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Descendants of Daniel Devore

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It is believed by various researchers the name Devore originates from France.  The Huguenot Society claims this name in its ancestry.  The Huguenots were the French Protestants who were persecuted and made a mass exodus from France between 1550 and 1780.  In Belgium (called Wallooms) the name became Du Four; in Holland – Defoor and Devoor; in England – de Voe, Dever and Deavor; in Scotland – Davar/Daver and Germany – Tufford/Dufford and Devore.  In the New World, there are at least 88 version of this name.  Just about any word that begins “Da, De or Du” can be traced back to the original Huguenot name.  The spelling depends on who was doing the writing in the Church or Civil records and the early census takers.  The dialects of different areas also had an effect on this name.  Sometimes these names have been used to denote the same family, even the same man. 


1st Generation


Daniel Devore



The first member of the Devore line that can be traced to Catharine Francis Devore is Daniel Devore.   He was born between 1750-1760 in Cumberland Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania.  The confirmation of his parents still elude his descendents and researchers.  Since names were not included in the censuses until 1850, it is difficult to determine who they might be.


There are two likely candidates to be the father of Daniel.  Cornelius Devore and Willim Judevoor/Willem Devoor/William Devoir/Devore.


1.   In the census report in 1784 for Bedford County, Cornelius Devore of Cumberland Valley Twp, Bedford County, Pennsylvania lists a son, Daniel.


2.  Under Willim?Willem/William Devore and his wife, Catharine Schoonmaker, Bedford County, Pa., six children are listed:


Moses, Daniel, Benjamin, Eliza, Rachael and Oloda Dovore.




Daniel’s occupation was Indian Fighter.  His residences from 1783-90 was Bedford County.  In 1800 he was living in Virginia or Ohio, then back to Bedford County in 1810 and finally, Hancock County, Virginia (now WV) until his death in 1840.  He married Mary Householder, born 1760, and together they produced 11 children.


i. David Devore, born 1782, Bedford County

ii. Hanna(h) Devore, born 1784, Bedford County

iii. William Devore – moved to Jefferson County, Ohio

iv. Aaron Devore – moved to Tuscuraus County, Ohio

v.  Mary Devore, born 1790, Bedford County.   Married Archibald Par(r)ish in Jefferson County, Ohio on 21 March, 1830

vi. Luke Devore – moved to Jefferson County, Ohio

vii. Sarah “Sallie” Devore, born 1794 Bedford County.  Married Hiram Maxwell in Jefferson County, Ohio on 13 November, 1834.

viii. Laner Devore, born 1796 Virginia – moved to Jefferson County, Ohio

ix. James Devore, born 1798.  Married Nancy Andrews and moved to Tennessee.

x. Daniel Devore, Jr., born 23 August, 1809, Virginia.  Moved to Monroe County

Married twice

1.  Sarah Jane Reynolds

xi. John Devore, born 1810, Bedford County.  Married in 1837 to Sarah ?




2nd Generation


William Devore


William Devore was born about 1785 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania.  Near 1800, he moved to Jefferson County, Ohio.  On 12 March, 1806, William married Rebecca Pittinger.  She was born about 1780.  The 1830 census lists a William Devore, but there is no listing for one in the 1840 census.  He probably died shortly before 1840 in Jefferson County.  They had 10 children:


I have no birthdates, therefore the order of birth can not be determined:


i. Anna Devore, married Abel Hall

ii. Daniel Devore – moved to Washington Twp., Monroe County, Ohio

iii. John Devore

iv. William Devore, Jr.

v. David S. Devore – moved to Washington twp., Monroe County, Ohio

vi. Lucinda Devore

vii. Mary Devore

viii. Sarah Devore

ix. Eliza Devore.  Married Thomas Wallace on 31 December, 1846, Carroll County, Ohio

x. James Devore – moved to Washington twp., Monroe County, Ohio



3rd Generation


David Devore



William and Rebecca had three sons who moved to Monroe County, Ohio.  Daniel, David, and James.  David was born in October, 1821 in Virginia.  He was married twice.


He married Rebecca Cummings, born about 1824.  They were married on 9 August, 1842 in Carroll County, Ohio.  They had five children, all born in Cross Creek Twp., Jefferson County, Ohio.


