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Transcribed from list from Office of Superintendent of Schools, Miller, South Dakota
Bates Hepler Orville Wessington  
  Welch Ruby Wessington  
  Upton Helen Wessington  
Rose Hill Fischer Cecil Wessington  
  Johnson Lorraine Wessington  
Hulbert Franklin Muriel Bonilla  
  Phillips Clarence Wessington  
  Gruetzmacher Beulah Vayland  
Grand Ford Phyllis Wessington  
  Walton Esther Wessington  
  Stoa Marguerite Vayland  
  McInnis Jeanette Wessington  
Gilbert Wright Leah Wessington *Wright penciled out; Margaret Neilson added. May be next year's teacher??
  Pautsch Gertrude Wessington  
  Young Iola St. Lawrence  
Burdette Gross Lucille Tulare  
  Miller Muriel Tulare  
Wheaton Ames Winifred Tulare  
  Miller Edith Tulare  
Plato Miller Marjorie Rockham  
  Maloney Monica Zell  
  Lawler Modesta Zell  
  Bergtholdt Helen Zell  
St. Mary's Placida M. Sister Zell  
  Lidwina M. Sister Zell * (see Fairview)
Spring Lake Keck Alma Wessington  
  Crossman Anna Wessington  
  Hins Viola Wessington  
  Johnson, Jr. Ogee Wessington  
Hiland Anderson Wilma St. Lawrence  
  Ford Wilma St. Lawrence  
  LaBau Faye Vayland  
Pearl Kanaly Dolores Vayland  
  Kanaly Maxine Vayland  
  Kelly Doris St. Lawrence  
York Norfolk Vivian St. Lawrence  
  Hanson Brita St. Lawrence  
  Kerkhoff Agness St. Lawrence  
  Steinleitner Josephine St. Lawrence  
Holden Bjornson Nordica St. Lawrence  
  Meehan Mabel St. Lawrence  
  Milner Edna St. Lawrence  
Carlton Calkins R. J. Rockham  
  Calkins Carrie Rockham  
  Hermann Evelyn Rockham  
Linn Hermann Naomi Rockham  
  Steele Barbara Rockham  
  Steele Edith Rockham  
Pleasant Valley 1 Loveless Vivian Miller  
Pleasant Valley 2 Whitney Pearl Miller  
Pleasant Valley 3 Huglin Edith Miller  
Pleasant Valley 4 Shum Eleanor Miller  
Ohio King Ruth Miller  
  Ross Marjorie Miller  
Logan Walton Roberta Miller  
  Cotton Katie Miller  
  Ades Helen Miller  
Alpha Thomas Ethel Miller *Thomas penciled out; Nettie Gardner added. Maybe next year's teacher?
  Cree Mina Miller  
Florence Gamble Mildred (none listed; Miller?)  
  Kappelman Dorothy Miller  
Howell Steptoe Viola Miller  
Park Huether LeRoy Orient  
  Kirkpatrick Mary Lou Orient  
  Kirkpatrick Elizabeth Orient  
Mondamin Gamble Erma Miller  
  Niederauer Bessie Miller  
  Perkins Mabel Miller  
Glendale Perkins Howard Miller  
  Danielson Florence Ree Heights  
Rockdale Nielson Viola Miller  
  Cooke Elizabeth Miller  
Midland Lichty Leona Ree Heights  
  Ruzicka Clara Miller  
Greenleaf Steele Carolyn Ree Heights  
  Burns Beatrice Miller  
  Fanning Margaret Miller  
Alden Bohen Olive Miller  
  Davis Phyllis Miller  
Fairview Semans Harold Miller  
  Leonilla M. Sister Orient * (see St. Mary's)
  Xavier M. Sister Orient  
Spring Helspar Frances Orient  
Como Dye Floy Miller  
  Lingscheit Hazel Ree Heights  
Cedar Meehan Everett Ree Heights  
  Meehan Genevieve Ree Heights  
  Gasper Nettie Ree Heights  
Spring Hill O'Rourke Alice Ree Heights  
  Coonrod Loretta Ree Heights  
Riverside Speirs DeLila Ree Heights  
Campbell Siegling Marie Miller  
Ontario Jennewein Barbara Orient  
Harrison Hill Russell Orient  
  Horning Dorothy Highmore  
Fairview High School Orient Delphine M. Sister    
  Patricia M. Sister    
  Rosina M. Sister    
Miller High School Emerson M. J., Supt.    
  Nelson Gorman, Principal    
  French Rollie, Coach    
  Miller Veda    
  Oliver Florence    
  Schaefer Cathryn    
  Scott Alice    
  Shaw Glenn    
  Skaland Palmer    
Miller Grade School Bohning Mildred 4th Grade  
  Button Almira 1st Grade  
  Carstens Juanita 5th Grade  
  Ellis Margaret 7th Grade  
  Knutson Florence 6th Grade  
  Long Margaret 3rd Grade  
  Shouse Ann 2nd Grade  
  Simmons Rolland 8th Grade  
Ree Heights High School Davis E. E., Supt.    
  Valder Leo    
  Broitzman Carolynn    
Ree Heights Sobek Durward 7th & 8th Grades  
  Dobberstein Virginia 4th, 5th, & 6th Grades  
  Enzminger Violet 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Grades  
St. Lawrence High School Lemohn J. W., Supt.    
  Jones Tudor    
  Engel Calvin    
  Anderson Walter    
  Flint Frances    
St. Lawrence Grade School Ulrich George 7th & 8th Grades  
  Beadle Iris 5th & 6th Grades  
  Coulter Josephine 3rd & 4th Grades  
  Austin Gladys (Mrs.) 1st & 2nd Grades  
A note penciled at bottom of list: (May indicate a following year's teacher) - Ray Banning
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