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1951 Ree Heights Primary Grades Photo
Ree Heights, (Hand County) South Dakota
4th, 5th, and 6th grades
1951 Ree Heights Intermediate Class 4th, 5th, & 6th Grades
Lucille Schmidt - Teacher
Row 1:  Janice Ellsworth, Delores Leyson, Dot Dueter, Marvin Engle, Stanley White, Henry Seeley, Donnie Kelly, Brent Phinney, Dean Beck, Charles Schock.

Row 2:  Jean Manning, Jerry Curtis, Newton Semmler, Yvonne Moody, Rodney Fawcett, Barbara Leyson, Mal Mullaney, Dallas DuBois.

Row 3:  Douglas Steele, Wally Mullaney, Judy Kost, Donnie Fawcett, Karen Bauer, Everett Magnusson, Larry Grogan.

Note:   Mal and Wally Mullaney and Wanda Novotny moved before the end of the school year.
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