1971 married Henry Hobson Bedillion, born 10 Jan 1899 and died in Jan 1979 in PA52. They were married about 1926. In 1930 they are in Houston, Washington, PA and Henry is a mechanic.


                    Children:                                 Born



                   John Henry52


3. Rufus King Ullom52, (George S., Jesse B.) born in 1853 in PA and died on 2 Jun 1924 married Rachel Ann Belford born 4 May 1856 and died on 22 May 1930.


                   Children:                                 Born

                   Viola                                        Abt 1874

                   Ida                                           Nov 1877

In the 1880 and 1900 census results Ida is the only child mentioned.


3. Franklin Pierce Ullom52 , (George S., Jesse B.), born April 1853 in PA52, 99, 106 , died 7 Jan 1917, married Margaret Ellen Anderson, born in 1853 and died on 22 Feb 1916. The marriage took place in Marshall, WV on 16 Nov 1873. Franklin was a carperter. Rufus King and Franklin Pierce were twins.


                   Children:                                          Born

                   Jessie                                                 Nov 1874

                   Nancy                                                Dec 1876-25 Sep 1956

                   William Anderson                               14 Aug 1882  PA


4. Jessie Ullom52, (George S., Jesse B., Franklin P.), married Stephen Fonner, born 1869* and died 11 Sep 1953 in PA. They were married about 1899. Stephen was a butcher and a farmer.

* In the 1930 census his is listed as being 55 years old.


4. Nancy Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Franklin P.), born in Dec 1876 and died 25 Sep 1956 married George Eckley106. This family could not be found on in any data base.


4. William Anderson Ullom52, (George S., Jesse B., Franklin P.), born 14 Aug 1882 in PA and died on 2 May 1929 married Lisette Gladys Smith. Ref. 52 applies to all of  William’s descendants.


                   Children:                                 Born

                   Stephen William                        15 Jan 1907 E. Liverpool, Ohio

                   Margaret Ellen                           Abt 1910

                   Donn Piatt                                Abt 1912

                   Frederick Smith                       

William Anderson                    


William A is an Architect in 1920 and is not with Lisette in 1930 in Greene, PA. In the 1920 census all the children were listed as being born in PA.


5. Stephen William Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Franklin P., Wm. A.), born in 1907 and died 1987 in Poland, OH married Margaret Elizabeth White, born on 1 Aug 1920 and died 8 Jun 1985 in Youngstown, OH. They were married on 1 Aug 1940.


5. Donn Piatt Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Franklin P., Wm. A.), born abt. 1912, married Kathleen Mary Mast.



                    Jesse Lee


5. Margaret Ellen Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Franklin P., Wm. A.), born 3 Feb1910 in Pa, d. 29 Feb 1988, Stanislaus, CA110, married Wilber W. King.





                   Nancy Lee



5. Frederich Smith Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Franklin P., Wm. A.), born abt 1917 married Frances Orndorff.


5. William Anderson Ullom Jr., (George S., Jesse B., Franklin P., Wm. A.), born on 8 Sep 1919 and died on 23 Nov 1990 married Alma Ullom who died in Oct 1993.


3. Julia Ann Ullom52, (George S., Jesse B.), born 20 Oct 1855 in Ohio and died on 3 Jun 1927 married Jacob Rush, born 4 Mar 1837 and died 13 Oct 1908. Ref. 52 applies to all of Julia’s descendants.


                   Children:                                   Born

                   Vanelia                                     5 Sep 1876*

                   Rufus King                               15 Jan 1879

                   Sarah Ellen                               23 Feb 1881

                   Winfield S.                               18 Jan 1883

                   James Madison                         28 Apr 1885

                   Fanklin Pierce                           23 May 1887

                   John Boen                                14 Dec 1889

                   Jesse Bowman                          14 Dec 1889

                   George W                                16 Sep 1892

                   William Albert                           4 Mar 1899

* All but Sarah Ellen were found in the 1880 and 1900 Census listings. Jacob was a house carpenter and a farmer.


