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Page updated by Carolyn S. Rosemore 15 Sep 2004
VOL. 6.     ST. LAWRENCE, SOUTH DAKOTA, FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1913.     NO. 30
Professional Cards
Office: Second Floor of Collins' Drug Store
Miller, South Dakota
Phone Office, Red 55; Res., Green 55
Office over Collins' Drug Store. Phone No. Main 16.. Calls answered day or night.

Miller, South Dakota
Practice in all Courts. Prompt attention given to all business intrusted to our care.
Practice in All Courts of the State ______
Judge of Probate Hand County, S. D.
Double service for single day. Two percent charged for first $509; over that amount one percent. Satisfaction guaranteed or no charge will be made.
Phone Green 143, St. Lawrence, S.D.
Locals and Personals
Statement of the Ownership, Management, Etc.,
of Hand County News published weekly at St. Lawrence, S.D., required by the Act of August 24, 1912.
Editor, J.L. Flint, St. Lawrence, S.D., Managing Editor, J.L. Flint, St. Lawrence, S.D., Business Manager, J.L. Flint, St. Lawrence, S.D., Publisher, J.L. Flint, St. Lawrence, S.D., Owner, J.L. Flint, St. Lawrence, S.D. Mortgagee, First State bank, St. Lawrence, S.D.
(signed)  J.L. Flint.

Sworn and subscribed to before me this 31st day of March, 1913.
L.T. Jarmuth,
[Seal]  Notary Public.
My commission expires Mar. 31, 1914.


An Enthusiastic Meeting Was Held and Well Attended by School Patrons Who Are Patiently and Anxiously Waiting to See Our New Edifice of Learning Materialize.
A large number of the citizens and taxpayers of this school district met in the hall Saturday night to talk over and get the general sentiment of the people relative to their choice of a new school house site and whether they favored brick or wood as the material to be used in the contstruction of a new building, and also the probable amount of bonds to be issued for building, equipment and site.

After considerable speech-making a vote
was taken which showed practically a unanimous choice for a site to be the south half of block 16, in the west part of town, the building to be of brick, and bonds to be voted on not to exceed $15,000.00.

Accordingly a petition was circulated and signed praying the school board to call a special election so work can begin at the earliest possible moment, for there is no time to lose in getting the building done in time for the fall term of school.
The wrestling match between Earl Spain and Clyde Ice was postponed until tonight.

Lloyd Smith, of Jamestown, North Dakota, arrived here Tuesday night for a few days visit with relations.

Mrs. George Burness closed a 7-months term of school at Sunbeam in Holden township Friday and departed for her home near Knapp, Wisconsin, Tuesday evening.

Mrs. P.D. G'Doud arrived on Saturday's night passenger from her visit at Elma, Iowa, after an absence of a little over two weeks.  Her brother and his friend came up from Iowa with her.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pitzer's friends in this vicinity will be pained to learn that they lost their house and contents by fire last Sunday night, on their farm home near Winifred, this state.

O.P. Ford, of Canton, arrived here Monday to remain for two or more weeks, to assist his son Mason put in crops.  He informed us that if he can dispose of his interests at Canton he will move back here, for the reason that he likes this section of South Dakota.

This office printed sale bills last Saturday for B.F. Magness, who will hold a big cattle sale at his yards in the south part of town, tomorrow, April 12.  He advertises 300 head of cattle for sale, consisting of 200 head of 1 and 2-year-old steers, 75 1 and 2-year-old heifers, and 25 head of good springers and fresh cows.

Fully three inches of wet snow fell over this section Monday which is worth many thousands of dollars to Hand county.  It is estimated that it was equivalent to at least an inch of rain, of that amount would likely have packed the ground, whereas the snow left it porous so that the moisture was readily taken in.

L.T. Jarmuth sold his automobile to J.W. Ice.

W.J. McPhail is engaged at building a neat barn for Mrs. Thorn.

Willie Shephard has gone up to Ree Heights to work on Prof. Courts' farm.

Howard McPhail has hired out to work on the farm for Henry Pietz in York township.

Charles Collard, of Dodgeville, Wisconsin was here this week to look aftter his extensive land interests in this county.

