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Page updated by Carolyn S. Rosemore 7 Mar 2009
VOL. 6.     ST. LAWRENCE, SOUTH DAKOTA, FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1913.     NO. 39
The School Board Met Tuesday and Awared Contract to H. F. Stolte, Redfield.
The School Board met Tuesday afternoon to open and consider bids for the construction of a new brick school house.  The contract was let to H. F. Stolte, of Redfield, whose bid was $11,301.00.

A. E. Burton secured the contract for excavationg the basement, work upson same to begin at once.

Locals and Personals
Old Settlers Picnic
The old settlers of Norh Hand County, S. D. Will hold their 22nd annual picnic in Pringle's grove, June 21, 1913.
11:30 a.m. Band music.
Invocation by Rev. G. T. Mathews.
Address of welcome by S. E. Thomas..
Response by Rev. J. E. Reynolds.
1:30 p.m. Address by Rev. J. H. Kearton, of Miller.
Band music.
Reading by Miss Frances Hill.
Address by J. J. Sell, of Redfield.
Reading by Walter Loomis.
Ball game, L. L. Sisson and Leslie Bobseen managers.  Purse, $20.00.
Ball game for boys 16 years old or under; purse, ball and bat.
Tug of war, ten men on each side.  K. M. Linn,
Geo. Bingham managers.
Various other sports will be had and liberal purses awarded.
Mangers C. Lawson, A. Lawson, K. M. Linn, O. Kramer, D. Joyce, Frank Teller, and A. A. Wharton.
Marshals, Chas. Lawson and L. L. Sisson.
No gambling or liquor allowed on or near the grounds.
For franchises see executive committee.
S. W. Thomas, Pres.
H. W. Bornhurst, Sec.
John Bartlett
K. M. Linn
L. McDonald
L. L. Sisson
A. Lawson
L. Stechmann, assitant cashier in the First State bank, is away on a two-weeks' visit at his home, Sanborn, Minnesota.

Miss Louise McCool, of Indianola, Iowa, s visiting at the hoome of her uncle and aunt, having arrived yesterday forenoon.

Mrs. Olds and two little girls, of Chicago, Ill., were met here on their arrival yesterday forenoon by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Sorensen, whom they came to visit.  Mr. Sorensen had not seen his daughter in 13 years.

Magness Bros. shipped a car load of horses to Pennsylvania Wednesday.

F. P. Calkins shipped a car load of hogs to Sioux City, Iowa, last Saturday.

Miss Fay Reeves, who attended college in Huron, arrived home last Saturday night.

J. R. Magness, of Council Bluffs, Iowa, arrived here last Saturday night to spend the summer, for the benefit of his health.

Miss Alta Reeves, who attended high school in Huron the past term, arrived here on Tuesday's night passenger to spend her vacation at home.

No services were held in the Presbyterian church Sunday evening in order that all who wished might attend the Children's Day exercises in the Methodist church.

Mrs. O. V. Breese and little son returned to theiir home in Lincoln, Nebraska Wednesday evening after an extended visit with relations and friends in town and vicinity.

Bro. Waterman, of the Ree Heights Review, who was a delegate to the Hand county Sunday school convention held here last Saturday, made us a pleasant visit.  Call again.

The annual school election will be held June 17, at which time a chairman of the school board will be elected, and the terms of all appointed officers also expire and will have to be elected.

The Hand county Sunday school convention held here in the Methodist church last Saturday was fairly well attended.  We had hope to give a more extended account of same, but no report has been handed in.

The Misses Myrtle and Annie Clegg left on yesterday's evening passenger to cross the Atlantic ocean enroute to England, where they expect to visit a couple of months.  Their friends wish them a safe and pleasant trip.

J. C. Webster, who succeeded C. C. Porter as station agent at this point, went to Harrold Wednesday forenoon to take charge of that station, and W. A. Mikesell, who has been agent at Vayland for the past four years, took charge of this station.

Bert Van De Veen, of York township, departed Wednesday for Holland, Michigan to meet his betrothed who was expected to arrived at the above-mentioned place that day from Holland.  We understand that Bert and his bride will return in a few days to start housekeeping on the farm.

