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Brown Family of Monroe County, Ohio


William Brown private, Capt. Robert Connely’s Co., Col. Lambert Cadwallader’s 4th Pennsylvania regiment (DAR 117395) 


A decendant via the Mallorys joined the DAR based on William's service in the Rev War.



James C Mallory, son of Eleanor Brown, daughter of John son of William married Susannah Ellen Roway.   After he died, Susan married James' cousin Thomas Jefferson Hathaway, son of Sarah Brown, Eleanor Brown's sister:


(8) First Sgt James C Mallory 8 Feb 1835 near Paw Paw Grove, Vermilion Co. Illinois Enlisted Sgt 1st Class 7 Nov 1861,Joined Company F 46th Infantry 30 Dec 1861 Hospitalized 11 Apr 1862 died 10 Aug 1862 27 y 2 ms 3 d  (Adjutant General’s Report) St Louis Mo (in hospital) He became ill during the battle of Shilo. GAR #98 Silver Springs Cemetery, Stephenson Co. Illinois = 4 Jul 1858 by HW Linahen Freeport Stephenson CO IL bride under 18 (Marriage Index) Susan (Susannah) Ellen Rowray 1840 res Potter PA, came to US at age 3 from Germany, Lived in Ohio d 1874 Mo (brother John Wesley Rowray) (William Roway = Mary Spitler 4 Jul 1825 Union Co PA, this relationship is undetermined but they had a daughter Susie of Freeport) (John F Roway c 1800 Germany  = Mary Catherine____)  (After James’ death, Susan married 21 Sep 1862 Stephenson Co IL  (Minister of Seventh Day Adventist Church) Thomas Jefferson Hathaway 8 Sep 1831 Vermilion Co Stephenson Co IL “a red head” served in Civil War  d 28 Dec 1910 Media, Henderson Co IL bur Stronghurst, Illinois) She got a military pension for the boys, The children so they went to live with Grandpa Dewitt Clinton and grandma Ellen Brown) (Thomas Hathaway, father of Thomas Jefferson Hathaway, had married Ellen Brown’s sister, Sarah Ellen Brown, and they lived in Vernon Co. MO.  Sarah Brown was sister of Ellen Brown who married DWC Mallory) (Susan Rowray and Thomas Jefferson Hathaway had the following children: Sarah Ellen “Elia” Hathaway; Caroline Jane “Carrie” Hathaway 29 Jul 1867 Freeport d 8 Jul 1941 Salem OR = 2 Mar 1885 Nevada MO Frank Otto Needham; Zachariah Alonzo Hathaway; Charles Nippert “Charley” Hathaway; and Elizabeth Ameda Hathaway 16 May 1873 Media, IL d 1882.  Thomas J Hathaway married (2) 21 Nov 1881 Vernon Co MO Catherine Mary Holland  No known issue) After the death of Susan, Rev Thomas Hathaway married 20 Mar 1878 (div 21 Nov 1881) Catherine Mary Holland a prostitute. (Note: Robert Hathaway had children John, Thomas b 1808 = Sarah Brown, Mary = James Sprouls, Huldah = Israel Blayer, George 1816, Catherine = William Hays, Hannah c 1823 = John (Johannes) Stotser, Daniel = Mary Atkinson, Robert = Susanna, Nancy = Osborne, Isaac.  Robert and Susanna had a child John that ended up living with Hannah and John Stotser at age 9)

Robert Hathaway, born ca 1771 N.J., d. 4 Jan.1856, Lancaster Twp., Stephenson Co., IL; wife Mary, b. ....; d. before 1850 (from Deed records, Monroe Co., O); one descendant thought her name King or Kent. Robert appears: 1810 Fed. Census Harrison Co., VA., War of 1812 -

Roll of Capt. John Howell's Company, Belmont Co., OH, 3 Sept. 1813; 3 Jan. 1814; and 16 Mar 1814, as Sgt. 1820 Fed. Census of Belmont Co., OH, York Twp.; 1830 Fed. Census Monroe Co., O. Tax lists; 1841 Robert and Mary deed lands Monroe Co. to Yoho; 28 Oct. 1850, Fed. Census living with dau. Hannah and husband John Stotzer in Rock Run Twp., Stephenson Co., IL, with no wife.