L.T. Jarmuth has been appointed treasurer of the school board of this township by the county superintendent.

Loren Pennock, who has been running the pool hall and barber shop here the past several months, began work in one of the Miller shops last Saturday.

----continued next column -----
Locals and Personals - cont.
In addition to the books and appliances lost by the district and pupils, Prof. G.W. Courts lost about one hunred and thirty books in the school house fire.

Tuesday night and all day Wednesday and that night about four inches of snow were added to that of Monday, making about seven inches this week.  It is disappearing fast under the warm rays of the sun.

Elmer Danburg returned from Mitchell on Saturday night's belated passenger, but as he was taking a snooze when the train stopped here, he was carried to Ree Heights and reached here Sunday morning.

Henry Hostetter, of Gays, Illinois, arrived on Saturday's night passenger for a sojourn of a week or ten days.  The train did not reach here until about 5 o'clock Sunday morning on account of a wreck between Arlington and Volga.

We glean from the Harrold Journal that C.E. Reeves has sold his entire stock of general merchandise to Ed Bohning, of Miller.   As part payment on the stock Mr. Reeves received a choice quarter of land near Watertown.

Mr. Eugene Danburg, of St. Lawrnece, and Miss Norma Shonbrun, of Miller, were united in marriage Thursday evening, March 27, at the Presbyterian manse, Rev. Henry Snyder officiating.  The couple will reside in Mitchell. ---Mitchell Gazette.

Mrs. Emma Thayer, of Brookings, Grand Chief of Honor of the D.of H. of South Dakota, has been visiting at the home of her nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Porter.  She inspected the local lodge last week Thursday night and Monday night was in Wessington to note conditions in the lodge there.  She returned home Wednesday evening.

School was resumed Monday morning.  The teachers and pupils of the three higher rooms have the two front rooms and Workman hall over Fugate's store and the primary teacher and pupils are comfortably located in the old Walker building.  Thru the kindness of the Miller teachers, pupils and patrons, and friends at home, enough books were procured to make it possible to complete the term without additional expense to patrons for new books.

Rev. A.H. Saunders, of Artesian, exchanged pulpits with Rev. G. Issac, pastor of the Presbyterian church.  We understand that he will be here again next Sunday.

F.B. Goodell, of Owanka, a former St. Lawrence citizen, arrived here last Saturday evening and returned home on Monday's night passenger after a short, but pleasant, visit with old-time friends and neighbors.

Mr. and Mrs. F.K. Malana, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who had been visiting in Pearl township at the home of their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. August Peterson, and here with their uncle, J.B. Shaul, for about five weeks, returned home Monday morning.  Mr. Malana is a railroad conductor on the Milwaukee road.

Mrs. J.L. Flint visited in Miller Saturday and Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Furman.  She went over Saturday to congratulate her father on his 80th birthday anniversary, who was the recipient of a birthday card shower.  He received many congratulations from friends far and near and from his many children and grand-children.

Henry Scott, Chairman - Ree Heights
Charles Roth, St. Lawrence
J. McMurtry, Wessington
Chris. Ericksen, Miller
Ed. Andrews, Howell

Auditor -- D.A. Lewis
Register of Deeds -- W.L. Davis
Treasurer -- R.L. Mead
Clerk of Courts -- Will Morrow
Attorney -- S.V. Ghrist
Supt. of Schools -- Miss M. Rudd
Judge -- R.C. Anderson
Sheriff -- J.J. Morris
C.H. Williams, Trustee 1st ward
J.M. King, Trustee 2nd ward
T.W. Wilson, Trustee 3rd ward
L.T. Jarmuth, Treasurer
M.O. Thompson, Clerk
J.B. Kintigh, Assessor
P.C. Arends, Marshall
M.O. Thompson, Street Commissioner
County and City Officers
Meets 1st & 3rd Thursday each month.

F.A. ALTENOW,  Master Workman
H. CLEGG,  Recorder
G. SMITH,  Financier
Visiting brothers cordially invited.
Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesday each month.

MRS. M. CLEGG,  Financier
Visiting members are cordially invited.

Meets every Monday night at 8 p.m.

