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1948 Miller High School Junior Class
Miller, Hand County, South Dakota
This page was last modified by Carolyn S. Rosemore 16 May 2002
1948 MHS Junior Class Photo  (1949 projected grads)

Row 1:
Miss Hofer-Advisor, Wilma Johnson, Virginia Hoogestraat, Dorothy Hemmingson, Doris Rediger, Darael Sorenson, Arlene Slunecka, Mr. Cook-Advisor, Shirley Likeness, Velda Gross, Elaine Blachford, Joyce Zemlicka, Maxine Huey, Clara Speirs, Miss Conner-Advisor

Row 2:
Janice Zemlicka, Marjorie Beaty, Joan Sutton, Neva Wilson, Dorothy Bies-Sec/Treas, Mary Lou DeGeest, Shirley Diede, Lenore Yost, Beryle Campbell, Darlene Russell, Lucille Fountain, Virginia Nuhring, Betty Lou VanCleave

Row 3:
Rhoda Kerber, Larry Melhoff, Auriel (sp?) (f) Ernst, Alice Nielsen, Lucille Swaney, Delores Jenner, Kenny Linn-Student Rep, Jack Ufen, Darrell Dean, Howard Stubsten, Connie (m) Manning-Pres, Billie (f) Joy, Joanne Egan, F____(f) McDonald

Row 4:
Charles Sisk (alone on row)

Row 5:
Neil Trotman, Charles Graham, L_____(m) Helsper, Dale Bridenbaugh, Darwin Heyd, Donald Rombough, Lyle Hall-Vice Pres, David Sligo, Howard Dixon, Charles Lowther, E Wayne Carr

Row 6:
William Haberling, David Lanz, Donald Phillips, Jim (m) Joy, Robert Brandhagen, Kenneth Speirs, Ronald Rombough, Robert Bute, Rodney (m) French, Jack Henninger, Terry Zimmermann

Other than  Senior photo pages,  early MHS yearbooks only had FIRST INITALS to idenify each person in a group photo. 

I have attempted to list each first name on these pages.  Where *blank*, it's because neither I, nor my sources could find nor remember. Sorry.