Children from Probate File No. 1074, Freeport, IL (except Isaac):
Sarah ....m. William Hoskins
Mary b. 1801 VA .m. James Sprouls (Sprowels) 1821 d. 1885
Thomas b. c1808, VA
Huldah....m. Ismel (Israel) Blayer (Blair)
George b. c1816, OH
Catherine....m. William Hays
Hannah b. c1823, OH, m. John Stotzer
Jane .... m. James Cutler
Robert b. c1811 OH
Nancy m. Osborne
Isaac b. 1800, d. l854, Vermilion Co.,IL 1827.

 below are mentioned Sarah Brown's decendants via son Thomas jefferson Hathaway:



Note: ON SUSAN’S SISTER, KATE: I'm the granddaughter of Leslie A. Wickwire and (Katie) Catherine Rorer (Rowray.) We have seen Catherine spelled with a K also so we don't know which way she spelled it.   My father is, Ralph Emerson Wickwire born in 1890 in Lead City, South Dakota, son of  LeslieA. Wickwire and (Katie) Catherine Rorer.  In Genealogy of the Wickare Family on page 203 section 163 it gives information on Leslie and Katie  under his fathers name Nathan Orville Wickwire.   I don't have any further information other than to verify that on my fathers marriage certificate that Leslie and Katie were in fact married.   I do know that may father, Ralph, was born in Lead City, South Dakota so Leslie and Katie lived there for a time. The story as I know it was that they met in the Freeport area married then moved to South Dakota where the children were born. My father, Ralph, was the last of the children. The family moved back to the Freeport, Illinois area after my father’s birth, but I don't know what year that was or how many of the children came with.  Linda Lou Franklin (Wickwire) email:

 (Jack Rowray (

When Mother (Carrie Hathaway) was seven and Aunt Ella was eleven their mother, Susan (Rowray) passed away. (1874) They had adored her and their lives were never the same again.  Their father (Thomas Hathaway) left the five children with his parents, Thomas Sr and Sarah (Brown), and went West and traveled for years.

Grandfather (Thomas) Hathaway was a Seventh Day Adventist minister and he preached to the people as he traveled about the country.  He came as far west as Oregon during his travels and visited in most of the western states.  He carried a muzzle-loader shotgun with which he hunted.  He traveled by raft on the rivers and at times traded with the Indians.  He brought back Indian craftworkand he gave Mother (Carrie Needham) a pair of buckskin beaded mocaasins (sic) and a beautiful beaded purse which are still among the family keepsakes.  Later in his travels he went to Arkansas and Oklahoma, including the Ozark mountain region.  After Euell (Needham) was a young boy Granfather gave him the shotgun which Euell used for years to hunt with.

                        After Grandfather (Thomas) Hathaway grew older he quit traveling and lived with his children’s families.  He was loved by all of them and was always welcome in their homes.  He helped Mother (Carrie Needham) with the babies and work around the home.  She had a rocking cradle for her babies and Grandpa would set by the hour, rocking with his foot and singing to the babies.  He also lived with Uncle Charley (Hathaway) and Aunt Ada in Iantha, Mo., and helped take care of their youngest children.  Grandfather had a Civil War pension of $12 a month and he bought all of Lucy’s (Needham) baby layette.  He was an inventor and made lots of models.  He sold an invention of a well-driller when he was a young man and it was still in use in Missouri when he died.  He died at Uncle Zach’s home in the summer of 1910 and was buried at Media, Illinois.   Florence Serena Needham

                        Thomas divorced Catherine.  They were married March 30, 1878.…The plaintiff further complains that the said defendant after leaving him has become a notorious public prostitute, and has been the inmate of Houses of ill-fame at Nevada and other places and that she was at Nevada in May and June 1881 and was the inmate of a House of Ill-fame kept by one A. Brely and was there guilty of adultery and protitution with said Brely and other men to this Pltff unknown.”  The divorce was granted on November 21, 1881

(9) John Franklin “Frank” Mallory 1859 IL father IL mother PA (JJ on 1860 Census) = 10 Oct 1878 Julia A Stewart 1 Sep 1860 MO d 10 Oct 1894 bur Montevallo Cem, about 1 mile west of present Montevallo, MO (1880 Census Montevallo Vernon Co MO Franklin Mallory 21 farmer, Julia 19 Mo father Il mother NC, William Mallory ae 10 mo Mo)n   See Vernon Co marriage book  B for marriages between 1877  and 1881