J.L. WALSH,  Secretary
EMIL FINDER, Treasurer
Visiting brothers ordially welcome
Meets 1st & 3rd Wednesday Evening at 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows Hall.

MISS ETHEL ICE,  Secretary
Visiting brothers and sisters are cordially invited to meet with us.
Prompt Settlement.
R.G. Stevens, adjuster for the Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company, was here last Friday and that forenoon made satisfactory settlement with the school board for the amount the school-house was insured, namely, $2,000.00.  L.T. Jarmuth is the company's local agent.
Methodist Church
Services every Sunday morning at 10:45;  evening service at 8:00.  Sabbath School at 12:00 pm.  Epworth League meets at 7:00 o'clock p.m.  Junior League at 3:30 p.m.  Midweek prayer meeting Thursday at 8:00 p.m.  W.F.M.S. first Tuesday of each month.

Everybody is cordially invited to attend.  J.L. Walsh, Pastor.
Miller, SD, April 7. -- Seeding operations are going on in earnest all over this section, with favorable conditions.

Huron, SD, April 7. -- In answer to a telegram by Mayor Medbury to Governor Cox, of Ohio, concerning needed supplies for the flood sufferers, Huron yesterday forwarded a carload of flour to M.L. Wilson, commissioner at Columbus, Ohio.  The flour was made by the Huron Milling company and was of the very best.  In the car was placed several hundred pounds of pure lard.  The Northwestern railway gave transportation.  Besides the car of flour and lard a snug sum in cash was telegraphed the commissioner and another draft will go forward in a day or two, as cash continues to come in from the sympathetic and generous people of Huron and Beadle county.  On the car were banner, "Huron, S.D., Flour for Flood Sufferers".
[Some things never change...a variation of the following scam is still making the rounds today.  csr]

Aberdeen, SD, April 7.-- The persistency of the authors of the famous "Spanish Heiress" swindle secured new recognition in Aberdeen, when Andrew Larson, proprietor of the Commercial Hotel, and a leading South Dakota Odd Fellow, received a copy of the letter telling of the banker, imprisoned in Madrid, and with a fortune of $450,000 safely hidden away, which he besought the Aberdeen man to save for him for "his darling daughter," offering Mr. Larson a third of the sum, or $160,000 for his efforts.  Of course, there were some trifling expenses involved, which the Aberdeen man would necessarily have to pay before it would be possible for him to secure the money.  Mr. Larson, however, spurned the opportunity to make a fortune so easily and at the same time win the eternal gratitude of a banker and a fair Spanish maiden, and will continue to devote his talents to the hotel business.

Yankton, SD, April 5.--Hoyle Gilreath of this city, has just had framed three sets of photographs, in one of which is shown five generations, all alive at the time the pictures were taken, [Honest, that's the way it was printed..*shaking head in disbelief* ..csr] and two sets in which are shown four generations, paternal and maternal, all alive today, thus making three groupings of four generations each, all alive.  Recently at a family reunion all were gathered together, since when an aged great grandmother has died.  She was Mrs. Elizabeth Canterbury, aged 89, of Lucas, Iowa.  Her great-great grandchld, whom she held on her knee at the reunion, was little Wilma Gilreath, of this city, aged two and one-half years at the time.
TYNDALL -- Responding to the call of Governor Byrne for aid for the flood and tornado sufferers, the people of Tyndall had an impromptu meeting at the Cozy Theater Sunday afternoon.  A program of music and appropriate pictures showing the flood at Yankton in 1881, were given.  A collection of $50 was raised, which has been wired to the sufferers.

MITCHELL -- Joe Russell, of Reliance, was brought to this city yesterday afternoon and underwent an operation during which both of his feet were removed just above the ankle.  Russell was fixing a barn door on a cold bitter day and in some manner the door fell upon him and knocked him unconscious.  How long he lay is not known but when found both feet were frozen.

CUSTER -- In the state circuit court here Hugh Sullivan and Charles Baker, who pleaded guilty to killing cattle belonging to others, were fine $250 each, which they paid.  Charles J. Havens, a mere boy, arrested for burglary at Buffalo Gap, pleaded guilty and was sent to the state reform school at Plankinton until he is 21 years of age.