4. Vanelia Irene Rush, (George S., Jesse B., Julia A.), born 5 Sep 1876 and died 24 Sep 1954, married Jerry Wright.They had nine children.


4. Rufus King Rush, (George S., Jesse B., Julia A.), born on 15 Jan 1879 and died on 12 Aug 1962, married May Yost. They had one child.


4. Sarah Ellen Rush, (George S., Jesse B., Julia A.), born 23 Feb 1881 married James E. Strope.


4. Winfield S. Rush, (George S., Jesse B., Julia A.), born 18 Jan 1883 and died 11 Feb 1948.


4. James Madison Rush, (George S., Jesse B., Julia A.), born 28 Apr 1885 and died on 28 Feb 1939 married Rhoda Newell.


4. John Boen Rush, (George S., Jesse B., Julia A.), born on 14 Dec 1889, married Minnie M. Pitcock on 30 Nov 1912. They had five children.


4. Jesse Bowman Rush, (George S., Jesse B., Julia A.), born on 14 Dec 1889 and died  2 Dec 1956, married Grace Dulaney.


4. George W. Rush, (George S., Jesse B., Julia A.), born on 16 Sep 1892 in WV  and died on 14 Dec 1949 married Mattie Anderson, born in Oct 1897 in PA and married abt 1915 in PA.


                   Children:                       Born


                   Bernice E.                      

                   George Jr.                      


His second marriage was to Dora Cole, born Abt 1905 an in WV and they were married abt 1930 in PA.


4. William Albert Rush, (George S., Jesse B., Julia A.), was born on 4 Mar 1899 and died on 21 Oct 1917. They were reported to have had one child.


3. Margaret Ullom52, (George S., Jesse B.), born in 1857 in Ohio and died in Aug 1937, married George S Hunnell born in 1851 in PA and died in 1932. In 1920 and 1930 George and Margaret are in Franklin, Greene, PA and have no children living with them. In 1920 George works in steel mill. Ref. 52 applies to all of Margaret’s descendants.


                   Children:                       Born




                   Ola                                 1881

                   Clara Belle                      1884

                   Frances A                       24 Jun 1886


4. Katie Hunnell, (George S., Jesse B., Margaret), married William Cody Rush.


4. Clara Belle Hunnell, (George S., Jesse B., Margaret), born on 1884 and died in 1973 married Benjamin Franklin Hamilton, born abt 1876 and died abt 1968.



                   Kathleen L                     

                   H. Franklin

                   Abraham G.

                   Margaret R.


3. Sarah ElizabethUllom52, (George S., Jesse B.), born 8 Jan 1866 and died 17 Feb 1955, married Jesse Zollars, born in 1856 and died in 1933.


                   Children:                                 Born

                   Edna                                        22 Aug 1855

                   Harry                                        Abt 1890


4. Edna Zollers, (George S., Jesse B., Sarah E.), born 22 Aug 1885, married Willaim Rinehardt.

                   Children:                                 Born


                   Charles W.                               30 Sep 1906 in PA


4. Harry Zollars, born in 1890 and died on 26 Jun 1925, marries Anna Allum born 2 Jan 1873 and died 23 Jul 1928 in Greene, PA.


3. John Thompson Ullom52, (George S., Jesse B.), born 9 Aug 1870 and died 3 Aug 1935, married Elizabeth Rhoda Moore, born 17 Dec 1871 in WV and died 26 Apr 1956.


                   Children:                                 Born

                   Stella Elizabeth

          Jesse Rozella                            Jul 1891

          Cecil Blanche                            Mar 1893 Greene, PA

          Bessie Beryl                              Jan 1896 Greene, PA

          Henry Emerson                         May 1898 Greene, PA

          Anna Lee                                  22 Jul 1902 Wash.., PA

                   James Franklin                          Abt 1905

                   Ross Delbert                                     

This family was not verified in the 1900-1920 Census.


4. Anna Lee Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., John T.), born 22 Jul 1902 in PA. married Abraham Michael Mason.


