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1928 Miller High School
Yearbook Sponsors
Miller, (Hand County) South Dakota
The Rustler
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1928 Yearbook
John Stone
W. E. Burke
G. W. Wilcox
Scenic Theatre
W. D. Johnson
W. J. Halbower
Princess Theatre
Babbitt and Sisk
Collins and Shaw
Wallace McCullen
Bohning Brothers
The Miller Press
The Green Lantern
Bohen's Shoe Shop
Hand County Bank
Dr. W. G. Redmond
Mrs. J. T. McCullen
George S. Edgington
Habicht and Habicht
George A. Dornberger
Hagin and Gregory Hospital
Carr and Schroeder Hardware Co.
E. O. Reck
J. R. Hewitt
Abner Harris
Miller Gazette
S. W. Murphy
The Coffee Cup
Miss Lillie Mead
Dr. E. H. Wilson
James J. Murphy
Miller Tailor Shop
The Fashion Shop
Harlan J. Bushfield
Miller Photo Studio
First National Bank
Mrs. J. B. Schmoker
Dr. J. E. Paddleford
Templemen's Market
Andersen's Creamery
Botsford Lumber Co.
Model Clothing House
Hayes Lucas Lumber Co.
Businessmen, professionals and individuals who sponsored the first MHS yearbook