About one hundred twenty-five friends gathered Tuesday night at the S. S. Roberts home and spent several hours very pleasantly, the occasion being a sort of farewell reception for Rev. G. Issac, who departed yesterday evening for his old home in Wales, where he will visit for a few months and then return here to resume his position as pastor of the Presbyterian church.  His many friends here wish him a pleasant visit at his old home and a safe voyage over and back here again.
+++ continued next column +++
Locals and Personals
O. D. Thompson has been under the weather for the past few days.

Eleven more persons became members of the Presbyterian church last Sunday.

Mrs.. S. W. Withrow, of Missouri Valley, Iowa, sister of Mrs. Grover Magness, arrived here on Monday's night passenger.

Delano Starr arriived Wednesday forenoon from Sioux City, Iowa, where he has been attending school at Morningside college.

On account of an accident happening to F. A. Altenow's aged mother, he and his wife and daughter were compelled to postpone their return home from California.

Rev. Notson, of Huron, district superintendent of the Methodist church, was in town Tuesday to look after matters pertaining to the camp-meeting which begins next Thursday.

B. F. Magness, accompanied by his wife, and sister, Mrs. C. W. Miller, drove down 20 miles wouth of Harrold Wednesday to visit at the home of the Mesdames Magness and Miller's sister.

The Baraca-Philathea class met at Rev. Walsh's home Wednesday night.  The forepart of the evening was spent in playing games on the lawn, after which the rest of the time was spent by enjoying music and refreshments.  Everyone voted having had a good time.

Miss Anna VanBrunt left on Tuesday's morning passenger enroute to Boston, Mass., where she will join Mr. and Mrs. J. M. King and daughters and all sail on the 14th inst. for EUrope.  Miss VanBrunt and the Misses King intend to return soon than Mr. and Mrs. King, who expect to visit the Holy Land before returning home.  May good luck attend them.

Beginning with next Sunday, Mr. Clement THomas, of Wales, will occupy the Presbyterian pulpit during the summer, or until Mr. Issac returns from his visit in the British Isles.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Thomas, of Wheaton township, were delegates to the Sunday school convention here last Saturday.  While here Mrs. Thomas also visited with her sister, Mrs. J. L. Flint.  Mr. Thomas, in the meantime, consulted one of the dentists in Miller.

Mr. and Mrs. L. Lorbeer, of Pearl township, mourn the death of their daughter who died in Miller last Sunday night, where she had been taken with the intention of taking her to Pierre for treatment on the night passenger.  Bronchial pneumonia is said to have caused her death.

[I believe her name was Norena M. approx 12 yrs. old.  Buried GAR cemetery, Miller, SD  Blk 29, Lot 11 along with parents.  Poss. No stones.

I have found a stone for an Elnora "dau of L. LAbeer (think engraver's type on the "A") b. 8-22-1892/d. 3-23-1907 - Blk 10, Lot 14.  Have not determined if another daughter. csr]
QUINN - Theodore Hildebrandt, 10-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hildebrandt, who live eight miles north of this place, was killed by lightning during a recent electrical storm.  The bolt struck the house underneath the eaves on the north gable, passed through the boys' bedroom upstairs, went down between the walls into the kitchen, through the kitchen and dining room and then into the sitting room where the boy was lying on the floor.  The bolt passed over the feet of the lad's mother, who was sitting in the same room, but merely stunned her.

HIGHMORE -- George W. Baughman and Miss Emma Davis, both of the place, were married at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. M. Harry O'Brien, Wednesday,  Rev. S. W. Pollard, of the Congregational church officiating. Mr. Baughman recently purchased the West hotel of this city, and will take charge of the same about July 1.

CHAMBERLAIN -- Because no one can be found who is willing to accept the office of postmaster, the postoffice at Waterbury, one of the historic villages of Jerauld county, is to be discontinued.  Numerous democrats reside in the vicinity, but none of them could be induced to accept the office.

MILLER -- The suit here against The Iowa Bridge Company to have the last contract for building bridges in the county annuled, brought by 400 taxpayers who believed the price too high, was transferred to the federal court, and probably will be heard at Pierre at the next term.

