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Page updated by Carolyn S. Rosemore 7 Mar 2009
VOL. 6.     ST. LAWRENCE, SOUTH DAKOTA, FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 1913.     NO. 38
Locals and Personals
Locals and Personals
About three-fourths of an inch of rain fell last Saturday evening.

P. C. Arends and C. E. Sorensen captured seven young coyotes Sunday.

R. T. Sedam attended the state G.A.R. Encampment in Aberdeen this week.

Children's Day exercises will be held in the Methodist church next Sunday evening.

The Misses Emma and Etha King are home from Mitchell on their summer vacation.

Mrs. E. E. Sedam and children, of Bushnell, arrived Saturday to visit relations here and in Miller.

The Misses Maude and Grace Swab attended the graduation exercises at Mitchell college Wednesday.

The supper given by the Ladies of the Presbyterian church brought them in between $17.00 and $18.00.

Harry Kenyon, of Burdette township, is one of several in his neighborhood who purchased a new automobile recently.

The camp meeting for this district will be held in the grove here beginning June 19, and will continue until June 29 inclusive.

Mr. & Mrs. F. A. Altenow and daughter, Miss Mabel, are expected home today from their winter's sojourn at Anaheim, California.

Last week Thursday afternoon, Johnnie Van Vranken and George Breese gave a party in the grove to quite a large number of their yourng friends.

R. S. Shephard, clerk of the school board, took the census of school children this week and found that there were 64 boys and 65 girls of school age in this district.

Loren Pennock has secured a position as barber in Wessington and came up to accompany his mother and daughter Wednesday to that place where they have taken up their residence.

Miss Jennie Swab graduated from the Normal department of Mitchell college Wednesday and arrived home to spend her vacation that night.  This fall she will have charge of a room in the high school department of the Elkton schools.

B. P. Scoville, who stays at the State Soldiers' Home at Hot Springs, left on the 1st inst.
[ first installment ? ] on his annual tour to visit relations and friends.  He will reach here some time next month.  He wrote that that section was visited by a 3-inch rain fall on the 29th ult. [ "ult." - I haven't a clue what that is....csr ]
++ continued next column ++
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. King departed for the East last Saturday morning.  Before starting on their trip to Europe they intend to visit in New York City, Washington and Boston.  They will be joined by their daughters, the Misses Bertha and Frances, at Washington and then proceed to Boston, from which city they expect to sail on about the 14th  on a tour of Europe and the Holy Lands, extending over a period of at least three months.

Two painters were engaged this week painting the Eagle elevator.

J. L. Jones and family now enjoy auto riding in a new Velie car purchased recently.

A. R. Hannum, of Gilbert township, recently purchased a new Studebaker automobile.

Mrs. A. Tyler entertained a number of the ladies of the Presbyterian church at her home in Alpha township, yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Sayre and son, of Hills, Minnesota, arrived here in their auto last night, we believe, to visit with the B. F. Magness and C. W. Miller families.

Mr. and Mrs. Eddy, of Spring Lake township, were in town on Wednesday to meet two lady relatives, who arrived on the forenoonn passenger for a visit.

All the friends of Mr. Issac are requested to meet with us at the  home of Mrs. S. S. Roberts on the evening of June 10 to wish him bon voyage on his trrip to his home country, Wales, and a speedy return.

C. H. Williams, accompanied by Clifford Hudson and Vern Cotton, left on Wednesday's evening passenger enroute to Minneappolis, for the purpose of returning with an automobile for the lastest type for Frank Hudson, of York township.

Did You Know It?
By looking over the columns of the News you would hardly realize that St. Lawrence has over fifteen different lines of business represented by about twenty business men and mechanics, would you?  It's a fact, and here's the proff:
One bank
One hotel
One drug store
Two dray lines
One livery barn
One barber shop
One lumber yard
One butcher shop
One bargain store
Two general general stores
Two cream stations
One blacksmith shop
One automobile garage
Four grain elevators and warehouses.

It may be barely possible that St. Lawrence has outgrown the need of a newspaper to show that it is still on the map and doing business.  If so, its our move.
Park Notice.
I have been informed that stock is being pastured on the Camp-meeting ground.