3. Clifton B Ullom52, (George S., Jesse B.), born 7 Dec 1875 and died 12 Feb 1957 in PA.,  married Rozenia Moore, born  on 1 Nov 1877 and died on 2 Aug 1939. Clifton was a carpenter. Ref. 52 applies to all of Clifton’s descendants.


                   Children:                                 Born

                   Henry Moore                            30 Nov 1896 Greene, PA

                   Elijah                                        12 Mar 1899

                   Thomas N                                18 Aug 1901

                   Effie                                         24 Mar 1904

                   Emerson L                                20 Feb 1907

                   Elizabeth                                   14 Mar 1909

                   Robert C                                  Abt 1911


4. Henry Moore Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Clifton),  born 30 Nov 1896 in Greene, PA and died 23 May 1977 in Wheeling, WV married Jessie Buchanon born about 1901 in PA. In 1930 Henry was an insurance agent.


                   Children:                                 Born

                   Zelma V.                                 

                   Eileen M                                  

                   Donald H                                 

                   Raymond N.                                     

                   Albert J.                                  

                   Gilbert C                                                    

All children born in PA.


4. Elijah Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Clifton), was born 12 mar 1899 and died 18 Nov 1901.


4. Thomas N. Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Clifton),  born on 18 Aug 1901 in PA and died 13 Jul 1977 married Ada Harr born about 1907 in PA. In 1930 Thomas is a truck driver for a furniture company.


                   Children:                                 Born


                   Walter L.                                 


4. Effie Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Clifton), born on 24 Mar 1904 in PA and died 1 Apr 1955, married Glady Ewart. In 1930 Effie is living with her parents and she has a son in Waynesburg, Greene, PA. She was married in 1929.


                   Children:                                 Born

                   Herbert N                                


4. Emerson L. Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Clifton), born 20 Feb 1907 in PA and died 28 Mar 1999 in Greene, PA, married Mary Snyder, born about 1908 in PA and died on 16 Mar 1992. They were married on 31 May 1927. In 1930 Emerson is a carpenter






4. Elizabeth Ullom, (George S., Jesse B., Clifton), was born on 14 Mar 1909 and died on 21 Mar 1909.


4. Robert C. Ullom , (George S., Jesse B., Clifton), born in 1911 married Florence McClellan.



2. Stephen Ullom52, (George S.), married Elenor,”Ellen”, “Ella” “Nellie” Mitchell about 1836 probably in Ohio but no marriage record has been found. They had 9 children all born in Ohio. There is conflicting information about Stephen and his war service. A Stephen Ullom is a member of the OVI in the Civil War at the age of 44107. Another Stephen Ullon from Ohio was found in the West Virginia Cavalry who died at Mt. Pleasant, Virginia of Typhoid Fever about the same date as on Stephen’s grave marker in the Pioneer Cemetery.  In another listing of the citizens of Monroe County who died in the Civil War lists, Stephen Ullom Co. C, 2nd West Virginia Cavalary108.  On a web-site (no longer available) a death date and place was found for Stephen Ullom, 2nd WV Cavalry. He died at Mt. Pleasant, Virginia of Typhoid Fever. Elenor applied for a pension for Stephen’s* Civil War death109. Elenor died on 18 March 1895 according to her grave marker in the Pioneer Cemetery in Woodsfield. However, she has not been found in the 1870 or 1880 census results and no death cert was found for her in Monroe County.


*Stephen Ullom is listed55 as a member of Company C of the 2nd West Virginia Cavalry. He died in Nov 1862 in Mt. Pleasant, Virginia of Typhoid Fever56. Stephen and Nellie are buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in Woodsfield.


Children:                       Born Abt.

Nicholas                         1837 

Sarah                              1838

Mahala                            1842

Elizabeth                                          1843

Nancy                                                1846

Rachel                            4 May 1848

Margaret                         1859

Mary A.                          1856

All born in Ohio and Rachel was born in Antioch, Monroe, Ohio.