 1901 census Kansas City Wyandotte KS

JF Mallory 1859 MO

William H Mallory  25

 J B Mallory 23

MS  Mallory 45


(10) William Mallory ae 10 months 1880 census Montevallo MO

NOTE: William Mallory c 1879 MO  cook Co IL hospital 1910


(10) Mayme Mallory 18 Feb 1887 Montevallo, Mo d 23 Apr 1975 Vernon Co, MO =20 Dec 1905 Nevada, Vernon Co.  MO James Harrison Hartzfeld 13 May 1884 Bronaugh, MO 29 Jun 1994 Bronaugh, Vernon Co MO (Gottfied Hatzfeld 27 May 1841 Gersbach, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany = 1865 Catharina Zillox 8 Jul 1844 Clearfield, PA d 31 May 1921 Veron Co MO bur McKills Chapel Vernon, MO) (Johann Christian Hazfelden 17 Nov 1803 Gersbach, Germany d 1864 Clearfield PA = Elizabetha Salomea Zumstein 4 Feb 1804 Thaleischweiler, Bayern, Germany d 1866 Clearfield, PA)(Larry Knarr

(11) Ollie Ermina Hartzfeld 23 Feb 1910 Bronaugh, MO d 26 Dec 1970 Denver, CO = 23 May 1933 Denver Co Charles Richard Roark 6 Aug 1914 KS

                    (12) Male Roark

                                       (13) six children


(11) Esther Wauneta Hartzfeld 10 Dec 1911 d 18 Sep 2002 Eldorado Butler KS   = 28 Feb 1942 Sharon Springs Wallace KS Frederick Dale Engler 22 Sep 1917 Topeka KS d Feb 1986 Topeka Shawnee KS

                    (12) Male                 

(11) Nellie Wynona Hartzfeld 23 Oct 1917 = 12 Jun 1943 Denver Co Kenneth Gibson Conrad 28 DEC 1917 in Geddes Charles Mix Co, SD d 28 Dec 1998  Hereford Cochise AZ

                    (12) four children

(11) Leona Lovene Hartzfeld 3 mar 1923 = 27 Nov 1943 Pratt KS Ross Eugene Bell 12 Apr 1911 Bucklin Ford Co KS

(11) Imojene Ovene Hartzfeld 17 Feb 1927 d 30 Jan 2003  Bronaugh Vernon co MO




(Farmer and Stock-raiser, Section 15, Post-office, Bronaugh).

As is implied by the name the subject of this sketch is of German ex traction and also of German nativity, his birth having occurred in Das Vaterland on the 27th of May, 1841. His career since his location in this country has but again borne out the fact which must be apparent to all— that wherever a person of German extraction settles his characteristic thrift, industry and perseverance soon show themselves in the substantial competence which comes to him. Mr. Hartzfeld came to the United States in 1856, settling first in Pennsylvania, where he lived until coming to this county some 15 years later. Brought up to an agricultural experience, he haa continued to follow that occupation, gaining for himself a substantial and comfortable property; his landed estate embraces 340 acres, devoted to the raising of grain and stock, and in the management of this place he endeavors to secure the best results for the labor expended— an undertaking. in which he is by no means unsuccessful. The improvements upon his farm are worthy of more than passing notice. In 1865 Mr. Hartzfeld was married to Miss Catherine Zilliox, daughter of Henry Zilliox, of Pennsylvania, and eight children have blessed their union: William F., Louis T., George A., Flora M., Charles M., Frank W., John H. and James H. He has held several official positions of trust while in this county, among others the offices of justice of the peace, constable, school director, etc., discharging his duties acceptably. It should have been mentioned before that Mr. Hartzfeld’s parents, Christian and Salome (Zumstein) Hartzfeld, were also natives of Germany, but the father emigrated to this country in 1854, his wife and family of five children following him two years later. They all settled in Pennsylvania, where the father died in 1864 and his widow in 1866. Godfrey was the fourth of their five children.




NOTE: Wilson Hartzfeld 1905 = estella 1913


Lewis Theodore hartzfeld = Jennie Waite 6 Oct 1870 IN d 21 May 1914 Bronaugh Vernon Co MO (Alex Wilson Waite = Catherine Ertel OH)


Godfrey Hartzfeld = Katherine Zilliox 8 Jul 1844 clearfield Co PA  d 21 may 1931 (Henry Zilliox GEr = Margueritta Weber GER


