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1930 Redfield High School Yearbook

Redfield, (Spink County) South Dakota

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The Pheasant
1930 RHS yearbook
RHS Senior Class 1930
Page Sr 3
Compare with unidentified Senior group photo on another page.

Carlton Cobb
Rapid City High School 1.2.3.

"Quiet and unassuming but always on the job."

Crystal Engel
Sigma Phi 4; Home Economics club 1,2.

"Patience is a flower that does not grow in everyone's garden."

Karl Gast
Junior play 3;  Debate 4;  Track 3.
"A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market."

Evelyn Gordinier
Boys' Glee Club accompanist 2,3;  Girls' Glee Club accompanist 1,4;  Mixed Chorus accompanist 1,2;  Orchestra 1;  Operetta accompanist 1,2,3,4;  First place in distric piano contest 1;  High School play 3,4; President N.H.S. 4;  Co-Red staff 1,2,4;  Sigma Phi 4;  Assistant business manager of the Annual 4;.

"Her fingers shame the ivory keys, they dance so light along."

Carol Gunnison
Orient High School 1,2;  Girls' Glee Club 3,4;  Mixed chorus 3,4;  Operetta 3,4;  Orchestra 4;  Business manager of the Co-Red 4;  Sigma Phi 4;  Business managger of Senior Class play 4.

"She has the will to do, the power to do, and, better than that, she does."

Olga Hagen
Orient High School 1,2;  Sigma Phi 4.

"A sunny disposition and an ever ready smile."

Florence Hagman
Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,4;  Mixed chorus;  Operetta 1,2,3,4;  Orchestra 1,2,4;  Secretary-Treasurer of N.H.S. 4;  All State chorus 1,2;  Sigma Phi 4;  Senior play 4;  Associate editor of the Annual 4.

"For that sweet melodious voice she has reason to rejoice."

Carolyn S. (Bingham) Rosemore

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The Pheasant
1930 RHS yearbook