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Ree Heights, Hand County, South Dakota
This file lists the students attending Ree Heights High School in Ree Heights, (Hand County) South Dakota during the school year, 1952-1953.

Information extracted from the 1953 "Chieftain" Yearbook by Carolyn S.Rosemore.

This file also lists faculty and names of students in the elementary classes 1-8.

Please note: "GRAD YEAR" is for reference only. The "year" indicates, at this point, when the student "should" graduate from RHHS.  However, some students transfer to another school, are held back, or never attend high school. Be aware that 1963 was the last graduating class from RHHS. High School students attended Miller High School beginning with the 1964 class.
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Blaseg               Verlin                12      1953
Fawcett              Harland               12      1953
Kost - S/T           William               12      1953
McGee                Marlen                12      1953
Schock - Pr          Alice                 12      1953
Steptoe - VP         Robert                12      1953
VanDenBerg           Arla                  12      1953

Beck - Pr            Delton                11      1954
Ellsworth - S/T      Robert                11      1954
Steele               Joan                  11      1954
Steele - VP          Delores               11      1954

Freeman - Pr         Edward                10      1955
Phinney - S/T        Bayard                10      1955
Steptoe - VP         Carole                10      1955
Sumption             Frank                 10      1955

Bouren - VP          Eldon                  9      1956
Deuter               Johnny                 9      1956
DuBois               Nancy                  9      1956
Hammill              Jeanie                 9      1956
Kelly                Dawn                   9      1956
Kelly                Kay                    9      1956
Kleinsasser          Dennis                 9      1956
Manning - S/T        Donald                 9      1956
McGee - Pr           Ray                    9      1956
Paine                Paul                   9      1956
Schock               Verlyn (m)             9      1956
Semmler              Darlene                9      1956

JUNIOR HIGH 7-8      Daryl DuBois            57 & 58
Beck                 Betty
Curtis               Jerry
Deuter               Evelyn
DuBois               Dallas
Ellsworth            Janice
Ellsworth            Karen
Fawcett              Dale
Fawcett              Rodney
Fox                  Marilyn
Kelly                Donald
Manning              William
Manning              Jean
Moody                Edward
Moody                Yvonne
Paine                Lynda
Phinney              Brent
Phinney              Carolyn
Schock               Arlene
Semmler              Newton
Steele               Barry
Steptoe              Mary

INTERMEDIATE 4-5-6   Sidney Ratzlaff         59-60-61
Bauer                Karen
Beck                 Erlyn (f)
Beck                 Dean
Cahoon               Mary
Curtis               Dean
Deuter               Dorothy
DuBois               Shyla
Ellsworth            Barbara
Engle                Marvin
Fawcett              Donald
Fox                  Charles
Grogan               Gayleen
Grogan               Larry
Hancock              Steven
Manning              Robert
McClendon            Ralph
Meyer                Phillip
Mins                 Lorna
Moody                Charlotte
Novotny              Kayleen
Novotny              Dennis
Novotny              Wanda
Phinney              Michael
Rychtarik            Patricia
Schock               Charlotte
Schock               Charles
Semmler              Lester
Steele               Douglas
White                Stanley

PRIMARY 1-2-3        Marie Foss              62-63-64
Bauer                Jack
Beck                 Warren
Bouren               Sharon
Cahoon               Judy
DuBois               Dwight
Kelly                LeAnn
Kost                 Kenneth
Manning              Joe
McGee                Dennis
Menning              Ronda
Meyer                Gary
Mitchell             Mary
Parish               Sharon
Pietz                Sharon
Pietz                Karen
Schock               Dennis
Schock               Patricia
White                Cheryl