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1943 Miller High School Freshman Class
Miller, (Hand County) South Dakota
This page was last modified by Carolyn S. Rosemore 12 Jul 2002
1943 MHS Freshman Class - Miller, Hand County, South Dakota
Projected 1946 grads)
Mr. Howard Schoof & Mr. Palmer Skalland, Advisors
Row 1:
Mildred Kast, William Wharton, Bob Erlandson, _____ Sargent (m), Eugene Porter, Keith Yost, Donald Pangburn, Bernard Coss,
Nellie Yada

Row 2:
Mr. Howard Schoof, advisor; Dorothy Abernathy, Sheila Hayes, Elizabeth Glennon, Beverly Clement, Mildred Adkins, Julleane Haberling, Rosemary Molyneaux, Marcia Rogers, Merrilyn Pangburn, Mavis Steinleitner, Lillie Mae Kerkhoff, _____ Fisher (f), Rose Wilson, Mr. Palmer Skalland-advisor

Row 3:
Keith Warren, Wilma Sligo, Mary Ida Losey, Mary Abbott, Evelyn Keller, Lauretta Johnson, Blanche McKinney), Phyllis Winsell, Delores Almond, Lois Hackett, Hannah Gortmaker, Bess Yerdon (f), Roberta Morrison, Marylou Rush, Lyle Droppers

Row 4:
Darrel Schwartz, Harold Johnson, William Leckner, Jack Haverstock (m), E_____ Keller (m), Carl Stebbins, Frank Henderson, _____ King (m), Alvin Sommer, Gene Smith, Leo Henninger, Darrell Chipman, _____ Funk (m), Harley Staufer

Not pictured:
P. Haberling (?), _____ Hancock (?), LeRoy Hare, Roger Hines, Margaret Parmely

Many early MHS yearbooks only had last name and maybe a first initial to idenify each person in a  group photo. Senior photos had full names. 
I have attempted to list each first name on these pages.  Where *blank*, it's because neither I, nor my sources could find nor remember. Sorry.