(9) Warren Hershel “Charlie” Mallory 20 Feb 1861 Rockport, Rock Run Twp, Stephenson Co, Ill 1880 Census Montevallo living with DWC age 19 d 20 Nov 1934 Clarks, Caldwell Co LA = (1) 11 Apr 1880 Vernon Co, Missouri Matilda Jane Ball 11 Dec 1862 MO 1880 Census Montevallo age 18 in household of DWC Mallory with husband (father born TN, mother MS) d 20 Oct 1958 Vernon Co MO buried Mallory lots Walnut Grove Cem, Cedar Co. Ohio  (2) 29 Jun 1906 Forrest Co. MS Cora Adriana McKinstry 20 Sep 1874 Paulding, Jasper Co MS d 2 Jul 1956 Grayson Caldwell LA bur Clarks Caldwell LA bur Old Bethel Cem Clarks LA (Elijah Hall McKinstry 16 Sep 1843 Jasper Co MS d 19 Dec 1924 Mobile AL  =9 oct 1867 Elizabeth Judson Morgan) (Newman McKinstry 1814 Richland SC d 13 Mar 1875 Paulding Jasper Co MS = Elizabeth Ann Lightsey) (John McKinstry) (Lt Wesley L Ball of TN, father of Matilda, died in Civil War Sep 1862.  Had a good ceremony in Vernon Co. Sat., dedicating new Confederate stone on grave of my GGGrandfather, Lt. Wesley Ball Father of Matilda Mallory, first wife of Herschel.  She was born 3 months after he was killed.  He left a 22-23 widow pregnant and with a one yr old son. out in the middle of nowhere.  Life must have been so tough “ Royal Cooper email 8 Oct 2002


[Note by webmaster:  The following appears to be data from a census.  It is garbled but included here because it may provide some usable clues or information for the researcher.]


7a  47  142 7   .   160 162 McKinstry  James H     Head   w   m   Feb   1872  28    m   1    .    Iowa      Pennsylvania      Pennsylvania   .  Farmer   .      .      yes       yes   yes   r    .    f       1     Alden Township 4 June 1900 .
7a  48  142 7   .   160 162 McKinstry  Nancy     Wife  w   f   Mar   1880  20    m   1    0     0    Michigan   Illinois      Michigan          .    .    .     .      .      yes       yes   yes   .    .    .       .     Alden Township 4 June 1900 .
7a  49  142 7   .   161 163 Conderman  Jacob H    Head    w   m   June  1838  61    m   33   .    New York  New York      New York   .    .    .    Laborer Day  .      yes       yes   yes   o    f    h       .     Alden Township 4 June 1900 .
7a  50  142 7   .   .   161 163 Conderman  Elizabeth   Wife   w    f   May   1838  62    m   33   4     4    Canada Eng    England     Ireland   1859 40   .       yes       yes   yes   .    .    .       .     Alden Township 4 June 1900 .




Mallory, Baby
  no dates
Mallory, Catharine Earle d/o D W C & E
  06-Nov-1846 + 23-Nov-1880
Mallory, David A s/o D H & M A
  27-May-1887 + 29-Feb-1888
Mallory, D W C
  20-Jan-1805 + 28-Aug-1896
Mallory, Harriett
  1842 + 1920
Mallory, Julia d/o W H & M J
  11-Nov-1890 + 30-Sep-1914
Mallory, Kattie Ellen
  d/o Francis M & Matida N
  21-Dec-1878 + 27-Jul-1882
Mallory, Matilda J w/o W H
  01-Dec-1862 + 20-Oct-1958


With Matilda Ball:

Myrtle E Mallory = 12 Dec 1895 Vernon co MO James E Gurwell

NOTE: Myrtle E Gurwell Apr 1881 boarder

And Ella (Eula?)  M Gurwell Nov 1899 “daughter “ living with Matilda in 1900

       See below:

NOTE: Unnamed child 24 Nov 1883 Montavallo Vernon co MO (Matilda Jane Mallory  listed as mother) Listed as 6th child of this mother


(10) MatildaMyrtis” Mallory d 12 Dec 1931 LA, CA bur Walnut Grove Cem. Cedar Co, Mo (Note: Matilda Mallory age 18 b Mo living in household on DWC Mallory. Father b TN, Mother b MS.) = 12 Dec 1895 Vernon co MO James E Gurwell

(11) Eula or Euhah (Note: Eula Mallory 22 mar 1936 d 23 Mar 2000 Mo)

(10) Julia Grace Mallory 11 Nov 1890 Montevallo Vernon Co MO d 30 Sep 1914 Suicide bur Walnut Grove Cem next to sister, Matilda = Dec 1906 Fred W Owens d 26 Jan 1947(They divorced and he had second family)

(11) Mildred Opal Owens 7 Aug 1907 d 2 Feb 1997 buried Olive Branch Cem = 16 Jun 1928 Herbert Brian Cooper

(12) Royal Owen Cooper 3 Aug 1929

(12) Jack Herbert Cooper 29 Jul 1932 d 22 Jul 1956 car accident

(12) Sherryl Lee Cooper 14 Feb 1935

(12) Beverly Ray Cooper 8 Oct 1936.

