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Ree Heights Review
Ree Heights, (Hand County) South Dakota
1915 Obits & Death Notices
The following were reprinted in a column by Stella (Voelker)  Hammill Conerton called :kcaB gnikooL (Looking Back:) from her personal collection of old, original Ree Heights Review newspapers.
Note the "flowery" writing style of the early-day publishers.
Mrs. Abi T. Huntley;  Pub. 1915-01-22;  DN:  Word has been received of the death of Mrs. Abi T. Huntley, who was pastor of the Ree Heights Church for several years in the early 1890's.  Her husband served as minister of the Highmore Church.  The pastor of Ree Heights was not well, so her sympathies were appealed to by Ree Heights, and she held his services for him until he and his wife became convinced that his illness would prevent his resuming the work.  She held this position until 1904.
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