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1948 Miller School 7th & 8th Grade Classes
Miller, Hand County, South Dakota
This page was last modified by Carolyn S. Rosemore 16 May 2002

Other than  Senior photo pages,  early MHS yearbooks only had FIRST INITALS to idenify each person in a group photo. 

I have attempted to list each first name on these pages.  Where *blank*, it's because neither I, nor my sources could find nor remember. Sorry.
1948 MHS 7th Grade Class  (1953 projected grads)

Row 1:
Janice Weaver, Lee French, Maurice Karst, Duane Robinson, Keith Hall, Marie Reiman, Marilyn Trotman, Roger Engelcke, Dale Johnson, LeRoy Baker

Row 2:
Ruby Nelson, Mrs. Catherine Haigh, Patricia Lilly, Charlotte Diede, Mabel Haeffner, Mary Beaner, Beverly Jarmuth, Jane Hare, Roger Furman, Marvin Karge, Lenny Roth, Donald Schultz - not pictured: Dorothy Haefs
1948 MHS 8th Grade Yearbook Photo (1952 projected grads)

Row 1:
Charles Sisk, Marcella Manning, Shirley Menning, James Yost, Shirley Egan, Joan Hemmingson, Wanelda Slunecka, Helen Stubsten, Ida Palmer, Loranda Melhoff, Jacqueline Porter

Row 2:
Mr. _____Pfaff, Bill Eagan, Bernard Hoogestraat, Larry Rosemore, Ray Miessner, James Lewis, Maynard Deuter, B____ Waddell (f), Patricia Campbell, Connie Miessner, Leroy Wangsness, David Sutton, Gene Carr