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1955 RHHS Yearbook Area Business Sponsors
Ree Heights, (Hand County) South Dakota
BUSINESS NAME                     OWNER/MANAGER                     LOCATION

Andersen Creamery Terrace Pk/Lock Rasmus Andersen                   Miller
Barnes and Gray Abstract Co                                         Highmore
Bauer's Blacksmith Shop                                             Ree Heights
Beck Trucking Service                                               Ree Heights
Botsford Lumber Company                                             Miller
Bowl Arena                        Marvin Dennis                     Miller
Bushfield & Bushfield Attorneys   John & Harlan Bushfield (bros)    Miller
C.E. Hull, Inc (Ins & Real Estate)Clair E. Hull                     Miller
City Meat Market                  Arvin Moen                        Miller
Cowin's Service (Philip66)                                          Ree Heights
Crossman Hatchery                 Lee Crossman                      Miller
Dalton's Korn Krib (café)         Dalton                            Highmore
Dr. A. A. Anderson, Chiropractor  A. A. Anderson                    Miller
Dr. Gerald Boller, Dentist        Gerald Boller                     Highmore
Dr. Merrill Pangburn, Physician   Merrill Pangburn                  Miller
Dr. R. P. Glennon - Physician     Robert Glennon                    Miller
Dr. S. B. Wilkinson, Optometrist  S. Boyd Wilkinson                 Miller
Ed Bottcher (Chevy, Buick, Phil66)Ed Bottcher                       Highmore
Farmers Elevator Co (Grain/Lumber)                                  Ree Heights
Farmers Union Oil Co                                                Highmore
First National Bank                                                 Miller
Floyd's Lube Service                                                Highmore
Glen's Standard Station           Glen Barnholdt                    Ree Heights
Graham & Son Jewelry              Harold & James Graham             Miller
Green Lantern Café                                                  Miller
Habicht's Department Store                                          Miller
Hamill's Pheasant Food Store      Roy & Stella Hammill              Ree Heights
Hand Co Implement (JD & Mercury)                                    Miller
Hayes Lucas Lumber Co                                               Miller
Herbert A. Heidepriem Attorney                                      Miller
Highmore Cooperative Assn.(grain)                                   Highmore
Highmore Herald (News & Printing) John Perkins                      Highmore
Highmore Implement Co (Allis Ch.) Frank Ray                         Highmore
Hyde Co Implement (JD)                                              Highmore
J.C. Penney Company                                                 Miller
Jones Drug (Walgreen)             J.C., Mack & Jack Jones           Miller
Karst's Radio and Electric        Joe Karst                         Miller
Lee's Studio (photography)        Lee Campbell                      Miller
Magness Hotel & Silver Grill      Ben Magness & daughters           Miller
Main Street Service (Mobil)       Halbig & Meeker, owners           Miller
Manning's Store                   John Manning                      Ree Heights
Melhoff's Super Valu              Gottlieb & Rudolph Melhoff        Miller
Miller Beauty Shop                Millie Coss                       Miller
Miller Livestock Sales Co.        Knapp Bros. Magness Bros.         Miller
Miller Tire Shop                  George Aesoph                     Miller
Murphy's Shoe Shop                Steve Murphy                      Miller
Namanny's Café                    Hank & Ella Namanny               Miller
Nick Steele Trucking Service      Nick Steele                       Ree Heights
Nissen Motor Co (Ford)            Alvin Nissen                      Miller
Northwestern Public Service                                         Highmore
Paddleford Insurance Agency       Earl Paddleford                   Miller
Pantry Lunch                      Betty Kramps                      Miller
Peavey Elevators                  Ed Mastel                         Ree Heights
Ranch Café                        Dutch & Bess Bruns                Ree Heights
Rancho Western Wear               Andy Brothanek                    Miller
Ray Brothers Motor Sales (Ford)                                     Highmore
Reck Furniture & Funeral Home     Mr. & Mrs. O.E. Reck              Miller
Ree Electric Co-op (Hyde/Hand)                                      Miller
Ree Farm Equipment                                                  Ree Heights
Ree Heights Grocery                                                 Ree Heights
Ree Heights Produce                                                 Ree Heights
Sisk Standard Station             C.E. Sisk, Mgr                    Miller
Skeet's Recreation Parlor         Floyd E. Moore                    Ree Heights
Snow White Lunch                  Mrs. Avery                        Miller
Straights Service/Trail Standard                                    Highmore
Tomplins Service (OK & Mobil)                                       Highmore
Wagner Lumber Yards (High.Harrold)                                  Highmore
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