EMERY -- Chief of Police O'Leary has been instructed by the city council to arrest all automobile speeders.  Some of the worst offenders have been residents of other towns.

HOWARD -- In the state circuit court here Charles Craig, for some years a resident of Howard, was convicted of furnishing liquor to a blacklisted person and was fined $80.

FLORENCE -- The editor of the Florence Forum takes exception to an attack made upon him by an evangelist who is conducting special meetings in the Baptist church.  The evangelist is said to have attacked the newspaper man in a sermon, calling him immoral, and stating his paper should be run out of town, because, the Forum claims, its editor had accepted saloon advertisements and had conducted a public dance one time.

HETLAND -- At the family home here occurred the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Starksen, highly respected pioneers of this part of the state.  Sixty relatives and friends were present to aid them in suitably observing the anniversary.  Among the presents was a purse of $100 in gold.  The husband is 77 years of age while his wife is 81.  Both are enjoying good health.

ABERDEEN -- Verdon, a small town in the southern part of this (Brown) county, is suffering from an epidemic of smallpox in a mild form.  The first victim of the disease was the postmaster, who is also the editor of the Verdon Times, and he did not know what was the matter with him until the germs of the ailment had been pretty well scattered.

IROQUOIS -- A telegram received here announces the death in the state of Washington of Claude Tallman, a former resident of Iroquois, and a brother of Mrs. Jesse Hunt, an Iroquois woman.  The telegram stated he had been shot and killed, but whether accidentally or otherwise was not set forth.

BURKE -- Carl Henning, aged 12, was shot and badly wounded when a .22-calibre revolver in the hands of Joe Finnegan, a playmate, was accidentally discharged.  The bullet entered his right side, struck a rib and lodged near the spinal column in the middle of his back.

MISSION -- This is the latest new town to appear on the map of South Dakota, it having just come into existence.  Mission is situated in the ceded portion of the county of Todd and expects to have railroad communication in the near future. 

COLUMBIA -- The building and stock of the Atlas Lumber Company here was destroyed by fire which had secured such a headway when discovered that efforts to extinguish it were unavailing.

WESSINGTON -- The residents of Hulbert township have arranged to erect a township building in which to hold all sorts of public gatherings and for a central gathering and visiting place.

ABERDEEN -- Mrs. Grant Crittenden of Britton was rushed to an Aberdeen hospital where the Caesarian operation was performed.  Both Mrs. Crittenden and the child are doing nicely.
Cream Station.
I am prepared to pay the highest market price for cream.  Call and see me next door south of First State Bank.
William Wilson.  (adv.)

Farmers, Attention!
Do not send away for your stock food.  We will sell it to you cheaper than you can buy it at wholesale.  Call and see.
St. Lawrence Lumber Company  (adv.)

Oats and Corn for Sale.
We have a car load of oats and a car load of corn for sale.  Oats 35, corn 50.  See either C.F. Callsen or S.S. Roberts.

Harness! Harness! Harness!
Do you need a set.  If you do call and see the assortment of Studebaker Harness we have in stock; not the cheapest, but the best on the market.
-St. Lawrence Lumber Co.

Harness and shoe repairing at Fugate's store.  (adv.)

Money to loan on Hand county land at all times.  Rates reasonable.  Prompt settlement.
First State Bank.
St. Lawrence, S.D.  (adv.)

R.C. Rhode Island Reds eggs for hatching 13 for 50, or $3.00 per hundred. 
Mrs. H. Clegg.  (adv.)

FOUND -- A light summer overcoat in Pearl township, near Will Ritchie place.  Owner can have same by paying for this notice.
L.A. Swab.  (adv.)

Dray Line


Special Attention Given to All Classes of Work in Our Line.

Phone Number Red 97.
Contractor and Builder

All Kinds of
Building & Repairing
Shop and Screen Work A Specialty.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Hans Callsen
St. Lawrence, S.D.
If you wish to sell your land list it with me.  If you wish to buy land or trade for land or town property call and see me.
I will do my best for you at reasonable terms.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Editor and Publisher.
Entered at the Postoffice at St. Lawrence, South Dakota, as second-class mail matter.
Subscription $1.00 Per Year