(10) Archibald Mallory 189?

With Cora McKinstry:

(10) Mamie Emma Mallory 22 Dec 1907 Hattiesburg d 19 May 1997 Monroe, Louisianna = May 1926 Robert Jefferson Gilbert 17 Apr 1907

(11) Hazledean Gilbert 17 Apr 1927 Clarks, LA d 17 Mar 1978 Houston, TX = (1) Aug 1943 Clarks, LA John Robert Simons of Logansports, Indiana (2) Jun 1954 Monroe, LA Rex W Landry

(12) John Robert Simons Jr. 18 Aug 1946 Shreveport, La d 17 Mar 1980 = Cecile Shepard

(13) John Lawson Simons 26 mar 1973

(13) Vicent Simons Dec 1975

(13) Helen Elizabeth Simons 31 May 1977

(12) Barton Andrew Landry 19 Mar 1955, Monroe, LA

(13) Andrew Landry Jul 1975

(12) Rex W Landry Jr. 7 Nov 1956

(11) Bobby Jean Gilbert 20 Mar 1929, Clarks, LA = 1963 Japan Sadaka________ 1 Mar 1941 Japan

(12) Bobby Jean Gilbert 28 Apr 1964, Japan

(10) Frankie Mallory 22 Apr 1910 still living on her birthday 2001 = Roland Thomas Kinney 27 Aug 1905 d 22 Apr 1978

(11) Roland Thomas Kinney 22 Mar 1928 Clarks, LA = 6 Dec 1948 Joretta Marline Reves 15 Dec 1931 (2) 17 Jun 1973 Betty Marie Adams 8 Jul 1936 Wilmont, AK

(12) Ouida Martile Kinney 25 Aug 1947 Columbia, LA = (1) 1969 Guy Owens (2) Danny Jermone McLure

(13) Jason Brent Owens 7 May 1970 West Monroe, LA d 20 Aug 1970 Monroe, LA

(13) Angela Christine McLure 19 Jun 1980 Monroe, LA

(13) Amanda Nicole McLure 4 Mar 1983 Monroe, LA

(13) Kimberly Lauren McLure 27 Nov 1984 West Monroe, LA

(11) Hershel Delmore Kinney 30 Nov 1931 d 20 Jan 1932

(11) John Edward Kinney 15 Nov 1934 Clarks, LA d 28 Dec 2000 Monroe, LA = 24 May 1957 Henrietta, TX Carol May Rich 24 May 1939 Grady, OK

(12) John Edward Kinney Jr 29 Feb 1960 Monroe, LA

(12) Cynthia Kay Kinney 30 Mar 1961 Albertville, LA = Gary Lee Hawes 27 Nov 1947 Minneapolis, MN

(13) Amber Nicole Hawes 2 Dec 1984 Hemet, CA

(13) Brandon Cody Hawes 24 Jun 1987 Corona, CA

(13) Ashley Leann Hawes 5 Jul 1988 Corona, CA

(13) Alicia Marie Hawes 19 Aug 1990 Riverside, CA

(12) Catherine Louise Kinney 11 Dec 1962 Hemphill, TX = Mark Camerin Brister

(13) Michael Christopher Brister 11 Dec 1994 Windson, CA

(13) Mathew Scott Brister 9 Oct 1998 Santa Rosa, CA

(11) Frances Louise Kinney 15 Nov 1936 Clarks, LA = 3 Mar 1954 Monroe, LA Robert Leroy Gilley 5 Aug 1937 Mangham, LA

(12) Robert Daniel Gilley 16 Dec 1955, Monroe, LA (1) 14 Sep 1974 Monroe, LA Marian Wennie Arnold 12 Jun 1974 Long Beach, NJ (2) 2 Apr 1994 Columbia, TN Karen Faye Lee Spies 14 Oct 1952 Holenwald, TN

(13) Stacey Renee Gilley 21 Jan 1976 Monroe, LA = 26 Dec 1994 Monroe, LA Timonthy Ronald Toutges 25 Aug 1969 Milwaukie, WI

