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We are indebted to Terry Willis who provided this extensive Carpenter family tree.  The Carpenter family tree on this website is large – very large.  It occupies over 10 megabytes of web-space which is much too large for a single webpage file.  It is also too large to conveniently use for research.  Therefore two methods has been constructed to make your search easier.  One method is a Carpenter Family Name Index organized by ‘first names.’  By clicking on Carpenter Family Name Index you are taken to a page in which you can choose among 6 indices.  Choose an index that will contain the first name of the Carpenter or a related family member you are seeking.  Names are listed alphabetically in each of the 6 indices.  When you find the name you are seeking, you can click on the name of the tree in which it is contained.  The name of the tree is found in the second column following the individual’s name.  Once you are in the tree containing the name, use the ‘Search’ feature of your computer to locate the name within the tree.


The second method for searching the Carpenter tree is to directly  search each of the 20 subdivisions of the tree.  For this method, use the table below.  This table is a list showing each of the 20 subdivisions of the Carpenter tree.  Once you are in one of the 20 trees, you can use the “Search” feature of your computer to locate individuals.


* Note that there is no single, integrated Carpenter family tree on this website.  A single, integrated Carpenter family tree is too large to manipulate and requires too much time and memory to load onto a computer.


20 Descendant Outlines of the Carpenter Family Tree


Click on any of the lines below to go to the individual subdivisions of the Carpenter tree.

1  Original Carpenter Family – John Carpenter (1731 - 1796) original Carpenter immigrant

2 ..  John Carpenter (1762 – 1832-33) s/o John Carpenter (1731 - 1796)

2 ..  Robert "Robin" Carpenter  ( 1763 – 1850) s/o John Carpenter (1731 – 1796)

4 …………….. Jacob Carpenter  (1815 - between 1880 – 1900) s/o John Carpenter (1787 – 1873)

4 …………….. Eleanor Carpenter  (1824 – 1893) d/o John Carpenter (1787 – 1873)

4 …………….. Gillespie Carpenter  (1832 – 1903) s/o John Carpenter (1787 – 1873)

3 ……... Lucinda Carpenter  (1802 – 1841) d/o Robert "Robin" Carpenter  (1763 – 1850)

3 ……... Thomas Carpenter  (1804 – 1857) s/o Robert "Robin" Carpenter  (1763 – 1850)

3 ……... Aaron A. Carpenter (1817 – 1873) s/o Robert “Robin” Carpenter (1763 – 1850)

3 ……... Reason Silas Carpenter (1820 – 1895) s/o Robert “Robin” Carpenter (1763 – 1850)

4 …………….. Vincent "Big Vince" Carpenter  (1815 – 1903) s/o David Carpenter (1790 – 1862)

4 …………….. Elizabeth Carpenter  (1816 - ? ) d/o David Carpenter (1790 – 1862)

4 …………….. David B. Carpenter  (1828 – 1918) s/o David Carpenter (1790 – 1862)

4 …………….. Eleanor "Ella" Carpenter  (1830 – 1900) d/o David Carpenter (1790 – 1862)

4 …………….. Savilla Carpenter  (1832 – 1909) d/o David Carpenter (1790 – 1862)

4 …………….. Robert D. Carpenter  (1839 – 1916) s/o David Carpenter (1790 – 1862)

3 ……... Richard Carpenter  (1800 – 1863) s/o Joseph Carpenter (1771 – 1849)

3 ……... Elizabeth Carpenter  (1805  - 1875) d/o Joseph Carpenter (1771 – 1849)

3 ……... Lavina Carpenter  (1811 - ?) d/o Joseph Carpenter (1771 – 1849)

3 ……... Rebecca Carpenter  (1819 – 1909) d/o Joseph Carpenter (1771 – 1849)

The above 20 descendant outlines of the Carpenter family tree were selected as individual web pages based on their size.  The colored generation number followed by a dot-leader identifies the generation number these individuals would occupy in the integrated, 10.5 megabyte, family tree.  In other words, each of the above descendant outlines is part of, and has the same generation numbers that it would have in a single, integrated Carpenter family tree.*  Each descendant outline begins with the name of that branch and contains all of the available data for that branch, through the present.  Links, in the color green, can be found that will transport the reader between the first member of each descendant outline (the names in the list above) and the “parent” descendant outline.  The color of the generation numbers in the above table corresponds to the color code used for the Carpenter Family Name Index.  


Unless you know which specific branch you are interested in, it is recommended that users begin with the immigrant tree, John Carpenter (1731 - 1796), and follow the links to the desired Carpenter branch.  If you are not sure which Carpenter branch your person of interest is in, first locate them in the Carpenter Family Name Index, then go to the specific branch by clicking on that branch following the name.


For the convenience of the reader, the above web pages have been hyperlinked so that the entire Carpenter family can be read as a single family tree.  These links are in green to distinguish them from links that transport the reader to a different family trees of the named individual.


Click here to go to an alphabetical index of individuals within the Carpenter Family Tree



Provided by Terry Willis


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