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1950 Miller High School Sophomore  Class
Miller, Hand County, South Dakota
1950 Miller High School Sophomore Class -1
Opal Hofer, Advisor

Row 1:  Vincent DeRouchey, Doris Kittelson, Marcella Manning, Loranda Melhoff, Joan Hemmingson, Shirley Menning, Miss Opal Hofer, advisor.

Row 2:  Patrick Johnson, Bonnie Hall, Connie Miessner, Donna Johnson, JoDean Eschenbaum, Patricia Campbell.

Row 3:  Thomas Hines, Linn Neu, Orvin Bertsch, Larry Heinzerling, John Davis.

Row 4:  Maynard Deuter, Robert Fawcett, Gene Carr, James Lewis, Kenneth Darnell, Bernard Hoogestraat, James Johnson.

Miller High School Sophomore Class - 2
Joseph Hafner, advisor

Row 1:  Robert Wharton, Clayton Sisk, James Yost, Helen Stubsteen, Beverly Rickard, Ida Palmer, Mr. Hafner, Advisor.

Row 2:  Warren Skinner, Duane Robison, Davis Sutton, Wanelda Slunecka, Norene Stevens, Gleva Nielson.

Row 3:  Jacqueline Porter, Marilyn Slunecka, Steve VanZee, Orval Rogers, Harley Rediger, Evelyn VanCleave..

Row 4:  Jean VanDenBerg, Gwendolyn Osterberg, LeRoy Wangsness, Robert Nielsen, Rolland Nielsen, Deserre Saltness, Norma Wilson.
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1950 Miller Rustler
~ In Memoriam ~
Jerry Siemen, freshman representative of the 1948-1949 student council, was taken from our midst in June of 1949, the victim of a car accident.  Though Jerry had spent only one year in Miller High School, he had grown up in Hand County and was well and favorably known by young and old alike.  During his freshman year he took agriculture and was a member of the FFA.  His friendly character and jovial spirit will remain in our hearts forever.