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The following biographical sketches of early settlers in Monroe County as reproduced from a book titled, the "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio." The material for this book was taken from two nineteenth century books: (1) 'History of Monroe County Ohio,' a product of the H.H. Hardesty & Co., publishers, Chicago and Toledo, 1882 and (2) 'Caldwell's Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio,' a product of Atlas Publishing Company, Mount Vernon, Ohio, 1898. The "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio" was reprinted and is available from the Monroe County Historical Society.








ELAM DYE AMOS son of Robert & Elizabeth AMOS, was born in Benton township, Monroe county, OH, Jun 22 1852, and married in Washington county on Oct 30 1872, to Temperance Smith WELLS, born in the same county on Mar 4 1854, and daughter of Edward J. S. & Michel OWEN WELLS, born deceased. The children of Elam D. are as follows: Edward Wells, born Aug 24 1873; Elizabeth R., Mar 26 1877; Anna Michel, Sep 6 1881 all reside with their parents. Mr. AMOS is a merchant in Jackson township. Postoffice address, Centerview, Monroe county, OH.


NICHOLAS D. GARDEN a native of Wheeling WV was born Dec 14 1838, and settled in Monroe county in 1861. He is the son of Alexander GARDEN, whose death occurred Dec 11 1854, and Ruth P. WELLS GARDEN, settlers of this county in 1838. Ruth MUSSER GARDEN, wife of Nicholas D., was born in Jackson township, Monroe county, on May 22 1836, and married in the same place Sep 1 1861. Their children are: Kittie G., born Jan 31 1863; Peter W., Mar 2 1865; Alexander, Mar 17 1868; Anna B., Oct 16 1870; John A., Sep 27 1873; N. Wells, Dec 1 1875; Temperance M., Feb 18 1877 all reside at home. Mrs. GARDENs parents, John A., born Sep 19 1797, and Ruth WITTEN MUSSER, born Mar 15 1807, settled in Monroe county in 1830, were married May 25 1826, and died in the years 1857 and 1836, respectively. Alexander GARDEN was born in 1805 on the Highlands of Scotland; his wife was born in 1810 in Tyler county, old VA. Mr. GARDEN is the owner of 137 acres of land situated in Jackson township, section 13, town 2, range 4. He was elected to the office of commissioner of Monroe county on Oct 11 1881, which office he now holds and conducts the business on his farm. Postoffice address, Wittens, OH.


WILLIAM HAYTHORNTWAIT son of Richard & Mary PARKISON HAYTHORNTWAIT, born in Jefferson county, OH, Dec 5 1825, settled in Monroe county in 1846. His wife, Mary Ann, daughter of John & Elizabeth KNIGHT HAMILTON, was born in Monroe county, Mar 29 1827, and married in Perry township, Feb 17 1853. Their family consists of Lieuberta Jane, born Feb 14 1854, died in Apr 1856; Orpha Lidora, Mar 17 1856, resides in Washington county, OH; Margaret Ellen, Jun 17 1858, died in 1859; Missouri Belle, Aug 22 1860, resides in this township; Almira Jane, Sep 21 1862, died Dec 30 1877; Thomas Andrew, Dec 5 1865, resides in Jackson township, Monroe county; Lucinda Elonia, Feb 14 1871, also resides in Jackson township. Mr. HAYTHORNTWAIT has served for 12 years as treasurer of Jackson township, Monroe county, which office he now fills. Business, farming. Address, Antioch, Monroe county, OH.


WILLIAM HESS a native of Zellhamersbach, Baden, Germany, was born May 29 1822, and settled in Monroe county, OH, in May 1858. His parents George & Josephine FISHER HESS, reside in Baden. In the city of Pittsburgh, PA, on Jul 5 1850, William HESS & Mary Christina MALIS were united in marriage. She was born in Dannstadt, Prussia, on Apr 17 1828, and came to this county with her parents, John Godfrey and Johannah Dorrade Charlotte HOF MALIS, who settled at Butler county, PA, and who are now both deceased. The family result from this marriage are: Herman, born Apr 30 1851, resides at Wheeling, WV; William, Mar 11 1853, resides at Clarington, OH; Edward, Jan 3 1855; John, Oct 28 1857; Mary Terecia, Apr 25 1861; Thomas, Mar 5 1868; Joseph, May 22 1870; the latter five reside at home. Mr. HESS, by profession a machinist, was in the arsenal at Allegheny, PA, and also employed in those in Germany, Vienna, Switzerland, Strausburg, Hungary, Hamburg; and Zanesville & Cleveland, OH, and other places in the United States. He is now a farmer, and his postoffice address is Sardis, Monroe county, OH.



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