Notice is hereby given that all stock must be kept off the ground.

By Order of Board of Trustees.
C. L. Starr, Supt. of Grounds.  (adv)
[Professional Cards removed from this issue to make room for more news]
VOLGA -- Adolph Opdahl was badly hurt when a scaffold, upon which himself and another man were working, collapsed and precipitated them to the ground.  While falling, a cement block weighing 60 pounds, struck him a glancing blow on the head, inflicting a deep gash.

REDFIELD -- Everything indicates that there will be a good attendance at a good roads convention, which is to be held here on Saturday, June 7.  Gov. Frank M. Byrne will be among the prominent men who will be present and make addresses.

JAVA -- Fritzel Clement, the young son of well known residents, was seriously burned as the result of colliding with and upsetting a coal oil stove.  Burning liquid was dashed over him and his escape from death was a narrow one.

SIOUX FALLS -- Following his conviction on a statutory charge in the Clark county circuit court, James B. Douglas was sentenced to a term of 5 years in the Sioux Falls penitentiary.  The girl in the case, who was the complaining witness against Douglas, has been committed to the state reform school at Plankinton, where she will be compelled to remain until she reaches the age of 21.
[The "victim" is sentenced to reform school?  Does this make sense??...csr]

Red Eagle, a Sioux warrior residing on this reservation, is believed to be the bonanza full-blood Indian farmer of South Dakota.  He has had 30 acres of his land broken and will plant it to corn.  Another acre will be devoted to potatoes.  He has a fine section of land, upon which there is a cozy frame dwelling house and other farm buildings.

HIGHMORE -- The law firm of Boucher, O'Brien, Johnson & Auldridge, which has been located here, has been dissolved and Judge Boucher and Attorney General Johnson will jointly open an office in Aberdeen.  Mr. Johnson moving there in the near future.

MILLER -- The first summer Chautaqua ever held here will begin July 16 and last a week.  Preparations are already under way for the gathering.

GETTYSBURG -- George M. Gillpatrick, who has a wife and several children, has been bound over to the fall term of circuit court on the charge of criminal relations with a young girl residing here.  Gillpatrick's wife is holding down a claim in the western part of the state and he has been operating a large rented farm near this place.

HECLA -- Sheriff Schutte, of this county, is hot on the trail of Ole Soholt, a renter on a farm about eight miles from Hecla, who recently disappeared with a number of horses on which Hecla citizens held mortgages.  It is said, the fugitive was several thousand dollars in debt and took the overland route to get away from his creditors.

SALMEN -- Marjoie Losi Schmidt, the 1-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Schmidt, residents of McCook county, is dead as the result of burns received when she lost her footing and fell against a hot stove.  She was supposed to be recovering, when she suddenly had a relapse and died in a short time.

PIERRE -- David Cady, who was charged with cruelty to his horses, in driving them in the field when they were about ready to drop from starvation and exhaustion was fine $50.  Not being able to pay the fine, he will serve time in the county jail.

Tyndall High School has been commencement exercises this week which closed Thursday evening with an address by Pres. George W. Nash of the Northern Normal at Aberdeen.  The graduating class this year was composed of 11 members:  Dorothy Benwiz, Earl Colgan, Alice Elton, Ernest Lower, George Thompson, Emma Blazek, Lydia Linka, Lillie Ptak, Roy White, Kathryn Gleason and Nick Zieser.

WATERTOWN -- Joseph Godfried Rademacher is dead at this place at the age of 79 years.  He was born at Achen-on-the-Rhine, Germany, in 1834.  Mr. Rademacher came to the United States in early life and was one of the pioneer residents of Minnesota.

CANTON -- Mrs. Robert Tucker, wife of one of Lincoln county's prominent farmers, died suddenly Saturday.  She was sitting in a chair paring potatoes when she suffered a stroke of apoplexy and died within a few minutes.

MOBRIDGE -- Charles Cunningham, a conductor on the Milwaukee road, stepped between two cars to disconnect the airbrake, when his foot slipped and he fell beneath the moving cars.  The first set of trucks passed over his arm and leg, but he succeeded in getting from the track before the second set of trucks caught him.  He was severely injured, but will not lose any of his limbs.

