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      Index of Individuals in the Carpenter Family


The Carpenter Family tree on this website contains over 24,000 names.  To accommodate this large number of family members, the overall Carpenter family tree has been subdivided into 20 separate trees.  To assist researchers in locating individual members of the family within these 20 trees, an alphabetical index of names has been prepared that includes the entire 24,000-plus individuals.  Following each name in the index is the name of the ‘lead’ ancestor of the tree within which that individual resides.  Click on the name of this ‘lead’ ancestor to be taken to the appropriate tree.  Use your computer “search” function to locate the individual within the tree.


The alphabetical index of names has been structured into six sections.  The six sections follow.  Click on the section that contains the first name of the individual for whom you are searching.  Names within the index are color coded to correspond to each of the 20 family trees.


Carpenter Family Alphabetical Index A through C

Carpenter Family Alphabetical Index D through G

Carpenter Family Alphabetical Index H through K

Carpenter Family Alphabetical Index L through N

Carpenter Family Alphabetical Index O through S

Carpenter Family Alphabetical Index T through Z


Note:  The Alphabetical Index A through C also identifies individuals with multiple spouses.  Alphabetical Index T through Z contains a number of individuals with “Unknown” first names.



Data provided by Terry Willis



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