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The above photo of the Highmore High School Sophomore class of 1926 was scanned from a HISODAK yearbook dated "1927".  It is my understanding that even though the Senior Class was 1926, the Junior class may have published the annual and wished to have their year of graduation marking the yearbook.  It was confusing me, as every other yearbook I've seen has had the date/year of the current senior class.

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This page was last modified by Carolyn S. Rosemore 18 Aug 2006
1926 Highmore High School Freshmen Class
Hisodak Yearbook

Highmore, (Hyde county) South Dakota
Top Row: Lionel LaFortune, Francis Marso, Franklin Hunter, Leslie Thomas, Harold Oxwang, Holger Christensen, Patrick Lynch, Earl Clabaugh, Russell Everlein, Leo Kjelmyr.

Middle Row: Stewart Taylor, Everett Sherer, Jay Prostrollo, Wesley Yeandle, Max Helman, Wallace Yeandle, Albert Brueck, Alice Kozel, Mary Stransky, Mildred Weber, Frances Bouzek, Marion Hanson.

Bottom Row: Hannah Elfrink, Letha Rubendall, Irmagarde Baker, Nadine Freed, Marjorie Eberlein, Shirley Pilkington, Gladys Henderson, Lorna Sunding, Marie Snider, Dorothy Reisner, Ruth Dittmann, Elaine Goehring.

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