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A happy New Year to all.

Little Chas. Moore is on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Thomas were Sunday visitors at Alvin Williams'.

Carl Beals and daughter visited several days last week with his parents.

Mrs Noah Good and two sons departed for Iowa Thursday for a visit with relatives.

L C. Breese and family, of St. Lawrence, visited Sunday with Mr and Mrs Henry Pietz.

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Patterson and two children were Sunday afternoon callers at Chas. Moore's.

The Misses Ida and Agnes Hagen visited several days last week with their sister, Mrs. Alvin Williams.

The stork left a 9 1/2 pound boy at Bert Humphrey's on December 24 --a Xmas present. Mrs. Sear is caring for Mrs Humphrey.

Noah Good and family entertained at Christmas dinner Jas. Patterson and family, Will Patterson and family, and Earl Lindauer and family.
Locals and Personals
A. L Fritts shipped a car load of stock hogs to Wagner Monday

A son was born on the 24t of this month
[shouldn't that be "last month"?] to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Humphrey.

The Christian Endeavor concert will be given in the Presbyterian church tonight.

J. M. Magness was up to Ree Heights Tuesday and cried a stock sale for J. E. Ramey.

Dee Stout and family have moved in from the farm and are getting settled this week in the J. C. Wilson residence.

An interesting summary of events of 1912 appear in this week's News. Three columns more will be published next week.
[This is US & World events-not a 1912 HCNews summary - darn!! csr]

Mr. and Mrs. Mason Ford and baby arrived home on Monday's forenoon pasenger from their visit over Christmas at Canton at the home his parents.

C. H. Williams drove down to Vayland in his car  Tuesday to assist in taking an invoice of stock in the lumber yard. Rev. J. L. Walsh accompanied him.

Floyd Reeves came down from Harrold Sunday morning to visit with old friends for the week before resuming his studies at Huron college next Tuesday.

Miss Bernice Kintigh, who is attending high school in Miller, spent a portion of her holiday vacation visiting St. Lawrence relations and friends this week.

A number of old neighbors and friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. King Tuesday night to help Mrs. King celebrate her birthday anniversary. She was the recipient of a beautiful and useful present in the shape of a set of silver knives and forks.

The Epworth League members met at the home of Mr and Mrs. M. O. Thompson Tuesday night and watched the old year out and the New Year in. The Methodist and Presbyterian church bells, as also the school bell, were rung to announce the advent of the New Year.

Miss May McCarthy went up to Highmore to spend Christmas with relations at Peno.

C. E. Sorensen and family arrived home Sunday night from their visit over Christmas in Brookings.

Emil Finder has had his ice moved west across the alley. Nic Jacobs and assistants are building 20 feet onto the same.
[Honest, that what it said! csr]

R. E. Fitzgerald and family arrived home Tuesday night from their holiday visit at Iroquois at the home of Mrs. Fitzgerald's parents.

Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Cox departed Sunday morning enroute to Faith on a three or four weeks' visit at the home of their son and family in Perkins county.

Junior Endeavor members greatly enjoyed a party after school at the L. A. Swab residence, given them by Miss Jennie Swab. Tempting refreshments were indulged in as well as games.

Jas. Chipman, who returned from Canada recently, departed on Monday's evening passenger bound for Arizona, with the hope of that state's climate being beneficial to his health, which is not very good.

Mr. & Mrs. W. W Cotton, of Gilbert township, and sister, Miss Rose Schmidt, departed on Sunday's morning passenger enroute to DeWitt, Iowa, on an over New Year's visit. Vern Cotton is also visiting there.

Miss Fay Reeves, of Harrold, arrived here Wednesday evening for a few days' visit with former school-mates and friends. Her sister, Miss Alta, is expected here tomorrow, and from here she and her brother and sister will go to Huron to resume their studies in college and high school next week.

Capt. J. T. Bailey and wife who have been gone on an extended visit for over nine weeks, arrived home on Tuesday's night passenger, having visited at their old home with their son, James, and family in Bloomington, Ill. On their way home they stopped off at Clinton, Iowa, for a couple of weeks' visit.

Loren Pennock and Stanley Cox have rented J B Shaul's barber shop and pool hall and will run same.

Francis Ice expects to resume his studies in Huron college next wekk, having spent his vacation at his home near Vayland.

Louie Stechman
[sp.nn] arrived on Sunday's night passenger from his over Christmas visit at his home in Sanborn, Minn.

A stiff chinook wind kicked up a dust in this section Monday.
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Christmas at Presbyterian Church
   On Christmas eve the members of the Presbyterian Sunday School presented a Christmas cantata entitled: "Christmas Bells". The church was nicely decorated, and a large Christmas tree, heavily laden with presents, occupied a prominent position. A full house gathered to hear the children, who, without exception, acquitted themselves in a worthy manner. The performance was notable in respect to "first appearances," Mamie Arends, Rosie Thompson, and Alton Jarmuth delighting the audience by the way in which they rendered their recitations.
   To the younger ones, the most interesting feature of the eevening was the advent of Santa Claus, who arrived just in time to hear "Let Everybody Do His Share" being sung. He appeared delighted with the work of the children, and after a few words of appreciation of their efforts, he superintended the distribution of the large number of presents, which were on the Christmas tree.
   The usual Christmas greetings were exchanged, and everyone went homeward.
   The Church and Sunday School owe heir deep gratitude to all who, under circumstances of more than ordinary difficulty, assisted so readily and so faithfully in producing a successful entertainment.
Bids for County Doctor.
   Notice is hereby given that bids will be received by the undersigned at his office in the Court house at Miller, S. D. for doctoring the poor of Hand county, S. D, for the year of 1913. Doctor to furnish all medicine and appliances. Bids will be considered by the Board of county commissioners at their January meeting.
Professional Cards
Office: Second Floor of Collins' Drug Store
Miller, South Dakota
Phone Office, Red 55; Res., Green 55
Office on block west and one block north of the depot.
Office over Collins' Drug Store. Phone No. Main 16.. Calls answered day or night.