ROCKHAM -- While engaged in hauling sand near Rockham, Elmer Koon was caught in a "cavein", and narrowly escaped death.  He was working alone, and it was only after a half hour's hard work that he succeded in extricating himself from the sand, which reached nearly to his head and threatened to smother him at any moment.

WINNER -- After being in hiding about two weeks, Harry Smith, a Tripp county homesteader, was located on  farm in a remote portion of the county and placed under arrest on the charge of selling mortgaged wheat which was alleged to have belonged to Harry Drury, also a resident of Tripp county.
Dallas, SD - May 30 -- The inital trip over the Omaha-Rosebud-Black Hills Scenic Auto Highway was made Wednesday by Congressman Eben W. Martin and Mrs. Martin and party, consisting of H. B. Schlicting, president of the Deadwood Commercial club;  W. H. Bonham, for many years publisher of the Pioneer-Times at Deadwood, and C. F. Peterson of Deadwood.  The party took noonday luncheon with the Greater Dallas committee.

Congressman Martin was enthusiastic over the road as laid out from Omaha here and predicted that it would be one of the most popular auto highways in the west.  The marking of the road is now practically completed from Omaha to Norfolk and through the Rosebud country to Murdo, SD from where there is an established highway to the Hills country.

Burke, SD -- June 2. -- Burke officials of the Rosebud and Black Hills Scenic highway are in receipt of a protest from the Transcontinental Highway association in Nebraska regarding the markings to be used on the Rosebud route, the claim being made that the markings are similar to those already in use on the transcontinental route, and would tend to confuse tourists.  Upon investigation the officials of the Rosebud route find the protest practically without foundation, the only similarity being that the same colors are used in the markings.  The design used by the Rosebud association is entirely different from that used by  the transcontinental, besides thich the Rosebud route will be emphatically distinguished from all others by a red rosebud stenciled on a field of white on each post.

In any event, the Rosebud posts were mostly in position before the protest was made and on June 9 the final work will be done which will complete a tourists' boulevard to the Black Hills, making the shortest route from the centers of population to that famous resort.  The distance from Chicago to the Hills over this route will be about 1,000 miles.

[ More on the Highwy marking story from May 30 edition.  Those "rosebud" stencils were important after all.  ....csr]
A. O. U. W.
Meets first and third Thursday of each month
F. A. Altenow --- Master Workman
H. Clegg --- Recorder
G. Smith --- Financier
Visiting brothers cordially invited.
Meets Second and Fourth Tuesday each month
Mrs. A. Altenow --- C. O. H.
Mrs. Ida Jarmuth --- L. O. H.
Mrs. M. Clegg ---Receiver
Visiting members cordially invited
Meets every Monday night at 8 p.m.
F. C. Callsen --- N. G.
J. L. Flint --- V. G.
J. L. Walsh --- Secretary
Emil Finder --- Treasurer
Visiting brothers always welcome
Meets First and Third Wednesday Evening at 8 p.m. in Odd Fellows Hall
Mrs. Hannah Loomis --- N. G.
Mrs. Ida Flint, --- V. G.
Miss Ethel Ice --- Secretary
Mrs. Lulu Midler --- Treasurer
Visiting brothers and sisters are cordially invitied to meet with us.

Bids For Road Work

St. Lawrence, SD. -- May 10, 1913.
Bids will be received on June 10th, 1913, at 2 o'clock at the Clerk's office in York township, by the township Board of York, Hand county, South Dakota, for the following road building:

From the Dewey bridge to the north line of township between Sec. 5 and 6 and between 7 and 8, said road to be under same specifications as grade now on same road with outside of ditch to be 12 inches deep with gradual oval slope from outside of ditch to center of road, well packed and smooth;  also to build road between Sec. 28 and 33 and Sec. 27 and 34 to be 32 feet from outside to outside of ditch 10 inches deep withh gradual oval slope from outside to center of road to be well packed and smooth.

The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids.
B. Conkey, Clerk