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Highmore, Hyde County, South Dakota
South Van Order School No. 19
Souvenir Booklet 1946
Sept. 10, 1945 - May 24, 1946
Clement Nichols, Teacher
Last updated by Carolyn S. Rosemore 20 Jul 2003
Clement Nicholas - Teacher
J. F. Hines - State Supt. Public Instruction
Mrs. Violet W. Larson - County Supt.
Ed E. Paul - Chairman
C. C. Nicholson - Treasurer
Mrs. Clara Bonnichson - Clerk
Robert Freier
Darlene Cottrill
Verneal Patterson
Velda Patterson
Elaine Halbert
Patricia Paul
Leroy Halbert
Milton Patterson
Gene Patterson
Leonard Cottrill
Deloris Paul
John Cowin
Note:  Names transcribed to the best of my ability to read them. Booklet may also have some names misspelled. See Cowin... Cowan??