MILLER -- The golden wedding anniversary of A. J. Gifford and wife was celebrated here yesterday.  They are among the very first settlers of this secttion.  Sons and daughters from Pierre, Hitchcock, Alexandria, and other places were present, besides grandchildren and friends.
[Both may have died 1920..bur. GAR cem B 26, L 2 stones? ..csr]

WAKONDA -- Taking robins for game birds and shooting and killing one of them, cost J. M. Shafroth, a traveling salesman, $15, when he was arrested and taken before a local justice, a fine of that sum being imposed.

PLANKINTON -- C. D. Raitt, a farmer, was awarded damages of $75 against Peter Theiry, a neighbor, because the latter permitted his chickens to run in Raitt's wheat field.

ABERDEEN -- Joseph L. Carlisle, a pioneer of Aberdeen, dropped dead in the Methodist Espiscopal church yesterday morning just as the baccalaureate services for the graduating class of the Aberdeen high school began.  Mr. Carlisle was 70 years of age, a native of Michigan, and served through the civil war as a member of the Twenty-fifth Michigan Infantry.  In 1881 he settled in this county.

WHITE OWL -- Sheiff Collins arrested Elmer Simons here today and took him back to Sturgis.  Young Simons has been sued for breach of promise by a young widow residing here.  He spent some time in Montana and slipped back home, but the sheriff got wind of his arrival and nabbed him before he could make a second escape.

DOLAND -- Being struck on the back of the head about 18 months ago with a hay sling is having an unusual effect on Henry Duerkup, Jr., of this place.  As a result of the injury to his head, his eyesight has commenced to fail, and specialists have been engaged to prevent, if possible, his becoming entirely blind.

HURON -- Otto Peterson, the 21-year-old son of  S. C. Peterson, of Agar, SD, was struck by lightning in the storm Monday night and instantly killed.  He is a nephew of Carl Peterson, of this city.

+++ continued in next column +++

WEBSTER -- News has reached here of the marriage in New York on May 28 of David Williams, president of the Farmers and Merchants National bank, of Webster, and vice president of the First National bank, of Duluth, Minn., to Mrs. Elizabeth B. Gilbert.  The couple has sailed from New York for a foreign trip.

GETTYSBURG -- Ben Robinson and Bert Clark, young men of the town, have been missing for several days and mystery surrounds their whereabouts.  They were last seen shortly before a circus train left Gettyburg, but as they had previously had trouble with some of the circus men. it is not believed they went with the circus.

WHITE OWL -- Normally strong and rugged, Hugh Devine overtaxed his heart in fighting a prairie fire that destroyed his home last fall and the aliment continued to devop until it resulted in his death a few days ago.  He had driven over this section as a liveryman and was known and liked by a large number of people.

CLARK -- Walter M. Ball, former county treasurer and clerk of courts of Clark county, died of paralysis at his home in Darlington county
[ S.C. ?? ...csr] aged 50 years.  He came to Clark county in 1882, and was prominent in politics for many years.  He was a blachelor.

DEADWOOD -- While autoing near Spearfish Mrs. A. J. Clark, of Lead, wife of the chief chemist of the Homestead Mining company, was severely injured when the car turned over.  Mr. Clark was slightly injured, but the other two occupants of the car escaped injury.

Brookings -- Worry over the litigation resulting from a dispute between her husband and a neighbor, caused Mrs. Gudehus, wife of a well known farmer living near Brookings, to lose her mind.  She is receiving treatment here and efforts are being made to restore her reason

GARRETSON -- Mr. and Mrs. Lars Hove, residing on a farm four miles from town, have just celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.  They have resided in this vicinity for almost 40 years, having been among the pioneer settlers of this part of the state.

Centerville, S.D. - June 6. -- Irving Anderson, 6-year-old son of J. A. Anderson, who resides eight miles southeast of here, was accidentally killed by a gunshot.  The little Anderson boy,, with four other children, was playing in a toolhouse.  A loaded shotgun was standing against a work bench.  In some manner it was knocked to the floor and went off.  The charge of shot entered the lad's face, killing him instantly.



Cottonwood, S. D. - June 6 -- A whipping affair which has created considerable excitement took place at this place recently, in which Mrs. R. K. Turner publicly horse whipped Mrs. John Slack.  The affair took place in front of the hotel.  Mrs. Turner demanded an apology of Mrs. Slack for remarks made detrimental to her character.  The punishment was so severe the recipient had to have medical attendance.  Mrs. Turner was arrested and will be tried for assult.



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