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E-mail Addresses used on this Website


From time-to-time important e-mail addresses that are used on this web site are changed by their owners.  It is a laborious task to go through the several hundred pages of material to change all of the addresses.  To simplify the task, the e-mail addresses that appear on this and related web pages are identified by the person’s name or title.  By clicking on the name or title, visitors are brought to the directory below where they can find the most current e-mail address.  Simply click on the e-mail address to be taken to a blank e-mail page that has been addressed to that individual.  The directory of e-mail addresses is as follows:



Names and e-mail Addresses Used on this Website



Anderson, Kenneth

Anderson, T. Vernon Anderson

Arnott, Lynell

Austen, Marjory Austen

Baker, Oran "Bud" Sherman Baker

Batdorf, Marlene Batdorf

Bayes, Dorothy Bayes

Benson, Marilyn Workman

Berry, Alan R. Berry

Boell, Barbara Boell

Bonam, Elsie Bonam

Boyd, Adam

Brown, Marian Brown

Burkhart, Charlie Burkhart

Byrd, Scott Byrd

Cheek, Lori Cheek

Craig, Jean Craig

Cronin, Betty Goudy Cronin

Crowe, Valerie Barnhart Crowe

Davis, Kymn Davis

Decker, Tom Decker

Dent, Don Dent

Devore, Delven Devore

Dierkes, Beverly Dierkes

Dilley, Selena Dilley

Distler, Dave Distler

Downing, Janet

Drake, Pam Drake

Dugan, Tom Dugan

Durocher, Amy Durocher 

Fankhauser, Ralph Fankhauser

Fankhauser, Sam

French, Betsy

Frichtl, Paula Hinton Frichtl

Fry, Teresa Ann

Gamble, Brent Gamble

Greiner, Bob Greiner

Harmon, Shirley Ann

Hart, Carolyn Hart

Hartley, Betty (Burkhart) Hartley

Harrington, Dick Harrington

Henning, Beth Henning

Hess, Ken Hess

Hinton, Elizabeth Morris Hinton

Hodge, Kenneth Lee Hodge

Hogue, Gary Hogue

Hohman, Elsie Bonam Hohman

Howell, Kathy S. Howell

Indermuhle, Bob Indermuhle

Jennings, Janet Gray

Juhnke, Dianne Juhnke

Kamp, Julie Kamp

King, Kelly King

Keller, Elizabeth C. Keller

Kenney, Jim Kenney

Kern, Chris

Kitchen, Betty Latta Kitchen

Kittell, Kym Kittell

Koniski, Connie

Krin, Eunice

Lambing, Rona Louise Lepine Lambing

Lewis, Gail Lewis

Matson, Betty Lendon

Maurer, Jackie Maurer

Mayhugh, Beverly

McPeek, Steve

Meek, Virginia Meek

McPeek, Steve McPeek

McVay, Scott McVay

Menkel, Gary E. Menkel

Meyer, Laurel R. Meyer

Miller, Laura

Miller, Susan Dierkes Miller

Moen, Brenda Moen

Monroe County Chapter of Ohio Gen. Soc.

Monroe County Historical Society (MCHS)

Morton, Tim Morton

Neiswonger, Shirley Neiswonger

Ogden, John Ogden

ONeal, Ananda ONeal

Patterson, Clyta Patterson

Pettit, Lena Kahrig Pettit


Piatt, Laverne Ingram Piatt

Quackenbush, Karen

Karen Quackenbush

Raper, Dr. G. T. Baker

Romick, Karen Romick

Potts, Clyde Potts

Rueschman, Jean Rueschman

Runyan, Susan Runyan

Schumacher, Frank Schumacher

Scott, Marjorie Christy Scott

Simmons, Jim Simmons

Smith, Mallory Smith

Sterling, Harolyn Willison Sterling

Victor, Eleanor "Jean" Victor

Vioth, Raymond Vioth

Wade, Chris Wade

Warner, Robert L. Warner

Wear, Larry D. Wear

Weber, Carl D.

Weber, Lowell Weber

Weiss, Helen Weiss

Willis, Terry Willis

Willison, Kirt Willison

Yoder, Barbara Duncan Yoder

Yoho, Tim P. Yoho

Young, Paul Young

Zonker, Chuck Zonker


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