3. Nicholas Ullom52, (George S., Stephen),  was born in 1837 in Ohio and married Margaret Martin, born about 1841 in Ohio. The marriage took place on 14 Aug 1856 in Monroe County, Ohio15. In 1860 the family is in Monroe County but in 1880 they are in York, Belmont, Ohio.  In 1900, neither Nicholas nor Margaret can be found in the census information on


                   Children:          Born About

Malcolm                1857      

Lenora                  1858

John                      1861

James                    1865

Jennie                    1865

Mary Catherine      1867

Elizabeth               1870

Isaac                     1873

Leona                    1876

Tremble                Jun 1879     

All children were born in Ohio.

1880 Federal Census


4.  Malcolm Ullom52 , (George S., Stephen, Nicholas),  born about 1857 in Monroe County and died 8 Mar 1911 in Belmont County, Ohio, married Laura Cair18 born about 1861 in Ohio and died on 31 May 192537 in Belmont, Ohio. They are found in York, Belmont County, OH living next to Malcolm’s father.


                   Children;              Born

                   Freda Leota           17 Sep 1892 Woodsfield, Monroe, Ohio18


5. Freda Leota Ullom, (George S., Stephen, Nicholas, Malcolm),  was born on  17 Sep 1892 in Monroe County, OH and married Guy B. Warrick, born about 1890 in Ohio and died on 5 Jan 196137 in Barnesville, OH. Guy Warrick was a cigar maker and a painter.


                   Children:              Born

                   Ruby L.                Abt 1911


4. Lenora Ullom52, (George S., Stephen, Nicholas,), born in 1858 in Ohio and cannot be found after the 1860 Census.


4. John Ullom52, (George S., Stephen, Nicholas,), born in July 1861 in Ohio, married Mary L. Williams*, born July 1868 in Ohio. They are found in Belmont County in 1900 and in Seattle, King County, Washington in 1910.


                   Children:              Born-Died

                   Clyde Leroy          20 Mar 1885, Ohio – 19 Nov 1957110 California

                   Bessie H.               Dec 1899 in Ohio


* Mary L. Ullom’s maiden name was deduced from census findings that showed her mother, Mary J. Williams, living with this family in 1900 and 1910.


5. Clyde Leroy Ullom, (George S., Stephen, Nicholas, John), b. 20 Mar 1885 in Belmont, OH, is found in 1942 in Shasta, California. His contact in the WWII Draft Registration is Mrs. Ella Ullom of Shasta, CA105. On the Death Record his mother’s surname is Williams110.


4. James Ullom52, (George S., Stephen, Nicholas,), born in Jul 1865 in Ohio, married Pearl born in Mar 1878 in Ohio and they are in Lee, Monroe, Ohio in 1900.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Harry                              Oct 1894*

                   Lizetta                             May 1896*


No marriage is recorded in Monroe County so they probably were married in Belmont and the children may have been born in Belmont, Ohio. *1900 Census


4. Jennie Ullom52, (George S., Stephen, Nicholas,), was born in Jul 1865 in Ohio.  Jennie and James were twins. If she married it was probably in a county other than Monroe.


4. Mary C. Ullom52 , (George S., Stephen, Nicholas,), born about 1867 in Ohio married Forrest B. Brown born about 1867 in Ohio. They were married on 17 Sep 1890 in Monroe County, Ohio16. (This information is obtained from the Marriage License and 1880 Census).  In 1900 they are in Center Township with the following children. (1900 Census).


                   Family:                          Born

                   Forrest                            Jan 1868

                   Mary                               Oct 1866

Icie                                 6 Dec 1891 All born in Center Twp.18

                   Mabel Jenette                   5 Mar 1893

                   Thurman                         19 Jul 1895

                   Cecil                               26 Jan 1898

                   Mary                               18 Aug 1899 (Aug 1900 in 1900 Census)


 In 1910 Forrest B Brown is married to Josphine B. and in Center Township.(Census).