Miller, South Dakota
Practice in all Courts. Prompt attention given to all business intrusted to our care.
Practice in All Courts of the State ______
Judge of Probate Hand County, S. D.
State's Attorney For Hand County
Real estate law a specialty.  Estates probated and titles cleared up.  Office four doors south of postoffice.
MILLER, SOUTH DAKOTA =======================
Double service for single day. Two percent charged for first $509; over that amount one percent. Satisfaction guaranteed or no charge will be made.
Phone Green 143, St. Lawrence, S.D.
Trustee 1st ward - C.H. Williams
Trustee 2nd ward - J.M. King
Trustee 3rd ward - T. W. Wilson
Treasurer - L.T. Jarmuth
Clerk - M.O. Thompson
Assessor - J.B. Kintigh
Marshall - P. C. Arends
Street Commissioner.- M.O. Thompson

Editor and Publisher
Entered at the Postoffice at St. Lawrence, South Dakota as second-class mail matter.
Offical Paper of Hand County

Subscription $1.00 Per Year
Methodist Church
Services every Sunday morning at 10:45; evening service at 8:00. Sabbath School at 12:00. Epworth League meets at 7:00 o'clock p.m.  Junior League at 3:30 p.m. Midweek prayer meeting Thursday at 8:00 p.m.  W.F.M.S. first Tuesday of each month.

Everybody is cordially invited to attend. J. L. Walsh, Pastor
Presbyterian Church
Morning services every Sunday at 10:30 o'clock. Sunday School at 11:30. Evening service at 7:30 o'clock. Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p.m. You are always welcome.
Rev. Issac, Pastor

Contractor and Builder

All Kinds of
Building & Repairing
Shop and Screen Work A Specialty.
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Dray Line


Special Attention Given to All Classes of Work in Our Line.

Phone Number Red 97.
City Meat Market
Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats, Fish, Game and Oysters in season.
Cash paid for hides
Our Certificates of Deposit Earn You Five Percent Interest
Convenient -- Safe -- Negotiable
First State Bank
St. Lawrence, S.D.

F. D. Green, Pres.
F. A. Altenow, Vice Pres.
L. T. Jarmuth, Cashier
L. Stechmann, Ass't. Cashier

C. L. Starr,

Live Stock and Farm Sales a Specialty.

Terms One Per Cent.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Farm for Rent
   320 acres in Pearl township. For further information see T. H. Hall, 2 miles west and 3 1/2 south of Vayland.
H. Bayer, owner, Sioux, Nebraska
Money to loan on Hand county land at all times. Rates reasonable. Prompt settlement.

First State Bank - St. Lawrence, S.D.
All those knowing themselves to be indbted to the undersigned will please call and settle as soon as possible, as we have carried many accounts for a year and over, and the time has come that must have money. It takes money to pay our bills. Please give us a lift as soon as possible
Yours Respectfully,
F. A Altenow
FOR SALE: -- Barred Plymouth Rock cockerels I have 25 that I will sell resonable if taken now.
P.  C. Arends
If you want to buy, sell or trade you will do well to see Frank Pitzer, the land man. (Adv.)
MILLER-- The Dan Walsh ranch and the Burke estate land 20 miles southwest of here, about 1,300 acres in all, has been sold for $30 an acre. The Koch implement house and stock at Mitchell has been taken in the deal. Mr. Walsh will probably move to Mitchell until he sells or disposes of the property there.

MILLER--- Wolf hunters at Ree Heights have been making it lively for the wolves in this vicinity this winter. Recently hunters turned a pack of hounds loose after a wolf and soon they returned, each dog with a part of the wolf in his mouth.

MILLER--- During one of the severe gales and light snowstorms many birds resembling the sparrow perished and lay on the prairie here and there. These birds evidently came from the far north and were flying south when caught in the storm.

IROQUOIS--- The commercial club has taken steps to have Iroquois placed on one of the great automobile highways.

NORTHWOOD--- Frances M. Carter has brought suit against the Modern Woodmen of America, to recover an insurance policy of $3,000, which was carried by Eugene F. Carter, now deceased. The company cclaims that there were flaws in the policy and this is the occasion of the trouble.

BLUNT--- At a meeting of the taxpayers and school patrons of the school district at Blunt, a proposition to build a new school house was discussed and voted down, and a plan to repair the present school building was adopted instead.

GAYVILLE--- As the result of falling and dislocating her arm, Grandma Douglas, the aged mother of James Douglas, a business man, is dead. The injured arm was cared for and reset, but she had not entirely recovered from the shock when pneumonia set in and she died a short time later.


     I have purchased the F. A Altenow stock of General Merchandise and will continue to do business at the same place, and will stock up with new goods as fast as I can get them here. My prices will be as low as any in Hand County.
     I will be pleased to meet all of Mr. Altenow's old customers and new ones as well. I have come here to stay and will give all courteous and prompt attention.
Come in and Get Acquainted
Highest Market Price Paid for Butter and Eggs.
Dakota State News section does NOT include all those from this issue. I chose a few. csr