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1962 Ree Heights HS Seniors ~ and Parents
Ree Heights, Hand County, South Dakota
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Schock
Mr. & Mrs. John Iverson
Mr & Mrs. Herbert Freier
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Moody
Mr. & Mrs. Clare Cahoon
    We the seniors of 1962 dedicate this 1962 annual to our parents. It is with sincere gratitude that we do this, for all that they have done for us in our 12 years of school. They have instilled within us an art for the want of learning and putting our knowledge to use after having learned it. They have given, over the years, of their time, effort, love, in fact, all they had to give , in order that we might grow to be the highest type of individuals to make thhis world a better place to live in.
Charlotte Schock - William Freier - Stanley Iverson - Mary Cahoon - Charlotte Moody