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Redfield, SD - Residences
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Eastern Star Home - Redfield, SD
Circa ?
Filmore Sanitarium
Redfield, South Dakota
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Email rec'd 7-4-2008
The photo you have of the Fillmore Sanitarium is of the old sanitarium which burned down about 1908. It was purchased by William Austin Fillmore in 1906, who had been a teacher and principal in Iowa and who had studied osteopathy at Cornell University. He and his wife ran a nursing home for the Redfield area.

William and Etta built a new sanitarium of 44 rooms with the latest equipment for healing, including a gymnasium and a steam heated swimming pool for water therapies in the lower level. William was able to complete the project before he died of a stomach tumor in 1910.

He left Etta with eight children, from age 14 to a baby who was born six months after he died. Etta and her children lived in Redfield until 1919. Their home was to the left of the sanitarium. William and Etta's graves are in the Redfield cemetery.

Karen Fillmore Nave