(14) Shelby Nichole Toutges 25 Oct 1995 Clarksville, TN

(14) Lane Garret Toutges 8 Jun 1998 Clarksville, TN

(13) Robert Daniel Gilley Jr 7 Nov 1979 Monroe, LA

(12) Mark Randall Gilley 10 Jul 1958 Monroe, La = 12 May 1979 West Monroe, LA Patricia Ann Pack 12 Apr 1955 Miami, FLA

(13) Mark Randall Gilley Jr 1 Jul 1981 Monroe, La

(13) Marissa Rachel Gilley 15 Aug 1983 West Monroe, La

(12) Larry Wayne Gilley 9 Jul 1961 Monroe, LA = 14 May 1988 Monroe, LA Patricia Ann Hughes 31 Oct 1960 San Antonio, TX

(13) Jennifer Lynn Gilley 13 Mar 1991 Winston-Salem, NC

(13) Larry Wayne Gilley Jr 27 May 1994 Kilgore, TX

(12) Keith Alan Gilley 19 Oct 1962 Monroe, LA = 18 Dec 1982 Monroe, LA Cheryl Ann Impson 31 Jan 1962 Little Rock, AK

(13) Victoria Ann Gilley 12 Jul 1984 Monroe, LA

(13) Lee Alan Gilley 10 Feb 1987 Monroe, LA

(11) Charles Kinney Dec 1939 Monroe, LA d Dec 1939

(11) Cora Sue Kinney 12 Jun 1941 Olla, LA = (10 25 Aug 1959 James Wesley Jones 19 Oct 1941 Richland Parish, LA (2) 19 Jul 1974 Monroe, LA John Clamie Castle 24 Apr 1944

(12) Kimberly Sue Jones 4 Jul 1960 Fargo, ND

(12) Soundra Dean Jones 29 May 1962 Monroe, LA = 20 Jun 1992 Ruston, LA Barry Samuel Elmore 28 Feb 1964 Magnolia, AK

(13) Samuel Balcum Elmore 15 Aug 1997, Little Rock, AK

(13) Joshua Elmore 19 Nov 1999, Little Rock, AK



 Robert Hathway, father of Thomas who married Sarah Brown, had a daughter Hannah whose granddaugher Cora Wilkinson married Josiah Willard Mallory, grandson of eleanor Brown. 


Robert Hathaways son 'Daniel married mary Atkinson who was almost certainly a decendant of Cornelius Atkinson whose son James married mary Brown daughter of Matthew Brownwho is almost certainly brother of William.


Zeziah Atkinson married james mcCoy whose daughter amanda mcCoy marr ied William Hubbard Mallory  in Monroe Co.   William Mallory was youngest broth er of DWC Mallory who married Eleanor Brown. 


William H Mallory settled  on the land first cleared  on the banks of the Ohio by Charles Atkinson.


In 1798 or 1799, James Henthorn settled at the mouth of Sunfish Creek after moving there from the old fort on Wheeling Creek. His children were as follows: James; John; Henry; William; Adam; Ann; and Mary. He made improvements where Clarington now is located. At the same time, Charles Atkinson cleared 15 acres which later was known as the W.H. Mallory farm. In 1802, Alexander Newlen cleared 10 acres on the Joel Yost farm. Other settlers includes Elijah Johnson; James Scott; Robert Baldwin; James Walton; and Jonathan Rutter. William Powell settled at the mouth of Sunfish Creek and kept the ferry. The following persons settled along the valley of the creek in the order given: John Vandevanter; Peter Vandevanter; Andrew McKee; William McCoy; Joseph Blare; Matthew Brown; Richard Cain; and Samuel Buskirk. David Howell, Reuben Redman, and Reuben Sturgeon lived on the hills near the mouth of the Creek. Other large settlements were made by the Bowen family; the Roby family; the Twible family; the Preble family; the Gillmore family; the Davis family; the Ross family; the Watson family; the Jones family; and the Kyger family. These settlements furnished settlers for many other parts of the County -- especially further up the creek and on Will's Creek.

The first school was taught in a cabin on the farm of Charles Atkinson in 1804 or 1805 by his brother, Mitchell Atkinson. Soon after that time, he moved to Seneca Township and taught the first school there.




                           CORNELIUS ATKINSON - FRONTIER RANGER
William C. Hudson

The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research
Magazine - Volume XIII; June; Number 5, pages 123-128

Used with permission - For non-profit use only. No links from for-profit sites!