                   Family:                          Age

                   Forrest B                        44*  2nd marriage  Married 6 Years

                   Josephine B                    48    1st marriage

                   Icie Lula                          18

                   Thurman                         14

                   Ettie R (Cecil)                 12

                   Mary L                           10

                   Edward E                        8*

                   Mannie                            7*

* I could not locate the births of these last two children or a death record for Mary C. Brown or a marriage record for Forrest and Josephine in the Monroe County Records.


4. Isaac Ullom52,(George S., Stephen, Nicholas,), born in Jul 1872 married Cenie, born in Mar 1872 in Germany. They are in Belmont County in 1900. Isaac was an electrician.


                   Children:              Born

                   Della                     Jan 1893 in WV

                   Irene                     Nov 1895 in WV


In 1910 in Wheeling, Ohio, WV the following is found:


                   Family                  Age   Born Abt   

                   Isaac                     36      1872  Ohio   WV  Proprietor of Saloon

                   Della                     16      1893  WV

                   Irene                     14      1895  WV

                   Ida Songer            25     Ohio  Servant


In 1920 in Wheeling, Isaac whose occupation is electrical supplies has the following family.


                   Family:                 Age

                   Ida Wife                35                Ohio





In 1930 he is an electrician in Wheeling. It appears he married Ida Songer about 1910 after the census, and that Cenie, his first wife had died between 1900 and 1910.


5. Dorothy Ullom, (George S., Stephen, Nicholas, Isaac), married James Ritz.


4. Elizabeth Ullom, (George S., Stephen, Nicholas,), was born about 1875 in Ohio. Last found in the 1880 census in Belmont, Ohio. Only one record was found for an Elizabeth B. Ullom and that was a marriage to Jacab W Lentz on 24 Nov 1897 in Monroe County, OH16. In 1900 this family is in Perry Township, Monroe County and they have one child, Sarah Pauline, b. Sep 1898 in Ohio. They are living next to Sarah Ullom, b. Sep 1843 and son Fredrick Gay, b. Jan 1881, in Ohio. (1900 Census)


4. Leona Ullom, (George S., Stephen, Nicholas,), born in 1875 in Ohio appears to be Elizabeth’s twin.


4. Trimble Ullom, (George S., Stephen, Nicholas,), was born in 1879 in Belmont, Ohio. He was not found in subsequent census findings.


3. Sarah Jane Ullom52, (George S., Stephen), born about 1831 in Ohio and died between 1880 and 1900 in WV, married William Cephus Cunningham, born in Feb 1833 in Ohio. They were married on 7 Mar 185715 in Monroe County, Ohio. In 1870 they are living in Woodsfield, OH. In 1900 the family is in Madison, WV. William C. is living with his widowed daughter Delora E. Davis and her children. Sarah is gone and William is a widower. Stephen, Frank and Grace are living with the family. In 1920 William is gone and Stephen and Grace remain with Delora and her family.

(All of the childrens families are covered under Ref 52).


                   Children:                       Born

                   Delora Ellen                    Mar 1859

                   Stephen James                Jul 1862

                   Thomas Nicholas            Abt 1863

                   Joseph                            Abt 1867

                   William Franklin              Oct 1869

                   Mattie                             1873 

Grace                             Jun 1876

1870 -1920 Federal Census


4. Delora Cunningham, (George S., Stephen, Sarah J.), born Mar 1859 in Ohio, married an Unknown Davis who died prior to 1900. In 1900 Delora and three children and a grandson are in Madison, WV. Also living with is her father and two brothers and a sister. Delora and her family cannot be found in 1880.


                   Family:                 Born

                   Delora Davis          Mar 1859

                   Sarah                    May 1878

                   James A.               Jul 1880

                   Charlotte M.          Dec 1882

                   Guy Green            May 1897

                   WC Cunningham   Feb 1835 Father / Shoe Cobbler

                   Stephen J.             Jul 1865  Brother / Iron Works Laborer

                   Franklin M             Oct 1869 Brother / Kilnman Pottery

                   Grace B.               Jun 1876  Sister

All of the Davis’ and Cunningham’s were born in Ohio. 1910-1930 Federal Census.