1.  Madison Devore

Born:  1843

Died:  before 1880

Married:  Margaret Ann Thomas, 1839, died 1904


Children: (all born in Ludlow twp.,Washington County)


a. David S. Devore, born 1863

b. Thomas Devore, born 1865

c. Mary E. Devore, born 1867

Married Howard Piatt on 24 December, 1894

Witness:  I. W. Devore

d. Charlotte Devore, born 1870

e. James M. Devore, born 1872




2.  Mary Devore

Born:  1845



3.  Margaret Devore

Born:  1847


Married:  John Gatchell


Children (2) 


Minnie Gachell

George A. Gatchell




4.  Jerusha F. Devore

Born:  1849


Married:   Bradford Grey on 14 January, 1869


Children (6)


a.     Laura M. Grey

Married;  L.E. Daugherty, August, 1891


b.     Frank D. Grey

Married:  Augusta Martin(17), 9 October, 1897


c.     Albert H. Grey, born 1877

Married:  Minnie Pearl Frank(20), 22 November, 1905

Witnesses:  Bradford and Jarusha Grey

                    Charles and Margaret Frank


d.     Mary A. Grey

Married:  Edward C. Dougherty, 12 January, 1898


e.     Minnie J. Grey, born 1884

Married:  Angelo G. Jones (27), 12 August, 1906

Witnesses:  Bradford and Jerusha Grey

                  David T and Francis Jones


f.       Roy C. Grey, born 1887

Married:  Maggie E. Smith(21), 24 July, 1909

Witnesses:  Bradford and Jerusha Grey

                  Madison and Hester Smith




5.     Elizabeth A. Devore

Born:  1853


Married:  William Kinsey, 14 December, 1876, Monroe County



Children (10) (born: Bethel Twp., Monroe County)


a. Mahlia J. Kinsey


b. Clara E. Kinsey

Married: Don U. Warren, 17 September, 1894

c. David B. Kinsey


d. Mattie Kinsey, born 1889

Married: W.C. Cline(26), 13 November, 1901


e. Nellie Kinsey

f. Archie Kinsey

g. Emma Kinsey

h. Hazel Kinsey



David married for the second time to Sarah Ann Cooper, born 1830 in New York.  They were married in 1854 and were first living in Center Twp., Monroe County, where all of their children were born:


1.  Catherine F. Devore

born 1856 or 1857 (she was two years younger than Martin Williams)


2.  Cordelia Devore

Born: 1858


1st Marriage:  Isaac B. Mann, 25 May, 1879

Witness:  William Read




a.     Edith Mann, born 1880

Married Robert Hunter, born Jan.1871, 15 November, 1899

Witnesses:  Anthony and Mariah Hunter

                 Isaac and Cordelia Devore


b. Bertha P. Mann, born Nov. 1882

Married:  James Bishoff (24), born 1882, 5 June, 1907

Witnesses:  Isaac and Cordelia Devore

                          John R and Catharine Bischoff


2nd Marriage:  Levi Drum




Herbert M. Drum

Charles Drum

Myrtle M.J. Drum



3.  Rachel Rebecca Devore, born 1859


4th  Generation


Catherine Francis Devore


Catherine was born in Center Township, Monroe County, Ohio in 1856.  She married Martin Luther Williams on 9 January, 1876.  Catherine Died during the winter of 1941 at the age of 85.



Children of Catharine Devore



              1. Herbert L. Williams was born in 1877.


              Herbert was married to Mary B. Christy on May 9, 1903 in Monroe County OH.  Mary B. Christy was born in 1878 in Monroe County OH.

                Witnesses to wedding:                  Martin and Catharine Williams

                                                Thomas and Dorcas Knowlton


              Herbert and Mary had the following children:


a.      Georgia E. Williams was born on February 13, 1906.  She died on July 24, 1906.

b.     Francis Williams



              2. Levi T. Williams was born on August 12, 1878 in Monroe County OH.  He died on May 30, 1957.  He was buried in Conner Ridge Methodist Cemetery, Wayne Township, Monroe County, Ohio.


              Levi was married to Lauretta P. Edington on December 24, 1900 in Monroe County OH.  Lauretta P. Edington was born on September 28, 1881 in Monroe County OH.  She died on February 16, 1951.  Levi T. Williams and Lauretta P. Edington had the following children:

                   a.  Glen Williams, born 1901 (living in Graysville in 1930 Census)

                   b.  Blanch Harmon Williams

                   c.  Murl L Williams, born 1905

                   d.  Opal Ring Williams

                   e.  Luther Williams was born on April 22, 1910.  He died on July 29, 1911.

                   f.  Gorton O. Williams, born 1912, died: 9 Aug, 1974 Marietta, Ohio  married Beulah Nieb, born 16 August, 1914; died 10 December, 1999, Monroe County

                   g.  Grethel E. Williams, born 1915, married Luther Cline

                   h.  Dorothy J. Williams, born 1918, married Harold Winland (b. 1921?, d. 1998?)




              3. MaryMollie” E. Williams was born in 1881 in Monroe County OH.  She died on 21 July, 1967 in Guernsey County, Ohio.  She was 86 years old.


              Mollie  was married to F. Emmit Edington on October 6, 1904 in Monroe County OH.  F. Emmit Edington was born in 1880 in Monroe County OH. (died before 1967)

              Witnesses to wedding:          Martin and Catherine Williams


              They had the following children: (Washington Twp.)