     Among the frontier rangers stationed at Ft. Augusta on the banks of the Susquehanna in the early days of the French and Indian War, was a young man named Cornelius Atkinson who thus introduced himself upon the American scene. In time he became the progenitor of many strong and sturdy pioneers. His descendants have generally shown a rather unusual sense of family loyalty and quite a number of them have paid honor to their ancestor by affiliating with patriotic societies. However so far as I can learn, the only published account of this man and his family is the one set forth in Hardesty's Historical Hand Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio, published in 1882 and now a very rare book, accessible to but few readers. Hence the writer deems it worth while to briefly recount the claim of this colonial and revolutionary ancestor to the memory of posterity.

     Ft. Augusta in what is now Northumberland County was one of the forts authorized and established after Braddock's defeat for the protection of the western settlements of Pennsylvania from attacks by the Indians. Cornelius Atkinson was listed as a private in Captain Joseph Shippen's company of the First Pennsylvania Regiment April 3, 1756 and on April 20th was issued clothing consisting of one coat, two pairs of leather breeches, one white shirt and two pairs of shoes(l). How long he had been in America at that time we do not know. He is said to have been born in Ireland in 1732, son of Robert Atkinson and wife both natives of that country. He settled in a region colonized by fellow-Scotch-Irish Presbyterians. He was in active service more than a year and later received a land warrant, presumably because of it.

     In 1758 he married Mary Cross in Northumberland (then part of Lancaster) County and within the next three or four years exercised his land warrant by settling on the south side of the Juniata River just west of its junction with the Susquehanna where his immediate neighbors were the Baskins, Kerl and Ellis families. This locality was then in Cumberland, but it is now a part of Perry County. On May 7, 1762, Marcus Huling, recently returning from Pittsburg, filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania authorities that the above-named families during his absence had occupied lands previously granted to him and that Cornelius Atkinson was encroaching upon his Onion Bottom lands south of the Juniata. The Pennsylvania Board of Property, at a meeting held October 27, 1766, decided that Huling held the prior warrant and appointed arbitrators to first set off Huling's land and then Atkinson's, giving due regard to the improvements each had made. (2) Huling was not satisfied with the award but his appeal from the decision of the arbitrators was denied.

     In 1774 Cornelius Atkinson was granted two tracts of land under warrant in Northumberland County and probably moved his family there as they were residents of that county at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Soon after the Committees of safety had become organized in Pennsylvania he enlisted, Jan. 14, 1776, as first lieutenant in the first company of the Second Battalion of the Northumberland county Associators (3). This battalion was in the command of Colonel James Potter, one of the original members of the Committe of safety. James and Charles Atkinson enlisted with their father, Charles being then hardly sixteen years of age. These boys started a career as frontiersmen patterned after that of their father, and for the next twenty years or more were frequently engaged in military service against the Indians or otherwise in defense of their country. Later in the Revolution the 3rd son, William Atkinson, enlisted in the Pennsylvania militia as a member of Robinson's Rangers. (4)

     Long afterwards in 1832, when Charles Atkinson applied for a pension for his Revolutionary services, he mentioned some of the duties performed by him and his fellow-rangers in 1779. (5) They guarded provision boats going up the Susquehanna with supplies for General Sullivan's army, and were also engaged in destroying an Indian Company which was boating green corn up the Susquehanna River from the Indian cornfields to their stockade at Tioga Point. The year following he was in the expedition against the Indians up the west branch of the Susquehanna.

     In the last years of the Revolution, Cornelius and his older sons were enrolled in the Cumberland County Militia and presumably returned to that county to live about 1781. Cornelius and some of his children, including William, continued to reside there until about 1800.

     After the Revolution the older children of Cornelius Atkinson married and founded homes of their own. Charles married Sarah McKnight but she died in childbirth leaving a child who was reared in the home of his uncle, Cornelius Atkinson Jr. This son was later to become noted as Brig. Gen. Henry S. Atkinson, U.S.A., Commander of an Expedition in the so-called Black Hawk War. (*SEE "Setting the Record Straight" below.) Charles Atkinson later married Elizabeth Stephens, Dec. 4, 1787. William Atkinson married, perhaps earlier in the same year, Mary McCoy, the eighteen-year old daughter of Lieutenant Thomas McCoy who had served in the 6th Pa. Battalion and been taken prisoner at Quebec. Mary's mother, Elizabeth Baskins, was daughter of James Baskins who operated the first ferry across the Susquehanna where it is now crossed by U.S. Route 22. James Atkinson married Mary Brown. In the early 1790's Charles Atkinson went to live on Ten Mile Creek in Green County, Pa. He, and probably his brother James also, engaged in defense of the frontier against the Indians and lived in a stockade fort near the present city of Waynesburgh. They both served in the campaign against the so-called Whiskey Rebellion. James was sergeant in Capt. James Seal's Company for 265 days and Charles was private in the same company. (6) Charles later served at Ft. Henry on the present site of Wheeling, W. Va. About the end of the 18th Century they moved to Northwest Territory on Sunfish Creek in what is now Monroe County, Ohio, where they were soon joined by their brothers William, Isaac and Mitchell and their sister Mary (Jones-Ingraham).

