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St. Lawrence Community Church
25th Anniversary

Photos taken in 1951 at St. Lawrence School Gym
Photos by Lee Campbell of Lee's Studio, Miller, South Dakota
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L-R: Thomas Kelly, Brice Clegg, Mrs. John (Martha Meyers) VanZee, John VanZee, Joan Sutton, Donald Dennis, Leon Decker, Pastor, Mrs. Donald (Joan Magness) Dennis, Mrs. Zack (Ethel Berry) Taylor, Mrs. Clarence (June Sedam) Sutton, Louis Stechmann, Tudor Jones, Mrs. Frank (Ione DeLano) Clegg,  Mrs. Lu (Dollarhide) Magness Morrow, Mrs. Walter (Erma Magness) Brons,  Mrs. Glenn (Opal DeHart) Ross, Glenn Ross, Melville Thompson, Mrs. Melville (Fae) Thompson,  Jean Day, Missionary ?, Gordon Conkey, Mrs. Thurman (Evangeline) Dennis, George Ford,  Susan (Conkey) Benham ?,  Mrs. Harry (Ada Conkey) Lausen ?, Harry Lausen ?,  Mrs. George (Elsie Thompson) Ford, Mrs. Ruth (Blanchard) Jones Grewing, Mrs. Leon Decker, Mrs. Thomas (Helen Jones) VanZee ?,  Mrs. Gordon (Edith Jones) Conkey, Mrs. Albert A. (Effie M. Burlingame) Wharton.  Front:  Mr. & Mrs. Gordon (Novella Ellis) Magness.
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St. Lawrence Community Church
From Bring On The Pioneers - Scott Heidepriem 1978

   The St. Lawrence Community Church was founded in 1926, with 107 charter members, as a merger of two small denominational churches into one community church.
   The church originally met in the old Presbyterian Church, and was later moved to the former Methodist Church building.  A new educational unit was added in 1961.  The interior of the old church sanctuary has been redecorated, and in 1973 was refurnished with new pews and pulpit furniture.
    Pastors who have served the church from 1926 to 1977 include the Reverends D.E. Cleveland, J.T. O'Neill, Samuel G. Blumhagen, Norval A. Luke, Leon C. Decker, Norman A. Conklin, Donald E. Hoover, Robert L. Wieduwilt, and Richard R. Ransom.
* Several others have followed to the current date *
L-R: Mrs. Alice Resland, Mrs. Zack (Ethel Berry) Taylor, Mrs. Lu (Dollarhide) Magness Morrow, Glenn Ross, ______________, Mrs. Mel (Fae Smith) Thompson, ____________ ?, Louis Stechmann, Don Rock, Mrs. Harvey (Lefa Ford) Harris, Mrs. Walter (Erma Magness) Brons, Damaree Story ?, Mrs. Glenn (Opal DeHart) Ross,  Mrs. Vincent (Olive Davis) Story, Mrs. George (Elsie Thompson) Ford, Mrs. George B. (Mary E. Kenyon) Bingham *, Mrs. Frank (Ione DeLano) Clegg,  Mrs. Albert (Effie Burlingame) Wharton, Susan (Conkey) Benham, Mrs. Lew (Thelma Conerton) Choate, Mrs. Gordon (Edith Jones) Conkey, Henry VanZee , Mrs. Stephen G. (Jane VanRoekel) VanZee ??,   _____________?, ______________ ?,  Mrs. Louis (Flossie Wilson) Stechmann,  Mrs. James (Mabel Altenow) Magness, Mrs. Vivian (Magness) Hartman-Mitcheltree, Mrs. Tudor (Margaret Flint) Jones, _____________ ?

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