                             a.  Ansel Edington - male

                             b.  Hildreth Edington, born 1908, married Harry Adams

                             c.  Arol L. Edington, born 21 June,1914; died:  11 Aug 1982, Monroe



              4. Minnie W. Williams was born in 1883 in Monroe County OH.  She died 3 January, 1960 at the age of 76.  She died in Belmont County, Ohio.


              Minnie was married to Carlos Harper Steed on December 15, 1904 in Monroe County OH.  Carlos was born in 1881 in Monroe County OH.  1904


                             Witnesses to wedding:     Martin and Kate Williams


They had the following children:


a. Lance M. Steed, born: 23 Sept, 1905; d. 18 June, 1987 Belmont Cty. b.Carlos H. Steed, born 6 August, 1907; d. 29 Sept., 1993

                             c. John Steed




              5. Serepta J. Williams was born in 1886.  She died in 1957.  She was buried in Conner Ridge Methodist Cemetery, Wayne Township, Monroe County, Ohio.


              Sarepta was married to Scott N. Christy on March 5, 1908 in Monroe County OH.  Scott N. Christy was born in 1875 in Monroe County OH.  He died in 1956.  He was buried in Conner Ridge Methodist Cemetery, Wayne Township, Monroe County, Ohio.  Sarepta and Scott Christy had the following children:


a.      Thayer Christy, born 1909; died:  28 June, 1974 Marietta

b.     H. Audra Christy, born May 13, 1915;  died  September 9, 1916.

c.     Earl G. Christy, born:  29 Nov., 1917;  died: 24 Nov.,1988 Marietta

Married:  Ida Mae Love





            6. David S. Williams was born on 2 August, 1888 in Monroe County OH.  He died on 7 January, 1971.  He was 83 years old.  He was buried in Conner Ridge Methodist Cemetery, Wayne Township, Monroe County, Ohio.


              David was married to Georgia Anna Highman on May 15, 1915 in Monroe County, OH.  Georgia Highman was born in 19 January, 1897.  She died 20 February, 1996 in Monroe County.  She was 99 when she died.

                Witnesses to wedding:                  Martin L and Catharine Williams


                             They had two daughters


                             a.  Vera Williams,  born 1921

                             b.  Martha Lee Williams,  born 1924

                                          married:  ? Hamilton




7. Arrena Hazel Williams was born in 1891 in Monroe County OH.


              Hazel was married to Leo Burkhart on December 16, 1912 in Monroe County OH.  Leo Burkhart was born in 1889.


          Witnesses to wedding:     Martin and Catharine Williams


          Leo and Hazel had the following children:               :


                                                a.  Fern

                                                b.  Luther     lived in Millersburg, Ohio


8.     Laverna Williams – died in infancy


9.     Jerusha F. Williams – died young lived in other state?


10. Foster Williams – died in childhood – 14 years?


11. Orville Roscoe Williams            









4th  Generation


Orville Roscoe Williams


Born:           16 June, 1898  Wayne Twp., Monroe County, Ohio

Died:           5 September, 1981  Marietta, Ohio

Buried:         Oaklawn Cemetary, Woodsfield, Ohio

SS#             293-34-1784


Married:       16 May, 1925  Monroe County Court House, Woodsfield, Ohio


Goldie Mae Dillon


Born:           23 December, 1902  Pleasant Ridge, Monroe County

Died:           10 June, 1986 Barnesville Hospital

Buried:         Cremated

SS#             272-38-7644




Jefferson County marriages:


There is a marriage of David Devore and Maragaret Elderd on 25 August, 1842.  David and Daniel Devore swear that David is not of age and he has full consent to obtain a marriage license.  Margaret is stated that she is of legal age.


William Devore marries Elizabeth Massey on 28 February, 1839.  Daniel Devore swears he is of age and gives consent to marry.


Elizabeth Devore marries Levi McFarland on 31 December, 1838


Edward Devore marries Frances Dorsey on 26 March, 1840.  Edward swears he is of age.


Mary Ann Margaret Devore marries James Reynolds on 20 March, 1845.  Father Luke Devore gave permission for her to marry.


Letitia Devore marries Thomas Bell on 23 October, 1848


Hannah Devore marries Stephen Filson on 2 March, 1852




A Joseph Devore, died 10 July, 1889, He was born in Pennsylvania.  This could be another brother of  William.


Monroe County Marriages:


Jerusha F. Devore, Married Bradford Grey, 14 January, 1869

Alex B. Devore, married Mary E. Williams, 22 December, 1874

Maggie J. Devore, married John W. Beardmore, 20 May, 1875

Sarah E. Devore, married Atkinson M. Wells, 19 August, 1876

David H. Devore married Pluma L. Smith 21 February, 1878

Cordelia Devore married Isaac Mann, 25 May, 1878

Samuel H. Devore, Married Lucinda Jane Sloan, 14 July, 1878

Ida M. Devore, married John Smith, 18 February, 1883

Calvin Devore married Mary B. Mobberly, 14 February, 1884

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