     These early Ohio Atkinsons took a leading part in the development of their new place of settlement. James was the founder of the village of Jamestown, now known as Cameron. When Monroe County was organized in 1813 William was chosen as one of the first County Commissioners and was later one of the founders of the Village of Clarington - named after Clarinda, one of the daughters of the clan. Isaac was first an associate judge and later represented his county in the state legislature, first as representative and afterward as state senator. Mitchell, the youngest brother and only nineteen years of age when he came to Ohio was the first school-teacher in Salem Township, the schoolhouse being on the farm of his brother Charles. He later became county surveyor.

     The sons and daughters of the pioneers were adventurous spirits and their lives were far from prosaic. Ruth, the youngest daughter of Charles, rode horseback to Illinois with her husband on their wedding journey. The men of the family took pride in their physical prowess. The oldest son of Charles, known as "Blue-head Jim," won many a bout at fisticuffs and claimed to be champion of the county in that rough pioneer sport. Their impetuosity and hardihood sometimes led to tragic endings: one engaged in some venture (the nature of which is now forgotten) on the Ohio River, and was never thereafter heard from; William Jr., (ancestor of the writer) met sudden and accidental death from a falling roof-log which he was vainly trying to lift in place at a "house-raising" after it had baffled the strength of others. (At a much later period one member of the family who inherited to a marked degree the size and strength of his forbears, and measured six feet seven inches in height, was facetiously nicknamed "Shorty Atkinson."

     While many of his descendants were pioneering in Ohio, Cornelius Atkinson was spending his declining years among those who remained on the Susquehanna. Cornelius Jr. had served in the militia, and later against the Whiskey Rebellion, but returned to the region of his upbringing. Having no children of their own, he and his wife reared Henry Sebastian Atkinson, the motherless son of his brother Charles. Keziah and her husband, James Martin, lived near the original homesite and had a number of descendants who lived in that part of Pennsylvania. The other two daughters of Cornelius Sr., Jane Robinson and Rebecca Clark, lived in Pennsylvania after their marriage, but we have no further information about them. Sometime after 1800 it appears that Cornelius, the Ranger, and his wife moved across the river into Halifax Township, Dauphin County, where the latter died in 1807. Cornelius died in 1815 and his son-in-law, James Martin, was appointed Administrator of his Estate. The following year his heirs sold Sheep Island at the mouth of the Juniata, which he had owned from 1767 till the date of his death.


Early Descendants of Cornelius (1732-1815) and Mary Atkinson (1736-1807)

1. James Atkinson, b. Pa. 1759; mar. (perhaps 1790) in Fa. Mary  “Aunt Polly” Brown 17 Jan 1778 Cumberland Co PA d 1859 Deer Valley PA, dau. of Mathew; served in Northumberland Co., Pa. Rangers, Pa. 1776-1780 and then in Cumberland Co. Militia. Later served against Whiskey Insurrection 1794; lived in Monroe Co. Ohio from about 1799 until his death, 1845.

     Children: (order of birth not known)
     11. First child died in infancy
     12. Margaret
     13. Rebecca
     14. Nancy m. William Ross; had several children
     15. Cornelius B. Atkinson
     16. Mollie m. Joshua Davis; 3 children.
     17. Kins Atkinson
     18. Jennie - m. Henry Ross; died 1888; had several children.
     19. Keziah, b. 1812; d. 1872; m. 1st William Lippincott (1811-1833), 2nd, William McCoy
          191-William Lippincott Jr. b. 1833, d. 1878, m. Nancy Shinn
          192-Amanda (McCoy) Mallory =William Hubbard Mallory; whose eldest brother Dewitt Clinton Mallory married Eleanor Brown, daughter of John Brown Sr., brother of the above Matthew Brown; John and Matthew being sons of William Brown who in turn came with brother Matthew came from Ireland and fought in the Revolutionary War.  Resided in Greene Co PA)
          193-Mary Ann (McCoy) Timmons.


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