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1948 Miller High School Sophomore Class
Miller, Hand County, South Dakota
This page was last modified by Carolyn S. Rosemore 16 May 2002

Other than  Senior photo pages,  early MHS yearbooks only had FIRST INITALS to idenify each person in a group photo. 

I have attempted to list each first name on these pages.  Where *blank*, it's because neither I, nor my sources could find nor remember. Sorry.
MHS 48 Sophomore Photo (1950)
Row 1:
Mr. Norman Colestock-Advisor, Lois Jean Morrison, Sharon Grogan, Joan Losey, Lila Hall, Vera Karge, Verna Faust, Delwyn Dearborn, Carolyn Cass-Student Rep, Charlotte Geiver, Lois Gerdes, Marlyce Dennis, Joyce Yost, Velda Diede-Vice Pres, Mr. Charles Wilber

Row 2:
Gloria Greg, B____(f) Egan, Della Johnson, Donna Ware, Adeline Sommer, Nancy Johnson, Betty Robertson, Barbara Cotton-Sec Treas, Joan Johnson, Maxine Gerdes, P____(f) Egan, Patsy Weise, Geraldine Schwartz, Theresa Keller

Row 3:

Merlyn Karst, Charles Donlin, Wesley ?(m) Eveland, Richard Titus, Harold Houck, Gary Lechner, Art Miessner-Pres, Gene Nelson, Lester Eschenbaum, Orlin Bahr, Morris Jacobsen, August Zimmermann

Row 4:
John Ryan, Michael DeRouchey, Dale Case, Wayne Wilson, Richard Wharton, Ralph Zeiger, Lyle Yost, Jerry Rogers, Willis Speirs, Keith Speirs, Robert Taylor

Not Pictured:
Dale Lacey & Mary Haefs