5. Charlotte Davis, (George S., Stephen, Sarah J.), married an Unknown. Juby (Soby) and in 1920 is living with her mother in Wheeling, WV with her two children. In 1930 Delora is a dressmaker and Charlotte is a salesperson in Bakery and Katherine is a school teacher. James A is still at home and is a laborer and is 50 years old.


                   Children:              Born Abt

                   Katherine               1907  WV





4. Stephen James Cunningham, (George S., Stephen, Sarah J.), born Jul 1865 in Ohio apparently never married. He is with his sister and her family in 1920 and is retired. In 1930 he does not appear in any census findings.


4. Thomas Cunningham, (George S., Stephen, Sarah J.), born in Ohio in Aug 1864, married Lizzie Unknown, born in Ohio in Sep 1864. In 1900 the family is in Madison, Boone, WV where Thomas is a sheet metal worker.


                   Children:              Born

                   Cephus                 Dec 1887

                   Homer A               Jun 1889

                   Nellie Hazel           Oct 1890

                   Thomas C.            Jun 1892

All children were born in WV.


4. Franklin M. Cunningham, (George S., Stephen, Sarah J.), born in Oct 1869. He is with sister, Delora Davis, and family in 1900 at the age of 31 but he is not with them in 1910 nor can he be found in 1920-1930. In 1900, he is a kiln man in a pottery factory.


4. Mattie Cunningham, (George S., Stephen, Sarah J.), born about 1872 in Ohio cannot be found after 1880.


4. Grace B. Cunningham, (George S., Stephen, Sarah J.), was born in Jun 1876 and is with Delora Davis in 1920 at the age of 41. She is a sales person in a department store. She could not be located in the 1930 census.


3. Mahala Ullom52, (George S., Stephen), born in Jun 1842 in Ohio and died 15 Mar 191512 in Monroe County, OH, married Thomas O. Little, born in Sep 1837 and died 8 Apr 190512 in Monroe, Ohio. They were married on 27 May 1860 in Monroe, OH16. Thomas appears to have served in the 2nd WV Cavalry with Stephen Ullom107. He is listed as a Sergeant in Company I111.


                   Children:                       Born

                   Frank C.                         Abt 1861 in Ohio

                   Charles O                       Abt 1863 in Ohio

                   Ada                                Abt 1866 in Ohio

                   Jessie M                          27 Sep 1867, Woodsfield, OH18

                   Benjamin Jeffers              30 May 1871 OH18

                   Oliver                             May 1875 OH*

                   Nellie                              May 1880 OH*

                   Ethel                               Aug 1883 OH*

* 1900 Census


4. Frank C. Little, (George S., Stephen, Mahala), born about 1861 in Ohio. No concrete information is found after 1870 as he is not with the family in 1880 but a Frank C. of the correct age is living with Thomas and Rebecca Little as a grandson in Monroe County he is working as a recorders clerk. In 1910, a Frank Little from Ohio with the correct age is in Pierce County, Washington listed as an engineer on a locomotive. No death information or further information was found.


4. Charles O. Little, (George S., Stephen, Mahala), born about 1863 in Ohio married Jennie Conley, born about 1867. They were married on 30 Mar 1888 in Monroe County, OH16. Charles is the City Marshall.


                    Children:                       Born

                   Thomas F                       Abt  1891*

                   Mildred F.                       Abt 1901*

* 1910 Census of Monroe County, Ohio.


5. Thomas Little16,99 , (George S., Stephen, Mahala, Charles Little), born on 22 Dec 1890 in Monroe, Ohio, married Ethel L. Mosley, born on 29 Aug 1893, probably in Noble County, Ohio. They were married on 18 Sep 1909.


In 1920 this family is in Columbus, Ohio with two children, Marie O., born abt 1911 and Oscar E. born about 1914. Thomas F. is a city policeman in 1920 and a prison guard in 1930.


5. Mildred F. Little, (George S., Stephen, Mahala, Charles Little), born about 1901 died on 26 Feb 1918 in Monroe County, OH12.


