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Spink County, South Dakota
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~ Frankfort, SD ~
"Main Street"
Frankfort, Spink Co., South Dakota

Used in 1917

Album 1
Carolyn S. Rosemore - Webmaster
Frankfort, Spink County, South Dakota
Mainstreet - date unknown
These photos are NOT the same!  Note trees are same height, and the street looks the same -- BUT......

Top photo has NO power poles (bottom photo does). Note what appears to be a truck on left side of street. See the large two-story building (school?) at the far center end of main street (not present in bottom photo). See the white building on the near right side (not present in photo below).

bottom photo must be older, as you'll note hitching posts on left side. The large school (?) at end of main is absent, but a small building is to the right of the far end of main, which is not in the top photo! . Also note that there is NO white building yet errected on the near right side. IF top picture is newer, WHY does the older, bottom one show power poles when the newer one (?) doesn't?? 

I don't understand this. What am I missing here?? csr