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Business & Professional Men
Miller, South Dakota
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 1. F.E. Saltmarsh, Grocery
 2. J.H. Cole, Attorney
 3. C.F. Erichsen, Meat Market
 4. C.H. Williams, Dray Line
 5. .M. Dunn, City Marshall

11. G.A. Stout, Foreman Press
12. S. L. Wilcox, Sheriff
13. G. C. Briggs, County Judge
14. L.D. Sweetland, Physician
15. T.P. Sutphen, Gen. M'dise

21. W. Hurst,
     Northwestern Saloon
22. G.C. Stoner, Photographer
23. Geo. Hazen,
     C&NW Operator
24. J.L. Keyes, Abstractor
25. William Miller,
     Original Townsite Owner

31. S.R. Wallis, Phy. & Surgeon
32. Geo. Preston, Harness
33. T.N. Wade, Harness
34. Charles Miller,
     Reg. of Deeds
35. J.D. Miller, Roller Mills

41. J. Pusey, Attorney
42. Thomas Kelley,
     County Treasurer
43. Ole Plomason,
     Owl Restaurant
44. N. Johnson, Confectionery
45. G. H. Carroll, Real Estate
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