4. Ada Little, (George S., Stephen, Mahala, Charles Little), born about 1866 in Ohio is not seen after 1880. No marriage could be found in the Monroe County Marriages. Also, no death record could be located.


4. Jessie Little, (George S., Stephen, Mahala, Charles Little), born 27 Sep 1867, married A.O. Heck on 9 Oct 1889 in Monroe County16, Ohio. No trace of this family can be found after the marriage.


4. Benjamin Jeffers Little, (George S., Stephen, Mahala, Charles Little), born 21 May 1872 married Jenette Bowman, born on 2 Apr 1871 in Woodsfield, Ohio. They were married on 24 Nov 1900 in Monroe County16. His occupation was listed as “painter”. They are in Wheeling, WV in 1920 where Benjamin is working in a can factory. In 1930 his is a painter.


                             Children:                       Born

                             Virginia                           Abt 1902 in Ohio


4. Oliver Little, (George S., Stephen, Mahala, Charles Little), was born in May 1875 in Ohio. In 1920, in Clinton County, Ohio, there is a divorced Oliver Little, age off by a year, who has a daughter, Helen born in 1906. He also has a Grandson, Howard F, living with him.

In 1910 there is an Oliver R. Little, age 34, with wife Bessie, age 24. in Sapulpa, Creek, OK. They have been married for 4 years and were born in Ohio, with parents also born in Ohio.


There is no Oliver Little fitting the age criteria who registered for the WWI Draft so it is possible that Oliver died before 1917.


4. Nellie Little, (George S., Stephen, Mahala, Charles Little), born on 19 May 1880 married E.C. Stover, born 25 Nov 1877 in Pa. The marriage date was 24 Oct 190016 in Monroe County, Ohio. No listing in the Federal Census Records could be found for this family. (There is only one Stover in Monroe County in 1900 and he is listed as E. D. Stover born in May 1878 in Va. However, I could find no trace of this family in census records.


4. Ethel B. Little, (George S., Stephen, Mahala, Charles Little),  was born 8 Aug 1883 in Ohio, married Edward  J. Wichterman, born 11 Jun 1880 in Ohio, on 25 Dec 190216 in Monroe County. Edward was an oil producer in Ohio and Kentucky.


                             Children:                       Born

                             Olbert H.                        Abt 1904*


* 1910 census of Monroe County, Ohio


3. Elizabeth Ullom, (George S., Stephen), was born about 1843 in Ohio. In the 1860 census she is 16 and living with her family. No other record of Elizabeth was found.


3. Nancy Ullom, (George S., Stephen), was born about 1846 in Ohio. In the 1860 census she is not with the family so it is possible that she died after 1850 and before 1860.


3. Margaret Ullom, (George S., Stephen), was born about 1850 in Monroe County. She is with her parents in 1860 and is 10 years old. There is a Margaret Ullom who married John T. Steward on 23 Apr 1868 in Monroe County, Ohio. This family could not be identified in 1870, 1880 or 1900 Census information.


3. Mary A. Ullom, (George S., Stephen), was born about 1854 in Monroe County and is with family in 1860 at the age of 6. In 1870 a Mary Ullom is living with the Reid family in Woodsfield, Ohio and is a Domestic Servant. No death or marriage record could be found in Monroe County Records.


3. Laura Ullom, (George S., Stephen),  born in Sep 1857 in Monroe County, OH married Luthur Hysson, Hisson or Hissom, born Oct 1851 in Ohio. They were married on 5 May 1878 in Monroe County, OH16. They are listed under Hissom in 1880 Census and Hisson in 1900. Births are under the surname of Hissom and marriage record is Hysson16.


                             Children:              Born

                             Jessie                    20 Jul 1879  Jackson, Monroe18

                             Josie D.*               24 May 1881 Jackson, Monroe18


* Birth month and year is May 1882 in 1900 Census

Josie is with the family in 1900 but Jessie was not. No marriages of these children have been found in the Monroe County Records.


3. Rachel Ullom married John Milton Hall (See page 119).


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